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  Channel Information
Channel information for #neab on QuakeNet
Channel: #neab (Chat Now!)
Bot: |BrainLess|
Joined: 2009-10-15 21:32
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 44

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Channel settings:
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-flood -greet -google -hidelogs
-image +infobot -massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo +restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
-userbans -urltitle -vote +weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
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Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Not activated
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Anti flood: Not activated
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neabVeNoM Owner 2017-08-25 02:40
starshine2 Friend 2018-01-04 13:59
ocin Friend 2018-02-23 08:09
exixt Friend 2016-03-28 00:45
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ID Quote Added by
#2 [15/10/09][21:51:27] <+amir> i may look like a gangster but the inner amir is a litle girl doing ballet Po0dle
#3 <Venom> We'll do it live, goddamnit! Po0dle
#4 Fuck you Chelios!!! Po0dle
#6 Even a broken clock is right twice a day Po0dle2
#7 {@Ponch-Laptop} colon capital d An7hrax
#8 «03:11» {@Ponch-Laptop} !quote add Ponch is a fascist ass An7hrax
#9 Fuck you msv! Po0dle
#10 20:03 @TTimo • night`: no amount of money will help you become a pro kapa-
#11 A monkey doesn't need pills to get revved up for hot, monkey sex! Po0dle
#12 The spider must die and we shall do it. VeNoM[neab]
#13 Quote #12 doesn't make any sense. Po0dle
#14 [16:30:27] <^ThundeR_> wheres an7? [16:30:32] <+Cyrox> He's looking for work Po0dle
#15 <@TTimo> anyone know the little fucks at SK gaming here kapa-
#16 <An7hrax> rofl am i qouted? :D kapa-
#17 We are all going through hell, its burn or keep on walking. VeNoM[neab]
#18 <Twig> I just had an argument with a girl I know. She was saying how it's unfair that if a guy fucks a different girl every week, he's a legend, but if a girl fucks just two guys in a year, she's a slut. So in response I told her that if a key opens lots of locks, then it's a master key. But if a lock is opened by lots of keys, then it's a shitty lock. That shut her up. An7hrax2
#19 <@Ponch[neab]> if a sheep drives a car in the woods, does anyone hear it Po0dle
#21 [20:38] <@catdick[neab]> Lars is my hero kapa-
#23 "Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; Strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts" -Og Mandino VeNoM[neab]
#24 “Righteous indignation: your own wrath as opposed to the shocking bad temper of others” VeNoM[neab]
#25 VeNoM[neab] • you gonna die clown PonchoVilla
#26 ToiletBomber • lots of tranny in Philippines PonchoVilla
#27 <+^ThundeR_> i once saw penis. Po0dle
#28 @Dealer • » catdick[neab] started an ANAGRAM-GAME! Use .ag <answer> (without <>). For 3'750$ : T W A T S (60s timeout) catdick[neab]
#29 +^ThundeR_ • yeah, they hate me cause i'm so fucking superskilled ninjapandabear and they cant do anything else than harass my mailbox Ponch[neab]
#30 +exixT[neab] • I'M IN CHARGE OF MALAYSIA Ponch[neab]
#31 (18:04:35) (@Ponch[neab]) see, I feel Quake gives me life skills (18:04:40) (@Ponch[neab]) like timing on the microwave ^ThundeR_
#32 @VeNoM[neab] • date rape ftw! Ponch[neabz]
#33 15:58 Moggy • Aww, Ponch[neab], don't cry. Ponch[neab]
#34 @Po0dle • What's a jage filter? Ponch[neab]
#35 @AdamoA • How u like bass? like bass bum bum bumbumbum bum bum Ponch[neab]
#36 <@Ponch[neab]> I'm feeling like a frisbee Po0dle
#37 @kapa- • Al Bundy made 4 touchdowns in 1 match Ponch[neab]
#39 @Po0dle2 • Maybe cause you're a fucking morn Poncheese
#40 +O111 • neab be rollin' while others be hatin' Pancho[neab]
#41 @Ponchguyver • you can't bomb a rainbow GLAzed[NEab] Ponchguyver
#42 @An7hrax • Bullet owel Ponch[neab]
#44 <@PonchBoner> nothin wrong with a couple dicks slappin you in the face VeNoM[neab]
#45 O111-- I'll go touch myself in the shower, maybe I'll come out a bit cleaner than I go in too -> VeNoM[neab]
#46 (17:25:56) (@An7hrax) You make (17:25:58) (@An7hrax) 0 sens (17:26:05) (@An7hrax) sex is for losers that dont have wow! ^ThundeR_
#47 i don't like these netheroes Ponch[neab]
#48 23:49 buurmanhenk : does anyone remember my ql password An7hrax
#49 43. You should always host neab brothers n hoes before other people. Ponch[neabtop]
#50 Po0dle2> It's easier to keep up then it is to catch up VeNoM[neab]
#51 you can't spell Venom without nom Ponch[neab]
#52 Ponch[neab] • I kind of like 12 cause it's divisible by 4 numbers besides itself that result in whole numbers An7hrax
#53 +tOiLeTbOmBeR • Whats the phone number to call 911? kapa-
#54 4K: where is quad? Ponch[neab]
#55 I couldn't find a quote with that ID, it has probably been deleted. Ponch[neab]
#56 +Funkle • dm6 and love is all you need Ponch[neab]
#57 @X-uZ • but it sucks to suck Ponch[neab]
#58 I am ashamed your penis enters me Ponch[neabz]
#59 +Iron_chef neabs don't let other neabs listen to n'sync Ponch[neabz]
#61 @kapa- • my clan leader is an alchy Ponch[neab]
#62 16:07 @kapa- • it'll be here soon 16:07 @Ponch[neab] • like the jesus 16:07 • viRus|jesus has joined #neab Ponch[neab]
#63 @VeNoM • jerk off and nut on a hot chicks face BuffaloPrincess
#64 +nico : a lap dance is so much better when the stripper is crying An7hrax
#65 +Iron_chef • sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes ya dont TrollyMcTroll
