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  Channel Information
Channel information for #ow_revival on QuakeNet
Channel: #ow_revival (Chat Now!)
Bot: ^Ashley^
Joined: 2007-06-28 22:58
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 43

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise +autoop +autovoice +badwords
-bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans +enforcebans
-flood +greet -google -hidelogs
-image -infobot +massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo -restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby -stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle +vote -weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: *!*@*
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: What's your Outwar name, and use it!
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Kick the user immediately on violation
Enforced modes: +tn
Enforced topic: Not activated

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Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
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Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

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Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
liam7 Owner 2019-02-18 02:47
1 owner, 0 masters, 0 ops, 0 voices and 0 friends added to the bot

Auth/Handle Greeting
liam7 Mighty Leader of Revival *bows*
Xafloc +Mighty EX-CoLeader of Revival *Half Bows*

ID Quote Added by
#1 [00:17:05] <+spink2> ill cum but i slow as shit [00:17:22] <@zAragon> ... [00:17:30] <@zAragon> You cum, but your slow as shit? [00:17:34] <@zAragon> That sentence.. is just weird =/ zAragon
#2 [01:24:25] <@Liam7> i fuck fat ginger girls :( zAragon
#3 [17:12:06] <@zAragon> /quit [17:12:09] <@zAragon> it works [17:12:12] <@zAragon> with space and write [17:12:25] <+AJG1DJNOS[HM]> /quit [17:12:28] <@zAragon> nice [17:12:31] * Quits: @Liam7 ([email protected]) (Quit) zAragon
#4 <+Shisch> Liam7 can suck my left ball zAragon
#5 <@zAragon> From: TaZzZ <@zAragon> Dude .. If u dont have any friends playing .. <@zAragon> I just wondering if we can be friends ;) <@zAragon> .. zAragon
#6 <+Lj27> sum1 told me viet got suspended cuz he is really chinese and he was faking his race or sumthin zAragon
#7 <+sephiroth215> i won 10 blowjobs in a row.... Aragonfire
#8 <PR|Ftw> i have no shoes Aragonfire
#9 [05:17:22] <@Aragonfire> i am a ninja [05:17:22] <@Aragonfire> i run up walls and eat penis with no hands Liam7
#10 [09:18:22] <PR|Ftw> I FAILED MY TEST [09:18:27] <@Liam7> What test? [09:18:32] <PR|Ftw> I HAVE FUCKIN AIDS! [09:18:38] <@Liam7> and no shoes ? Liam7
#11 <Tyler> i lick my hands after i pee Liam7
#12 [08:24:25] <Loster> i touch my sister Liam7
#13 <Jamunkulus> you'd probably like my sister <Jamunkulus> she got a real sloppy butthole Liam7
#14 (17:59:16) (+Aretard) wanna see a picture of me? (17:59:19) (+GG|HighLord) no (17:59:20) (+Fanny-) No thanks :\ (17:59:23) (+vonz) ew nope (17:59:25) (+GG|HighLord) derty fuck (17:59:25) (@Liam7) i cudnt stand to look at u Aragonfire
#15 <Liam7> ill hold your nose <Liam7> til u open ya mouth to swallow <Liam7> pour it in <Liam7> then u swallow <Liam7> or die <Liam7> im easy Liam7
#16 <+PR|Ftw> dont speak to me in nigger tongue boy Liam7
#17 <UberTom> yeah i love GG's nuts, theyre comfy. Liam7
#19 Just About the Grooviest Popstar Ever says: i was hitmaning someone earlier Just About the Grooviest Popstar Ever says: cast empower on em instead Just About the Grooviest Popstar Ever says:then lost the attk Liam7
#20 <primus1274> do you ever just go out there late at night and suck on the goats teet when your thirsty? Liam7
