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  Help: Rules

Bot Rules

  1. The bot needs to be added to Q and opped at all times

    If you have Q in your channel, the NordicBots bot needs to be added to this service with the +op flags. This will make sure that Q always ops the bot when it joins your channel, reops it when it gets deoped and makes sure the bot can invite/unban itself when it needs to.

    You can do this with: /msg Q chanlev #channel BotName +op

    If the bot is not added to Q, and can't join your channel, or can't get ops there, your channel will eventually be suspended.

    Don't have Q? You might want to try getting Q in your channel, read more about that in QuakeNet's Q FAQ. Can't get Q? Then you must - manually - make sure that the bot is opped at all times. Good luck ;)

  2. No kicks/deops

    Our bot is there to serve your channel, not to be used as a toy and to get kicked and deoped. If your bot gets kicked/deoped too many times, your channel will automatically be suspended.

  3. Other (service/protection/vip-)bots are forbidden.

    You are not allowed to have a service, protection or vip bot from another botservice (no, you can't join one either after you get our bot). For more information about the reasoning behind this please read the newspost about other bots.

    If you do have such a bot in your channel, your request will not be accepted. Already have our bot? Then we will suspend your channel as soon as we find out that you have such a bot.

    Note that gaming bots, fun bots, etc. are allowed, as long as that's all they do. We also have no problems with own made bots, as long as they don't start kicking/deoping our bot.

    Unsure if a bot is allowed? Ask in #NordicBots.

  4. Opping everybody/freeop, don't do it!

    We do not support channels that op everyone that joins as this is just a takeover waiting to be happening. There is no good reason to op everyone that joins. People don't need ops to talk.
    If we find that your channel is a freeop channel, we will not accept your request. It goes without saying that you are also not allowed to op everyone that joins when you have one of our bots, if you do, your channel will be suspended.

  5. Use our bots for good, not evil.

    Your channel should and must not interfere/break with QuakeNet rules. This means: no clones, hacking, illegal material, malicious bots, multiplayer cheats, pornography, racism/nazism, spamming/advertising, spreading of malicious code or takeovers.

    This also means you cannot use so-called 'idle clients' or idlebots, idlebncs, etc. Idle clients are pointless clients that just idle your channel for the sake of increasing the number of users in your channel. If we find these users in your channel, your channel will be suspended. If a QuakeNet operator finds them, expect nasty things to happen.

    In short: Be nice, use our bots for good, not evil.

Thanks for flying NordicBots!

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