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  Channel Information
Channel information for #hsclan.urt on QuakeNet
Channel: #hsclan.urt (Chat Now!)
Bot: |Doom3|
Joined: 2011-07-02 16:26
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 13

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Channel settings:
-advertise +autoop +autovoice -badwords
-bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans +enforcebans
+flood -greet +google -hidelogs
+image +infobot -massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo +restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle +vote -weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Not activated
Protection settings
Anti flood: Triggered after 5 lines in 1 second
  Warn user on first violation, kick on second violation
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes:
Enforced topic: 18+ ONLY - Fufi spams [email protected]#ked up porn links

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Logs page: Access restricted. Required level: Friend
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

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Statistics language: Not localized (English)

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
Alcoholic Owner 2019-02-18 01:05
Loch Op 2019-01-23 14:53
MrYeah Voice 2019-01-23 14:53
Biddle Voice 2019-01-03 14:48
Pr3acher Voice 2017-12-03 22:10
1 owner, 0 masters, 1 op, 3 voices and 0 friends added to the bot

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Auth/Handle Greeting
Loch Uhu, hi HS|Loch :)

ID Quote Added by
#1 <@Alcoholic> latin sounds like magical incantations Witch
#2 Alcoholic: wait a sex Vukimi
#4 <@Alcoholic> There's too much FUCKING on this channel Vukimi
#5 <@Alcoholic> !weather Hungary <@|Doom3|> Sorry, I can't find any location matching 'Hungary' <@Alcoholic> yes, hungary fails Vukimi
#6 <@Alcoholic> no lol, seriously, guitar picks possess the secret of teleportation when dropped Vukimi
#7 Vukimi: oh man this ice tea is hell of a drug Alcoholic
#8 <@Vukimi> i need to restart the faggot Alcoholic
#9 <@Alcoholic> :) <@Alcoholic> yes i used a smiley, deal with it Vukimi
#10 <+Loch> !weather fucking <@|Doom3|> Current weather in Fucking (Austria) [...] <@Alcoholic> LOOOOLL <+Loch> WIN Vukimi
#11 <@Alcoholic> PS is having rough sex with my RAM Vukimi
#13 <@Vukimi> i'm a pro spammer. Alcoholic
#14 <@Alcoholic> i was creating a new folder in my bookmarks for PS tuts, i was typing it and... i typed "PS tits" ... yeah, now i'm sure keyboards are designed for funny typos Vukimi
#15 <@Alcoholic> you wanna fight, vuki? okay, i'll spam you too <@Vukimi> i'd win. * Alcoholic ([email protected]) Quit ( Excess Flood ) Vukimi
#16 Alcoholic: I mean, holy crap! It's like the fags are gathering an army or some shit... Alcoholic
#17 <+Loch> Vuki bob, Alco bish, Me smart Alcoholic
#18 * Loch ([email protected]) Quit ( Quit: . Y . ) Alcoholic
#19 >@Alcoholic> if i say PS has rough sex with my ram, then what minecraft does can't be put into words Alcoholic
#20 <+Loch> but well, loch is really bitch Alcoholic
#21 [22:00] * Vukimi_ was kicked by Vukimi_ ([email protected]) Reason (Vukimi_) Alcoholic
#22 <@Alcoholic> my classmates are faggots <@Alcoholic> like, imagine-yougay-and-nat-in-real-life faggots. Vukimi
#23 * Loch[A] is now away - Reason : founding a religion Vukimi
#24 <+Loch> "Users with a birthday within the next 7 days: Shyre (17) " <@Alcoholic> "HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAGGOT LOLOLOL!!1!!11!" Vukimi
#25 <+Loch> this is how vuki will look like Vukimi_
#26 * Vukimi is cod. Vukimi
#27 <+Loch> i finished life. Vukimi
#28 <+nub123> like friend of my friend did, he somehow made hole in his screen and fucked that screen. <@Alcoholic> that's not sex, that's putting your dick in hazardous conditions Alcoholic
#29 <+Loch> fire bow, one shit kill Vukimi
#30 <+nub123> if 1 hole isn't nice, there's always 2nd. Alcoholic