#21 [22:24:25] <Mattk-Halo3> i fucked a ginger once :/.... rather good tbh Liam7
#22 [16:45] <Aragonfire> she looks not like a barbie [16:45] <Aragonfire> she is a hawt asian :< [16:45] <Shisch> like Tan Trum then [16:45] <Aragonfire> but he is a girl :p Shisch
#23 <Count> so let me get this right a chav is like a metrosexual, but poor and buys knock off clothing and listens to rap music and drinks Fosters beer? Liam7
#24 [16:49] <|Ashley|> It's just that... Everyone doesn't speak to me, even when I give them voice... They still ignore me... Shisch
#25 [17:57:34] <+Shisch|IFA> mine gets harder as it goes on as well [17:57:36] <+Shisch|IFA> wanna see? Aragonfire
#26 <+Shisch|IFA> kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky Aragonfire
#27 <Hinata2005> Liam7, wave emitter isnt better then wave launcher ? aragonfire
#28 [23:06:12] <PR|StoleYoshi> I'm a big bad emo Liam7
#29 <+SickMoFo> muslims wouldn't last two minutes in lnd Liam7
#30 <+guitarterryding> the cool ppl call them sand niggers Liam7
#31 <Tyler> so u guys can spread false rumors bout my piss stinging? Liam7
#32 Aragonfire: Look in the mirror Aragonfire: Who's that hawtie with long hair Aragonfire: Looks like a girl, but uses no makeup. Shisch: I have thought of doing it. Aragonfire: wtf? :| makeup?. Shisch: mhm aragonfire
#33 Shisch says: I'm into grannies! :P aragonfire
#34 <Shisch> I mean "I wanna anal rape you and take a dump on your chest, then rub it all over my hairy back, shave it and eat it up with my morning cereal" Liam7
#35 [22:24:14] <@Liam7> star trek owns aragonfire
#36 <Shisch> In the beginning there was nothing, then there was Jean-Luc Picard. Liam7
#37 [20:51:50] * +steven8904b sucks gg's cock [20:53:41] <+steven8904b> *slurp( [20:53:44] <+steven8904b> ********** aragonfire
#38 [20:02:16] <+minialan> i masturbated at school aragonfire
#39 [23:54:18] <@Liam7> i wish everyone [23:54:21] <@Liam7> was as hard as me aragonfire
#40 [15:05:13] <@Shisch> A life? Cool, where can I download it? :D aragonfire
#41 <@Shisch> I still feel dirty [20:59:28] <@Shisch> my hands feel dirty aragonfire
#42 To   M says: im the nigger playing footie. aragonfire
#43 To M says: mabye its becuase your into the sort of artist that dances naked under the moon covered in bat blood to apease fake prophets to get brownie points of a sadistic cult leader Shisch
#45 [21:25] <MasterSeph-AFK> I tried quoting something, but all I got was this lousy text. Shisch
#46 [22:06] <MasterSeph-afk> Pokemon [22:06] <MasterSeph-afk> GOTTA CATCH EM ALL :D [22:06] <TDFDK|> i have catched them all ;P [22:06] <Liam7> me 2 [22:06] <Liam7> 151 on red ! Shisch
#47 [22:47:16] * King314 has joined #OW_Revival [22:47:17] <Liam7> brb wee wee [22:47:19] * King314 has left #OW_Revival Shisch
#48 [13:59] * spudmonkey67 knows sumone who is cheap [13:59] * spudmonkey67 points at prs mum Shisch
#49 [21:51] <Liam7> spud [21:51] <Liam7> ive never saw a guy [21:51] <GG|5|6|7|8|> with a fanny [21:51] <steven|8904b> have u not? [21:51] <spudmonkey67> with clothes on Shisch
#50 <+Dikke|Shower> WoW adam <+Dikke|Shower> you took DC skills <+SickMoFo> we told everyone to dc for a week <+Dikke|Shower> so you wont hit me anymore? Liam7
#51 [14:35:48] <HowdyDoodyDude> alan, you are a moron. [14:36:04] <alan|sleepy> groove, i'm proud of it Shisch
#52 <+HanSolo> i have a blastoise doll in my room Charmander
#53 <+steven|8904b> wens ure bday <+athlonmonster11> 1st december <+steven|8904b> rofl <+steven|8904b> wot year dick <+steven|8904b> lol <+athlonmonster11> every year <+steven|8904b> omg.. Liam7
#54 [02:23:01] <Shisch> I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, nor have a driver's license. I'm not meant to have any friends :P Shisch