#66 A major problem for Black women, and all people of color, when we are challenged to oppose anti-Semitism, is our profound scepticism that white people can actually be oppressed. Ponch[neab]
#67 penis burns next day after oral sex?,5,93,benefits,20 ... Ponch[neab]
#68 we are neab, get the fahk off the monkey bars Ponch[neab]
#69 +B1er • you can fuck your world beautiful. Ponch[neab]
#70 buurmanhenk • my anus is used to a beating Ponch[neab]
#71 Even I could do a batter job nickname16
#72 Brevity is the soul of wit Po0dle
#73 dm6 [neab]Ponch
#74 +O111 • everyone has to face their void someday, draven is brave enough to do it all the time kapa-
#76 Ponch[neab]> I hate girls Po0dle
#77 <@Ponch[neab]> TEENS ARE TIGHT Ponch[neab]
#78 15:23 @SyncError|out • New maps will come. kapa-
#79 20:24 +\u03b5 • we need a damn helicopter in dm6 mid ffs kapa-
#80 have your cake, and eat it too Ponch[neab]
#81 [22:53:43] <+Skell> eat pie or die, then shit or die, then play quakelive or die, then neab you join or die! Po0dle2
#82 hey, fucko, we like to call it "interspecies erotica" Ponch[neab]
#83 +Skell • the neab is a power that everyone has, but just haven't learned to control yet Ponch[neab]
#84 @Annwfyn • neab is a virtual reality construct Ponch[neab]
#85 @kapa- • why do you people think i'm mad when i'm not positive? Ponch[neab]
#86 "where are you from? Hungary. are you hungry?" Ponch[neab]
#87 kapa-
#88 @ToiletBomber • You are now distracted by this message. Ponch[neab]
#89 djwheat: one plasmaball to rule them all kapa-
#90 <@[neab]Ponch> "the lava is kicking ass today" Po0dle
#91 @kapa- • i'll turn your hand into your ass in duel then [neab]Ponch
#93 JaePonchDong> my junk stopped working VeNoM[neab]
#94 @O111 • people keeps throwing themselves at it but lava always triumphs PonchigoAmigo
#95 @O111 • "is that a ak47 knife in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" Ponch[neabz]
#96 @VeNoM[neab] • then while i am drunk i like to let little kids hold it and swing it around, maybe telling them to stick their parents Ponch[neabz]
#97 2GD: "We're gonna have to switch over from rapha av3k to WoW" Pwnch[neab]
#98 +Liqu1D133 • Umm what's av3k? Ponch[neab]
#99 av3k: Too bad they're not aware of the fact, that if they would come to where I live in Poland, the kids from primary school nr. 4 wouldn't let them leave the street with their shoes and cellphones kapa|ESL-spec
#100 kapa-
#101 what are you a gay fish Ponch[neab]
#102 Vato` • unless you're high drinking whine and searching for another bottle in the meanwhile kapa|here
#103 +Liqu1D133 • Awesome awesome is awesome. kapa-
#104 @ToiletBomber> I drink your milkshake VeNoM[neab]
#105 20:59 theonewhowins • i can only hit noobs and occasionaly pros Ponchoz
#106 <@O111> never fear, your favorite string of numbers is here Po0dle
#107 @O111 • PENIS HARDEN Ponch[neab]
#108 @Ponch[neab] • I wanna suck your cock buurmanhenk kapa2-
#109 neab is like Wheel of Fortune, you may not watch every night, but it's comforting to know it's there Ponch[neab]
#110 Now feel my route 66 K-Mart boots! Ponch[neab]
#111 buurmanhenk> i feel like sucking some VeNoM|iCTF
#112 JingleBallz: Shenanigans [neab]Ponch
#113 @Po0dle2 • I noticed it cause there was literally hundreds of poops [neab]Ponch
#114 @buurmanhenk • especially if the hot chick has the iq of a segway Ponch[neab]
#115 @Po0dle • I'm at a restaurant ordering, I ask: "Could I have a coke please?". The waiter answers "Is pepsi ok?" to what I reply: "Is it ok if I pay with monopoly money?" Ponch[neab]
#116 @Chaostos • damn ..Im 100 % sure there will be no quotes from me Ponch[neab]
#117 @Aprilsdarkrose • I would porb have to put extra garlic to clean out all the homo left in the ponchops kapa-
#119 @kapa- • we can play together! and suck together! Ponch[neab]
#120 @ToiletBomber • neab: fuck your toilet Ponch[neab]
#121 +benne^ • Does anyone else play Barbies Horse Adventure? kapa-
#122 @GLAzed[NEab] • It's always green! [neab]Ponch
#123 <@GLAzed[NEab]> It's never green! GLAzed[NEab]
#125 @[neab]Ponch> I still haven't gotten laid VeNoM[neab]
#126 <@[neab]Ponch> when will women learn if you cook for us we'll put a ring on your finger GLAzed[NEab]
#127 Can't join #quakelive: banned GLAzed[NEab]
#128 <EmSixTeen> just discovered a guy i play all thetime with, is 13 GLAzed[NEab]
#129 @GLAzed[NEab] • "The person working the drive-thru said, "Wait...did you just ask for a McGangbang?" I replied, "Yes...yes I did."The guy says, "That's a double cheeseburger with a McChicken in between, right?" [neab]Ponch
#130 JaX_: How 2 flex penis? GLAzed|iTDM
#131 @Po0dle2 • my whole fist in 2 girls Ponch[neab]
#132 (+^ThundeR_) !define kumi no kama (@AjayBhatt) Definition:the act of sticking two penises in one(s) mouth (male) and also sticking two penises in one(s) asshole (male) while aslo rubbing baby-lotion and feces all over one(s) face (male), upper body, and toes. ^ThundeR_
#133 @GLAzed|iCTF • YELLOW = NOT GREEN Ponch[neab]
#134 [neab]Ponchiez • I'll cry with my dick hanging out HEREITISPOODLE
#135 <@GLAzed[NEab]> RED = NOT GREEN GLAzed[NEab]
#136 <bman> how can you have 1038 friends on facebook and not be getting any [neab]Ponch
#137 <@An7hrax> you racist! computer is servers as well! GLAzed[NEab]
#138 [15:53] <@Ponch[neab]> homo [15:53] <@O111> definitely VeNoM[neab]
#139 (This quote intentionally left blank) GLAzed[NEab]
#140 <@VeNoM[neab]> Ponch[neab] You're fucking Ghey! GLAzed[NEab]
#141 <@O111> GIRLS CAN FUCK OFF VeNoM[neab]
