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  Channel Information
Channel information for #chamber_of_secrets on QuakeNet
Channel: #chamber_of_secrets (Chat Now!)
Bot: |Utopia|
Joined: 2010-12-18 21:44
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 73

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Channel settings:
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-bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans +enforcebans
-flood +greet +google -hidelogs
+image +infobot +massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo +restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle +vote +weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: *!*@*
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Not activated
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Warn user on first violation, kick on second violation
Enforced modes:
Enforced topic: || C || o || S || -

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Logs page: Access restricted. Required level: Friend
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
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Statistics language: Not localized (English)

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
StefanJ Owner 2019-02-18 01:25
Riflessi Master 2019-02-13 03:06
SeeD|Quacky Op 2019-02-13 18:50
kauboy Op 2018-11-26 14:34
idklollol Op 2019-02-16 17:08
Lasyltherni Op 2017-02-15 02:41
Cyn Op 2018-07-12 00:27
Minixmix Op 2019-01-23 14:53
Enwrath Friend 2018-12-11 10:14
RonimuZ Friend 2019-01-23 14:53
Vesilasi Friend 2019-02-17 21:51
1 owner, 1 master, 6 ops, 0 voices and 3 friends added to the bot

 No greetings are added on this channel

ID Quote Added by
#1 [2010-12-04 00:30:40] <avecci> my ass looks good? :D Stefan_J
#2 [23:56] <+avecci> and Stefan_J :* Stefan_J
#3 [21:10:51] <triviabot> Question 8 (food): A banana is not a fruit, but a what? [21:10:59] <Lasyltherni> *blush* Stefan_J
#4 [13:30:21] <Lasyltherni> o.O [13:30:40] <DevilNith> O.o [13:30:58] <Stefan_J> :3 Stefan_J
#5 [2010-12-28 00:50:22] <avecci> this channel is evil Stefan_J
#6 [2010-12-29 15:22:41] <QuackySleeeeps> to the fertility lab! Stefan_J
#7 [2010-12-31 01:16:03] <Lasyltherni> Didn't aim for romance. [2010-12-31 01:16:31] <Lasyltherni> Just porn. Stefan_J
#8 [2010-12-25 15:45:10] <DevilNith> Stefan_J sinä olet minun homokamelini. Stefan_J
#9 [2011-01-02 03:25:56] <QuackySleeeps> bring in the big black cock! Stefan_J
#10 [2011-01-02 14:58:59] <Erius> he just ordered someone to rape me on #[email protected] :| Stefan_J
#11 [2011-01-05 14:37:00] <Stefan_J> C'mon people, this is place to have fun and get raped. Stefan_J
#12 [00:25:22] <avecci> they see me trollin' [00:25:24] <avecci> they rapin' Stefan_J
#13 [2011-01-07 15:36:55] <ioss> only s(he) can rape me Stefan_J
#14 [2011-01-07 17:54:08] <Stefan_J> I rape Filipinos on random. Stefan_J
#15 <Stefan_J> For some reason, I'm starting to understand Hitler with Jews... :D QuackySleeeeps
#16 <Stefan_J> I'm just watching photos of half-naked Finns. QuackySleeeeps
#17 [2011-01-10 22:41:01] * Okkius kisses avecci Stefan_J
#18 [19:18:33] <Orava> Freedom! [19:18:33] <--| Orava has left #Chamber_of_Secrets [19:19:13] <Erius> hmmm... he propably watched how Braveheart ended Stefan_J
#19 [19:09:26] <BANAANS> WHO DARES TO SUMMON ME [19:09:28] <ioss> MY LOOVVEEEE Stefan_J
#20 [13:45:02] * ioss changes doctor to gay doctor [13:46:00] * ioss gay doctor fixes penis. Stefan_J
#21 [00:03:22] <Stefan_J> You don't use protection? :O [00:03:31] <DevilNith> I like it bare. Stefan_J
#22 [2011-01-16 03:41:07] * QuackySleeeeps shits out an egg Stefan_J
#23 [21:53:28] <Finko> I SEAT ON HIM!!!!1111 Stefan_J
#24 [2011-01-21 01:03:21] <QuackySleeeeps> i have a lovely anus Stefan_J
#26 [2011-01-21 18:12:52] <Natty> Stefan_J IS AN INTERNET PREDATOR WHO KEEPS AN EYE FOR UNDERAGE KIDS!!! Stefan_J
#27 [2011-01-23 19:01:05] <Juikkeli> I'm Hermione Stefan_J
#28 [2011-01-24 16:02:29] <Lasyltherni> I'll tell you if you provide me with pictures of naked avec and TTi09. :D Stefan_J
#29 [2011-01-24 16:16:38] <Juikkeli> chamber_of_secrets - Best IRC-channel ever Stefan_J
#30 [2011-01-25 13:41:10] <YD`_> имате велике сисе! Stefan_J
#31 (19:19:42) (+Labsters) Kammo is not gay, but his boyfriend is! YD
#32 [19:20:26] <Kammo> kaller is my husband. Wd had eWedding Stefan_J
#33 [2011-02-03 01:24:45] <YD> well dn is epic Stefan_J
#34 [2011-02-06 13:46:08] <TehMol> i don't spam :( .. i'm just .. having fun ? :P Stefan_J
#35 [2011-02-06 22:53:22] <QuackySleeeeps> we could pretend to be girls? Stefan_J
#36 [2011-02-07 14:25:20] <MattiX> I play with myself Stefan_J
#37 [22:33:07] <|Utopia|> Quote #26: [2011-01-21 18:12:52] <Natty> Stefan_J IS AN INTERNET PREDATOR WHO KEEPS AN EYE FOR UNDERAGE KIDS!!! [22:33:20] <Hra> sounds more like me :3 Stefan_J
#38 [2011-02-14 15:22:34] <Kertsi> i am sexy beast Stefan_J
#39 (22:53:11) (+nupa) Stefan_J, why you wanna know everyones height? (22:54:18) (@Stefan_J) nupa, I'm just being nice, usually I ask about penis size. :D YD`
#40 <Stefan_J> Sliphie might be the youngest person raped by me. xD <Stefan_J> 8th-grader. QuackySleeeeps
#41 (22:18:54) (+MattiX) you're using your penis on a girl? YD
#42 [2011-02-26 21:28:16] <YD> Currently, I'm horny. Stefan_J
#43 <Stefan_J> Time to watch some German gay porn. -> QuackySleeeeps
#44 [22:56:27] <[OvO]wl> one thing i can't stand and that's slow fetish porn torrents [22:59:26] <QuackySleeeeps> i feel yo pain Stefan_J
#45 [20:52:14] <Labsters> welcome to the gay bar [20:52:17] <Stefan_J> Not as gay as you are. Stefan_J
#46 [2011-03-12 00:32:58] <QuackySleeeeps> TO THE DECONTAMINATION SHOWER!!! Stefan_J
#47 [2011-03-13 00:54:55] <porquilho> today when i was choosing a nice shirt to wear at the party i spend 15 minutes trying womens shirts Stefan_J
#48 [2011-03-19 01:28:09] <Silkkis> I',m always nervous when I drive idf I'm not drunk Stefan_J
#49 (@Stefan_J) [OvO]wl: (@Stefan_J) Some porn for you. ;) YD
#50 [2011-03-24 20:51:13] <YD> We both know that gaydom rules this channel. Stefan_J
#51 <Stefan_J> Yeah, I'm the king of fools. :< QuackySleeeeps
#52 [2011-03-26 10:41:33] <YD> i only smoke weed when i need to Stefan_J
#53 [2011-03-27 19:33:44] <YD`> Stefan_J i want you to be my love toy Stefan_J
#54 <Stefan_J> I've seen gay scissoring once. :D QuackySleeeeps
#55 [2011-03-28 22:34:29] <YD> gayness is coming over me.. ;_; im already soaked in it just by joining this channel Stefan_J
#56 [2011-03-29 20:37:50] <YD`> just inserted a spoon into my butthole Stefan_J
#57 [2011-03-30 00:17:23] <QuackySleeeeps> jebem ti supu od isusovih kostiju Stefan_J
#58 [19:50:44] <MattiX> women aren't worth beating people up [19:51:09] <QuackySleeeeps> unless its a ladyboi thaifighter Stefan_J
#59 <YD> damn I need buttsex QuackySleeeeps
#60 <soup> i dont think my penis has voting rights QuackySleeeeps
#61 (+soup) i love vaginas (@Stefan_J) Show. :) * +soup pulls down Stefan_J's pants Hugo`
#62 [2011-04-06 18:37:13] <kuku> putting buttplug to avoid rape Stefan_J
#63 [19:42:46] <Niittimies> Witch burn! [19:43:08] <Niittimies> Stefan_J is defenately one Stefan_J
#64 <Niittimies> and dadaism is good if 1) You're drunken 2) smoked some weed 3) You're Stefan_J Stefan_J
#65 [2011-04-08 15:12:52] <JamTzu> I sucked my girlfriends dick Stefan_J
#66 <YD`> ill rape you in a sec, porquilho QuackySleeeeps
#67 <Stefan_J> JamTzu, would you tie drug, tie and rape her? <JamTzu> yes <Stefan_J> Little creep. :3 <Enwrath> Have you done it already? * Stefan_J hugs JamTzu. <JamTzu> :3 Stefan_J
#68 <Stefan_J> Don't let anyone know that I have naked pics of underage! :O QuackySleeeeps
#69 [2011-04-09 22:42:42] <lahnaa> When my penis goes hard, it kinda goes inside and then I look like a girl Stefan_J
#70 [2011-04-09 23:09:49] <Erius> I just licked my friends testacles one hour ago Stefan_J
#71 [2011-04-09 23:14:55] <Stefan_J> How can you talk to a friend when sober after licking his balls? O_o Stefan_J
#72 (01:01:11) (+Yebo) vodkatampons YD`
#73 <Stefan_J> Tell him that he's rude. <Stefan_J> But if he really wants he can lick my cock. QuackySleeeeps
#74 [18:58:41] * soup strokes himself [18:58:51] * Niittimies helps soup [18:59:01] <soup> ^-^ Stefan_J
#75 <JamTzu> I had sex with my friend <JamTzu> passionate sex <Stefan_J> Male or female? xD <Arct1ca> I don't have to dream that <JamTzu> passionate gay sex Stefan_J
#76 <Stefan_J> "Male penises". * JamTzu has boner Stefan_J
#77 [2011-04-11 21:56:35] <Niittimies> I don't want to ride anything that dreams about kinderkarden Stefan_J
#78 -->| YOU (Stefan_J) have joined #Chamber_of_Secrets <Niittimies> hide! <Niittimies> The one who shall not be named is here Stefan_J
#79 [2011-04-13 17:52:52] <Niittimies> and I am love machine, best quality Stefan_J
#80 <rusakko> Yes. I eat babies. <rusakko> After skullfucking them. QuackySleeeeps