#55 <+ogre1> u guys probly r winnin Liam7
#56 <ninjwan> how do i unban Liam7
#57 [16:52:13] <Per> i have no idea [16:52:15] <Per> whats for dinner [16:52:18] <Shisch|IFA> dust from your lfoor [16:52:28] <Per> lfoor [16:52:30] <Per> I WANT LFOOR [16:52:31] <Per> NOW [16:52:34] <Per> LFOOR FTW [16:52:41] <Per> wtf [16:52:44] <Per> is lfoor? Shisch|IFA
#58 <+spudmonkey67> does rabaf the great drop the golden key ? <@Shisch> I can drop you a golden shower Liam7
#59 [19:09:24] <bschwizy27> i masturbated earlier while wearing my gfs sisters underwear [19:09:28] <bschwizy27> i think... Shisch
#60 Per says: i cant wait Per says: in 1 week ill have a dildo connected to my PC that vibrates everytime i get nudged Per says: so ima make people nudge me all day long Shisch|G1-2
#61 [22:42:42] <MaleFTW-> accept allie? [22:43:02] <Shisch> eat poop? [22:43:12] <MaleFTW-> for you, i would consider it... Shisch
#62 <+MasterSeph> blusion what is up my paki friend :D Liam7
#63 12:51:18] <@Per> anything over 10 is too much [12:51:23] <@Shisch> age-wise too? [12:51:25] <@Shisch> PEDOPHILE [12:51:36] <@Per> yeah shisch [12:51:38] <@Per> age wise [12:51:41] <@Per> thats why i do you [12:51:45] <@Shisch> ... damn aragonfire
#64 [00:49:52] <MasterSeph> O ME SO HORNY [00:50:07] <|-Per-|> ME BAN YOU LONG TIME Shisch
#65 [22:32:05] <|-Per-|> I lovers Poop Shisch
#66 [22:59:51] <MasterSeph-AFK> nah u cant quote that Shisch|IFA
#67 [23:07:15] <Shisch> I r scared :( [23:07:19] <|-Per-|> aww [23:07:19] <GG|HighLord> rofl [23:07:21] <UberTom> nub Shisch
#68 [23:57:47] * ^God has quit IRC (Quit) [23:58:03] * alfalfa has left #OW_Revival [23:58:21] * |-Per-| has quit IRC (Read error: Operation timed out) [23:58:30] * mm has quit IRC (Signed off) [23:59:22] * |Dildoface| has quit IRC (Ping timeout) [00:00:02] * mattk has left #OW_Revival Shisch
#69 [19:14:14] <UberLol> heh were doing aggy [19:14:22] <Liam7> hehe [19:14:28] <steven|8904b> lol [19:14:29] <|-Per-|Bed> hehe [19:14:31] <steven|8904b> haha [19:14:33] <UberLol> o.0 Shisch
#70 [01:25] <Jaryd2006> I just dont wear pants Shisch
#71 <@Shisch> hot asian girls > hot european girls Liam7
#72 [17:30:53] <|-Per-|Bed> everytime i swing my cock i make a critical cum :> [17:31:16] <MarvnT3hMartian> lol, and seph catches it [17:31:24] <MasterSeph-afk> ya in my mouth Shisch|IFA
#73 <Jaryd2006> Even if only one dropped <Jaryd2006> I thought we were friends <Jaryd2006> I guess not <Liam7> lmfao <Liam7> caus i took a god were not m8s <Liam7> lmao Liam7
#74 <Jaryd2006> You rock liam, Thank you for taking my only source of income, and make my last 24 hours of refreshing mean nothing, I appreciate it Liam7
#75 [23:09:09] <Jaryd2006> Fuck off dude, Thanks for making my last 24 hours mean nothing, and taking stuff from the little guy you dont need Shisch|IFA
#76 [20:54:06] <Liam7> i want another double exp day [20:54:09] <Liam7> ill get 4mil in one day [20:54:12] <Liam7> thts a promise lol Shisch
#77 <@Liam7> i was like <@Liam7> hey nemo <@Liam7> and he went <@Liam7> haerhoahrohaohreh Shisch
#78 [17:55:34] <Liam7> think i got aids or sumit Shisch
#79 [22:59:22] <UberTom> !add quote <+Tutankhamun|> I have no penis Shisch|IFA
#80 <@GG|HighLord> :( Liam7
#81 <+Count> !quote add <@GG|HighLord> I SUCK THE COCK <@GG|HighLord> its fucking awesome <@Liam7> so ima try do it by sunday <+diebuekill> on me? Liam7
#82 Tommmm says: so whats your name Shisch says: I just said Tommmm says: sorry lol Tommmm says: dcing Tommmm says: wcing Tommmm says: and talking Shisch|gnimaG
#83 [20:42:28] <spink2> I BOUGHT A FUCKIN CAT [20:44:25] <spink2> i just paid £2000 for mine Shisch
#84 [23:08:02] <FrankBro> your cute leo junior :) Shisch
