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What is #NordicBots?

#NordicBots is a botservice located at Quakenet, an IRC-network (Internet Relay Chat), which is gaming related.

#NordicBots provides channelkeeperbots, statsbots and other kind of botservices for free for the users on the network.

#NordicBots is currently one of the biggest and one of the oldest botservices on Quakenet.

We are getting bigger every day, and working hard for getting more services and better services.

NordicBots is a service that always will be growing, not too fast, not too slow, but in a speed that fits our needs and demands so as the needs and demands from our users.
We hope to be able to keep running forever.


Lets start with the big question, why the name "NordicBots" ?
Well, the service was founded and was mostly being ran by people from the Northern Europe, which made NordicBots a very good name, this doesn't mean we only serve people from the Northern part of Europe, everyone is welcome at NordicBots.
NordicBots started around the year 2000 at Quakenet as a little botservice, founded by some old people from botchannels like #Bots4U and #Bot-Net.
The service was running very well, and was increasing from something like 5 admins to somewhere between 15-25 admins and from 20-30 bots to about 250.
Only a few of the good old founders are still with us today, but the fresh blood isn't bad.
About a year later in 2001 we decided to merge with #Gerdrops, a service ran by BrAinsTorM.
This changed the leadership from TheAvatar, Hyper & FroGgY to TheAvatar, Hyper, FroGgY, BrAinsTorM and a bit later blash too.
Later on we said goodbye to FroGgY, so the leadership was counting around the 4 guys.
Later on we made a mistake and served a client with a bot to a channel that was 'illegal' according to QuakeNet, which resulted in QuakeNet taking away the 2 Q's we had at the time.
But that wasn't enough to set us off the market, we kept fighting, and later on we merged with #GAME-Bots and got one more leader, FeliX, and then we got us a new Q for good behaviour and service.
We worked on in some time, with new website, a few more bots and some special services.
We had some problems with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) for a while, but it should hopefully be gone for now.
Lets see what the future will bring us...

As "promised", this isn't the end :)

Of course anything can't be as you want it to be forever - same counts for NordicBots. During the last half of the year 2002 we were forced to close down one of our main servers due excessive abuse involving the server. This was a very hard decision to make, as it did put our service on hold until we could get back up running using alternate servers. At the time writing this (7/10-2002) everything isn't back as normal yet, as lot of work have to be before everything works as before. But thanks to Hyper finding an alternate server and sorcer from #BotService, we got most of the bots back online.

After quite some years (almost four) I think it is time for yet another history update.
I think not much is as it was back then anymore. One of the only few things left more or less untouched is the webdesign I guess. Else everything else have been replaced with new things, features or persons.
Since 2002 we have replaced our entire service with a (back then) brand new kind of bots. We used to run the very old and wellknown bot type called Eggdrop but we changed slowly from that to a new type called Natasha. A bot developed by a Swedish person called Peter Salanki.
Since it was very new we were along with his own bot service (#BotService) betatesting it and suggesting new functions and features.
We had been running the Natasha bot for a while when he had to stop developing on the project due to lack of time. His own bot service shut down as well. A big shame, since we really didn't want to go back to Eggdrops again, but Natasha lacked a lot of features our users suggested. It was as well not yet as stable as one might have hoped for.
Luckily a person, soczol, from the Netherlands came to our rescue. He started to add a few new features for the Natasha bot to a small bot channel he was running for a friend. At the beginning we got hold of a few of his updates, but not long after that we asked him to join NordicBots and work fulltime with us (free of charge of course!). For some strange reason he actually wanted to :)
Since then a lot of new features have been added to Natasha which our users have given a very warm welcome. That helps a lot when using a lot of your sparetime creating things.
Besides switching to Natasha our staff has also been revised over time. Some went out, new came in and right now we are about 15 people making NordicBots what it is today. A bot service with more than 200 bots online, supporting more than 3000 active channels and about 20000 active users and more than 50 new requests a day.

-Last history update: 26/6-2006

How to become admin

NordicBots doesn't look for admins that often, and when we do, we mostly merge with small bot channels, or promote some of our helpers into admins.

But everyone is welcome to help people, with commands and such, and be in #NordicBots.

Being active and helpful in #NordicBots is the first step into being a part of NordicBots. Due the increase of our size and our users demands, more and more of our work are being automatified. That means that I would estimate that our current amount of admins, helpers and tools/bots would be able to handle no more than 2-4 times as much. This means that just dropping by one of our channels asking to become a botadmin wont work so dont waste our or your own time asking!

Support us

There are several ways to support NordicBots. You can help other users in #NordicBots or you can tell your friends about NordicBots. Or if you have a website you can link to us, with a textlink or one of these banners:

Mail us brunette