#81 [2011-04-16 13:32:39] <Hoitoponi> Stefan_J I want you inside me Stefan_J
#82 <JamTzu> secret butt fun * Stefan_J gives JamTzu some buttfun. <Hochelus[SK]> can I get some buttfun too? :P * Stefan_J gives Hochelus[SK] buttfun really hard and deep. QuackySleeeeps
#83 <Stefan_J> Duck, London is the world's 7th best city for gays to live in. :D <Labsters> chamber of secrets is 1st Stefan_J
#84 [2011-04-19 18:56:04] <Hoitoponi> There is nothing wrong with bestiality :p Stefan_J
#85 [2011-04-19 21:14:58] * juuj put his hands in zed_s panties :3 Stefan_J
#86 [2011-04-19 21:19:27] <zed_> Tukiainen is beautiful <3 Stefan_J
#87 [2011-04-19 21:32:58] * juuj grabs Wendys large sparkling penis and lick it gently :3 Stefan_J
#88 [2011-04-18 01:17:08] <QuackySleeeeps> id love to buttfuck the ayatollah Stefan_J
#89 <Niittimies> Eat this * Niittimies gives Hoitoponi something to eat Stefan_J
#90 <Hoitoponi> You're a poopy head :,( <Niittimies> That's your head, and that's a mirror Stefan_J
#91 [2011-04-20 19:55:59] <Hoitoponi> fuck me labsters one more time Stefan_J
#92 <Stefan_J> Duck, I've seen better guys fucking a watermelon. QuackySleeeeps
#93 * Nupa takes out his shotgun <Labsters> "shotgun" or shotgun <Nupa> both Stefan_J
#94 [2011-04-21 22:07:32] <MattiX> Stefan_J
#95 [2011-04-22 13:12:09] <erech> Stop it! My butt hurts! Stefan_J
#96 <Arct1ca> I'm not related to my dog <Stefan_J> So you can have sex with him? <Arct1ca> Yes Stefan_J
#97 [2011-04-23 12:30:33] * Hoitoponi streches his asshole open, releasing a gate to hell, spawning demons within and bringing about the destruction of the world. Stefan_J
#98 <Labsters> he looks like weird gay person <Labsters> who has 24/7 rapeface <MattiX> don't we all... Stefan_J
#99 <soup> yes Stefan_J is in my pants atm QuackySleeeps
#100 <Stefan_J> But I wanna see you. :( <Hoitoponi> Do you have a fap folder with pictures of this channels users faces badly photoshopped in gay porno pictures? <Enwrath> Do you even need to ask? Stefan_J
#101 [2011-05-01 15:33:36] <MrManiack> I have small penis, very smal penis - you, Sir, have giant penis, really giant penis! Stefan_J
#102 <dj-jakku> Damn i really wish i could doo much romantic stuff at her but not atm <Elsamba> ATM= ASS TO MOUTH? QuackySleeeeps
#103 <rusakko> We should sharpen our steel and be ready whenever we go fishing <rusakko> A longsword comes in handy when a bloodthirsty swan attacks you out of the blue <rusakko> Not to speak of a shield QuackySleeeeps
#104 <@Stefan_J> I want to get some Arabic influence in me. :3 <@Stefan_J> I want an Arabian prince. ^^ QuackySleeeeps
#105 <+soup> my penis is not usb-compatible QuackySleeeeps
#106 <@Stefan_J> I like any minor. QuackySleeeeps
#107 [2011-05-07 01:31:59] <rusakko> NOW HERE, HAVE SOME GOOD MEDICINE!! 8D Stefan_J
#108 <Stefan_J> I've just seen the movie with worst last 15 min ever. :| <Stefan_J> I mean, imagine how bad it is when even a gay rape couldn't make it better for me. D: QuackySleeeeps
#109 <Fis> in vain I raised the topic of riddles) <Fis> Now I do not understand what you say)) Stefan_J
#110 <+MattiX> When you think about it, regular gay sex actually has a 100% increase on the amount of manliness generated from regular heterosexual sex. Twice the amount of man in the approximately same time. Homosexuality is clearly the most efficient way of raising one's manliness. Enwrath
#111 <Stefan_J> Naked Filipinos covered in foam rubbing their bodies. :D QuackySleeeeps
#112 [2011-05-11 06:48:55] * Leevi22 revive HornyNith Stefan_J
#113 <MattiX> I live alone :3 <MattiX> I can watch pony all day Stefan_J
#114 <MattiX> more fucking highlits <Enwrath> I feel your pain. Stefan_J
#115 [2011-05-11 20:15:42] <Yebo> this is weirdest channel im in Stefan_J
#116 <+Hoitoponi> Labsters tasted Nith's semen with his tongue and Said. "You came hard." MattiX
#117 <Hoitoponi> Does he have trained killer bears that rape infants? <Stefan_J> Worse. :D <Stefan_J> Syrian army. Stefan_J
#118 [2011-05-12 22:22:18] <soup> i'm in love with rebecca black Stefan_J
#119 [21:21] <@Stefan_J> my whole existence is flawed Enwrath
#120 <Stefan_J> riiista, I'm too shy to rape girls. :3 QuackySleeeeps
#121 <Niittimies> and call the youth priest <Niittimies> for one other thing <Stefan_J> Youth Priest serves teens? ;) <Niittimies> very funny <Niittimies> but his job is to keep in touch with young ppl QuackySleeeeps
#122 [2011-05-18 22:04:17] <Niittimies> who would talk about anal inserts and spiky cocks with full mental understanding Stefan_J
#123 [2011-05-19 10:55:00] <Althir> Tuksu is so hot :3 Stefan_J
#124 <+Hoitoponi> "Silly people.Ass has no gender. Just fuck it." QuackySleeeeps
#125 <+MattiX> it's a well known fact that you can easily insert anything into yourself by just sitting on it QuackySleeeeps
#126 <Stefan_J> Do you believe I would really rape you? xD <Enwrath> After seeing my beautiful body, there would be no way you could resist doing it ;) Stefan_J
#127 <Niittimies> "wait, I'm wanking" QuackySleeeeps
#128 <Niittimies> You drink alone in front of computer <Niittimies> and get e-raped by serbian guy <Niittimies> Sounds awesome friday to me Stefan_J
#129 <rusakko> Rusakko's are rapeable animals anyway. :) QuackySleeeeps
#130 <Stefan_J> That Jesus camp is great place for some gaysex. QuackySleeeeps
#131 [17:02] <@Stefan_J> !imp SlytherinRexEst [17:02] <@Basilisk> I Feel You in my pants. ( Depeche Mode - I Feel You ) YD`
#132 <Wendy> sitting on the floor. <porquilho> how does it feel ? <Stefan_J> Hahahaha. <Labsters> Wendy isn't so bright :| <Silkkis> Pancakes <3<3<3 <Stefan_J> Randomness! \o/ Stefan_J
#133 <Hoitoponi> now fuck real *Stefan_J mounts Hoitoponi. Stefan_J
#134 <ALTHiR> Does someone have that goldfish pron video <ALTHiR> I need it nao QuackySleeeeps
#135 <Stefan_J> dimape, how old are you? :) <Stefan_J> You seem to be cool guy. :D <dimape> Stefan_J I'm 21 <Stefan_J> Nice. :D <Stefan_J> Ever been raped? QuackySleeeeps
#136 <Stefan_J> I have a cool STD now. QuackySleeeeps
#137 <Stefan_J> Labsters, you sound so gay. :) <Labsters> but I am :< Stefan_J
#138 <Stefan_J> I don't know if I've ever raped a bird. <Pingviini> it's worth trying <Stefan_J> I know I've raped ponies and rabbits. * Stefan_J rapes Pingviini. QuackySleeeeps
#139 <QuackySleeeeps> Niittimies dreams of jesus <Niittimies> more I dream about being missionary <Niittimies> than Jesus <QuackySleeeps> missionary position Stefan_J
#140 [2011-05-29 15:16:30] <Niittimies> Opening irc links is like volunteering for a rape Stefan_J
#141 <riiista> sajkhdsakjasd i fuck my eyes soon V_V *Nupa rapes riiista's eyes <Nupa> now you don't have to fuck them :) <riiista> :) Nupa, you are my hero <3 Stefan_J
#142 <Kertsi> wow <Kertsi> how it can be so long *Kertsi staring his own dick Stefan_J
#143 <Will_Turner> i might be your little bitch <Will_Turner> but not a girl Stefan_J
#144 <rauh> i need a girlfriend <rauh> who enjoys her bananas by pushing them in vagina and sucking nice slite out at a time Stefan_J
#145 <Duerth> nah everyone loves pedo and bestiality <Stefan_J> So, you do, Duerth? :D <YD`> who doesnt Stefan_J
#146 [2011-06-02 16:02:46] <Hoitoponi> I like girls with dick piercings Stefan_J
#147 [2011-06-03 20:17:22] <Niittimies> why conversations in this channel lead to fisting, penetration or rape? Stefan_J
#148 <Stefan_J> OMG, I want these robes Pope is wearing in Croatia now. :| QuackySleeeeps
#149 <Agent2479> i want penis skin dammit QuackySleeeeps
#150 <Stefan_J> YD`, can I imagine your balls? ^^ QuackySleeeeps
#151 <[SaD]Omena> im handling new kittens <Lurvinator> I'm eating kittens :| <YD`> lets rape kittens Stefan_J
#152 <tefan_J> soups penis lacks many functions. <QuackySleeeeps> it does <QuackySleeeeps> mine has multitaskingcapabilities Stefan_J
#153 <rauh> You won't have any sex for the last of the week!!!! >:( <Stefan_J> :O <Stefan_J> But it's MONDAY! <rauh> YES <Stefan_J> D: <rauh> I AM A EVIL BITCH Stefan_J
#154 * @erech recites the unholy incantantion of summoning of the dark gayoverlord Stefan Jelic ios
#155 <nuupster> every man has tasted sperm sometime in life <nuupster> they dont just want to admit it Stefan_J
#156 [2011-06-08 21:01:57] <Labsters> kaurakeksi, it gets bit weird when you get raped by jesus, lobster and pony :| Stefan_J
#157 <Labsters> tomoffinland <Labsters> he is my idol Stefan_J
#158 [23:08] <+Molen> Stefan_J add me with something [23:09] <@YD`> it MUST contain: gays, animals, pedo or bi [23:10] <+Molen> i'm loving the translucent pants of my dad. Mmm.. Lovely! Enwrath
#159 <wag0nite> Shes pretty hot. Atleast when she was ten Stefan_J
#160 <Hoitoponi> Master Nupa, when shall I lick your boots with a dragon dildo up my ass again? Stefan_J
#161 <Stefan_J> My penis isn't small nor nice. :/ QuackySleeeeps
#162 <ios> Stefan_J's penis isn't small. <ios> my ass knows it. Stefan_J
#163 <Hoitoponi> kaurakeksi came so hard his ping timed out Stefan_J