#85 [11:48:19] <@UberTom> my dads a rare arse aragonfire
#86 [17:56:47] <Loster> shisch has 2 wonderful inches [17:57:14] <Shisch|IFA> too bad they're inwards Shisch|IFA
#87 <+UberLol> !add quote <@aragonfire> you know, trusteeing someone is like putting your penis in someones ass O.o Liam7
#88 [20:37:09] <|-Per-|> shit shisch [20:37:11] <|-Per-|> i think some dick aragonfire
#89 <[Torak]> fabar is a newb crew aragonfire
#90 [21:49:49] * @aragonfire rapes Count [21:50:13] * @aragonfire licks |-Per-| [21:50:24] * +|-Per-| cums [21:50:25] * +Count watched [21:50:35] * +Count liked what he saw aragonfire
#91 [20:58:14] * aragonfire changes topic to 'Aragon likes girls, HES FREAKY. <- Per is jealous just because I've had multiple girls and he has only cyber with his boys (Shisch and Aragon)' [20:58:37] <@|-Per-|> am not [20:58:37] <@|-Per-|> :( [20:58:49] <@|-Per-|> ive had [20:58:53] <@|-Per-|> my dildo [20:59:24] <@aragonfire> :| [20:59:37] <@|-Per-|> its true [20:59:47] <@|-Per-|> it loved me [20:59:47] <@|-Per-|> ! aragonfire
#92 Per says: men... men... men... Per says: I LIKE MEN!!!!!!!! aragonfire
#93 [18:02:35] * alan|legend has quit IRC (Ping timeout) [18:02:46] <|-Per-|> ^sat on his router Shisch|gnimaG
#94 [13:24:55] <@UberLol> my garage is full of shit [13:24:56] <@UberLol> ask gg [13:25:52] <@aragonfire> why should I ask gg? -- [13:25:58] <@|-Per-|> gg shat in ur garage? [13:25:58] <@|-Per-|> :X [13:26:19] <@UberLol> nah gg has seen my garage o.0 [13:26:27] <@aragonfire> ooo [13:26:34] <@aragonfire> So you two are like, real life fuck buddies? [13:26:48] <@UberLol> yeah [13:27:28] <@aragonfire> oh nice aragonfire
#95 [17:54:18] <+Phobia|ih8u> when i dream i see penis aragonfire|emo
#96 [18:48:12] <+aragonfire|emo> Cascada ftw!!!! [18:48:35] <+SickMoFo> everytime we kiss, i swear i can fly? [18:48:46] <+Reakt|> Can't you feel my heart beat fast? [18:49:03] <+SickMoFo> i want this to last aragonfire|emo
#97 <aragonfire> So I was talking with Per on MSN, then my little sister comes and looks at the blinking icon "Per" it stands. She shouts out "Pedo-Per". Told Per that and he said "wtffffff" "how did she know I like small boys :(" aragonfire|emo
#98 [01:09:02] <@Phailia> what's it called when it gets really hard [01:09:27] <@Phailia> such an open question :o [01:09:48] <@aragonfire> erection? :p [01:12:55] <@Phailia> no [01:12:58] <@Phailia> you sick fuck [01:14:27] <@Phailia> do i look big in these jeans? [01:15:37] * @Phailia slaps aragonfire around a bit with a large trout [01:15:39] * Quits: @Phailia ([email protected]) (Signed off aragonfire
#99 [11:47:14] * +Nitromast eats per [11:47:23] * @|-Per-|| is too fat to be eaten [11:47:32] * +Nitromast got a big mouth [11:47:40] * @|-Per-|| is still too fat [11:47:51] * +Nitromast eats all but the fat [11:48:10] * @|-Per-|| is pure fat [11:48:32] * +Nitromast signs per in for a health cure aragonfire
#100 [20:39:15] <+Desooo> if i drove to mancester and sucked ur shlong could i have it [20:39:27] <+Desooo> be there in like 5hrs>? [20:39:31] <@Liam7> erm [20:39:33] <@Liam7> ill give u 1k [20:39:35] <@Liam7> if u do tht [20:39:39] <@Liam7> if u let me put it in ya shitter [20:39:42] <@Liam7> ill give u quiv lf [20:39:42] <+Desooo> ur so cheap aragonfire
#101 14:26:25] <+mattk> is marvn ever here :\ 14:26:28] <+anthonyp> no [14:26:30] <+anthonyp> not rly [14:26:37] <+anthonyp> maybe once a decade [14:27:14] <+MarvnT3hMartian> im always here [14:27:17] <@aragonfire> LMAO aragonfire
#102 [22:54:34] <Nilliciouz> you guys have to realise [22:54:37] <spink> sns is made up of failures that cudnt hack real crews + wish n dean xD Shisch