#31 <LollyPop> i think loch need to be fucked inside down Alcoholic
#32 HS|Alcoholic: dicks get dicked Vukimi
#33 <@Alcoholic> wait, if noob->nob->nab then, bob->bab - !translate -from hungarian -to english bab <@|Doom3|> Translation from Hungarian to English: beans <@Alcoholic> vuki bab Vukimi
#34 <@Alcoholic> thumbs up for 9 second burp Vukimi
#35 <@Alcoholic> also i did some unhuman sounding burps so i guess something must be wrong in my stomach Vukimi_
#36 <@Vukimi_> kay i'll better not kick myself cause it results in actually kicking myself Alcoholic
#37 Alcoholic: vukis get vuki'd Vukimi
#38 <+Loch> a study said that using more than 1 exlamation/question mark, shows that someone is dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vukimi
#40 [20.25] <@Alcoholic> BROHEMIAN RHAPSODY Vukimi
#41 <+LeetPerson> camobobeoeooreor; * LeetPerson ([email protected]) Quit ( Read error: Connection reset by peer ) Alcoholic
#42 <+ChickenCrazy> i don't give a fuck It's not me who pay (lol) Alcoholic
#43 Alcoholic: i'm such a fucking sadist Vukimi
#44 <+nub123> QUENTIN ON URTKNIFRERRS?! Biddle
#45 Alcoholic: you suffer from severe faggotry sir, i suggest immediate treatment - by treatment i mean jumping out your window Vukimi
#46 #hsclan.urt sets mode +ooo Q |Doom3| Vukimi_ for #hsclan.urt Alcoholic
#47 <+Loch> girl + another girl = win <@Alcoholic> girl + another girl + me > girl + another girl Vukimi
#48 <[SAT]LollyPop> Biddle ROX ! Alcoholic
#49 <@Alcoholic> what's pgm and why is quentin pgm <+Loch> dunno to both <@Alcoholic> PRO GEEK MCFAGET Vukimi
#50 * Loch is now known as Loch[A]; * Loch[A] is now away - Reason : :; <+Loch[A]> :>. Alcoholic
#51 <@Alcoholic> vuki pro de codbob Vukimi
#52 <@Alcoholic> me pro de parallax fapping Vukimi
#53 <+MrYeah> didn't know there were smileys showing people watching porn. Vukimi
#54 <+Biddle> LOL + UrT = Win ! :D Biddle
#55 --|Doom3|-- Can't find Biddle on #hsclan.urt. Error has to be fixe using /msg |Doom3| CYCLE #hsclan.urt Biddle`
#56 <+Biddle`> <@KnifersSlave> Players connected : lolbob Biddle`
#57 * Alcoholic ([email protected]) Quit ( Quit: skyrim ) Vukimi
#58 <@Vukimi>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH happy birthday bobddle Biddle`
#59 <@Alcoholic> SKYRIM IS FUCKING AWESOME - i'm disappearing from society for the next few days Vukimi
#60 <+nub_> HI Q HI DOOM 3 FUCK SHOOL LOL Alcoholic
#61 <@Alcoholic> fuck, my stomach hurts like shit :( ... farted :) Vukimi
#62 <+Loch> cat is stalking me from under my desk Vukimi
#63 * Q sets mode +o Vukimi for #hsclan.urt <+Loch> and so the bob joins Vukimi
#64 <@Alcoholic> going out with friends is for noobs - friends are noobs - friends are for noobs - wtv :( Vukimi
#65 <@Alcoholic> we're too pros for dimension tearing Vukimi
#66 <@Vukimi> quoting (or something like that) alco: if fags apply, you can lock their apps ... or sth like that <+Loch> Y U NO DID LOCK MY APP THEN U BOB Vukimi
#67 <+Biddle`> so you grab dicks ... *** //// <@Alcoholic> no, and i don't wanna know how you came to that conclusion Biddle`
#68 <+Biddle`> !quote add "ChickenCrazy": Biddle tu branle quoi / qui ?; <+ChickenWTF> Biddle they don't understand french ... Alcoholic
#70 Don't Give too much Power To Biddle (He Can't Control it) ChickenWTF
#71 <+ChickenWTF> with a func door ; <MrYeah> you want a funk door? Alcoholic
#72 <@Alcoholic> like, when you bump into somebody, you don't bring up my post into them MrYeah
#73 <@Alcoholic> (_._) - hint: it's a butt ; <+MrYeah> (y) ; <@Alcoholic> yes but mine has an adjustable butthole - (_._) (_o_) (_O_) MrYeah
#74 <@Alcoholic> when vuki deletes a post it's not a moderation but a boberation :-D MrYeah
#75 <+Biddle>: Loch's and Vuki's songs are usually more easy to listen... as for Alco they are pro de metal bob songs for bob de pro de all ; <@Alcoholic>: I'm a sick fuck, i know. MrYeah
#76 <@Alcoholic> ...and that's the story of how i started down the road of becoming a sick fuck MrYeah