#142 @Iron_Chef • “Kids, you tried your best, and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.” Ponch[neab]
#143 <@VeNoM[neab]> I punt kittens for fun, those little shits. Acting all cute, the fur stuck on my boot after the punt is cute. VeNoM[neab]
#144 <@glAzed[nEab]> Ponch[neab] sucks glAzed[nEab]
#145 <@Ponch[neab]> .wire red glAzed|CA
#146 @NUMBER0111 • what was that other peniscommand NUMBER345097
#147 QCON 2011: FACE THE PAIN, IN THE FACE [neab]Ponch
#148 | :841# etouQ [neab]Ponch
#149 +Cyrox^ • Finnish is like putting a squirrel on crack in your mouth, put a pipe in your mouth, close it around the pipe and make the squirrel speak for you TurdFerguson
#150 "I love a good game of Scrabble and would relish the opportunity to socialize with other lesbians." Ponch[neab]
#151 @VeNoM[neab] • if i could do Mt. Bacon and more than once i think i am god Ponch[neab]
#152 @bman`> ARE YOU GAY FOR BMAN VeNoM[neab]
#153 <@kapa-> that was the first sentence I couldn't find any sense today GLAzed|FXURCOUC
#154 +MateFeedKill • something you can whip out when people least expect it Ponch|neab
#155 @Ponch|neab • I wanna bang a hairless asian kapa-
#156 <+tayza[neab]> Incest: For when your sister looks Uber hot in that skirt!!! XP [neab]Ponch
#157 @An7hrax • so if i sleep more ill look like brad pit kapa-
#159 <+tayza[neab]> i love vagina XD GLAzed[neab]
#160 <+tayza[neab]> it used to be so cool to make rainbows, but now if i make one i eat mangina WTF!!! GLAzed[neab]
#161 that's what she said Ponch|neabola
#162 <@ToiletBomber> explore my ass VeNoM[neab]
#163 <@VeNoM[neab]> I HATE TWILIGHT! GLAzed[neab]
#164 <@bman> i do not understand tyour cryptyc ... bullshit! GLAzed[neab]
#165 @GLAzed[neab] • I mean, It's kinda gay, but I don't have to swallow Ponch|neabola
#166 @GLAzed[neab] • FUN! HAVE IT! Ponch|neabola
#167 your mom goes to college Ponch[neab]
#168 @val1um • omfg, I almost typed "#stermsex" instead of "#stermy" [neab]Ponch
#169 @^Dealer^ • [neab]Ponch: pi = 0 [neab]Ponch
#170 [id]Bargle: Looks like we're neab deep in it Ponch[neab]
#171 Ponch|NEABZ
#172 <@Ponch[neab]> I need some dm18 ... or my life isn't complete GLAzed[neab]
#173 @nico • ima fag Ponch|neab
#174 <@GLAzed|QL> like a bitch <@Ponch|CA> *boss GLAzed|QL
#175 <@Ponch|neab> I got a toaster and blander for 7 bucks Ponch|neab
#176 @ToiletBomber • even ur poo and piss can make u high kapa-
#177 no homo Ponch|neab
#178 Ponch|neab> sit down on ponch's lap VeNoM[neab]
#179 @kapa- • I need to get a bone this size, my dog has his birthday on Saturday Ponch|neab
#180 @Ponch|neab • I wish olli's vagina was smaller sometimes kapa-
#181 <@muhu[neab]> Extract and play mothefucker. <@muhu[neab]> It takes a real motherfucker to typo motherfucker. VeNoM[neab]
#182 @GLAzed[neab] • But I've got to go stare at underage girls in bikinis... Ponch|neab
#183 @IronChef • and we ate they're nuts ,fried Ponch|neab
#184 @kapa- • "passzold a kurva labdát" [neab]Ponch
#185 @VeNoM[neab]> People are so worried about Death, to me he seems to be a lazy bastard, leaving most of the work to Pain and Suffering. VeNoM[neab]
#186 @Skell> Sex is an acceptable exersice VeNoM[neab]
#187 MateFeedKill> just say, look i feel really awkward doing this, and i feel like one of 'those guys' but i'd like to take you out to coffee and get to know you better VeNoM[neab]
#188 "I lost 20 pounds...How? I drank bear piss and took up fencing. How the fuck you think, son? I exercised." Ponch|neab
#189 Happy Birthday Venom! Ponch|neab
#190 @IronChef • I am IRon Drunk Ponch|neab
#191 <@^Dealer^> » tayza[neab]: you are 98% Gay VeNoM[neab]
#192 Women's Curling: Because the kitchen has already been swept Ponch|neab
#194 @Iron_Chef • shaved though, no cooter hairs in my wine [neab]Ponch
#195 how to auth: "/msg [email protected] auth <nickname> <pw>" kapa-
#196 @ToiletBomber • DOES! HE! LOOK! LIKE! A BITCH?! RoyaleWCheese
#197 @ToiletBomber • I wanna taste ur sauce [neab]Ponch
#198 @[neab]Ponch • I wish I was gay, no homo kapa-
#199 +^ThundeR_ • i need to get my old motto going, drinking only on days what start with T, tuesday, thursday, and today! kapa-
#200 @VeNoM[neab] • break yo'self foo PonchsNutz
#201 @Ponch|TF2 • cause I'm a pussy kapa-
#202 @An7hrax • i kill d rugs withm y ankels Ponch|neab
#203 GLAzed[neab] I'm back bitches! GLAzed[neab]
#204 @VeNoM[neab] • STICK'DA FINGA IN YO PAST Ponch|nebz
#205 16:59 • O111^ [[email protected]] has joined #neab • Q set mode [+o O111^] 16:59 @kapa- • .bomb O111^ Ponch|nebz
#207 <@Ponch|nEaB> VeNoM[neab] what was the last version of office you gais used GLAzed[neab]
#208 And for fuck's sake stop saying soccer! kapa-
#209 @Skell • put my dick in your ass kapa-
#210 @muhu[neab] • USA USA USA Ponch|Dempsey
#211 +nastynades • i just wanna tell you how im feeling... ~ Ponch|neab
#212 pw:inthevent Ponch|neab
#213 @Ponch|Socks • Amy Schmoldt suggested you like Amy Schmoldt... kapa-
#214 yes homo Ponch|neab
#215 POW! right in the kisser Ponch|neab
#216 +Moggy • yeah im stuck on fags only till 2moro hopefully Ponch|TF2
#217 +^ThundeR_ • what day today is on US? Ponch|neeeeeeb
#218 @bmanHOLLAND • it's fun when they take it up the bun Ponch|neeeeeeb
#219 Ponch|neeeeeeb
#220 @exixt • a friend in neab, is a friend indeed Ponch|neeeeeeb
#221 <@Dealer> » theonewhowins: you are 100% Gay VeNoM|work
#222 @VeNoM[neab] • LET THE DREAM DIE! Ponch|CA
#223 @Skell • a neabgang is like a gangbang without the girl kapa-
#225 Can't sleep, clown'll eat me. Ponch|neab