#103 <+|-Per-|> england ftl? <+spudmonkey67> fuck u per <+spudmonkey67> before i slap ur lil paper eating window lickin colour by number ass into nxt week Liam7
#104 [15:49] <Desooo> i like eating my own excrement and stuff Liam7
#106 <Tichem> im gonna do the craziest thing ever this afternoon:P <aragonfire> and that is? :p <Tichem> smoke a joint with my mom xD <aragonfire> ... <aragonfire> loool <Tichem> she wanted to know how it feels <Tichem> so i brought home some amsterdam weed:p <aragonfire> lmfao <aragonfire> seriously? [12:56:02] <Tichem> yeah im not kiddin:p aragonfire
#107 [19:26:45] <Scarface|> who wnats to see a pic of alans mom with her les gf? [19:26:50] <GodCompleX> it's quite satisfying Shisch|IFA
#108 <@GG|HighLord> aragon <@GG|HighLord> u got vault perms <@aragonfire> yah <@GG|HighLord> cause ill wack a +1 circumspect in the vault for scarface <@aragonfire> okok <+Scarface|> thanks GG <@steven|8904b> awww :p <+Scarface|> well i guess i owe him * +Scarface| gets on his knees <+Scarface|> lets just get this over with.. aragonfire
#109 [00:57:47] <+ogre1|shower> u r gay with me 00:57:50] <+ogre1|shower> so that makes it ok [00:58:08] <@GhettoSlut> i watch gay porn and swear ive seen the name ogre there [00:58:21] <@GhettoSlut> just figured only one ogre aragonfire
#110 [17:39:12] <|-Per-|> ANYONE can out dc typpo [17:39:13] <|-Per-|> really [17:39:18] <|-Per-|> maybe not gg [17:39:20] <|-Per-|> but thats him [17:39:22] <|-Per-|> :x aragonfire
#111 [12:14:28] <+aragonfire> rofl [12:14:38] <+aragonfire> I got a captcha where I had to write: cumming o_O [12:14:48] <+aragonfire> damn should've taken screenshot -.- aragonfire
#112 [14:48:20] * DigitalJedii gives aragonfire a Super Tight Really Super Erotic Groping, Fondling, Earth Shattering, Sonic Boom, Oh Gawd!! If You Stop I'll Kill You!! Oh yes touch me there, Super Huge Oh Gawd Don't Ya Dare Stop Touching Me!! Huggeroonies And A Knees Are Shaking....Earth Is Trembling, My Heart Has Stopped Beating....Knees Shaking...Lots A Goosebumps, Was That The Ground Moving¿?¿ Passionate Wet Lingering kiss! aragonfire
#113 [18:59:10] <@Innocence> what... the... fuck... [18:59:33] <@Innocence> he cant find one fucking evil stone... btu he can find fucking 16 DARK ESSENCES?!?!?! [18:59:39] <+aragonfire> LMFAO aragonfire
#114 [20:08:29] * Joins: Liam7 ([email protected]) [20:08:38] <+LiamsRentBoy> liam [20:08:41] <+LiamsRentBoy> will [20:08:41] <+LiamsRentBoy> you [20:08:43] <+LiamsRentBoy> sleep [20:08:46] <+LiamsRentBoy> with [20:08:47] <+LiamsRentBoy> me? [20:09:10] <+LiamsRentBoy> i wanna feel some hardcore manchester cock up my arse right now [20:10:55] * Quits: @Liam7 ([email protected]) (Read error: EOF from client) aragonfire
#115 [19:55:58] <+phanton> Regulators69 10/26/2008 12:38pm Loss free pts! [Crew Hit] [19:56:00] <+phanton> funny^ aragonfire
#116 [21:26:14] <+Scarface|> im gonna go masterbate brb [21:26:21] <+Scarface|> alright done [21:26:26] <@GG|HighLord> lmao [21:26:27] <@aragonfire> LOL aragonfire
#117 [23:15:27] <+DigitalJedii> im tell you you dicsh [23:15:34] <+Shisch> dicsh [23:15:37] <+Shisch> stop speaking arab with me aragonfire
#118 [21:29:28] <+MasterSeph> anal rape = burn [21:29:37] <+MasterSeph> ass burns when its all over [21:29:40] <+Tichem> not if youre used to it [21:29:40] <+MasterSeph> i no [21:29:45] <+MasterSeph> :O aragonfire
#119 [22:42:40] <+Homophobic> Gay people may me throw up aragonfire
#120 [01:48:11] <+steven|8904b> the account was left to anti - caps wife [01:48:43] <+Scarface|> is cap a guy or girl aragonfire
#121 [17:13:08] <+Nitromast> Any tip how to get rid of those red dots that come when u shave the dick? aragonfire
