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  Channel Information
Channel information for #snus on QuakeNet
Channel: #snus (Chat Now!)
Bot: ^Quake3^
Joined: 2013-03-28 03:43
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 15

Channel settings
Channel settings:
+advertise +autoop +autovoice -badwords
+bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans +enforcebans
-flood +greet +google +hidelogs
+image +infobot -massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo -restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats +timedquotes +topic
+userbans +urltitle +vote +weather

Command character: ? (commands can be called as ?kick, ?deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Every 5 minutes
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Welcome to snus iRC nick, Enjoy your stay and take a snus! ;) OR JOINT U DECIDE SIR!:Dyou know da gamepuff puff pass it!
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Warn user on first violation, kick on second violation
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes:
Enforced topic: Welcome to #snus mIRC channel! || ||exmiq has just found the correct word ( SETUP ) in 13.37 secs. blazefantasyy wearing his new style!

Privacy settings
Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

Statistics and logging
Statistics language: Not localized (English)
Logs: Not available - hidden through +hidelogs

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
Phyysee Owner 2018-05-08 00:02
z0rbot Voice 2017-06-20 15:25
1 owner, 0 masters, 0 ops, 1 voice and 0 friends added to the bot

Auth/Handle Greeting
Phyysee da bouszz joined teh channel!