#226 @ToiletBomber • Ponch|neab
#227 +smokeyCY • hand me my schimitar Ponch|neab
#228 @theonewhowins • u got railed by flyingshitbag Ponch|neab
#229 If Harry Potter's so magical, why cant he cure his own eyesight and get laid. A teenage lad shouldnt need a broomstick to cling onto. Ponch|neab
#230 @theonewhowins • GUYS My POKEMON EVOLVED! Ponch|neab
#231 She said you'd fold faster than Superman on laundry day. Ponch|neab
#232 Purple Monkey Dishwasher Ponch|neab
#233 @VeNoM[neab] • THIS IS MY HOUSE Ponch|neab
#234 @ToiletBomber • n. e . a. b c . l. a .... N! Ponch|neab
#235 <+chef|_PShop> stay thirsty my friends Ponch|neab
#236 dog HOOOOUUUUSSSEEEE! Ponch|neab
#237 <@neighneigh> guys, if i move my pc from one room to theother, am i gonna lose all meh files? An7hrax
#238 <@Po0dle> I'm starting to get to know this tool Ponch|neab
#239 <@ToiletBomber> Im here, babe PONCH|GDNT
#240 @An7hrax • then you can shoot on me :D Ponch|neab
#241 <+Rachel> i do love a good ponch_ing ponch_
#242 @Skell • I am THE Vagina kapa-
#243 @PONCHIE> playing with yourself > playing a game kapa-
#244 +Cyrox_ : Am I in any quote ? An7hrax
#245 wtf is neab PONCHIE
#246 [@An7hrax] Tagline: When your computer's already your best friend... why not go all the way? VeNoM|neab
#247 Ponch|neab
#248 <@Dealer> » Liqu1D133's dick: 8=D Ponch_
#249 @VeNoM[neab]> Rachel craves my man meat well Ponch_ more An7hrax
#250 <@Liqu1D133> Skell, up for a duel? <@Skell> Not right now, I'm dehydrated Ponch_
#251 Can you blow me where the pampers is? Ponch|neab
#252 @O111 • I'm gonna go hit my bag Ponch[neab]
#253 @O111 • Ponch[neab]
#254 @theonewhowins • if theres a cow its being milked and thats why my icecream flavor birthdays cakes are teh best Ponch[neab]
#255 @Ponch|Monday • I'm pretty sure I can smoke your cock kapa-
#256 <@Po0dle2> Ok I'm an asshole Ponch|Monday
#257 @DrPonch › grabs theonewhowins's nuts kapa-
#258 [+theonewhowins] rape,sex same thing! VeNoM[neab]
#260 @kapa- : I can't wait for the new wow expansion to get released An7hrax
#261 [@theonewhowins] .wire rainbow VeNoM[neab]
#262 This place is BAWLIN' yo. Chicken nuggitz be crispy like you never SEEN. I tasted one and I was like "WHAAAAT! Are you serious Wendy?" Mean girls workin the friers, tho. This one chick wouldn't even let me holla. I was like "please you ugly anyway." ponchchchch
#263 @Skell • I'm a neab, not a simple pervert kapa-
#264 <+theonewhogotsom> VeNoM|Work vagina right? <@VeNoM|Work> yeah ponch|phew
#265 Ponch|QL
#266 [+neabsdarkrose] donde estas mis amigos ponchitaaaaaaa VeNoM[neab]
#267 +theonewhowins • rg was always the bitch in the vagina Ponch|neab
#268 @O111 • amphetanime - the new kind of anime @O111 • and you thought pokemon had you hooked Ponch|neab
#269 @theonewhowins • lol i remeber saying to make an orgy kapa-
#270 @exixt • Lesbians shouldn't be allowed to use dildos. They made their choice. Ponch[neab]
#271 @exixt • "hey guys! i have powerups in the kitchen. you can just take some and then join us." Ponch|neab
#272 @exixt • I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina. exixt
#273 You call that a knoife? THIS, is a KNOIFE! Ponchiez
#274 <@theonewhowins> thast teh future Ponchiez
#276 I got a fever, and the only MOAR COWBELL!!! Ponch|QL
#277 neab does not negotiate with terrorists PONCHOZ
#278 @TEKARUN • but my main msg is • one time neab • always neab Ponch|neab
#279 @Ponch|_____> neab is omnipresent VeNoM|Work
#280 "GeorgeLucas has quite a potty mouth. 8.3% words were foul language." Ponch|neab
#281 Ponch|neab
#282 <@Dealer> » O111: you are 96% Gay - (10 seconds till next question) exixt
#283 "If you love something, and you set it free, and it doesn't come back... you're a dumbass." Ponch|neab
#284 <@O111^> draven is constantly surrounded by butterflangs Ponchjantai
#286 <@O111> it's not homo if balls don't touch VeNoM|Work
#287 @Dealer • » (DEFINE) lg: Golf Union Ponch|neab
#288 @Liqu1D133 • Fuck how I hate seeing abbreviations when somebody asks me for something. It's like they expect me to take "plz" the same way I would take "please". Fuck you kids, fuck you. kapa-
#289 <@ponchorola> OReilly? <@kapa-> YREILLY ponchorola
#290 +Rachel • Take me to the meat. Ponch|neab
#291 @theonewhowins • all i ma doing is damnign vegetra Ponch|neab
#293 why so bad? Ponch|neab
#294 +beerchef • you can has beer Ponch|neab
#295 pray for mojo Ponch|neab
#296 boredom comes from a boring mind Po0dle
#297 @Ponch|Engie • I'd put my dick in just about anything so you shouldn't listen to my opinion kapa-
#298 This is Bob. Bob has bitch tits. Ponchiez|neab
#299 @QkillA 2012 will be another Y2k, a way to profit from gullible people. QkillA
#301 <@GLAzed[NEab]> it's be amazang* Ponch
#302 <@Po0dle2> I'm probably wrong GLAzed|EAts
#303 Why does football mostly revolve around hand work instead of feet? And why does soccer revolve around using your feet instead of punching a bitch? Hmm, sports names are deceiving.. VeNoM|Work
#304 @QkillA- “Who makes himself a sheep will be eaten by the wolves” QkillA
#305 Rachel "Don't fuck wit me!" QkillA
#306 Ponch|neab
#307 @exixt • hide ya kids, hide ya wife • we gon find u Ponch|neabz
#308 @O111 • touched by his noodly appendix Ponch|neab
#309 @Po0dle • 'cause to me I just quit a pub game kapa-
#310 @hotdogchef • it's a new language you see, neabonics Ponch|neab
#312 @theonewhowins: it doesn't have to make sense to be a sentance GLAzed[NEab]
#313 @chef_ • we are the borgneab Ponch|neab