#164 <Stefan_J> I ate pizza yesterday, but I want it again now. :< <QuackySleeeeps> vomit and repeat <Stefan_J> I think I've digested most of it by now. <QuackySleeeeps> rabbit style Stefan_J <QuackySleeeeps> shit and repeat QuackySleeeeps
#165 <Hoitoponi> SATAN <Hoitoponi> GUIDE MY COCK!!! Stefan_J
#166 <Hoitoponi> kaurakeksi is shota :3 <Stefan_J> :3333 <Stefan_J> Uke shota? <Hoitoponi> Yes :3 <Hoitoponi> Me and labsters are seme <Hoitoponi> except when we are together <Stefan_J> :DDD <Hoitoponi> Then labsters is seme Stefan_J
#167 <rauh> en kyl ole maistanu spermaa <rauh> mut oonkin viel nuori Stefan_J
#168 <Hoitoponi> and every person from boys to girls, toddlers to elderly shall massage my penis Stefan_J
#169 Enwrath was kicked by |Utopia| (Banned) MattiX
#170 <Nupa> my anal is too big because of your dick Stefan_J
#171 <Sean_> how can ones anal be too big :P <QuackySleeeeps> when you can take a watermelon without feeling it Stefan_J
#172 <Stefan_J> kaurakeksi is a boy. :P <Labsters> he is not :| Stefan_J
#173 <Stefan_J> It's gay to rape a man, not to be raped by one. <Stefan_J> I prefer to be gay. QuackySleeeeps
#174 <Labsters> cute little girl owns me '>,> <ios> i own labsters Stefan_J
#175 <Labsters> if I just little.. *Labsters pets Pingu <Labsters> Natty will never know Stefan_J
#176 <Molen> I'm bicurious to do it with Stefan_J. bb Stefan_J
#177 <Stefan_J> I'm Leninist rapist. QuackySleeeeps
#178 <Stefan_J> Who's Veteli? <Labsters> faggot <Stefan_J> lol <Natty> he's in the right channel then i guess Stefan_J
#179 * H0170p0n1 has joined #chamber_of_secrets <+limeninja> rapists everywhere MattiX
#180 <@Stefan_J> I will remember this day when YD` hugged me. :3 ios
#181 (00:57:07) (+rauh) stefan (00:57:48) (+rauh) it is not long time ago since i last had sex (00:58:08) (+rauh) and im thinking only about when will i have sex next time (01:01:25)  -› Quit: +rauh ([email protected]) (G-lined) YD`
#182 <Cessos> Why did liero get ops <Stefan_J> Cessos, because he's so cute and nice. ^^ <Cessos> And he has a heviletti? <Enwrath> Indeed. Stefan_J
#183 <Stefan_J> But then you don't like me. :< <limeninja> ;__; i'd love to have hot homo sex with you Stefan_J
#184 <Hoitoponi> Fuck Im in the level of a 4-year-old Stefan_J
#185 <ios> YD` do you love me :<< =-= Mode #chamber_of_secrets +b ios!*@* by YD` Stefan_J
#186 <Nupa> this channel is evil. Full of sick porn and pedophiles Stefan_J
#187 <Niittimies> remove or stop high lightning me <Niittimies> i'm destroying greece :> < Stefan_J> lol <Stefan_J> Now that's a True Finn. Stefan_J
#188 <QuackySleeeeps> why do you like my big black cock so much Stefan_J
#189 <Hra> I saw penis last night... Stefan's penis <Hra> it was huge <Hra> and i had an urge to suck it Stefan_J
#190 <Hoitoponi> I love when the xbox360 controller vibrates :3 <Hoitoponi> I can place it in top of my dick and imagine bill gates is giving me a handjob :3 Stefan_J
#191 <Hoitoponi> Labsters is the greatest pedo here :3 MattiX
#192 <Labsters> Stefan is the greatest Stefan_J
#193 <Hochelus[SK]> I came here because of ponies :D Stefan_J
#194 <QuackySleeeeps> i know some happy lesbians lasy * Niittimies smiles Stefan_J
#195 <Stefan_J> limeninja, be a good boy, go take some shirtless pics. :3 QuackySleeeeps
#196 <YD`> i thought you have been banned <lklklkll> me? <lklklkll> for what? <YD`> not showing pics of your wide and long cock to either me or stefan Stefan_J
#197 (22:55:35)  - +ALTHiR was kicked by Lasyltherni (ALTHiR) YD`
#198 (@YD`) phucking 4|\|DR34 (+ALTHiR) Fucking Andrea - +ALTHiR was kicked by Lasyltherni (ALTHiR) YD`
#199 <YD`> i like 2d porn with supa mario Stefan_J
#200 [22:04] <+MattiX> the 200th quote doesn't need to be any better than any other Enwrath
#201 <Nia> Juhaaha is so cute shemale ^__^ Stefan_J
#202 [13:14:52] <+ALTHiR> Hentai > Girlfriend ios
#203 <Foss> what for am I here *Stefan_J rapes Foss. Stefan_J
#204 <ALTHiR> I FORGOT MY ID CARD <ALTHiR> TO SUPERMARKET <YD`> i forgot my buttplug Stefan_J
#205 <YD`> fuck me in the ass Stefan_J
#206 [22:03] <@Stefan_J> Finland sucks. Enwrath
#207 * Enwrath chooses erech. Use slap attack! * erech slaps Enwrath bit around with a leek Stefan_J
#208 <ALTHiR> Itchy butthole * Stefan_J rapes ALTHiR. <Stefan_J> Itchy more? :3 kekeke
#209 <+limeninja> i once had old friend <+limeninja> true story actually, but he wasn't my friend MattiX
#210 <QuackySleeeeps> im afraid of the big bad wolf <MattiX> I'm afraid I could fly <MattiX> wait, it doesn't go like that Stefan_J
#211 <Elsamba> I think im addicted to trolling Natty
#212 <limeninja> why i am watching someone rubbing his cock <Stefan_J> limeninja, because he's cute? :3 <limeninja> because i accitendly clicked link xe Stefan_J
#213 <Szaryx> Since now, this is channel where you can talk about harry potter and all things related to it! Stefan_J
#214 <Szaryx> (length*diameter+weight/Volume)/angle^2 Stefan_J
#215 <Elsamba> Im always scared when im about to click links in this channel <porquilho> yea <porquilho> me too Elsamba <porquilho> i always make sure no1 is in the room with me <Elsamba> me too! Stefan_J
#216 <Elsamba> 1.Put porn on ur computer 2. Not gay porn and let ur friends come in 3.???? 4. Profit <Stefan_J> 5. All friends start fapping. <Elsamba> thats number 4 <Elsamba> Profit Stefan_J
#217 <onnex> Because you deopped Enwrath :( <Stefan_J> He was evil to me. <onnex> He didn't mean that! <Enwrath> I didn't? Stefan_J
#218 <MattiX> it contains superman and a man in a rainbow-colored jacket <MattiX> (no homo) Stefan_J
#219 * DevilNith incests Elsamba Stefan_J
#220 <ALTHiR> Chamber of Secrets: Write a poem - Chat goes into gay talk <ios> ALTHiR, normal Stefan_J
#221 <Elsamba> I find this channel hard to masturbate to Stefan_J
#222 <Duerth> I'm a hermaphrodite DevilNith> I knewit. <DevilNith> That's why I wanted to rape you often. Stefan_J
#223 <Hoitoponi> It is my sexual final fantasy to have sephiroth shove his 7-foot sword up in my ass :3 Stefan_J
#224 <Labsters> Stefan disguised as Deathclaw raped Catrik? <Juhaaha> suddenly wild Stefan the Rapeclaw appeares <Juhaaha> Stefan uses Gangbang! it's super effective Stefan_J
#225 <QuackySleeeeeps> its surprising heterosexual here today, wtf is going on <Elsamba> stefan is not here <Arct1ca> QuackySleeeeeps, Stefan is not online Stefan_J
#226 <Stefan_J> I'd love to see limeninja in oversized shorts. <DevilNith> I'd love to see limeninja without the oversized shorts. Stefan_J
#227 <DevilNith> Stefan_J on minun narttuni. :P Stefan_J
#228 <Stefan_J> I feel like an evil Nazi. :| Stefan_J
#229 <Stakerauo> I'm a viking !! I don't need a reason to fuck sheep !! Stefan_J
#230 <Stakerauo> but I'm 16 in just a few mounts so get the hell on top of me allready !!! Stefan_J
#231 <Stefan_J> ios, I think YD` wants sex with you. <Sniper1> who doesnt? Stefan_J
#232 * Stefan_J feeds Nupa. ;) <Nupa> With sperm? <Stefan_J> Sure. <Nupa> You are my hero <3 Stefan_J
#233 <Stakerauo> Nith... Do you want to marry me like a boss? Stefan_J
#234 <Labsters> riista has "tissit" in hailaits <Labsters> I'm sure of it :| <riiista> yeah :S <riiista> :E because sometimes in other channel boys are talking about my boobs. Stefan_J
#235 <QuackySleeeeps> theyre really not hard though <Labsters> you don't have hands, sucks to be you duck <Labsters> :| <Labsters> btw how you wank then? <DevilNith> I help him wank. Stefan_J
#236 <Nupa> I wish that some day someone would link here just ordinary porn ;__; Stefan_J
#237 <Dr_Spencer_Reid> The only poles going up my arse are the types used with BDSM! Stefan_J
#238 <YD`> my penis is covered with smegma Stefan_J
#239 <QuackySleeeps> i fucking love bulgarian trannies Stefan_J
#240 <Natty> QuackyDuck likes a norwegian duck & wants to have her bootiful ducklings Stefan_J
#241 <ios> does limeninja play? <ios> :3 <limeninja> with penis, yes soon Stefan_J
#242 * ios rapes Stakerauo Stefan_J
#243 <Stakerauo> no gangster quotes ?!?!? :o <Stakerauo> what the hell is wrong with this chat ?? Stefan_J
#244 <ios> WHY EVERY SICK FAGGOT IN WHOLE QUAKENET FINDS THIS FREAKING CHANNEL <Stakerauo> I'm not gay x) <Stakerauo> I just like to ejaculate Stefan_J
#245 <Lurvinator> I'm a whore in a lot more situations Stefan_J
#246 <ALTHiR> I decided to only IRC @ here. <ALTHiR> Other channels are shit -.- Stefan_J
#247 <MuumiJumala> im not doin a thing <MuumiJumala> except fapping Stefan_J
#248 <Juhaaha> hei, where's stefan <QuackySleeeeps> turkmenistan <Juhaaha> wutz <QuackySleeeeps> he won a a competition to visit the gas producing facilities of turkmenistan <QuackySleeeeps> so thats where he went <Nia> lol what <Juhaaha> so now he's raping some workers at gas producing facility? <Nia> of course he is Stefan_J
#249 <Stakerauo> My Little Pony makes me want to have voilent anal sex with you, Hochelus[SK] Stefan_J