ID Quote Added by
#1 <Xesya> he smites me for no reason Phyysee
#2 <Xesya> kids like him should own the rcon Phyysee
#3 <B1nzy> Xesya cries admin abuse <B1nzy> Irnoc eh? Phyysee
#4 <B1nzy> lol xesya biggest dik evr Phyysee
#5 Xesya> dude you dont know shit lol Phyysee
#6 <Xesya> get a dick in and stfu Phyysee
#7 <Xesya> XDXDXD Phyysee
#8 <B1naryTh1ef> I am uploading a vid of xesya teamkillin me Phyysee
#9 <Phyysee> i went to ur channel now u go to mine Phyysee
#10 <mdma> im addicted to eating pussy and pushing kids off bikes Phyysee
#11 <Xesya> no need to add b1nary lol <Xesya> nobody knows who he is anyway Phyysee
#12 <Vogg> i dont know shit about languages Phyysee-
#13 <Yore>and you little fucker if you're going to have fun of Scarryman's tragedy I will slap your face when I visit a LAN party in the NL Phyysee
#14 YzY_: you can ban me again and again but you cover 1 cheater xixion and you are shit like him you smell cheat too , im off see you on 4.2 . kids....!!! and fuck you all admins pugbot!!!! Phyysee-
#15 <@Xixion> xixion doesnt quit urt, just gives the enemy teams a break from the rape Phyysee
#16 <@Xixion> if i looked like benoit i would never show my face on the internet Phyysee
#17 are we friend or not? (c) Slyker Phyysee
#18 [01:50] <@GPS|Phyysee> fak i want cod4 promod omggg im gettin horny GPS|Phyysee
#19 THIS GAY IS FUCKING MADE (c) sofiane GPS|Phyysee
#20 20:22] <WH-Slyker> we are friend lol GPS|Phyysee
#21 <01:21:56> "wiiza": fkin swedish GPS|Phyysee
#22 <01:21:58> "wiiza": i rape ur mum GPS|Phyysee
#23 <01:37:13> Slyker : u think u cool GPS|Phyysee
#24 [21:03] <GPS|HaDuz> dude nt haxor : [21:03] <GPS|HaDuz> XD : [21:03] <saltyy> ? : [21:03] <GPS|HaDuz> changing nick more than u change underwear Phyysee-
#26 shange (c) trusty GPS|Phyys1x
#27 <Oldparr0t> ur a noob phyys1x
#28 <Oldparr0t> divine will own u phyys1x
#29 <dbik> i was db!k phyys1x
#30 <dbik> pir8 sucks phyys1x
#31 <Xesya> i dont give a flying fuck phyys1x
#32 <Phys1x> your never drunk your just a fucking idiot phyys1x
#33 <barbi> im fcking raging phyys1x
#34 <beka> I can easily rape you phyys1x
#35 <slk> and ph1six phyys1x
#36 <slk> blackmale phyys1x
#37 <Phys1x> i just fuck your mom on sundays phyys1x
#38 <uKF> mhm i like hot milf like the mom from syrox phyys1x
#39 <uKF> u raped my soul and feels phyys1x
#40 <Phyysee> u really came back from the death.. u are fucking braindead phyys1x
#41 <slk> who gives a fuck about ur nick phyys1x
#42 <slk> u sitted on narrow phyys1x
#44 [23:24] * Slyker fucks deep br0xz phyys1x
#45 <HaDuz> innebandy is shit , only fun to play phyys1x
#46 <HaDuz> dude when i played football when i was young if i losed 1 game i whined phyys1x
#47 <IG`Phyysee> its like u have a non serious magnet phyys1x
#48 <NASA|Slykah> you are my model phyys1x
#49 <@barbi> wanna suck my finger phyys1x
#50 <LovelyTomato> "rkq is my king and lord, who is in the skies and is your god phyys1x
#51 <+BiggoniuS> phyys1x don't add phyys1x
#52 and still suck with hax (c) dbik phyys1x
#53 get on my lvl (c) dbik phyys1x
#54 get on my lvl (c) dbik - Nah i'd rather stay on the higher level (c) Phys1x phyys1x
#55 I don't understand your blablating (c) Hugo.LiFT phyys1x
#56 poison without weed isn't poison (c) poison phyys1x
#57 <crimzon`> omg playing like 3 hours on smartphone doodlejump xD phyys1x
#58 <Xesya> suck a dick you random moron phyys1x
#59 <01:28:57> "ElDemaaa": we cares man ... psxBrizzFanboy
#60 <rkq> always some wannabe nazi pro with high gaming setup comes behind phyys1x
#61 <rkq> then i destroy them lol phyys1x
#62 <rkq> wtf i just tried to put ketchup into microwave juicehead
#63 <BLACK2008> they need to use knowledge when these 24/7 rkqs play this game with energy drinks exmiq
#64 <Phyysee> u really came back from the death.. u are fucking braindead exmiq
#65 <Slyker> go away bbitch phantasy
#66 we need to kill xesya before he lays his goldfish eggs so he dont expand his stupid family acrewofkittens
#67 <kjt> i saw already butthole of dave blazefantasyy
#68 <ex0tic> fak polaks blazefantasyy
#69 <ex0tic> better than pretending to have no internet in the quarter finals like chiko blazefantasyy
#70 <@RoLex> u fkin ddos u blazefantasyy
#71 Urban Terror -Ubiquity blazefantasyy
#72 <agangofkittens> obviouslly best channel on QuakeNet blazefantasyy
#73 <blazefantasyy> Sorry for no hearts but im afraid you send me dick picture of your toe blazefantasyy
#74 <+warbot018> [PCW] #puzzles @ quakenet - ex0tic - Requested a 1 vs 1 (Additional info: ring) blazefantasyy
#75 [00:22:11]Ps*Zzi: ask aralph put a finger iin your ass blazefantasyy
#76 <18:42:25> "trux0rt": im installing hacks now blazefantasyy
#77 <@blazefantasyy> and I saw his host name had pablo escobar and I called him that cause he told me I dont know who he is blazefantasyy
#78 <crimzon> im facking taliban now blazefantasyy
#79 »» sk0g, you have 99% a chance of having sex with Trux. - (5 seconds till next question) «« blazefantasyy
#80 <23:50:26> sk0g: fak it imma go eat some icecream and scream outside blazefantasyy
#81 <Sheyin> 21h20, we can noshow if we want<Biddle> No you cant, and i can delete your team blazefantasyy
#82 <@[KoS]Rain> sa javla gott fitt spell blazefantasyy
#83 fdmurt : while @totally_not_sze was on div 2 i won uz then i retired blazefantasyy
#84 [20:56] <cr4zy_> RoLex: ur country its going to play? [20:57] <+RoLex> cr4zy_ : My country was bad at urt blazefantasyy
#85 <@FunBot> MrYeah pwn'd blazefantasyy in his winning streak! ( +102 ) - blazefantasyy blazefantasyy
#86 <sk0g> banned and looks like a fucking lizard irl blazefantasyy
#87 <22:38:06> "Killspree": but I am under FS order to not ban anyone blazefantasyy
#88 <00:40:12> "[yadad] yadad": and carracolo mumbling some weird alien shit blazefantasyy
#89 Music" pokes you: look at severon picture; and tell me if doesnt look like a monkey :x blazefantasyy
#90 <20:21:05> "fölet": fan va gött å dra upp klementinen i röven å vrida om..... mm så surt d blir blazefantasyy
#91 <Killspr> still I am better than you blaze blazefantasyy
#92 <lakes> u speak for sniper me dont undegraound blazefantasyy
#93 <+Memnon> im a portuguese in swiss with a arabian face blazefantasyy
#94 <+blazefantasyy> KronoZ is like putin version in urt blazefantasyy
#95 <betong> Jag knulla dig fita blazefantasyy
#96 <uni``> ask this terrorist camaroz blazefantasyy
#97 <CaMar0z> murica will shit on them if they try anything blazefantasyy
#98 <22:14:32> "fölet" pokes you: IM BACK BITCHES blazefantasyy
#99 <22:50:28> "[ReventoN] ReventoN": where are boobs blazefantasyy
#100 <22:57:26> "[ReventoN] ReventoN": can u scream now , folet blazefantasyy
#101 <03:57:46> "[rkq] rkq": so when u go out hanging with ya niggas y'all doing this? blazefantasyy
#102 <18:24:12> "[odb] odb": i want you to be in cool channel no fool channel blazefantasyy
#103 <GoldenSlyker> [01:28:25] blow my full dick blazefantasyy
#104 [07:17:56] "[odb] odb": rkq getting raped like the fag he is blazefantasyy
#105 <rkq> new quote blazefantasyy
#106 lakes: in urt me dont undregaound blazefantasyy
#107 <SG_Carracolo> ........ !report Uz league blazefantasyy
#108 <Macko0> [18:42:50] Zmb you are funny. Banning Grandpa Mack0 becouse Leveled you with the ground on pub. KIds Urt. Learn to play. blazefantasyy
#109 [00:53:17] <KronoZ> !pcw tdm or bomb [00:53:31] <SG_Carracolo> don't provoque me little russian kid blazefantasyy
#110 rkq: when i was playing urt 6-8hours in a day i walked in a school and thinking of walljump combos that could be available in that area exmiq