#314 Well, you'll have plenty of time to live in a van down by the river when you're...LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER Ponch|neab
#315 O111, you have 65% a chance of having sex with O111. VeNoM|Work
#316 <+Rachel> suck my balls you worm-grabing arse-radio Ponch|notshewtz
#317 ur crazy man Ponch|neab
#318 @VeNoM|Work> our father who art in lava hollowed be thy void VeNoM|Work
#319 @triopted • i have no feelings for languages i use rockets to communicate kapa-
#320 When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water VeNoM|Work
#321 <@VeNoM|Work> "excuse me pro player, but why the fuck is the void still a huge problem for you guys?" PWNCH
#322 <@VeNoM|Work> wait, i thought they were going to axe someone and give you the sweetness GLAzed[NEab]
#323 <@Po0dle> I tweeted an angry tweet stating my disappointment PonchLeExcite
#324 <@O111> he was caked! GUTSIE
#325 @Ponch|neab • you've got a vein running up your body, you're that big a dick kapa-
#326 @Po0dle • they call it .. electronic mail Ponch|neab
#327 "You don't have to be good to succeed. You just gotta be the least shitty option. Example: We're eating at The Olive Garden." Po0dle2
#328 <@kapa-> if you saw the previous Predator movies then there is nothing new. if you haven't, then you're not a man PO111
#330 @N3ckB0n3 : cock fumes An7hrax
#331 VeNoM = Slayer of teh womenz VeNoM|neab
#333 <@VeNoM|Work> how much do you dink before you crash PONNCH
#334 @chef_ • i make no sense Ponch|neab
#335 Why fear the unknown when you can conquer it! VeNoM|Work
#336 +^ThundeR_ • you're nothing comapred to old japanese males Ponch|neab
#337 @Moggy • pissed = bird = good times Ponch|neab
#338 well of course everything looks bad if you remember it Ponch|neab
#339 neab: tighter than your little sister Ponch|neab
#340 This clan sucks anyway peace. Ponch|neab
#341 Being drunk is feeling sophisticated without being able to say it. Ponch|neab
#342 @Ponch|neab hears fapping noises <@chef_> AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GLAzed|QL
#343 @VeNoM|neab • thunder lemme suck ur cock kapa-
#344 <@VeNoM|Work> The best engine in the world is the Vagina, it can be started with one finger. It is self lubricating. It takes any size piston, and it changes its oil every 4 weeks. Its only a pitty that the management system is so tempermental. VeNoM|Work
#345 GLAzed[NEab]
#346 * VeNoM|neab is now known as a Chick VeNoM|neab
#347 "Lava is winning" -stermy Po0dle
#348 <@Ponch|neab> nsfw GLAzed[NEab]
#349 <@VeNoM|Work> if i could fuck myself, i fucking would. I am a sexy beast. VeNoM|Work
#350 neabcast Ponch|neab
#351 Celebrate your country's independence by blowing up a small part of it Ponch|neab
#352 These aren't the droids you're looking for SantaPonch
#353 <+ToiletBomber> not drinking beer is worst than being drunk ponch_
#354 welcome to bonertown Ponch|neab
#355 GARBAGE DAY Ponch|neab
#357 We can't stop here. This is bat country. Ponch|neab
#358 +Rachel • U is a pile of bitch. Ponch|neab
#359 viikonloppu --------------------> Ponch|neab
#360 SHIT'S WEAK! [neab]Ponch
#361 @O111 • oh and you're all invited to my birthday party Ponch|neab
#362 @VeNoM|FrontDesk> HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAPA! VeNoM|FrontDesk
#363 * Rachel makes herself cum thinking about VeNoM|FrontDesk VeNoM|FrontDesk
#364 22:47 @kapa- • it's a trap | 22:47 +Rachel • So's your face. Po0dle
#365 [16:26] <+Dehumaniz3d> fucking flying monkeys... used to make my day... Po0dle
#366 This is my end of the year shout out to the many "friends" I have never been in the same room with but who have inspired, amused, comforted, encouraged, and touched me in so many ways. Much love to you ALL..and here's to another fantastic year together. NO HOMO VeNoM|Work
#367 FRIDAAAAY kapa-
#368 @^ThundeR_ • internet is a place to do anything without any consequences! kapa-
#369 @N3ckB0ne|Work • stay away from hermaphrodite meth witches, no good will come of it Ponch|neab
#370 As a sexual partner, I try to be neat Ponch|neab
#371 @theonewhowins • SUCK THAT Ponch|neab
#372 nope Ponch|neab
#373 What's New Pussycat? GLAzed[NEab]
#375 +Ugriumij • I feel myself like a gay Ponch|neab
#376 @An7hrax • Av3QQ QQooler, the titans meat again Ponch|neab
#377 @ToiletBomber • i wanna have sex with all these white girls [neab]Ponch
#378 @VeNoM|neab • GOD DAMN YOU JETS Ponch|neab
#379 @Mog-AFK • im going back to sofa witha splif and naked girl Ponch|neab
#380 "man made alcohol, god made marijuana, I know who I trust" - cally1 VeNoM|Work
#381 @Chef_ • RAOTFDLOL Ponch|neabdos
#382 <@O111> damn my ass hurts VeNoM|Work
#383 @Po0dle • Oh dear Ponch|neab
#384 Sluk Det GLAzed[NEab]
#385 <@VeNoM|Work> and if Raping in the game is faggot shit then i guess i am a homo VeNoM|Work
#386 @^ThundeR_ • 'your love has to be earned, not urined.' LOL kapa-
#387 @Po0dle • Only 3 people got units +Rachel • Well that's usually enough to get me functioning. Ponch|neab
#388 @ToiletBomber • u need to fap more Ponch|neab
#389 Ponch|neab
#390 @ToiletBomber • WHITE POWeR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ponch|neab
#391 +Rachel • #neab is recorded in front of a live studio audience Ponch|neab
#392 The jerk store called; they're running out of you! Ponch|neab
#393 Your mom circulates like a public key, servicing more requests than HTTP. She keeps all her ports open like Windows ME Ponch|neab
#394 @Chef|moarbeer • fapping dont play head games Ponch|neab
#396 @VeNoM|neab • i love spic Ponch|neab
#397 @VeNoM|neab • justin bieber is now awesome Ponch|neab
#398 FUCKIN THING, SUCKS! Ponch|neab