#250 <Stakerauo> Stefan_J recruted me to the brotherhood of homoerotic harasment :) <Hochelus[SK]> :O <Hochelus[SK]> as a victim? :D <Stakerauo> I was once a victim >.< <Hochelus[SK]> :< <Stakerauo> Now I'm a proud homo erotic seducer !! xD Stefan_J
#251 <Stakerauo> you is only 12 cm ? <Hochelus[SK]> yep, Stefan_J
#252 <ZaccaD> hey stefan <ZaccaD> omg <ZaccaD> stefan aint here <Juhaaha> this is a sad day for teh internetz Stefan_J
#253 <Stakerauo> this is turning in to a giant orgy O.o Stefan_J
#254 <Stefan_J> Duerth, show me Kamaz. <3 <Duerth> well he's fine though he has no balls anymore Stefan_J
#255 <Hoitoponi> When in doubt, insert your penis into it to see what happens Stefan_J
#256 <Hoitoponi> when sometimes in the future aliens discover the ruins of earth <Hoitoponi> and then they find a computer and see the logs of this channel <Hoitoponi> Then they shall take my advice to their hearts Stefan_J
#257 <pyyno> Horses are for glue and sausage <pyyno> And sodomy Stefan_J
#258 <Stakerauo> It was a fake laugh <MattiX> like your girlfriends orgasms Stefan_J
#259 <Stakerauo> ponies in my heart for ever <3 Stefan_J
#260 <Stakerauo> no, shut up you little offender :) <DevilNith> I'm not a little offender. <DevilNith> I'm a huge offender. >:D Stefan_J
#261 <YD`> ios i want your penis inside me Stefan_J
#262 <+Hoitoponi> just noticed that labsters isnt online in irc <YD`> btw Hoitoponi check 4chan <Stefan_J> YD`, what's there? <YD`> labsters Stefan_J
#263 <DevilNith> DJTaZ has been raped already Stefan_J. <DevilNith> We've been cybering the whole time. Stefan_J
#264 <Stefan_J> Hi, Stakerauo. <Stakerauo> hello, Stefan ;** <Stefan_J> :D <Stefan_J> You so gay. <Stakerauo> I know, I know!! ^^ Stefan_J
#265 <Juhaaha> new medal: <Juhaaha> rape 50 men in 25 different nations <Juhaaha> stefan would have over 9000 of those :D Stefan_J
#266 * Stakerauo licks up his sperm from Stefan's stomach Stefan_J
#267 <MuumiJumala> y not go do something productive like fapping instead of talking about shit like politics Stefan_J
#268 <pyyno> I don't need condoms to rape lamb Stefan_J
#269 <Labsters> where is little girl ios? <Stefan_J> Little girl ios is making a cherry pie. <ios> nope <ios> little girl ios is making a wall in minecraft Stefan_J
#270 <Stakerauo> Nith is a sexy beast :D <QuackySleeeeps> its common knowledge :D Stefan_J
#271 <Stakerauo> could you answer me something ? <Stakerauo> am I going to stay horny for forever ? <RoyManPc> I can help you <RoyManPc> I'm gonna suck your dick till your balls are empty Stefan_J
#272 <Labsters> when you enter #chamber_of_secrets your soul will be corrupted in 10sec Stefan_J
#273 <Hoitoponi> I would just want to get a blowjob from a cute bloodsucker <Hoitoponi> Is that too much to ask ;___; <Catrik> Jesus christ <Hoitoponi> Yes! Thats it! <Hoitoponi> I will ask jesus to make a bloodsucker suck my dick. Stefan_J
#274 <MattiX> stefan is on a dickspree again Stefan_J
#275 <Stakerauo> I can't help it that I like the taste of wheat cookies and cum ... Stefan_J
#276 <Stefan_J> Stakerauo, we're gonna party like it's prom night! ;) <Stefan_J> We're gonna fuck like it's our first time. ;) <Stakerauo> premature ejaculation time !!! :D Stefan_J
#277 <Nupa> Nia, yes. acctually I'm lesbian slut Stefan_J
#278 <Nupa> ohgod <Nupa> I always get horny when someone adds quote about me Stefan_J
#279 <Hoitoponi> That made me almost puke blood from my ears Stefan_J
#280 <QuackySleeeeps> after 2 pics i was like duud this is fucking gay and im in the office <Labsters> :| <Labsters> so you can't fap <Labsters> I understand your pain Stefan_J
#281 * Stakerauo sucks everybody's dick before he leaves. Stefan_J
#282 <ios> I don't hug people <ios> exxpect YD`off <ios> because he is mah bf<3 Stefan_J
#283 <Stakerauo> I rape some babies yes Stefan_J
#284 <Hoobz> I swear, that is freaking me out : D <Stefan_J> Kiitos. :3 <Stefan_J> I like being creepy. <Hoobz> in a goody sexy steaming hot way <Stefan_J> ;) Stefan_J
#285 <Stakerauo> I found that shit pretty disturbing õ.Õ <Stefan_J> Stakerauo, what exactly? <Stakerauo> that I was op :o You're not supposed to be a CoS op unless you're one of the princes from the planes of hell :/ Stefan_J
#286 * Hoobz rapes KocMoHaBT <KocMoHaBT> can't feel a shit, my asshole is too slack because of the army ;) Stefan_J
#287 * Stakerauo fucks YD`s mouth!!! Stefan_J
#288 <Nupa> super Nupa can handle everything <Nupa> except his cock Stefan_J
#289 <ios> PONIES <3 MattiX
#290 <Hoobz> Shall we have sex now. <ios> no <ios> I only make love with YD`<3 <ios> and slug Stefan_J
#291 <YD`> how dare you <YD`> take da name of hakenkreuz in vain Stefan_J
#292 <limeninja> STD's, gotta catch them all Stefan_J
#293 * Catrik shoves his cock up swim's throat <swim> up? <Catrik> Yes <Catrik> Through your anus Stefan_J
#294 * Lurvinator rapes the chamber * subwoofer chambers the rape * Niittimies facepalms Stefan_J
#295 <Stakerauo> you know what? I ejaculate just by the thought that our nicks are so close to eachother when I'm op or you're not op :o Stefan_J
#296 <YD`> slug help <Stefan_J> What do you expect from slug? <slug> sex Stefan_J
#297 <Stakerauo> extremly pretty ^^ I mean, the mix between the light, shadow and pedophilia ! Stefan_J
#298 <Labsters> whats wrong with being evil, sick porn or pedo? <DevilNith> Nothing. Stefan_J
#299 <Elsamba> 1.Put porn on ur computer 2. Not gay porn and let ur friends come in 3.???? 4. Profit <Stefan_J> 5. All friends start fapping. <Elsamba> thats number 4 <Elsamba> Profit <Labsters> thats not true <Stefan_J> You've tried? <Labsters> numer 3 is the fapping part, when you sell their sperm is the profit part Stefan_J
#300 <Catrik> HUNGRY <porquilho> ANGRY <Enkeli> HORNY Stefan_J
#301 <porquilho> 404 <Cursarion> 404'd <Cursarion> must've been good Stefan_J
#302 * Stakerauo sucks touchmypickle's dick as torture for not saying it instantly. Stefan_J
#303 Niittimies has changed the topic to “” | PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING ON RAINBOWS Stefan_J
#304 <Hoitoponi> in reality stefan is a demon with 7 dicks representing the 7 princes of hell :3 <Hoitoponi> He also has a monocle and a top hat Stefan_J
#305 * Kanbro sucks Stefan_J's cock until the juicy white liquid of knowledge flows through my mouth and into my brain * Stakerauo does whatever Kanbro did on Stefan_J. Stefan_J
#306 [19:11:11] <+Stakerauo> Hoobz, your dick is awesome :D DevilNith
#307 <YD`> way better than 4chan <YD`> because <YD`> no necrophilia, pedophilia, bestiality, gaysex penispics hairypenispics <Enkeli> whats wrong with necrophilia? <Stefan_J> No gaysex?! :O <Stakerauo> and pedphilia ?? <Stefan_J> How is that better? :( Stefan_J
#308 <Darker_Immortal> my friend actually put his penis in the vacuum <Darker_Immortal> i tried, but mine didnt fit :( Stefan_J
#309 <cherub> !quote find cherub ... <cherub> man, I suck Stefan_J
#310 <Stakerauo> glukko-friend. It's a mix if two words. Glukko which means glukko and friend who means friend :) Stefan_J
#311 <Stefan_J> I like wearing skirt, but being a princess is too far. QuackySleeeeps
#312 <YD`> nothing wrong with inserting shit into one's butt Stefan_J
#313 <Stefan_J> Been there before. <MattiX> Why would you go in girls? Stefan_J
#314 <Hyperspace> Yes, I have put stuff up my butt before. But no broomsticks or dildos. <Hyperspace> <Hyperspace> I've used them to try and stimulate the prostate area while fapping. Cursarion
#315 [02:04:02] <+Stakerauo> DevilNith, I'm kind of sad as you haven't raped me in a while :/ DevilNith
#316 <DevilNith> I thought you wuved me Stakerauo/ <Stakerauo> not if I can't have the dick! Stefan_J
#317 <Dark_Immortal> get a butt plug <Hyperspace> That sounds like something I might be interested in buying in the future. Stefan_J
#318 <Hyperspace> I don't like Coke at all. I prefer Mountain Dew. <MuumiJumala> you like dem shrunken testicles? <Hyperspace> That's all false information, by the way. Mountain Dew does not shrink the testicles, or lower sperm count. <MuumiJumala> sure thing bro <MuumiJumala> but i still need to examine your cum Stefan_J
#319 <Dark_Immortal> who is a Parisian here? <QuackySleeeeps> none of us are that gay Stefan_J
#320 <onnex> how is it now? <Stakerauo> I still get cramps and spinal pains just thinking about that it's now legal when Stefan_J rapes me :/ Stefan_J
#321 <Stefan_J> Sthanley_Heykel, you can't hide, just play by the rules and you'll be safe. :) <Stakerauo> and learn to enjoy a good old buttfucking! Stefan_J
#322 <DocZzZ> Stefan_J, how did channel start? ;o <DevilNith> We started like "Why are there no gay channels on QNet?" <DevilNith> That's how it started. Stefan_J
#323 <Stakerauo> I'm a whore !! :@ <Stakerauo> A sexy little bitch... Stefan_J
#324 <Stakerauo> DevilNith, I'm not a whore. I'm just mentaly sick and I believe that I'll have to have sex bi-ways to survive. QuackySleeeeps
