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Feature suggestions wanted. You can help!
Posted by TheAvatar at 2010-12-30 22:17:59

It has been quite a while since we made some ground-breaking new features for you to use in our bots and we think it is about time that something new happened.

In the past we have introduced features like triggers (one line, multi line, weather), stats customization, bad words, command character, etc. and have extended several old commands with additional features.

Those were primarily features we figured would be nice to have. This time we would like to ask you, our users, what you think is missing. That could be some function you've seen elsewhere, something else you think could be nice to have, or just some crazy idea you have in mind - within the limitations of IRC of course.

So - it is all up to you - drop a comment below (requires a user account on this website, it's free and takes less than a minute to create!) with your ideas; anything is welcome.

-NordicBots Staff

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#12010-12-31 14:59 | killer gast
Well... You have to make a function to 'reset' a bot, and some features to use personalysed triggers, in notice and query x)

Love you, soczol!

#22011-01-02 12:17 | gespony
1) the ability to add some some small programs to the both, like a trivia or so
2) a command, that automatically does some calculations.
like this: !euro 20, and than you get returned: 20 euro is 30 dollar (just a stupid axample ><) So the trigger contains a muliplying (or an other mathematical operator) that gets multiplied with the given number

#32011-01-02 18:15 | fizii
Something New Umm :
I think Nordicbots are Best on the Quakenet as compared to other bot channels. I think you should add Flood Protection like on flood bot sets modes to +r or +mr or +mir (as according to the settings) with the time set on spam +m for few seconds or minutes , something like that : which will make it more powerful protection bot :-)

#42011-01-03 00:01 | gespony
or a command that enables you to highlight all present in the channel and add a text (without you have to select all like it is now)

#52011-01-05 01:05 | soczol (NordicBots Staff)
@ Comment 2: The second part is already possible with the '!google' command:

[01:01.32] <@soczol> !google calc:20 eur in usd
[01:01.32] <@^Donkey^> 20 Euros = 26.61 U.S. dollars

It can also do maths, like '!google calc:20 + 80', etc.

@ Comment 4: Sorry, but that's not going to happen. Highlighting everyone in the channel is considered very annoying.

#62011-01-07 14:50 | Urokhtor
I'd really like to see the !weather-command being implemented to bots. Now it has been on beta-state for a long time. One simple thing I love in bots is that once someone pastes a link, bot automatically reads its title and then pastes it to the channel. Of course many people hate that, so there definitely must be a chance to disable it.

I'd also like to make one suggestion concerning !google-command. It's really nice to have it, but does it have to spam so many lines of text? I wrote a similar command to my own bot and it returns only first result. And the title of the site could come right after that link, doesn't have to be on separate line.

Also a youtube-command would be a nice addition. It's pretty easy to implement and lets people link videos straight to everyone. But once again this can be irritating so it should be able to disable it.

But I have to say that I've enjoyed your bots ever since I started using IRC and they have always been with me on various channels. Thanks a lot for this service.

#72011-01-07 17:52 | soczol (NordicBots Staff)
Thanks for your suggestions Urokhtor! We'll look into them.

The weather functionality will soon be enabled for everyone, it has indeed been in beta for far too long.

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#92011-01-20 07:37 | mIRC
Hi.. Can you guys implement a "!seen" command so that we can track our friends present in the channel while we are not online. Thank you Nordicbots! :)

#102011-01-25 04:12 | was
What a about a command for translate text with google translate es easy too implement.

WaS> !translate en:es Hello world!
Bot^> Hola mundo!


#112011-01-25 21:17 | soczol (NordicBots Staff)
@ Comment 10:

You can already do that!

<@soczol> !translate -to es Hello world!
<@^Donkey^> Translation from English (autodetected) to Spanish: ¡Hola, mundo!

#122011-01-26 01:03 | Falcon
I like !seen idea. Rest i'd like to see are:
- single greet command (a greet that will be displayed once and then disappear). I sometimes want to leave a message to offline person, so i think the easiest way to do it is to tell Nordic Bot "Hey, when she/he will appear, tell him/her this: ..."
- please make chaninfo? trigger independent from infobot flag. It's kinda... core trigger
- If there is say command, then there should be also action command
- Bot should detect userlev from quakenet's chanlev (as long as it has access to this). You can also make this feature optional

Ok that's it, for now :)

#132011-01-26 01:12 | Falcon
also a web interface to manage channel options, at least for owners (I have no owner anywhere so i don't know if it already exist).

and "Edit comment" feature...

#142011-01-27 09:45 | was
#11 omg i dont see nothing of that in documentaion :D

great job!

#152011-02-03 10:02 | soczol (NordicBots Staff)
Thanks so far for all suggestions and ideas by the way! Even tho I don't reply on all of you do know that all suggestions are noted and appreciated.

We had already been thinking about a 'seen' system, but were facing some privacy issues: basically we would want to make a "global" seen system where everyone using the botservice can be found, but not everyone might like being tracked around. We could always try to limit it to a channel first tho.

Splitting up "+infobot" has also been on my todo list for a long time. Mostly because "+infobot" simply doesn't cover it anymore. Disabling it basically means that you are disabling large functionality of your bot. We'll probably split it up in some separate channel settings.

#162011-02-06 16:28 | Grzechooo
@Comment 13
There is, but only for stats as far as I see.

#172011-02-09 11:10 | dimecadmium
soczol, perhaps a command similar to Q's "userflags" to enable or disable seen-tracking
i.e. !userset +global-seen
and maybe something like "!userset +channel-seen <#channel>" even

2 comments removed (advertisement, spam or otherwise violating the rules)

#202011-02-12 13:20 | Po0dle
A title function which translates an URL to the title of the website.

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