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  Channel Information
Channel information for #runkst-realm on QuakeNet
Channel: #runkst-realm (Chat Now!)
Bot: ^WoW^
Joined: 2009-02-03 23:01
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 13

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise -autoop +autovoice -badwords
-bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans +enforcebans
+flood +greet +google +hidelogs
+image +infobot +massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo -restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats +timedquotes -topic
+userbans +urltitle +vote +weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: *!*@*
Timed quotes: Every 181 minutes
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Welcome to #Runkst-Realm nick! --- Latest news can always be found at:
Protection settings
Anti flood: Triggered after 10 lines in 3 seconds
  Warn user on first violation, kick on second violation
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes: CnNt
Enforced topic: >>>>>> Server is ON !<<<<<<

Privacy settings
Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

Statistics and logging
Statistics language: Not localized (English)
Logs: Not available - hidden through +hidelogs

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
kalamabashi2000 Owner 2018-08-05 14:18
1 owner, 0 masters, 0 ops, 0 voices and 0 friends added to the bot

 No greetings are added on this channel

ID Quote Added by
#1 [19:48:41] [@[SCW]nYko] wtf is kleinschalig lol [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#4 "Yeh Hello hi, I'd like to report a bug. I spent 3 talent points into "Improved Blizzard" and the company still sucks" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#5 "... Is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that the only thing that works 24/7 and never crashes is the billing system??" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#6 "LFG for Sex, Lvl 18+ only" - Random Barrens chat. [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#7 [2. Trade] [Mankrik] Hi, has anyone seen my wife? [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#8 Dwarf male emote: "I don't have a drinkin' problem! I drink, I get drunk, I fall down. No problem!" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#9 Dwarf male emote: "Oh, I'm just a social drinker. Every time someone says, 'I'll have a drink', I say, 'So shall I'!" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#10 Gnome female emote: "You know... squirrels can be deadly when cornered." [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#11 Human female emote: "Why does everyone automatically assume I know tailoring and cooking?" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#12 Human female emote: "Do you ever feel like you're not in charge of your own destiny, like... you're being controlled by an invisible hand?" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#13 Human male emote: "Cover for me! I gotta whiz behind a tree." [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#14 Human male emote: "So, an orc walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The bartender says 'Hey, where'd you get that?' The parrot says 'Durotar. They've got them all over the place.' " [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#15 Human male emote: "A guy walked up to me and said 'I'm a tepee, I'm a wigwam, I'm a tepee, I'm a wigwam!' and I said 'Relax man, you're too tense!'" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#16 Night Elf male emote: "I don't mind the Gnomes, but I'm always worried about tripping over one." [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#17 Draenei female emote: "Yes, they are real, and they can cut glass." [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#18 Draenei female emote: "'Stop and ask for directions,' I told him. But no, 'It's inter-dimensional,' he says. 'What can go wrong?'" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#19 Draenei female emote: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? ...Good! Bring ample supply of butter and goblin jumper cables." [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#20 Draenei male emote: "When we arrived here I lost many jewels that had been in my family for generations. If you could get your hands on my family jewels I would be deeply appreciative." [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#21 Undead female emote: "Yes, they're REAL! They're not mine, but they're real!" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#22 Undead male emote: "I'm dead... and I'm pissed." [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#23 Orc female emote: "I'm very feminine. And I'll beat the crap out of ANYONE who disagrees!" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#24 Orc female emote: "I have no respect for people with small piercings. I say go full hog. Put a spear through your head." [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#25 Orc female emote: "Man. I think that boar meat's comin back on me. I gotta hit the can. Anyone have a hearthstone?" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#26 Orc female emote: "Get between me and my food, and you'll lose a hand." [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#27 Orc male emote: "I will CRUSH and DESTROY and... ooo... shiny..." [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#28 Tauren male emote: "Moo. Are you happy now?" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#29 Tauren male emote: "I know it seems strange, but I'm practically a cow, so why am I wearing leather?" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#30 Tauren male emote: "Mess with the bull, you get the horns." [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#31 Troll female emote: "Da way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but I go through da ribcage!" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#32 Blood Elf female emote: "So I went to this troll spa the other day and I wound up with dreadlocks and a frigging bone in my nose! I mean come on! Who PAYS for that?" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#33 Blood Elf female emote: "Do you think the expansion will make me fat?" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#34 Blood Elf male emote: "So I was in line to the Bat Handler yesterday with some undead guy in front of me and all of the sudden he just lets one go! Didn't even try to disguise it! I don't know what he ate but it did not agree with him. I thought, 'What crawled up YOU and died?'" [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#35 [22:06:10] [G] [71:Kulgan]: roll/ [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#36 "Austin GDC 2009: Frank Pearce: What it takes to craft 7,650 quests, 70,000 spells, 40,000 NPCs, 1.5 million assets, and 5.5 million lines of code; some 4,000 employees, 13,250 server blades, and 75,000 CPU cores keep MMORPG running." [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#38 If WOW is keeping me from having a girlfriend, thank god. My wife would kill me. [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#39 FINAL JUDGMENT by Judge Stephen V. Wilson,Pursuant to the Courts July 22, 2010 and August 10, 2010 Orders Granting Plaintiffs Motion for Default Judgment, it is hereby ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that Plaintiff Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. shall recover $88,594,539.00, and post-judgment interest thereon at the rate provided by law until paid in full, from Defendant Alyson Reeves, d/b/aScapegaming. 24 . [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#40 [18:43:53] [+Maid85] what's the playing system? is there like 8 minute "rounds" like in rtcw? can i die? :o [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#41 [16:34] <Maid85> there's nothing what MacGyver can't do. i bet he could own us in WoW with lvl 1 character n^ko
#42 [23:09:09]Mo'grosh Brute says: Raaar!!! Me smash gnome! [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#43 [G] [Störtebeker]: what kind of mana potions do u need? --> ][G] [Tristan]: cholocate milkshaketaste ^^ [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#44 [22:29:10][G] [Mangus]: ^^ ...hic! Herr_Trigger
#45 [20:54:14][G] [Ollawein]: easy piecy lemonsqueezie Herr_Trigger
#46 [Tristan]: rebooting pc... smoke is coming out !!!! Herr_Trigger
#47 [Macros] yells: little gnome, big problems! Herr_Trigger
#48 [G] [Orly]: fuck yeah im spooky faced Herr_Trigger
#49 [+okinoki] big accident with cola&mouse yesterday Herr_Trigger
#50 *DEAD* okinoki : bet chucknorris all Herr_Trigger
#51 Ast receives loot: Aged Dalaran Limburger. Herr_Trigger
#53 GUILD: Felius [Global]: Im a dwarf, and I drink, and I cheer you up always, that is my job, I do kill evil in mean time Herr_Trigger
#54 [P] [Maiden]: Chuck Norris played WoW once, and gained lvl 80 in 12 hours Herr_Trigger
#55 Fatality: Kulgan > 11.7k FALLING [Unknown] Herr_Trigger
#56 G] [Haldir]: Haldir has earned the achievement [Grandmaster Painter] Herr_Trigger
#57 Remember to ask feldor about jaloviina! okinoki
#58 [+okinoki] i'd like to slap you with a giant pink dildo Herr_Trigger
#59 [G] [Cher]: dont argue abotu gender with the mighty cher Herr_Trigger
#60 [G] [Euphelia]: marge simson hair and all Herr_Trigger
#61 [+feldor] Hail humas for inventing the fridge Herr_Trigger
#62 [G] [Cher]: be nice or i'll start singing Herr_Trigger
#63 • +feldor dances with long lost Maiden Herr_Trigger
#64 <+Schuemeluenz> stop playing diablo beta and come back to rtcw Herr_Trigger
#65 <okinoki>: gayest bedroom ever Herr_Trigger
#66 <geno>: erm well dick down, duno how deep tho Herr_Trigger
#68 <geno>: could also be used as an evilator :) Herr_Trigger
#69 • +feldor runs naked through the channel Herr_Trigger
#70 • +feldor runs naked through the channel Herr_Trigger
#71 <okinoki>i hoped for a little more clooney Herr_Trigger

 No bans are added on this channel

Trigger Type Min. Level Response
!addon Public -
!commands Public - Channel commands available: !addon , !wh , !ww , !google (subject)
, !patch
!patch Public -
!wh Public -
!ww Public -

Bad words
 No badwords are added on this channel
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