#325 * Stakerauo holds down DevilNith with force, and rapes him. <Stakerauo> You'll love me in the end, DevilNith... Stefan_J
#326 <MattiX> I like my women the way I like my coffee <MattiX> with my dick in them Stefan_J
#327 <IntergalacticPl> Imma pissfuck you 'til the cows come home. Stefan_J
#328 * Doclan face slams Parris <Doclan> is that hard enough bby? <Parris> :| <Parris> Nope. <Doclan> omgwtf <Doclan> i can never please u <Doclan> hits Parris in the face with a mace <Doclan> Hard enough now? <Parris> Hook up a car battery to my nipples and tell me I'm a good boy! D: Stefan_J
#329 <DevilNith> New rule update: No raping Nith when he's in the shower except Doclan. Stefan_J
#330 <DevilNith> Breast feeding is best for babies and good for daddies. Stefan_J
#331 <YD`> insert rainbow dash into me <YD`> id fuck her Stefan_J
#332 <Stakerauo> it's OK with me, really. People passes my dick around like if it was a cigarette so why not :3 Dark_Immortal
#333 <Dark_Immortal> Hyperspace, do you love everyone who is funny? <Hyperspace> Yes. Dark_Immortal
#334 <Stefan_J> I watched Brokeback Mountain twice and cried both times. QuackySleeeeps
#335 <Edine> I love to be evil, nerd, weird <Edine> three things to be succes in socity Stefan_J
#336 <Dark_Immortal> fuck this <Stefan_J> ? <Dark_Immortal> i cant get my chocolate out of the advent calendar <Dark_Immortal> if i dont get it out christmas will never come Dark_Immortal
#337 <Tukeva_toveri> quote my dick <Tukeva_toveri> it is good one Stefan_J
#338 <YD`> spank me MattiX Stefan_J
#339 <YD`> everyone knows rd is hot and cute <YD`> id tap her til 2013 <DevilNith> RD? <YD`> rainbow dash Stefan_J
#340 <DevilNith> So Finland's not independent anymore. <Mikkiz> yea, we're now under land of COS Stefan_J
#341 <Dark_Immortal> i fucking hate google <Dark_Immortal> i did plus one on a gay link by accident <Dark_Immortal> and it went everywhere Stefan_J
#342 <Enkeli> I like my men manly and women... well, does trap count as manly? Stefan_J
#343 * Dark_Immortal faps Edine * Edine doesn't know what fap means.. but he thinks that it's had to be in sex.. soo * Edine faps Dark_Immortal <Dark_Immortal> you are giving me a handjob Edine ;) <Edine> aaaaah *Edine faps Dark_Immortal anyway Stefan_J
#344 <Dark_Immortal> fuck me Tukeva_toveri |<-- Tukeva_toveri has left quakenet (Excess Flood) <Dark_Immortal> he came too much Dark_Immortal
#345 <Dark_Immortal> Market stall <Dark_Immortal> Hot guy’s ball <Dark_Immortal> Sexy scrotum <Dark_Immortal> Penis like totem Stefan_J
#346 <YD`> u suk Dark_Immortal <Dark_Immortal> only if you pay me YD` Stefan_J
#347 <Hyperspace> XD at Dark_Immortal. I would probably fuck a man with a vagina. Stefan_J
#348 <Stakerauo> When DevilNith said he was about 40 years old :D <Stakerauo> I got sooo turned on, but it all turned out to be a lie :( Stefan_J
#349 <YD`> id want a foursome with dash, spitfire and vinyl scratch Stefan_J
#350 <Nupa> yes, I like to suck Stefan_J
#351 <Dark_Immortal> My pubes remind me of susan boyle <Dark_Immortal> thats why i named my penis susan <Dark_Immortal> thankfully i don't have any boyles on my penis Stefan_J
#352 <Dark_Immortal> Harry potter is ok xel <Dark_Immortal> but i am more interested in inserting wands and broomsticks into my anus than spells and quidditch Stefan_J
#353 <MonsieurGuillon> become guillotinists \o/ * MonsieurGuillon converts Duert <Duerth> do I have to wear drag, rape animals, or become homosexual for that? <Stefan_J> :D <Stefan_J> No, Duerth. <Duerth> than I'm not interested Stefan_J
#354 <Dark_Immortal> Bieber fantasies keep me up at night Stefan_J
#355 <Sliphie> PENIS! <Sliphie> I just wanted to wake up this channel. <MattiX> good word choice <MattiX> while most irc channels might be about tits, this one is all about cock Stefan_J
#356 <Sliphie> MattiX, shut up about Stefan, penis and quote on same sentence. <Sliphie> It will be added. Stefan_J
#357 <QuackySleeeeps> dick and boob pics plz Stefan_J
#358 * QuackySleeeeps puts on skirt Stefan_J
#359 <xel> WHATS going on <Stefan_J> Usual. <QuackySleeeeps> were watching elephant porn Stefan_J
#360 <QuackySleeeeeps> wheres the CD Stefan_J ? <Stefan_J> What is CD? <Hoobz> Cd, Crossdresser? Stefan_J
#361 <Arct1ca> In Finland we don't even have baths <MattiX> we just take a sauna once a year Stefan_J
#362 <Enkeli> Stefan_J ruined my tight asshole Stefan_J
#363 <Cursarion> so... I eat infant cocks? <Sunflower> yup <Cursarion> I'm so much like Stefan_J now :S <Cursarion> \:D/ Stefan_J
#364 <+Cursarion> you're not famous <+Girasol> I'm infamous :D Cursarion
#365 <QuackySleeeeps> i like to be in and out fast as possible :P Stefan_J
#366 <Catrik> I like getting a blowjob <Stefan_J> Catrik, would you let a guy give it to you? <Catrik> well I kinda wished my gf had a penis <Catrik> so ye <Stefan_J> Why? :DDD <Catrik> So I could give her a blowjob Stefan_J
#367 * +Piiskasielu Quit (Quit: Leaving.) <+xel`> finally she left, i hate her MattiX
#368 <soup> i play with myself Stefan_J
#369 <Girasol> I have sex probably 2-3 times day, can you imagine how much I would spend on condoms?! Stefan_J
#370 <Stakerauo> true love is someone shoving his dick down another man's throuth :) < Stakerauo> if you're a gay pornstar <Mourn_Blade> Isnt that just another day at the office, rather than love? Stefan_J
#371 <Girasol> MattiX: he doesn't know I have a drawer filled with vibrators ;) Stefan_J
#372 <Stakerauo> what happened with me ?? I met a large breated woman, had sex untill my balls were gone, and became a famous rapstar... how ?? Stefan_J
#373 <Stefan_J> Show me your foreskin, or I don't believe you. QuackySleeeeps
#374 <porquilho> i would fuck a trannie if i had the chance QuackySleeeeps
#375 <QuackySleeeeps> well i already have lovely breasts Girasol Stefan_J
#376 <Stakerauo> cute is for girls and kitties :I <Girasol> and for guys I'd like to fuck ;) Stefan_J
#377 <Stakerauo> Stefan_J !! Quick! Grab my hand!!!! * Stakerauo stretches out his hand towards Stefan_J. * Stefan_J takes Stakerauo's hand. <Stakerauo> With our combined homo-powers, we will melt away every ungay thing in the world!! Stefan_J
#378 <Stakerauo> I'm Norwegian! I don't have brainwaves!^^ <Stakerauo> All I know is skiing and eating! :) Stefan_J
#379 <Girasol> I love white women with pink nipples and pussy :p QuackySleeeeps
#380 <Stakerauo> I honestly don't give a shit about age :/ <Stakerauo> I'd fuq a granny :D QuackySleeeeps
#381 <Stakerauo> I wasn't like this before Stefan_J invited me to CoS last summer Stefan_J
#382 <+Girasol> it means I'd like to fuck you, Stakerauo ;) Stakerauo
#383 <Stakerauo> Well, I don't know why, but being on the top 5 of most written line in CoS makes me proud <MattiX> it shouldn't <QuackySleeeeps> you can never pass me Stefan_J
#384 <Stakerauo> Well, I have the smallest dick in the world, so I can rape people without them knowing it >:D QuackySleeeeps
#385 <Stakerauo> I'm way too cute to rape tapirs! <Stakerauo> I should be raping hamsters and shit! Stefan_J
#386 <Dark_Immortal> i would rather fuck a tapir than girasol Dark_Immortal
#387 <Girasol> if I were a man, I'd be gay as fuck. Stefan_J
#388 <Stakerauo> Everyday I'm Chamberin' ! Stefan_J
#389 <Stakerauo> - This makes me fap <Stefan_J> I knew it was Boxxy. :D <Labsters> I'm not surprised it was boxxy <Stakerauo> I fuck her every night <Stakerauo> in my dreams <Stakerauo> and sometimes my nightmares <Stakerauo> but then she's fucking me <Labsters> in your nightmares she fucks you? <Stakerauo> with a knife usualy :/ Stefan_J
#390 <koda> im not a a midget!!!!!!!!! Stefan_J
#391 <Stakerauo> Yeah, he tried to Serb me Greece, so Iran :P Stefan_J
#392 <Stakerauo> I'm 900 minus 884 years old. <Catrik> 12? QuackySleeeeps
#393 <Enkeli> I prefer shemales Stefan_J
#394 * Hoitopon gives YD` buttsex <YD`> oh god yes <3 Stefan_J
#395 <+Stakerauo> I want to stage a føkkis quote :( MattiX
#396 <Stakerauo> I can't fap because my cock is so badass my finger will break :S QuackySleeeeps
#397 <DevilNith> His ops gonna fly away. <Stakerauo> if it does, Stefan_J will reop me for a virtual handjob Stefan_J
#398 <DevilNith> Army is not gaying. <DevilNith> It's merely exploring the benefits of guys together. <QuackySleeeeps> ahhh circle jerking Stefan_J
#399 <Girasol> ... I'm a woman, don't try to make sense out of me, you'll fail :D Stefan_J
#400 * soup transforms <Stefan_J> soup is a female now? :O <soup> yes hello Stefan_J
#401 <soup> trannies are the most fun Stefan_J
#402 <Stefan_J> Reminds me of that lesbian military rape porn I have. :D QuackySleeeeps
#403 <Stakerauo> Niggers 4 lyfe! Stefan_J
#404 <+Girasol> but I do enjoy having fun with girls :p | <@Stefan_J> Girasol, that's not what your ex girlfriend said. MattiX
#405 <Tukeva_toveri> i have lot of experiance being a women b-) Stefan_J
#406 <Stakerauo> If I decide to move to Japan and the Japs won't let me, I will just kill them with my blue eyes, blonde hair, large cock and height. Stefan_J