#400 @Po0dle • No shit [neab]Ponch
#401 <@GLAzedPOtato> Being White GLAzedPOtato
#402 [19:41] <@GLAzedPOtato> all potatoes = mine [19:41] <@GLAzedPOtato> \o/ GOLdenPOtato
#403 [22:54] <@GOLdenPOtato> I just got the VALVe Complete Pack for getting 36 potatoes! that's 20 games I didn't already have! GOLdenPOtato
#404 If you open your mouth and shake an imaginary salt shaker into it, you can taste the salt at the back of your tongue. Ponch|neab
#405 @ToiletBomber • shut the fuck up you fuckronaut Ponch|neabdos
#406 @GLAzed[NEab] • Plx touch my pee pee Ponch|neab
#407 <+Ugriumij> Yeah, i stupid GLAzed[NEab]
#408 <@Moggy> cally1 was the first born baby thru bum sex Po0dle
#409 Slawyer • Rolf more Ponch|neab
#410 Slawyer • I know to much words that i don't know Ponch|neab
#411 @VeNoM|neab • donde etsa mis amigos? Carlos mencia! Ponch|neab
#412 lePonche
#413 The length of Slawyer's penis is: 3,71 cm. - (10 seconds till next question) Moggy
#414 theonewhowins • i liek ti Ponch|neab
#415 [21:26] <@^Dealer^> » The length of Slawyer's penis is: 1,68 cm. - (10 seconds till next question) Moggy
#416 [15:46] <@Slawyer> Ima vegitable Moggy
#417 [19:07] <@VeNoM|Work_> yes Moggy i love my man in leather Moggy
#418 * cally1 worships the shit VeNoM|Work_
#419 @Cat_ • do you wanna see the angry beaver?? Ponch|snabe
#421 <@Cat_> if I licked it then it's definitely me POUNCH
#422 @cally1 • pets are better than kids Ponch|neab
#423 [11:12] <@Moggy> i read asomewhere if u got a new pc it makes u a faggot GLAzed[NEab]
#424 [17:18] <@^Dealer^> » The length of Kitten-PC's penis is: 30,19 cm [11:18] <@Kitten-PC> it's just a big clit I swear!!! :P GLAzed[NEab]
#425 <@O111> VOID is cold, and void isn't his boss [DRAVEN]. it's the holy trinity, the void, the lava, the draven TRIUMVIRATE VeNoM|Working
#426 @^ThundeR_ • suddenly pants all over her head Ponch|neab
#427 <@Kitten|2> swallow bitch, there are people starving in africa PONCH|WORK
#428 <@Kitten> ohhhh ponch VeNoM|neab
#429 <@Oll111> women by default can fuck off VeNoM|neab
#430 <@bman`> just because i like to put bananas up my bum i am gay? VeNoM|neab
#431 <@Slawyer> It seems like it is better to be alone (single) or a gay than have a girl VeNoM|neab
#432 <@VeNoM|Working> WuTangClan: ain't nothin' to fuck with! VeNoM|Working
#433 Daisy The Cow's Great Escape Po0dle
#435 @exixt • one hobbyte contains eight hobbits Ponch|neab
#436 @Liqu1D133> Hacking is a noble way of doing thngs the unsual way. VeNoM|Working
#437 <@O111> penis doesn't discriminate VeNoM|Working
#438 [16:20] <@bman> i am a pleaser of many genders, including but not limited to hermaphrodites VeNoM|Working
#439 @Axon • call it a shove a dick in my mouth Nonch|peab
#440 <@Po0dle>> Freddy Mercury is one hell of a sexy man VeNoM|neab
#441 [23:13] <@Q> [VeNoM[neab]] has earned the achievement [Really Should Get That Fixed]! <------ ROFL Moggy
#442 @An7hrax> you are nobody on this little planet VeNoM|Working
#443 VeNoM|Working> there can be only one!! VeNoM|Working
#444 +Cat • if that's for cleaning they are having a giraffe [neab]Ponch
#445 damn it feels good to be a gangsta ponch
#446 @Cat_ • it went from 6 inches to like 12 inches Ponch|neab
#447 @j0sh • snipers are fucking gay Ponch|neab
#448 <<+Douche>> mmm Ponch|neab VeNoM|neab
#449 <@Cat_> you're not putting that in my mouth VeNoM|Work
#450 O11111> my neab wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiime VeNoM|Working
#451 ToiletBomber • KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Castpastafarian
#452 ^ThundeR_ : in next life, i'll be a anime character An7hrax
#453 @Cat_ • Now I'm thinking of weiners :< Ponch|neab
#454 <shO111ppinghero> are you moist? VeNoM|Working
#455 @Cat-TF2 • it came in my face Ponch|TF2
#456 <@VeNoM|Working_> YEAH BUT GOD DAMN HOW HOT HE WOULD LOOK sexypants
#457 <@ponch> I have no penis VeNoM|Working
#458 <@ponch> shit in my mouth, and I'll puke it all over your face VeNoM|Working
#459 [17:02] <@Chantel> Hello, I live in a hat made of cheese. Moggy
#461 @Chef|Vino • show her your dick Ponch|neab
#463 @luddy|neab : i'm not wanted An7hrax
#464 <exixt> I like black clocks PONCH|WORK
#465 <@luddy|neab> i'm 3-4 inches bigger n about the same VeNoM|Working
#466 <@cally1> ive had all sorts of shit on me hands VeNoM|Working
#467 @ToiletBomber • kinda salty Ponch|neab
#468 <Chef__> coughing gaggin chef VeNoM|Work
#469 @GLAzed[NEab] • french, feel, finger, fuck, and "Oh my fucking God, my nuts are in your ass" Ponch|neab
#470 VeNoM|Working
#471 @po0dle • I wanna get deeper into the transformations and shit Ponch|neab
#472 16:47] <@luddy|neab> suck me venom VeNoM|Working
#473 @VeNoM|neab • i would eat that Ponch|neab
#474 @theonewhowins • when i get married i wanna hit my wife with all the sperm ive been saving up to punish her for all the times we could have had sex Ponch|neab
#475 +Cat • i can't even see the balls Ponch|neab
#476 Chef[neab] • chicken soup for the neab is a pound of bacon Ponch|TF2
#477 LAUANTAI kapa-
#478 Bank of neab: loaning out pwnings VeNoM|FrontDesk
#479 If you kick a man in the nuts and he drags you across the room by YOUR foot with HIS nutsack, it is a very strong indicator that your going to take 1 hell of a beating before the day is out. Ponch|TF2
#480 neab: it's the one that says bad mothah fuckah Ponch|neab
#481 Beerchef|neab • just one well placed beer bottle right in the puss Ponch|neab
#482 @VeNoM|neab • I'll slap the dog shit out you cuz Ponch|TF2
#483 @ToiletBomber • asswhore Ponch|neab
