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Bots down
Posted by soczol at 2010-09-03 10:04:41

Hello Everyone,

It appears that we had a small network outage (~10 minutes) on our side. These outages do not happen often, but when they do happen our bots will normally reconnect just fine once the connection is up again. Unfortunately something appears to have gone wrong today: A protection system at QuakeNet's has identified some of our bots as 'Flood clones' which caused them to get G-lined (banned from QuakeNet).

We are not sure how long this G-line lasts and we are doing all we can to get our bots online again as soon as possible.

Please be patient while we resolve these issues. Thanks!

Update 11:00: We are disabling the G-lined bots and are attempting to get as many bots online as possible.

Update 11:14: Done! 145 bots are online. The following 64 bots are still offline:

Year2003, Year2005, Year2010, ^Aragorn^, ^Athena^, ^C00ki3^, ^Cistron^, ^City-17^, ^Emin3m^, ^Frodo^, ^GameBoy^, ^Half-Life2^, ^Half-Life^, ^Hercules^, ^Hobbit^, ^Huba^, ^KaZaA^, ^l0l^, ^Narusegawa^, ^Naruto^, ^Quake4^, ^Rap^, ^Royal^, ^RRR^, ^SecretOfMana^, ^SeriousSam^, ^Shinobu^, ^SkrotNisse^, ^T-Offline^, ^TF2^, ^Toto^, ^Virgin^, ^WhirldWind^, ^WoW^, ^XxXxXxXxX^, ^Yucko^, |Apocalypse|, |BattleBot|, |BrainLess|, |Chrissie|, |Dolly|, |Eggdrop|, |Flood|, |Freelancer|, |Gimli|, |Gondor|, |Hurricane|, |Janeway|, |LineageII|, |Logitech|, |m0o0oo0o|, |MadeMan|, |MiddleEarth|, |Mofo|, |Nordic-Help|, |PhoenixII|, |Prime|, |Protector|, |Qlogged|, |RainBow|, |Sk8er|, |Suckz0r|, |UvD|, |Xbox-Gaming|

Update 14:40: The G-lines appear to have expired after 12 hours. All our bots should be back and we're fully operational again. Thanks for your patience!

Note: Please contact us if your bot is still missing,.

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