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  Channel Information
Channel information for #starcraft on QuakeNet
Channel: #starcraft (Chat Now!)
Bot: ^Saruman^
Joined: Unknown
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 95

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise -autoop +autovoice -badwords
-bitch -commandchar -dynamicbans -enforcebans
-flood +greet +google +hidelogs
+image +infobot -massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo -restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle +vote -weather

Command character: Not activated
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Hello nick, welcome to #starcraft ! Type !cmds to see available commands. Channel is international, therefore please speak english! Channel stats :
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes: +n
Enforced topic: Not activated

Privacy settings
Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

Statistics and logging
Statistics language: Not localized (English)
Logs: Not available - hidden through +hidelogs

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
Milchmann- Owner 2018-08-11 14:38
PoppaBear Master 2019-02-15 18:31
Zilv3r Master 2019-01-23 14:53
mdcw Master 2019-01-06 15:19
1 owner, 3 masters, 0 ops, 0 voices and 0 friends added to the bot

 No greetings are added on this channel

ID Quote Added by
#1 (+PriitM) i wuz 105 apm last game lolz (@Spucek) u are too good now (PriitM)I still sux,just I sux faster Spucek
#2 (+PriitM) I had too much girl hormones in my urine lolol Spucek
#3 (MrSlave) • milkman, delete #starcraft history (MrSlave) • I'm embarassed :p Milchmann
#4 19:11 <@mdcw`> you can you _Make Milchmann madcow mdcw`
#5 01:40 < Milchmann> i am the poorest kid in austria :) mdcw`
#6 Milchmann • we are all so doomed one day \\ MrSlave • that's why I tell you to turn the fucking logging off \\ MrSlave • you're pedophiles, I'm a junkie and that ayaya guy is fucking chick a bit too young \\ MrSlave • and medkau with his hax0ring \\ Zilv3r • and ffj beats up people at school \\ MrSlave • you're making the situation very dangerous for us all, you stubborn hitlerjugend:( Milchmann
#7 <@Zilv3r> show pix of your conk \n <TreaKu> its like 0,5 cm now Milchmann
#8 ffj • EAFDJhsdhfakashdf >> ZhenMiChan • happy penis day >> ffj • im going through depression >> ffj • so all of you, go fuck yourselfs Milchmann
#9 Chronicler is summoning is friends -> AMSG: Chronicler • Join #starcraft and write !vote no (to keep me from getting banned) :O >> irn-bru|afk has joined #Starcraft >> irn-bru|afk • !vote yes >> Macavity has joined #Starcraft >> Macavity • !vote yes >> zedsdead has joined #Starcraft >> zedsdead • !vote yes Milchmann
#11 23:39 < Milchmann> the mouse is like a women boob! mannerheim
#12 S427 • would you fuck a women if you knew it would kill her the next day? >> ing • just thinking about her dying on the next day would give me diamond-hard boner >> MrSlavek • ing is a known psychopath Milchmann
#13 mdcw` • you guys are weird Milchmann
#14 01:17 SpeedyBozar • i belive i can be the best in my country within 30 days since i downloaded the game mdcw`
#15 11:35 < MrSlavek> what is that stupid noise? 11:35 <@mdcw`> fapping to a 14y0 mdcw`
#16 22:43 < MrSlavek> I'm gonna rip g key off your keyboard, prk` Leibowitz`
#17 23:01 < Saklovich> american lives arent worth keeping mdcw`
#18 <MrSlavek> first I cut myself with tea and then get shocked by electricity generated by my ass mdcw`
#19 [21:02] <Saklovich> a cheetah and a lion were racing each other..... at the end of the race, the lion said to the cheetah...."man, youre a cheetah" .......cheetah says "bro, stop lion" [21:02] <Saklovich> LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOOOOLOLOLOLOLO mdcw__
#20 katnis • shut up! >> katnis • im watching porns mdcw`
#21 12:22 < Milchmann> we/I are playing/watching a game that is older than most of mdcw girls mdcw`
#22 16:14 <@mdcw`> hardcore jack offing 16:15 < MrSlavek> 30 seconds of death grip mdcw`
#23 19:48 < sklvch`> milchmann.... im starting to think mdcw` is a sadist 19:48 <@Milchmann> u wot? 19:48 <@Milchmann> you are not the fastest mdcw`
#24 23:27 < prk`> >not oppin glorious prk 23:27 < prk`> oioi vittu kova perkele mdcw`
#25 16:42 < Milchmann> after the obligatory thinking of mdcw i got a little hard on mdcw`
#26 19:59 < monarch> you get no mileage on your car becuase you spend your days lusting after little girls on the internet mdcw`
#27 22:47 < Milchmann> well the conclusion probably is that you are all retards with your elitsm Lihtsalt-mdcw
#28 22:56 <@bifu> saklo pays 40 dolans for wow, then decides to shit on it, in an attempt to justify him not playing it Lihtsalt-mdcw
#29 01:43 <@MrSlavek> but something came out from your tit and you thought it's a wise idea to taste it? Lihtsalt-mdcw
#30 00:55 < Saklovich> id fuck bifu until i died Lihtsalt-mdcw
#31 18:14 <+katnis> what wraith says when he came out from starport? 18:15 < MrSlavek> i kcik yu0r asz Lihtsalt-mdcw
#32 23:00 <@prk`> the world needs more russians :-) Lihtsalt-mdcw
#33 katnis • MrSlavek are you an asian? >> MrSlavek • according to my penis, I am >> katnis • oh thats good news Milchmann
#34 20:12 < prk`> mdcw oioi vittu kova perkele where op at mdcw`
#35 ayayay • All around the world people know who i am even in chinese countries like Japan mdcw`
#36 23:51 <+bifu> im worried about you now mdcw, i worry youll soon become a muhammed lover who actually believes in childrens stories and invisible pedos in the sky mdcw`
#37 13:29 < Instruch> the guy permanently doped up on painkillers accuses others of being unable to think clearly mdcw`
#38 <+bifu> me and malko cant play videogames together, i wonder who would get stabbed first if we met irl Milchmann
#39 RIP katnis >> bifu • seriously >> bifu • we're like one of those body implants, either its fine and you go along with life or the body rejects it and it gets fatally infected Milchmann
#40 <+bifu> i can also be very hard || <saafen> yesI knoiw Milchmann
#41 22:17 < sjoefen> ifc you knew the drig you see it was SO PROBLEK mdcw`
#42 katniss_ • sc2 operator said > <@ProN00b> the starcraft1 channel is full of bitter, racist, old people Milchmann
#43 13:23 <@MrSlavek> I hope your painkillers become expired mdcw`
#44 14:43 <@MrSlavek> bitches are delicate little flowers and guys are perverted sexual predators mdcw`
#45 00:40 <@mdcw`> typing while lying on a laptop on a chair is a shit idea 00:41 < Milchmann> i will donate you a bed ;_; mdcw`
#46 18:30 <@wrk`> why do you need a t60 18:30 <@wrk`> :-) 18:34 <@MrSlavek> because I am a faggot mdcw`
#47 15:16 <@Milchmann> you finally found jesus and your dream waifu all in the same week mdcw`
#48 iubf • Milch is stupid as hell and he knows that mdcw`
#49 21:32 < hyfrehyfre> peru is nice, but filled with peruvians AbU_NaZiR
#50 hyfrehyfre � but lets keep it profetional mdcw`
#51 23:24 < milkman> we got chem majors in here 23:24 < milkman> mdcw, benefit, mrslavek mdcw`
#52 katnis • i think this is not good time to play gta5 right now || katnis • mom and dad sleeping together || katnis • at first o.o || katnis • now O.O || katnis • i should have known my dad's plan || katnis • he bought two bottles of wine milkman
#53 < MrSlavek> we really should get started with manufacture and distribution of large quanities of methamphetamine < beorning> i heard that stuff is bad for you < MrSlavek> not use, cook < MrSlavek> I need $$$ < MrSlavek> it's a long summer and hookers are expensive mdcw`
#55 01:05 Milchmann > i am not impressed so far ||| 01:06 Milchmann > JESUS ITS ON mdcw`
#56 20:12 < Beornographic> am i reading this right you drove to a farm to have sex with a retard mdcw`
#57 Kim_Taek-Yong • Instead of "far", you typed "fart". ||| Kim_Taek-Yong • :D :D :D Milchmann
#58 @Zilv3r > milch is the kinda humble guy that tells everyone hes stupid but he actually works really hard and achieves goals || @Zilv3r > im not denying the fact that hes stupid though mdcw`
#59 23:25 < sklvch> what a strange turn of events that medcau is now the hard working professional, milchmann barely works at all, and bifu lost his gains and is a scbw fanatic again mdcw`
#60 Kim_Taek-Yong • !ask when will i get a girlfriend || vittu • No. || dique • no Milchmann
#61 Milchmann > but i think we already asserted that your sister's waifu is not firing at full power upstairs Milchmann
#62 19:07 <Milchmann> i have to rub my ass crack really hard with a sponge Zilv3r
#63 katnis • I am not afraid || katnis • I lost my virgin already Milchmann
#64 19:59 <@Benefit> i rarely say this 19:59 <@Benefit> but DO NOT INHALE mdcw`
#65 16:53 <@Milchmann> >zilver inviting us to anything 16:53 <@Milchmann> yeah sure lol Zilv3r