#484 @cally1 • i bake lovley cake Ponch|neab
#485 @ZombieChef • I'd do that Ponch|neab
#486 <<@Purrvy>> I'm your secretary VeNoM|neab
#487 <<Purrvy>> this _______ is too big for my mouth (FILL IN THE GAP!) VeNoM|neab
#488 @pyrocheg • if it aint green, it aint mean Ponch
#489 | <<@exixt>> but.. I got some venom in me VeNoM|neab
#490 @Chef|neab • yea as much come as I can produce Ponch
#491 @Cat • there's a black person inside me Ponch|TF2
#492 <Sapek> i suck cocks VeNoM|Working
#493 @VeNoM|FrontDesk • yeah i am sure of it, just being around you makes babies pop out kapa
#494 nothing can possiblie go wrong Ponch
#495 @po0dle • He's a total biscuit Ponch
#496 @j0sh • my lack of hats is disturbing Ponch|TF2
#497 FUCK YOU FLASH kapa
#498 Fuck Christmas or Xmas or whatever you want to call it. It can go to hell, it can go to hell and it can die! VeNoM|FuckXmas
#499 [11:23] <@Insomniac|neab> you wet? VeNoM|XmasSucks
#500 @po0dle • I'm still wondering if they speak English in What Ponch|Booya
#501 <@Slawyer|Mobile> cally1 - you are a god po0dle
#502 <@Slawyer|Mobile> I live in fucking ass VeNoM|atWork
#503 [12:35pm] <@Moggy> nah i haven't fappen in ages, i wanna blow kt's head off Moggy
#504 @Cally1 • how long is a cucumber Ponch|neab
#505 @Ponch|TF2: why am i eating dinner to sex offenders An7hrax
#506 "I offered a girl a tic-tac once and do you know what she says to me? She says 'Oh, do I need one? Is that it? Is it my breath?' I'm like, I'm just trying to be nice. If I was gonna give you something you need, it would be mustache wax and a t-shirt that says one cock at a time." Ponch|TF2
#507 Ponch|nrwak
#508 +theonewhowins • cool story bor. Ponch|nrwak
#509 Ponch|blap
#510 [03:52.51] <@reezeh> i had my little finger fail once and i still not living that one down Moggy
#511 @Purrvy • what have i come into Ponch|TF2
#512 @exixt_ • we can use circumsice foreskin Ponch|TF2
#513 [9:03pm] <Slawyer> You know all ppl on quakenet who are as cocky as you --- [9:04pm] <@Moggy> im not cocky im cock sure Moggy
#514 @Insomniac • You're the guy with an anus smell like vanilla Ponch|neab
#515 @starshine • lol i think they are very fuckable Ponch|QL Ponch|QL
#516 @lesthistles> i like sex, AMA VENOM|WORKING
#517 @lesthistles • no makeup? please. feminism has done two things: allow women to leave the house without looking fresh, and have the options to wear pants suits. lol feminism. CuddleBear
#518 <cally1> my balls are fruitfull VeNoM|Working_
#519 Ponch|TF2
#520 <@po0dle> If neab makes a few extra millions I don't see another dime <@po0dle> So where's the motivation in that Ponch
#521 Happy Egg Day 1.2+(sqrt(1-(sqrt(x^2+y^2))^2) + 1 - x^2-y^2) * (sin (10000 * (x*3+y/5+7))+1/4) from -1.6 to 1.6 VeNoM|neab
#522 @O111 • crush on vagina GrabbinPeeholes
#523 @po0dle • Do you know what it's like to carry around 5.75 lbs the entire day? exixt_
#525 @Insomniac> from now on everytime ^ThundeR_ will offend anyone, here's the proper picture to post [21:02:28] <@Insomniac> cally1
#526 Belgium have some very talented players (redemptor, malaka_, burnedd, po0dle, etc.) ArrayArray
#527 <@ArrayArray> I'm not gay, but I'd fuck the shit outta that kid [16:01] <@ArrayArray> it's not gay if he's that adorable VeNoM|Working
#528 <@starshine> lol a cunt PonchPonch
#529 Insomniac
#530 (@Ponch|neab) you don't ever tell someone how easy your job is or how cheap the materials are VeNoM|neab
#531 Ponxh|neab
#532 <@Insomniac> I am going to suck dick tomorrow Cally1
#533 <@exixt_> dig in new girl's ass Ponch
#534 live like a windrammer as you fuck. Ponch|D3
#535 <@VeNoM|Working> Non-alcoholic beer: Its like licking your sister, tastes the same, but its just not right. | <@kapa> non alcoholic beer is the first step to fuckdolls exixt
#536 <@starshine> must be hard TheRealPonch
#537 <belka_> What about crochsliding Ponch
#538 <@VeNoM|Working> i know latin judo <@VeNoM|Working> ju do know if i have a knife on me Ponch
#539 <@exixt> :DDDD;DD;D,dDDddddd Ponch
#540 <@Gerred-QL> then slap her in the face with your sloppy wet dirty blow job cock Ponch|Work
#541 If you cheat, may you cheat death. If you steal, may you steal a woman's heart. If you fight, may you fight for a brother. And if you drink, may you drink with me. Ponch|LiveSoft
#542 @GerreD|QL • i don't want to see any road rashed labias Ponch|LiveSoft
#543 @GerreD|QL • shut that cunts mouth or i'm going to come over there and fuck start her head Ponch|LiveSoft
#544 <@GLAzed[NEab]> (>'_')><('_'<) Ponch
#545 <@VeNoM|Work> lets all jerk off together, <@GLAzed[NEab]> There's nothing wrong with a couple dudes sitting around jerkin' it together. Hell, give each other a tug or two. But if you finish each other, that's gay, you fucking homo... VeNoM|Work
#546 @reezeh • hi... i bring you love!™ :) Ponch|neab
#547 @belka_ • Ponch: slap me Ponch|neab
#548 <@VeNoM|Work> 11 WOULD BE NICE Ponch_
#549 Ponch: can lobster hermaphrodites lay eggs in themselves? VeNoM|Work
#550 <@Insomniac|neab> I've never failed at stalking down someone before VeNoM|Work
#551 <@O111> you guys don't know your dicks VeNoM|Working
#552 <@O111> come and I shall bless your penis VeNoM|Working
#553 @cally1 • im the god of turbo sperm kapa
#554 <@VENOM|WORKING> you can take a bitch out of a brothel , but yu can;t take the aids out her snatch VENOM|WORKING
#555 @amir • bind 3 "weapon 3;cg_drawcrosshair 5;cg_sensitivity 3 ;cg_crosshairsize 45" Ponch|neab
#556 @Chef|D3 • Barbie raped by diablo game ? Ponch|neab