#407 <Stakerauo> Well, if you don't want to marry me, Labsters, I'll just have to go marry Boxxy! <Labsters> :| <Stakerauo> ooooooh!!! You jelly, huh!?!? <Labsters> well, fml Stefan_J
#408 <Hoobz> <Hoobz> What the fuck is this shit? <Hoobz> Something like "If you are thinking about moving in Finland, pick a city that doesn't contain the word "poo". <Hoobz> That whole site is full of wisdom. <Hoobz> It's completely inappropriate to talking about shitting at the dinner table. Unless of course, the main course is shit. Stefan_J
#409 <koda> Disney channel,Dubstep and weird ass fetish porn <koda> wow <Labsters> basic shit in CoS Stefan_J
#410 <YD`> i am scat expert Stefan_J
#411 <Labsters> my bear is muslim? <Labsters> dafuq I just read <koda> yesh,my favourite past time is to make bombs Stefan_J
#412 <Enkeli> Atleast they didnt beat you to back of your head with that thing you use to fill bike wheels <Labsters> pump? <Enkeli> ye <Enkeli> Gypsy beating you with it hurts like hell:D Stefan_J
#413 <Edine> I remember that <Edine> when the rapeing war started here Stefan_J
#414 <Edine> now.. I'm going to musterbate.. my sperm will go out from my mouth if I didn't .. Stefan_J
#415 <Enkeli> Someone should make a faster toilet for busy ppl <Enkeli> that sucks shit from your ass <Catrik> Lol <Catrik> I bet japs already done that Stefan_J
#416 <Enwrath> One should never ignore bots that are as nice as Utopia. Stefan_J
#417 <Pietro> I'm bored with life Stefan_J :> <Stefan_J> Me too. :> <Stefan_J> Let's kill ourselves together? :> <Pietro> yep okey <Pietro> \o/ Stefan_J
#418 <QuackySleeeeps> im biggus dickus <DevilNith> Biggus Dickus Uncutus. Stefan_J
#419 <Enkeli> Fucking gate theory is now proven truje <Enkeli> Be at chamber_of_secrets = become a faggot Stefan_J
#420 <YD`> no one ever raped me <YD`> besides these bad old men........................................................................................ Stefan_J
#421 <ReubenMcHawk> He puts peanut butter on his cock <ReubenMcHawk> And makes me eat it <That_Guy> its true Stefan_J
#422 <QuackSleeeeeeps> koala penises are fun Stefan_J
#423 <Stakerauo> Sugar Aids is my favourite STD! Stefan_J
#424 <DevilNith> Pulchritude can you please be 12/m for me? Stefan_J
#425 <That_Guy> i love being banged by black guys Stefan_J
#426 <YD`> omg <YD`> last time i clicked a non-youtube link in this channel Stefan_J
#427 <DevilNith> Darksworth you'll be the pope in the next 5 minutes. <Darksworth> i get to rape all those kids <Darksworth> yayyyyyyyy Stefan_J
#428 <MattiX> My protein shake brings all the girls to the yard Stefan_J
#429 <Stakerauo> First I'll have him dress up as a nigger, then I'll rape him 7 times! Then I'll spank him with a snake 4 times and if he's still breathing, I'll stuff his mouth with my dick for 16 seconds <Stakerauo> If he passes, he's my sla Stefan_J
#430 <Hoitoponi> Why would I want a tranny to cum in my anus? <Hoitoponi> Because im a tranny myself Stefan_J
#431 <Doc> I quote a song and everyone starts licking each other, <3 #chamber_of_secrets Stefan_J
#432 <Natty> being nice is overrated Stefan_J
#433 <Stefan_J> MattiX, show! <MattiX> sorry, I never deliver <{BIGTOM}Vziper> thats why you never made it as a paperboy Stefan_J
#434 <soup> nothing better than to watch your daughter choke on cock Stefan_J
#435 <soup> im sure my penis would fit into emma watson <soup> well maybe not into 11 year old emma watson <soup> but <soup> <-< Stefan_J
#436 <Stakerauo> I'd have fucked her if that was my sister! Stefan_J
#437 <Stakerauo> I'm a princess! <Stakerauo> In fact I'm the very best one! Stefan_J
#438 <Stefan_J> Stakerauo, ever fap to anime? <Stakerauo> Of course! <Stakerauo> That's like the second thing you do after you join the Internet :D <Stakerauo> #1 Fap to free porn <Stakerauo> #2 Fap to free animated porn Stefan_J
#439 <x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x> i made on my channel - invite only and i can't join there <x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x> how to make it "normal" without being in there Stefan_J
#440 <Enkeli> I love dicks Stefan_J
#441 <Erius> Always, when I check this channel, I see ultimate raping, men-men sex or something even more wicked Stefan_J
#442 <Stakerauo> Damn! I really want Pixie Lott in my ass... :/ Stefan_J
#443 <Stakerauo> Then I need to come to wherever you are so that you can ram your cock in me! Stefan_J
#444 <@Stakerauo> I WANT QUOTE #444 !!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!! NOW!!! Stakerauo
#445 <DevilNith> I don't has pussy! <DevilNith> Yet! Stefan_J
#446 <Stakerauo> I love niggers in my asshole Stefan_J
#447 <Hoobz> x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x, did you come straight from mw3? Stefan_J
#448 <Stakerauo> If I had had a shit like shaped like a dick, I would've shoved it back in to my ass, shat it out again, and reapeted untill there was no more shit left. Stefan_J
#449 <Stakerauo> OMG! Why are all my quotes all the gay things I say ? xD Stefan_J
#450 <@x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x> Stefan_J <@x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x> say them that i'm no girl D: <@Stefan_J> x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x is not a boy and has a nice penis. :) x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x
#451 <Nattzor> pony porn is the only porn Stefan_J
#452 <Elsamba> Left #chamber_of_secrets without getting raped. Today was a good day Stefan_J
#453 <@Stefan_J> Look at Stakerauo. <@Stefan_J> He's so hyper. <+QEisler> Hes my idol Stakerauo
#454 <@Stefan_J> Stakerauo, I want to fuck you too. =) Stakerauo
#455 <Stefan_J> B( . Y . )BS. * Stakerauo grabs the screen. <Stakerauo> Oh, you tricked me!!! :S Stefan_J
#456 <MattiX> no, I just happened to come back and this channel has gone crazy <MattiX> again <QEisler> did it ever stop? <MattiX> when everyone is afk <QEisler> so what you're saying is basically after I left at about 4:00 this chan stopped being crazy for about a second and I missed it? Stefan_J
#457 <Stakerauo> My main activity is sleeping and masturbating FYI Stefan_J
#458 <Stakerauo> Nope! I'm alpha-alpacca deluxe!! B-) Stefan_J
#459 <Stakerauo> I'm a blonde, giant with a huge penis and blue eyes!! Bite me!!! Stefan_J
#460 <That_Guy> i only started hating vagina after i saw Stefan_J, you cannot help yourself Stefan_J
#461 * Stakerauo is wearing female panties. <QuackySleeeeps> wtf Stakerauo <QuackySleeeeps> why <QuackySleeeeps> like seriously <QuackySleeeeps> wtf are you wearing pants for <Stakerauo> It's sexy <Stakerauo> It makes me feel like a woman <QuackySleeeeps> youre not allowed to cover genitalia in this room Stefan_J
#462 <DevilNith> Also, Jamieson, I need to know what I'll have for Christmas. <QuackySleeeeps> buttplug? <DevilNith> I don't need those. <QuackySleeeeps> everyone does <DevilNith> Oh, so you use them <QuackySleeeeps> everyone does Stefan_J
#463 <Stefan_J> Stakerauo, want to see Moot? <Stakerauo> fapping? I'm uncertain. The man in me screams "NOO" while the Internet explorer in me screams "YEEES" Stefan_J
#464 <QEisler> chocolate milk is just milk with shit and sugar <QEisler> just sayin' <QEisler> and sometimes they replace milk with cum :> <That_Guy> yummy Stefan_J
#465 <x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x> fish go moo <snailbot> like fuck they do ¬_¬ * fishbot notes that x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x is truly enlightened. x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x
#466 <Stakerauo> I have a nice ass and a massive penis. I just need boobs and I'm good to go! Stefan_J
#467 <Stakerauo> I just like to bone things :) <Stakerauo> I don't care what I bone as long as I can empty my ballsack Stefan_J
#468 <@Stakerauo> but I got her number! :DD <+Fleischy> .. <@Stakerauo> for some reason. I don't know what to do with it. <+QEisler> ... <@Stakerauo> I don't have a penis anyway Stakerauo
#469 <x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x> lol i think all the quotes are set-up xD [GIMP]Predator
#470 <x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x> and what are you doing YD`, fappin' again? <That_Guy> hes masturbating with me, yes. x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x
#471 <Stefan_J> x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x: Predator Predator|BORED Predator|zocken Predator|COLD [ANGRY]Predator [B-day]Predator <Stefan_J> Can't wait to see [NAKED]Predator. Stefan_J
#472 <Stefan_J> I have ancient Japanese blood. <Stefan_J> In my veins. <ElFizbanio> I have ancient Roman blood <ElFizbanio> in my penis Stefan_J
#473 <Kayle> The more quotes I read, the longer I want to stay here :P Stefan_J
#474 <Kayle> K, now I know that you were just pretending to be a shy boy. In fact you're a dominant predator lurking for male asses like sundew for flies. QuackySleeeeps