 No bans are added on this channel

Trigger Type Min. Level Response
!ai Public -
!bwl Public - StarCraft Brood War Launcher
!cmds Public - !patch !links !download !ircstaff !guides
!download Public - run->emule/dc++-/torrent_client>search->starcraft_+_broodwar->downl
oad->wait->install->play->gg =8]
!Guides Public - try !ZergGuides !ProtossGuides !TerranGuides
!ircstaff Public - Spucek (owner of channel&bots), Milchmann (FLS, first line support
:P), Melkor( rip?)
!ladders Public -
!links Public - !movies !replays !maps !vods !ladders !ai !bwl
!maps Public -
!movies Public -
!patch Public - | http:/
!ProtossGuides Public - Hautamaki's PvZ
.htm Knicknack's 1 Gate Tech
pvztechguide.htm Hautamaki's PvT
ack/hautamakispvt.htmKnicknack's PvP
!P_v_P Public - Knicknack's PvP
!P_v_T Public - Hautamaki's PvT
!P_v_Z Public - Hautamaki's PvZ
.htm Knicknack's 1 Gate Tech
!replays Public - http:// htt
p:// http://gosurepl
!TerranGuides Public - Daze's Guide publicated on
!vods Public -
!ZergGuides Public - Mondi's ZvP Guide:
d=490,1 InControl's Guide publicated on http://www.teamliqui
!Z_v_P Public - Mondi's Guide:

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