#558 Snake: lol no thanks u say the fuking in trade outpost u retarde kid unistall please and suicide Ponch|neab
#560 @BeerChef|neabD3 • hawaian shit day Ponch|D3
#561 <@VeNoM|Working> i am going to get my ass handed to me Ponch
#562 <@Insomniac|neab> bitches love hot chocolatemilk , <@Insomniac|neab> and me too VeNoM|Working
#563 @BeerChef|neabD3 • I 'll kill god if he gets in my way Maybe|neab
#564 <@po0dle> I have Rebecca Black in this folder Ponch|IN3D
#565 <@po0dle> "It would be this mat, that you put on the floor and would have different conclusions written on it that you...JUmp to" Ponch_
#567 <@^ThundeR_> they dump bodies in sewers, why would they shave? Ponch
#568 @exixt • DUN CALL ME BRAH Bro
#569 [14:36] <@po0dle-> not jsut anally VeNoM|Work
#570 [17:20] <@Ponch>what I like to do is take 2 fingers [17:20] <@Ponch> and smear some jelly in and around my ass [17:21] <@Ponch> then cover it with peanutbutter VeNoM|Working
#571 <@An7hrax> you all are faggots Ponch
#572 <@Ponch-> do you think you could ever cum so hard it reflects off her ass into your eye GerreD-> i've reflected off her ass and into her hair once VeNoMzRevenge
#573 @Cally1-> if u shove it hard enuff it will accept VeNoMzRevenge
#574 Ponch-> I just tasted that in my mouth VeNoMzRevenge
#575 @GerreD • ya Cally1 i got my rape on Bro
#576 Ponch|QL
#577 <@po0dle-> Books don't have ctrl+f :( VeNoM|Working
#578 I got my pistol point cocked, ready to lay shots non stop until I see your monkey ass drop Ponch
#579 @wecanhasbeer • YEA THEY NEED CASTRADOES Ponch
#580 @JewSteel|CSGO • can i see the rear Jewlander|neab
#581 !quote del 125 \o/ Ponch|neab
#582 @GLAzed|NEab • Oh shit bitch you just got jacked bitch DrPonchIsIn
#583 <@theonewhowins> That's good, wear nothing for maximum safety Ponch|Baked
#584 @GerreD • i just hit the vapo so i'm raped Ponch|neab
#585 Ponch
#586 rawkit lawnchair (c) rapha po0dle
#587 IronChef|neab: yup right in the quanza NEEDADISPENSER
#588 @NEEDADISPENSER | I don't trust any cloud mang @^ThundeR_ | what are you doing in teh interwebs then? @NEEDADISPENSER| lookin at traps ^ThundeR_
#589 Rishi: hittin on the honeys at the vending machine Ponch|mean
#590 @An7hrax • po0dle the first rape is the best one Ponch|neab
#591 <@Ponch|lamo> is a game really a game if you can't beat hookers? nico
#592 @^ThundeR_ • these are thick ones @^ThundeR_ • this thing doesnt even fit in my mouth Ponch
#593 <@Ponch> lol I really am flirting with little boys VeNoM2
#594 facialtissue • why would you ever leave the glory hole is the real question Ponch
#595 facialtissue • random dicks never hurt anyone Ponch
#596 <@Cally1> hi snailbot do you want to slime my penis ? nico
#597 @exixt • hi fuck Ponchnuts
#598 @Cally1 • im sweatin like a whore on fire Ponchnuts
#599 @ToiletBomber • she needs to get ravaged with big black cocks Ponch
#600 @GerreD • and then i told him to go crawl into his mothers vagina to cook a little longer. Ponch|neab
#601 @ToiletBomber • does ur butthole feels hot when u poop? Ponch|mean
#602 @GerreD • cocain is a hell of a drug enthuatsic
#603 @ToiletBomber • she's a bit big but you'll grow into her Ponch
#604 defeating a sandwich, only makes it tastier Ponch|neab
#605 Cat_4 • I started to get desensitised to them so its rare now that i cry at it Ponch
#606 Confucius say: It is good to meet girl in park, but it is better to park meat in girl. Ponch
#607 (ToiletBomber) that some good ass chicken VeNoM|neab
#608 theonewhowins • call me so I can make it jucy for you FuckBulb
#609 23:06 @FuckBulb • .ping 23:07 from Dealer ? [PING] 1378091178 23:07 @Dealer • FuckBulb: Pong! (98.734s) FuckBulb
#610 the bold don’t live forever, but the timid don’t live at all Ponch|neab
#611 (@Cally1) my back is humped today :/ VeNoM|neab
#612 @ToiletBomber • fucking things shit Ponch|neab
#613 [12:51] <@|BrainLess|> po0dle made GLAzed[NEab] Friend on this channel. GLAzed[NEab]
#614 vinochef|neab • is this beer or a house plant ? Ponch|neab
#615 [23:01] <@ToiletBomber> SUCK IT CHINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GLAzed|Away
#616 [20:09] <@Ponch|neab> seamen GLAzed|Away
#617 VeNoM|neab
#618 snipins a good job mate Ponch
#619 well legally speaking there will be a loose affiliation, but we will give nothing back to the gaming community, as well as provide no public service of any kind, this much I promise you Ponch|neab
#620 @ToiletBomber • Ponch
#621 bmann • also i made my face into hitler Ponch
#622 I feel like this picture is Gerred|Work looking directly at me and saying 'you better not fap to her' VeNoM|neab
#623 (@VeNoM|neab) Boy comes into the hospital to be operated on. In the operating room the doctor screams "this boy is my son!" THe doctor is correct, but the doctor isn't the boy's father. Who is the doctor? VeNoM|neab
#624 (bmann) while the anus gently wheeps exixt
#625 po0dle|away • in the rear, with the gear Ponch
#626 <@ToiletBomber> time for a beauty poop Borken
#627 <@Dealer> » CYBORG - V.A.G.I.N.A.: Versatile Android Generated for Infiltration and Nocturnal Assassination - (10s antispam) Ponch
#629 <@Cally1> Stds standerd rate for dick surfing Ponch
#630 @ToiletBomber • I still sucks shit Ponch
#631 @ToiletBomber • 10/10 would seizure again Ponch
#632 @ToiletBomber • there were some good ass sausages Ponch
#633 ToiletBomber) Summer is coming. I can smell the dog shit outside VeNoM|neab
#634 Mr|Cheezle) good thing i'm basically an idiot lol VeNoM|neab
#635 @exixt • hail satan! Ponch
#636 (BeerChef) die hippy ! VeNoM|neab

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