#475 <Kayle> Stefan es numero uno stalker Stefan_J
#476 <Hoobz> In Sweden a party isn’t complete until at least one of your friends has his hand around your penis and is carrying you around as a hood ornament Stefan_J
#477 <Fleischy> one thing to do before i die <Fleischy> have one of my quotes added to #cos Stefan_J
#478 <Fleischy> This channel contains 100% gentlemen. Hoobz
#479 <Fleischy> now that i think of it some women would be nice in here as well <Stefan_J> You made one leave. <Fleischy> ;-; <Stefan_J> Just now. Stefan_J
#480 <Kayle> Is there some fucking "Focus Krotos all day all night till your cumshot goes right" day in the calendar or fucking what?! Stefan_J
#481 <x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x> sup kayle ? :P <Kayle> Fine, you? :P <x_Th3Pr3dat0r_x> Couldn't be better :D <Kayle> I'm going to read that as "finallyhad sex with Stakerauo IRL" Stefan_J
#482 <aalis> >implying there's something wrong with brotherly love <aalis> in the finnish army they do it all the time Stefan_J
#483 <aalis> im going to the army next summer and can't wait to get so many new fellas to cuddle with Stefan_J
#484 <Fleischy> YD is dead i think <Fleischy> hasnt been in 2 weeks <Kayle> or locked in Stefan's basement <Fleischy> ^ Stefan_J
#485 <gen> i dont have headphones and watching this S my D is weird <Kayle> Welcome to CoS! :D Stefan_J
#486 * Tukeva_toveri shows up with adam sandler mask dressed as adam from mythbusters <Tukeva_toveri> how the fuck about that? * Stakerauo puts his ass in the air. <Stakerauo> It's perfect! <Stakerauo> Now shovel me, Adam Sandler! Stefan_J
#487 (Hoobz) So, how is this diffrent from a normal pms, that dem mythical creatures have? Hoobz
#488 <Mazater> we all have a thing with bieber Stefan_J
#489 <Girasol> I came here looking for something warm to eat xD <Girasol> QuackySleeeeps: :D <Stefan_J> Don't eat Duck! D: <Girasol> Stefan_J: nah, I'd rather have some soup :D Stefan_J
#490 <Stakerauo> I get raped by big black men with big black dicks every day! <Stakerauo> I like it when they cum on my face <Stakerauo> Makes me feel like a proper slut Stefan_J
#491 <Stakerauo> Suck my vagina, Nith! <DevilNith> OK! Stefan_J
#492 <Stakerauo> I'm getting gangraped by a big dicked Serb and a tiny dicked Swead :D <Stakerauo> What a great birthday! Stefan_J
#493 <Stakerauo> i found it on 4chan! It has to be truth! :I Stefan_J
#494 <Hoobz> Why would you want to remove a girl from a photo`? <Kayle> Because he wants to insert a guy there <Hoobz> CoS logic <Kayle> At its best Hoobz
#495 <DevilNith> That's why I wanna go to Germany. <DevilNith> I can have sex with all the 14 y/o people there. <Stefan_J> So, i7c is 14. <DevilNith> i7c is always 14 for me. Stefan_J
#496 <Reebook> i was shy too <Reebook> then stefan raped me <Reebook> and everything is nicer <Reebook> everything is easy now Stefan_J
#497 <Stefan_J> Molesting isn't good enough for you? <TomKafir> nope <Stefan_J> Greedy. <TomKafir> Jewish after all Stefan_J
#498 <TomKafir> setfan <TomKafir> im not opening <TomKafir> any links <TomKafir> from this channel <RainerMake> Why not? <RainerMake> 99% of them are like, guaranteed to contain cocks anyways <RainerMake> You won't be surprised. Stefan_J
#499 <gen> there are other things that are even harder ; ) <MattiX> like diamonds <That_Guy> and stefan_js penis when he sees me naked Stefan_J
#500 <sqace> everyone is gettin' quoted except for me <sqace> :'( Stefan_J
#501 <Kayle> I am in need of something new and can't find anything that would fit my tastes <Lodowka> redtube? Stefan_J
#502 <Stefan_J> Now I know how i7c's nuts look like. <KocMoHaBT> they taste good Stefan_J
#503 <Stakerauo> I can't wait to get pussy using 21st of December as an excuse <Stakerauo> Only sex I'll ever have is going to be with girls who think they're going to die Stefan_J
#504 <Stakerauo> I love you, Stefan_J, I just don't like to admit it. <Stakerauo> Because I'm a man! Stefan_J
#505 <Nattzor> To fap or to fap <Nattzor> That is the question Stefan_J
#506 <Stakerauo> I can blow both of you if you promise to blow your loads all over my face <Lodowka> Stakerauo on ur throat <Stakerauo> Face or nothing! QuackySleeeeps
#507 <SthanleyHeykel> My pics don't count as porn, Stakerauo, they are pure nude art. Stefan_J
#508 <Stakerauo> I'm drawer gay \o/ Stefan_J
#509 <Stakerauo> He gone slash my ass with a chainsaw!! <Stakerauo> Worst thing. I'm gonna like it! Stefan_J
#510 <Stakerauo> You got an erection, osoba2? <osoba2> no <osoba2> i have a vagina Stefan_J
#511 <TheJuliusCaesar> Stakerauo was mr. norway this year <Stakerauo> No! I was Mr. Universe ;* Stefan_J
#512 (Stakerauo) I am my bitch! Devos
#513 * DevilNith smokes TheJuliusCaesar <TheJuliusCaesar> i am already a salad, now a cigarette or joint?? <TheJuliusCaesar> man i am good at transforming Stefan_J
#514 <Devos> I have to get analed o.0 Stefan_J
#515 <Stakerauo> I lub you, Stefan_J :3 <Stefan_J> Stakerauo, you're just saying that. :'( <Stakerauo> Stefan_J, I'm saying it because you cooperate with me, and we can do anal together some daaaay! ;D <Stefan_J> I'll remember that, Stakerauo, jus try to say no! >:( Stefan_J
#516 (Stakerauo) Big Kurt Pimp Staker Mac Gansta Aup Nilsen Son Devos
#517 <Stakerauo> Oh, I just want to eat both of you after I've fucked your corpses now!! QuackySleeeeps
#518 <Stakerauo> Shove my cock down my throut and make me suck it, Stefan_J! Stefan_J
#519 <Darksworth> I used to be black <Darksworth> but then michael jackson raped me <Darksworth> And I wasn't black anymore Stefan_J
#520 <MattiX> do all your jokes come from youtube comments? Stefan_J
#521 <Stefan_J> Devos, what did you watch? <DevilNith> Teletubbies. <Devos> Anal with the wale Stefan_J
#522 Devos [[email protected]] has left #chamber_of_secrets: rUkiddinME? <Stakerauo> Ragefag <Stakerauo> I hope he attracts aids and die Stefan_J
#523 <Stakerauo> the papacy is like the dark side, just that being a sith is much cooler than being a catholic Stefan_J
#524 <limeninja> roses are red, violets are blue, bottle of vodka is cheaper than dinner for two! <limeninja> happy valentines day :3 Stefan_J
#525 [20:19] <koda> lol i googled "is it ok for women to use mens shampoo Devos
#526 [21:41] <Laitela> I just dont bother even to lift a finger to get a gf lol <Laitela> beer and my right hand are my gf;s Devos
#527 [22:02] <koda> i need 17 more channels! <koda> to spam my pointless crap Devos
#528 <Stefan_J> I want to be Penisministeri of Finland. <Tukeva_toveri> you already are stef Stefan_J
#529 <Laitela> ime munaa :D:D Stefan_J
#530 <Stefan_J> We should play strip poker once, _make. ;) <_make> Noo <_make> I'm terrible at boker <_make> I'll have to put on all my clothes in that case. Devos
#531 <Stefan_J> No, Stakerauo can change gender. <Stefan_J> Queen Stakerauo. <Stefan_J> Big strong Viking woman. <Stakerauo> Oh, nice! Then I would look fabu in women cloths, and not like a pervert trying to get himself off! :D Stefan_J
#532 [15:37] <Stakerauo> I'm masturbating to it. I'm sure that makes Devos happy. Devos[AFK]
#533 <DevilNith> So I'll play alone then <DevilNith> ;_; <MattiX> so business as usual? Stefan_J
#534 <DevilNith> Everyone who comes, dies <DevilNith> xD <DevilNith> Was so awesome to watch <MattiX> that sounds like a horror porn movie Stefan_J
#535 <Nupa> I think its better to stop our conversation before all in this channel will get boners.. Stefan_J
#536 <Stefan_J> Hmm, if my music affected the way I looked, I'd be a tranny with corpse paint. QuackySleeeeps
#537 * Stefan_J rapes Nupa. <Stefan_J> <3 <Nupa> Just get raped by 30 mongolians and now you're doing this to me <Stefan_J> Nupa, what 30 Mongolians? :O <Nupa> JOKING MAN JOKING <MattiX> yeah, it was actually 50 <Nupa> and those guys were from Kenya Stefan_J
#538 <Devos> Most people here are more than crazy oO <Devos> Like stefan_j <Devos> <3 Stefan_J
#539 <Stakerauo> Stefan_J is the perfect combination between handsom and sexual Stefan_J
#540 <Stakerauo> I'm not a stupid person, guys! I just enjoy acting retarded :D Stefan_J
#541 <Stakerauo> I don't need to be 18 though! I mean, just look at me! I almost boned a 20 year old married girl yesterday! <Stakerauo> I can do whatever I want! >:D Stefan_J
#542 <Stakerauo> This is my face right now -> :D <Stakerauo> Is it because Iwant to take cumshots in my mouth all the time? Stefan_J
#543 <Devos> Pony-penisses in my ass Stefan_J
#544 <Enwrath> Steffy is loved by lots of people, it's impossible for him to love everybody as much as they love him. Stefan_J
#545 <Stakerauo> You'd be suprised how girly I look when I actually dress-up as one <Stakerauo> The wig and make-up is crucial though Stefan_J
#546 <Girasol> Stefan_J: well father's day is comming, so is super desastrous not having lube xD Stefan_J