#122 [13:01:55] <|-Per-|> you dont do ur sis if you see her [13:01:59] <|-Per-|> do you? [13:02:51] <GG|HighLord> no [13:02:59] <GG|HighLord> but only cuz i dnt have 1 Shisch
#123 [15:24:02] <+Tichem> the only AA i use [15:24:04] <+Tichem> anal assault aragonfire
#124 [21:22:42] <+Shisch> alan|Phobia [21:22:44] <+Shisch> smell my armpit aragonfire
#126 <+spudmonkey67> lmfao <+spudmonkey67> liam <+spudmonkey67> bash ya slong out <+spudmonkey67> i wanna see the widger TeddyPain
#127 <+Deso|BBL> TeddyPain
#128 <@TeddyPain> i cudnt get a hard on <@TeddyPain> even if i tried <@TeddyPain> reli hard TeddyPain
#129 [23:23:30] <Hatchet> and while your running your mouth about me cheating, you might want to keep in mind that if i were using a dc'er i would be lvl 70 by now Shisch
#130 [01:16:05] <@aragonfire> TeddyPain, you're a legend at doing blowjobs >.< [01:16:11] <@TeddyPain> i am aragonfire
#131 [01:45:56] <Shisch> it's tight [01:48:07] <alan|phobia> so was I [01:48:12] <alan|phobia> until I met Liam Shisch
#132 [02:24:05] <alan|phobia> shisch [02:24:05] <alan|phobia> Shisch
#133 [21:38:49] <@|-Per-|AFK> i suck a drum up my ass aragonfire
#134 [01:01:11] <@Shisch> you'd just go to Japan for their used panties vending machines [01:01:12] <@spudmonkey67> yes aragonfire
#135 [15:45:49] <GG|HighLord> im lovin the growth [15:45:58] <Shisch> I love the growth inside your pants Shisch
#137 [01:08:35] <Scarface|Meh> you cant just someone a child into mordor [01:55:19] <Scarface|Meh> one cant simply..cock knock into mordor Shisch
#138 [20:10:52] <SickMoFo> 10k is a raping in these days Shisch
#139 [23:01:00] <GG|HighLord> u couldnt war [23:01:06] <GG|HighLord> a fish [23:01:13] <GG|HighLord> if it swam at you Shisch
#140 [23:31:33] <TeddyPain> told u im smark Shisch
#141 RampidMark: - The Weapon of Mass Destruction achievement is now working as the achievement describes. Sorry to all those who were experiencing issues with this! Shisch
#142 [13:21:24] <@Shisch> I dreamt I had 2cm long nipples aragonfire
#143 [01:04:14] <+Tichem> i dont even know where the usa is -_- aragonfire
#144 <@GG|HighLord> have a mince pie <@Shisch> I've never had any exotic meat, GG|HighLord TeddyPain
#145 [20:42:31] <+Gwydion> painfulkris 11/26/2008 2:38pm Loss welcome to hitlist ****sucker [Crew Hit] [20:42:37] <+Gwydion> real good first impression aragonfire
#146 [19:03:04] <aragonfire> Happy Thanksvirgin! [19:03:08] * aragonfire hugs Shisch and offers him cake! Shisch
#147 [18:01:49] <@Shisch|> there went her top :P [18:02:03] <@dfgh> ^there went his pants [18:02:07] <@aragonfire> ^there went his cum aragonfire
#148 <+Desooo> nah i phail at sex TeddyPain
#149 <@Shisch> she showed me her boobs the first time I spied on her TeddyPain
#150 187KILLAMAN | 1:54pm Dec 9, 2008 Selling Equipped cheap msg me to disguise prices Shisch
#151 [00:43:57] <primus1274> if they really wanted to stop typpos [00:44:15] <primus1274> you find a way to get in contact with him pay him like $5,000 and he closes it forever [00:44:33] <Lufia_Maxim> If I had $5000, I would def do it Shisch
#152 [12:53:49] <@TeddyPain> ima dc to level 69 [12:53:51] <@TeddyPain> caus 69 [12:53:53] <@TeddyPain> is mint [12:53:56] <+mattk> ^ needs a brian not food [12:54:03] <@TeddyPain> brian [12:54:03] <@aragonfire> brian? :P [12:54:11] <@TeddyPain> owned ya self [12:54:23] <@TeddyPain> u mean brain dont u [12:54:24] <@TeddyPain> lol [12:54:31] <@aragonfire> lmfao [12:54:32] <+mattk> -.- aragonfire
#153 [19:25:19] <DragonSpirit> my comp blows rite now [19:25:31] <KingSeph-FO3> wht kind of air [19:25:32] <KingSeph-FO3> O.o Shisch
#154 <+spink> i <3 that fat lil chav niggar TeddyPain