Type Hostmask/Auth Sticky Expires Added by
Auth WhiteNaz No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Auth ElDemaaa No Never (permanent) Phyysee
see you in 1v1
Auth fizzy No Never (permanent) Phyysee
fucking hacker
Auth trux0rt No Never (permanent) Phyysee
<Trux> .stfu blazefantasyy
Auth HaDuz No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Auth SpAdInO No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Auth lowbot No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Mature up please
Auth Zzi91140 No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Auth wiiZa No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Auth Jasper No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Auth MasterSkill No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host !*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host !*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host !*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host !*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host !*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host !*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host !*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host !*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host *!*@* No Never (permanent) Phyysee
IP change's
Host *!* No Never (permanent) Phyysee
delete THe fucking bot from my channel
Host *!*@users.quakenet No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host *!* No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host *!*@webchat No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host *!*[email protected]* No Never (permanent) Phyysee
see you in 1v1
Host *!*[email protected]* No Never (permanent) Phyysee
fucking hacker
Host *!*[email protected]* No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host *!*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host *!*[email protected]* No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host *!*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host *!*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host *!*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
dickheadbai french cock sucker
Host *!*[email protected]* No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Mature up please
Host *!*[email protected]* No Never (permanent) Phyysee
I dont wanna create team with you, stop fucking talk to me all the time u disgusting italian motherfucker gtfo pls
Host *!*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host *!*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host *!*[email protected]* No Never (permanent) Phyysee
Host *!*[email protected] No Never (permanent) Phyysee

Trigger Type Min. Level Response
!h Public - Available #snus commands : !h !help .servers .text .go
ogle .youtube .hi .radio
!help Public - Available #snus commands : !h !help .servers .text .go
ogle .youtube .hi .radio
!say Public - <nick> says : %1
!svlist Public -
.casatown Public - ~ |CasaTown| Casatown 4.2! ( )
TS -
.ci Public -
.ghbomb Public - ~ |GH1| The Golden Bomb! [PWB] (
) - Bomb -
.ghctf Public - ~ |GH4| Cap Cap Cap ! [PWB] (
) - CTF -
.ghjump Public - ~ |GH5| Jump The Poney ! [PWB] (
) - Jump -
.ghtdm Public - GH2| Frag them all ! [PWB] (
) - TDM -
.ghtp Public - ~ |GH0| Turnpike ! [PWB] ( )
TS - Map : Turnpike 24/7
.google Public - website you were looking for ?
.hi Public - <nick> says hello to everyone in #snus ! ;)
.m Public - .money <nick>
.pt Public - .pickthree %1-
.radio Public - #s1xgaming Dubbesteppe Radio.
{You download file then u need to run it through VLC medi
a player to get radio to work
.say Public - <nick> says : %1
.servers Public - .casatown .ghbomb .ghtp .ghtdm .ghctf .ghjump
.sg Public - .startguess %1-
.svlist Public -
.text Public - <nick> says : %1-
.youtube Public - website you were looking for ?

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