#77 <@Alcoholic> Biddle pro at thread-necromancy? MrYeah
#78 <+Biddle> I can hack Jizz :D MrYeah
#79 <+Loch>I Look like a dog? my demon form maybe. MrYeah
#80 <@Alcoholic> nat = [...] should be banned from existence MrYeah
#81 <@Alcoholic> After this i feel like an elitist dick. Well, I am. MrYeah
#82 MrAway is now known as MrYe; MrYe is now known as Pizza`; Pizza` is now known as __; __ is now known as __Yeah; <+__Yeah> problem? MrYeah
#83 <InV3RT> you got weehee'd ; <+MrYeah> smoke weehee'd! everyday. MrYeah
#84 <+Loch> one bob to rule them all MrYeah
#85 <+Loch> dafuq alone with someone on drugs im afraid <InV3RT> are you? h4h4 MrYeah
#87 <MrBoB> Im currently experiencing huge lags on UrT... on main menu... MrYeah
#88 <+Loch> i can spam more to hide my spam MrYeah
#89 <+Loch> I once dreamt that i was a dinosaur. A robot dinosaur. Alcoholic
#90 <@Alcoholic> mrbob, update your brain's auto-complete software MrYeah
#91 <@Vukimi> truth is, loch is a porn films director =)) MrYeah
#92 <+nub123> we will transform to sup3rpr0 l33t any day MrYeah
#93 <+MrYeah> i want my rights :D ; <Flufi> ok, Nigger ; <+MrYeah> :< Alcoholic
#94 <Flufi> I wanna cut people Alcoholic
#95 <+MrYeah> bitch please. ; <+nub123> no bitches for you. ; <+MrYeah> :< Alcoholic
#96 <@Alcoholic> we don't need no stupid spambots =D ; <PoPoPoP> you have nub Alcoholic
#97 * afk1337 is now away - Reason : watching pr0n MrYeah
#98 <Alcoholic> reminds of when i played runescape, female character comes up to me and asks "am i hot?" "no, you're a low-resolution bunch of pixels" MrYeah
#99 * nub123 was kicked by Alcoholic ([email protected] Reason (horse porn) MrYeah
#100 <Alcoholic> when you go from hungary to germany you can tell how close you are by looking at how the cats are getting fatter MrYeah
#101 <Alcoholic> My hair slowly disappearing? No, i have better, longer and more hair than you. My hair is epic. MrAway
#102 <+MrYeah> mrbob bob spam Alcoholic
#103 <@Loch> fils de chien; <@Loch> but im guessing its plural: mrbob fil de chien MrYeah
#104 <@Alcoholic> ibetter gtg now before i lose my ability to type ; <Alcoholic> shit, it happened Alcoholic
#105 <@Alcoholic> nitro is for pussies; if i want nitro, i just fart MrYeah
#106 <Alcoholic> tbh, i've never ever seen as many bouncing titties as today Biddle
#107 <Loch> "Dickinson"....Dick-in-son. MrYeah
#108 <Loch> now start and do stupid yt videos to become rich!!! MrYeah
#109 <Loch> "Bob connected from Sweden."; "Bob: hi"; "Me: lol bob"; "Bob: ?" MrYeah
#110 <@Alcoholic> i could record my fart, draw a dick in the spectrogram, and it could make kewl music - iris works like that Vukimi
#111 <Alcoholic> you mean to say i don't have a nice ass? <Loch> i dont want this to end in a "pic or it didnt happen" situation MrYeah
#112 <ChickenWTF> qffùmbsmbgsgg!!?; <Loch> almost posted similar stuff today cause my cat fell on my keyboard, what's your excuse? Loch
#113 <@Alcoholic> and the other one is hawt? <@Vukimi> so-so <@Alcoholic> then your mission is clear <@Loch> lead her to alco =) in alcos sexy cave. Vukimi
#114 <Alcoholic> porn doesn't satisfy you anymore and you need vid of me dancomg that? =D <Vukimi> you know you're sexy =)) MrYeah
#115 <Loch> my asshair is now long enough to bang with it <Alcoholic> you can bang people with your hair? MrYeah
#116 <Loch> a dinosaur taking a shit in a flying frying pan, while masturbating is more normal than alcos music taste Alcoholic
#117 <Alcoholic> i feel insulted, that you'd think it takes me long to get panties wet MrYeah
#118 <+Pandake> FAPFAPFAP ; * Pandake ([email protected]) Quit ( Quit: Kmoe ff Jizze, kut. ) Alcoholic
#119 <Loch> bye mah nigga ChickenWTF ; <ChickenWTF> no ; <Loch> dont let dem policemen get ya Alcoholic
#120 <@Vukimi> why is his right butt bigger than his left butt MrYeah
#121 <Loch> i smell like rainbow unicorn poo MrYeah
#122 <Alcoholic> holy shit i have some fucking long nipple hairs, what the fuck MrYeah