#155 RampidMark: The stats on the individual Sovereign items will not change. No current items will ever receive a nerf and as a result of this misfortune, we've taken measures to make sure this never happens again. Shisch
#156 [19:25:16] * TeddyPain was kicked by DroolingShisch (dnt insult gingers :() aragonfire
#157 [00:02:38] <+Lufia_Maxim> IRC is like a heartbeat to me [00:02:40] <+Lufia_Maxim> ow is like breathing [00:02:52] <+Lufia_Maxim> When I disconnect, I die slowly aragonfire
#158 "Someone who makes brief physical contact with a stranger on the street claims to get a chill, then declares that his penis is shrinking." Shisch
#159 <+Exelero> have u restarted firefox? <@GG|HighLord> im not stupid <@GG|HighLord> u prick TeddyPain
#160 [01:06:43] <+spink2> i fucked a girl yesterday [01:06:49] <+spink2> well not just a girl [01:06:51] <+spink2> the one i love [01:06:53] <+spink2> but [01:06:52] <@aragonfire> but a boy too [01:07:01] <+spink2> yep aragonfire
#161 [15:47:13] <TeddyPain> eeb [15:47:17] <TeddyPain> is fuckin angin [15:47:18] <TeddyPain> horrible [15:47:22] <TeddyPain> dirty [15:47:24] <TeddyPain> bitch [15:47:31] <TeddyPain> id shit on her if i was a pigeon Shisch
#162 [21:21:20] <@Shisch> omg [21:21:21] <@Shisch> I'm a guy :D aragonfire
#163 [17:14:31] <TehTard> In 1894, a cat named Tibbles killed all the wrens on Stephens Island, New Zealand. [17:14:31] <TehTard> Unfortunately, they were the last of their species, Xenicus lyalli. [17:14:32] <TehTard> That makes Tibbles the only individual in recorded history to wipe out an entire species singlehanded. Shisch
#164 <+MaxwellMurder> please be nice to me? TeddyPain
#165 <@GG|HighLord> fuck off swell head TeddyPain
#166 <+spudmonkey67> oi ima have go in a min <+spudmonkey67> cus like <+spudmonkey67> i gotta make mah gf some tea TeddyPain
#168 <@GG|HighLord> but seriously <@GG|HighLord> u make areoplane noises <@GG|HighLord> and she will put it in her mouth <+Robyhud> spit swallow gargle ? TeddyPain
#169 <scalpy> i live in alberta, we got the fucking oil bitches <kidd13> i live in ontario we got chicks with teeth TeddyPain
#170 <@Shisch> Tard|porns girlfriend has a penis <+Tard|porn> so aragonfire
#171 <+PinkFlamingo> good with your mouth, as in sucking the dick? <+Tard|porn> i used to be a fatty so i loved food so i doubt i have a very bad gag reflex TeddyPain
#172 [19:18:13] <+Spink> im a paki! aragonfire
#173 [21:17:08] <Jincredible> kylie is a humongous tease [21:17:31] <Shisch> literally humongous [21:17:31] <GG|Cod4> kylie is humungous* [21:17:35] <Shisch> ^ [21:17:35] <GG|Cod4> ^ Shisch
#174 Sheep fucker: Shisch
#175 [07:26:39] <`SmokingGun> if u think someone is being racist, ur at fault also since ur targeting 1 group of people tryin to prevent them of their rights Shisch
#176 [00:23:04] * aragonfire shapeshifts into a unicorn [00:23:12] <aragonfire> hump me, mihaa Shisch
#177 [21:46:01] <steven|8904b> but i aint talking to u again.. until i see u ask her Shisch
#178 [20:36:06] <+alan|Phobia> Shisch|IFA [20:36:09] <+alan|Phobia> let's hug [20:36:13] <+alan|Phobia> and slow dance [20:36:15] <@Shisch|IFA> alan|Phobia [20:36:18] <@Shisch|IFA> let's puke in eachothers mouths [20:36:27] <+alan|Phobia> wow [20:36:28] <+alan|Phobia> omfg [20:36:29] <+alan|Phobia> that's it [20:36:33] <+alan|Phobia> I cannot beat it [20:36:36] <+alan|Phobia> where the fuck do you live Shisch|IFA
#179 <+spink2> virgin = pakis <@Shisch|IFA> <- paki TeddyPain
#180 [20:51:48] <aragonfire> no more fucking girls in my room Shisch
#181 <+Scarface|> if you are on bottom spink2. then she cant get preganant <+Scarface|> its gravity TeddyPain
#182 [23:19:44] <`SmokingGun|BED> shisch is a smart person Shisch
#183 (Wednesday, February 04, 2009) - "It's like the greatest episode of House ever." Blusion
#184 [20:56:42] <+alan|Phobia> Shisch can I call you emofred aragonfire
#185 [19:27:25] <+Tichem> are you guys playing my little pony 3 ? aragonfire
#186 <+Mickyboy> me like, tight pussy <+Mickyboy> fits my small cock aragonfire
#187 <+Scarface|Hawt> i is inbred <+Scarface|Hawt> true^ <+Scarface|Hawt> i had sex with my dad aragonfire
#188 <@Shisch> and OW <@Shisch> cause I cheat there TeddyPain
#189 [00:54:41] <Tichem> im usually pretty hot, but not in the way my head feels like a lamb :o Shisch
#190 [01:40:59] <jcs|here> no life gay boy Shisch
#191 <+NinjaSeph-FOOD> i fell into a burning ring of fire <+NinjaSeph-FOOD> and <+NinjaSeph-FOOD> went <+NinjaSeph-FOOD> down <+NinjaSeph-FOOD> down <+NinjaSeph-FOOD> down <@Teddypain> and the flames <@Teddypain> went higher Shisch
#192 [04:31:40] <CheezPuffs> lol i htought he was gonna beat you [04:32:05] <CheezPuffs> then i was like [04:32:13] <CheezPuffs> its shisch that nigga dont lose Shisch
#193 [18:44:21] <damxitzxtom> and i dont cast ss unless it pvp day Shisch
#194 <Gizmo311> hey liam <Gizmo311> if you don't mind I like to know my crew leaders a lil more personally whats ur first name? <Teddypain> 2 guesses Teddypain
#195 <Gizmo311> hey liam <Gizmo311> if you don't mind I like to know my crew leaders a lil more personally whats ur first name? <Teddypain> 2 guesses <Gizmo311> ted Teddypain
#196 <@Teddypain> id rather give a fat man a blow job Teddypain
#197 [22:46:08] <+HolySmokes> gay people rank out of 20 [22:48:20] <+aragonfire> oh [22:48:22] <+aragonfire> so you rank out of 20.. [22:48:57] <+ChronicGniggaa> hey smokes not gay he just like anal [22:48:59] <+ChronicGniggaa> :x [22:49:05] <+ChronicGniggaa> oops i told em smokes [22:50:08] <+HolySmokes> man thats mest up, i never told anyone you like giving head but you tell i like anal aragonfire
#198 [19:40:22] <+alfalfa> if thats the case pak why is their trophy cabinet shitting all over oc's [19:40:37] <+TheUn`nap> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [19:40:38] <+Pak\EmpG1> maybe because cn has been around since round 4?[19:40:39] <+alfalfa> just shut up b4 you drown in your own diorreah TeddyPain
#199 <+Aretard|sad> i wanbna wank in a cup and throw it at pak TeddyPain
#200 @TeddyPain quote #200 i win ! TeddyPain
#201 [19:18:03] <@`OakIsNubz> go watch footgay [19:18:06] <@`OakIsNubz> and hurry back [19:18:10] <+alfalfa> its not started yet [19:18:16] <+alfalfa> itv1 btw [19:18:23] <@`OakIsNubz> fuck u [19:18:26] <@`OakIsNubz> im not watching it [19:18:28] <@`OakIsNubz> its for fags [19:18:32] <@`OakIsNubz> ill stick with eastenders [19:18:33] <@`OakIsNubz> =/ TeddyPain
#202 tom green.. highlordimhard.. TeddyPain
#203 <@TeddyPain> fail lol <+{O_O}> ya i rem these quotes like it was yesterday :( TeddyPain
#204 <{O_O}> come back to rev niger O_O <{O_O}> we need you like niggers need kool aid TeddyPain
#205 CarminT: im not in any quotes [ 21:48 ] TeddyPain____
#206 CarminT: im not in any quotes [ 21:48 ] 21:50 CarminT: yall dont love me [ 21:48 ] TeddyPain____
#207 <@{O_O}> liam u like dragons ? <@TeddyPain> yea <@{O_O}> ima be dragon htese nutz across ur face <@{O_O}> =] <@{O_O}> use tht @ ur job <@{O_O}> ppl will love u <@{O_O}> =] <@TeddyPain> lmfao TeddyPain
#208 <@TeddyPain> was shisch still socially awkrawd <@Loster> mate <@Loster> were a buncha retards playing a text based game from 2001 <@Loster> were all socially awkward <@Loster> :P <@TeddyPain> i still have a life outside of this world <@TeddyPain> its just not as good TeddyPain
#209 loster singing TeddyPain
#210 loster singing TeddyPain
#211 loster singing TeddyPain

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