#123 <@Vukimi> alcoholic ; <@Vukimi> you are gay and homosex Alcoholic
#124 <@|Doom3|> You need to be channel master or higher to be able to not give a shit. MrYeah
#125 <Flufi> If your going to start talking shit to me, talk to my ass cuz his the only one who gives a crap. MrYeah
#126 * afk1337 is now away - Reason : fapppnginglggggg MrYeah
#127 <MrYeah> congratz 4 1st female in clan lulz <Alcoholic> but we alredy has loch <Loch> dont geddit <Alcoholic> long hair =D MrYeah
#128 <Flufi> Fuck i'm oficially gay MrYeah
#129 <@Alcoholic> mryeah pls explane ; <+MrYeah> stop calling me mrbob :< Alcoholic
#130 <Alcoholic> curves are a bitch to work with ; i'd rather work on a bitch's curves =D Alcoholic
#131 <@Loch> i am now a cactus Alcoholic
#132 * Loch was kicked by |Doom3| ([email protected] Reason (faget) MrYeah
#133 <Flufi> Pandake ; <+Pandake> what ; <Flufi> fuk u Alcoholic
#134 <DiSky> ok now it's clear: Alco + Loch = a skyzophrenian bish :D MrYeah
#135 <Loch> in germany we say "Lecken Sie mich im Arsche, sie Fotzenknecht!" MrYeah
#136 <Flufi> i fuck eyes MrYeah
#137 <Alcoholic> tea like talks to me MrYeah
#138 <+MrYeah> bet she'll enjoy mah 18ft tall glory up his anus Loch
#139 <|Doom3|> Current weather in Hitlersee (Poland): [...] Forecast for tonight: Cloudy with a few showers. [...] Loch
#140 <@Loch> I CAN T RENALISG Alcoholic
#141 <Miatec> Dubstep sex, but with it you can get laid x) MrYeah
#142 <Loch> urt? cod is betr :) ; * Loch ([email protected]) Quit ( Read error: Connection reset by peer ) MrYeah
#143 <Alcoholic> holy shit i smell, you could cut diamonds with this stench MrYeah
#144 <Loch> guess what im on <MrYeah> ur mom <Loch> yes :) MrYeah
#145 <MrYeah> but Urban Terror can't into # ; <Loch> #wewanthashtaginurbanterror Alcoholic
#146 <@Alcoholic> fucking jumpcats MrYeah`
#147 <+nub123> WHO BOT LANE ; <+nub123> :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Alcoholic
#148 <+MrYeah> dafuq with nigga's penis Alcoholic
#149 <@Loch> at least im a fine faget Alcoholic
#150 <+MrYeah> nub123 med ; <+nub123> i kill your family Alcoholic
#151 <Alcoholic> sometimes i have to shit down my computer MrYeah
#152 <@Alcoholic> pc is restarting [...] no it isn't lol; * Alcoholic ([email protected]) Quit ( Read error: Connection reset by peer ) MrYeah
#153 <Alcoholic> am i a sexual predator? MrYeah
#154 <@Alcoholic> i will listen to french music with porno sounds before going to sleep MrYeah
#155 <@Alcoholic> x) MrYeah
#156 <Salad> 10 dollars and i can be all over you too Alcoholic
#157 <Loch> my anus shines like a million hot suns btw MrYeah
#158 <@Alcoholic> if you touch me again while i'm taking a shit i will break your kneecaps MrYeah
#159 <@|Doom3|> No results found for "tentacle rape horseporn" (in web). ````
#160 <@|Doom3|> No results found for "boobs" (in web). MrYeah
#161 <Pr3acher> u have kids Loch? MrYeah
#162 <@|Doom3|> No results found for "urban terror deathrun server with faggots on it" (in web). MrYeah
#163 <nub123> someone use a pokeball on pr3acher MrYeah
#164 <Loch> a hole is a hole MrYeah
#165 <+Pr3acher> wee > ice MrYeah
#166 <MrYeah> youre pretty Loch Loch
#167 <+Pr3acher> my ball hair is around 12cm; if you wanna know <webchatfgt> nigga that ain't even as long as my nipple hairs MrYeah
#168 <MrYeah> Pénis éléphantesque; :D Loch
#169 <webchatfgt> Alcoholic is a faggot MrYeah
#170 <Loch> i invented the art of compliment trolling MrYeah`
#171 <MrYeah> also check your privileges while you're a tit Loch
#172 <Loch> i change my ip every hour; otherwise its gross MrYeah
#173 <Alcoholic> hi Alcoholic MrYeah
#174 Pr3acher | x) Pr3acher
#175 * Alcoholic changes topic to '8pol'; <Alcoholic> fuck; i thought that's the search bar MrYeah
#176 <Loch> i performed the shizzle-biddle, or as we call it where im from the bedizzle many a time MrYeah
#177 <Alcoholic> brb fucking myself MrYeah

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