#547 <gen> i wonder how this channel changes from 'aww cute :33' to 'stick your dong into my manpussy' QuackySleeeeps
#548 [20:20] <@Stakerauo> xel is a faggot [20:20] <+Cynwise> xel is a right faggot [20:20] <+Girasol> xel is a faggot Stakerauo
#549 <Vike91> I was porn in Oulu QuackySleeeeps
#550 <Stakerauo> I eat Swedish pretty boys who stumble across my montains Stefan_J
#551 <zzamu> i think DevilNith should be punished * Stefan_J spanks Nith. <Cynwise> with a penis * Stefan_J spanks Nith with a penis. <DevilNith> Rawr Stefan_J
#552 <zzamu> Stakerauo i can be your slave ;) <Stakerauo> I can tell you're getting familiar with the customs of our house! :D Stefan_J
#553 <The Raven> Nevermore Dark_Immortal
#554 <Stakerauo> Exam in being nice to people who aren't of your sexuality, culture, ethnicity or religion? That's why so many people failed, I guess <Stakerauo> Let's not forget this exam was taken in Serbia! Stefan_J
#555 <Stakerauo> GIB #555! <Stakerauo> I've been waiting for so long! <Stakerauo> Please :I Stefan_J
#556 <MattiX> I like my gays the way I like my women. In the ass Stefan_J
#557 <Stakerauo> I like my gays the way I like my pets. On my dick Stefan_J
#558 <Girasol> i like to use dicks more than i do watching them xD Stefan_J
#559 <Stakerauo> This channel has never been this sexified <Stakerauo> We've had orgies, but never this much talking about it Stefan_J
#560 <Cynwise> where is the orgy <Cynwise> I'm not part of it :( <QuackySleeeeps> the orgies here tend to be quite homosexual Stefan_J
#561 [23:46:53] * +Cynwise single and ready to mingle [23:47:18] <+Stakerauo> We're not goign to take advantage of you, Cynwise [23:47:58] <+Cynwise> I hope you do ;;;) Stakerauo
#562 <Cynwise> what's the difference between irc girls and girls on irc <DevilNith> IRC girls aren't really girls. <DevilNith> Girls on IRC are imaginary. <i7c> But they have imaginary boobs. And I like boobs no matter what. Stefan_J
#563 <i7c> This quote is not confirmed. I probably never said that! Stefan_J
#564 <Cynwise> you know how men with babies are supposed to be attractive to women <Cynwise> for me it's cats <QuackySleeeeps> i have a duck, does that turn you on? Stefan_J
#565 <Stefan_J> It is blondish. <iPadre> Does this mean I'm subject to blonde jokes now? <Stefan_J> Strawberry blonde. :D <iPadre> But strawberries are red * iPadre runs away crying Stefan_J
#566 <Vike91> And you might get eaten. By a reindeer. <Girasol> O.O <Girasol> Finland... such a lovely place to be EATEN BY A REINDEER <Cynwise> Yes DevilNith
#567 <Hyperspace>I agree with Dark_Immortal that Cynwise is not an ugly Irish. Dark_Immortal
#568 <Dark_Immortal> Fuck me and tie me up, rape me and taste my lusttttttttt <BrustWarze> O_O Stefan_J
#569 <MattiX> I fantasize about my girlfriend when I'm fucking my sister <i7c> I fantasize about your girlfriend when I fuck your sister, too. Stefan_J
#570 <Girasol> the Scottish are hotties :I <Girasol> the English are... stiff xD <QuackySleeeeps> yes im stiff Stefan_J
#571 <Nattzor> I swear to god you could drown a toddler in my panties right now. Stefan_J
#572 * Stakerauo shoves her vagina in Stefan_J´s face. <Stakerauo> I'm Queen Stakerauo of the Chamber of Secrets! Obey my vaginal scent! Feel my wet touch! Stefan_J
#573 <Hoitoponi> Im sorry but I cannot allow you to rape kaurakeksi <Hoitoponi> We are going to become wizards <Stefan_J> Cool, can I join? :D <Stefan_J> I'm 24 already. <Hoitoponi> Ah you will be gettinga head start <Hoitoponi> once we are wizards we will open a portal to the 2d world and become little girls Stefan_J
#574 <koda> i am made of stardust!! yeah!! <Dark_Immortal> I cum stardust <Dark_Immortal> except in liquid form <Dark_Immortal> so not dust Stefan_J
#575 <Girasol>why do stars suddenly appear everytime you are near <Dark_Immortal>ITS BIRDS AND I SUMMONED THEM TO SHIT ON YOU Dark_Immortal
#576 <koda> what's so funny <koda> i didn't get that quote <koda> i have heard more hilarious things at a funeral Stefan_J
#577 <Girasol> I've never stroke a dick which I don't plan on fucking :P QuackySleeeeps
#578 <Girasol> you guys are certainly not average :D <Enkeli> well, we hang at stefan's faggot channel <Enkeli> what did you except for?:D Stefan_J
#579 <Stakerauo> It's really small. I'm going to keep playing so that it grow large and mighty Stefan_J
#580 <Dark_Immortal> i like women with penises Stefan_J
#581 <Stefan_J> Slap! koda * Basilisk slaps koda <koda> YES THAT THANKS <koda> for the slap <koda> ;||| Stefan_J
#582 <koda> yus im th queer koda <koda> QUNENE <koda> QUEEN <koda> OMG <koda> i meant queen not queer!!!!!!!!!!!! <Stefan_J> You're queer queen. <QuackySleeeeps> freudian slip <QuackySleeeeps> :D <Stakerauo> Fuck no! I'm the queen of CoS! Stefan_J
#583 <Stefan_J> Why don't you find one for yourself, osoba? :O <osoba> i am into girls now <osoba> mmm vagina yum yum <osoba> now excuse me i need to go vomit Stefan_J
#584 <Cynwise>what's Ireland? :D <Girasol>horrible Dark_Immortal
#585 <Dark_Immortal> Sunderland doesn't have a lot going for it, except a large number of Jan Terri lookalikes Stefan_J
#586 <Dark_Immortal> My new bathroom is so small that yesterday afternoon I lost my anal virginity to a tap Stefan_J
#587 <Dark_Immortal> the woman that worked there, she said "i like your sisters of mercy t-shirt, fuck me and marry me young" and then she dragged me around the shop <Stefan_J> Why do women like to molest you? <QuackySleeeeps> i was just thinking this Stefan_J <QuackySleeeeps> its like accidental casanova syndrome <Stefan_J> Duck, get a SoM T-shirt. <QuackySleeeeps> i think i might! Stefan_J
#588 <Cynwise> Dark_Immortal I don't like SoM but I want one of those tshirts :P <QuackySleeeeps> so you can pick up chicks in sex shops Cynwise? Stefan_J
#589 <Girasol> lol Bacon is the meat of life! :D <zzamu> my dick is the meat of life Stefan_J
#590 <Stakerauo> Role playing in the middle of the night isn't fun when I don't win :( <Girasol> hahaha <Girasol> you win <Girasol> you get fucked by Stefan_J! Stefan_J
#591 <zubrils> I bet Stefan_J could make Hitler cry Stefan_J
#592 <Cyn> I want to put my penis inside you Stakerauo Stefan_J
#593 <Cyn> I can't be a stripper cos I can't dance, so maybe prostitution is the career for me <Enkeli> I once considered a career of a man whore, but then I understood that most ppl dont have enough money to pay for my superior loving skills QuackySleeeeps
#594 <Cyn> My skin is really super sensitive at the moment <QuackySleeeeps> do you need cremating? Stefan_J
#595 <Cyn> The smell of teenage boys <Cyn> well actually <Cyn> he's 21 now <Cyn> I guess boys in general just smell <Girasol> ... so? <Girasol> their teenage years end 6 months after death :P Stefan_J
#596 <Cyn> only joking Hyperspace is my boyfriend but I don't allow him to reveal our relationship Girasol
#598 <Stakerauo> I feel bad for pissing in the park now :/ <Stakerauo> Probably shouldn't have said that online Stefan_J
#599 <Stakerauo> zubrils: Yup! I piss everywhere! <Stakerauo> I piss in the forest, on the street, in the mall <zubrils> even on naked 12 year old girls when their parents are away? <Stakerauo> everywhere! Stefan_J
#600 <MattiX> what's your definition of an idiot <soup> it's very inclusive <MattiX> you're an idiot! and you're an idiot! everyone's an idiot <soup> well then i'm definitely right Girasol
#601 <Girasol> zubrils: what on earth are you talking about? MattiX
#602 <Enkeli> my nipples are hard because of coldness right now <Girasol> such gorgeous landscapes n.n Girasol
#603 * Stefan_J rapes Stakerauo. <Stakerauo> You've raped me a million times already! I guess that makes me crave your penile stiffness in my ass, or whatever :D <Stakerauo> If smokers die from lung cacer, I am going to die from anal cancer Stefan_J
#604 <Stakerauo> You want to see Norwegian cumshots? <Cynwise> yeah <Stakerauo> Knowing pornography right you won't see it, because all the cum will be in your eyes <Cynwise> :( <Stakerauo> But if you want to give it a try I can't deny you the right :/ * Stakerauo starts unbuckeling his belt. <Stakerauo> *sigh* Stefan_J
#605 <Dark_Immortal> i enjoy being raped by women with strap ons Girasol
#606 <Cynwise> Why do losers think just cos I'm depressed, that I have no standards and won't care about them being a loser <Cynwise> I don't want to date the male version of me :I <soup> i want to date the female version of me Stefan_J
#607 <Dark_Immortal> am I a satanic sex god or a satanic sex satan Stefan_J
#608 <Fishfake> Never trust man with long hair and evil smile <QuackySleeeeps> jesus? Stefan_J
#609 <maakari> a brief history of this channel would be nice <maakari> like who ARE these people <Stefan_J> My friends. :O <maakari> *your victims Stefan_J
#610 <Stefan_J> It seems that all Norwegians do is make funny TV music videos and burn churches. <MindM> dude, I would totally burn some churches if it was appropriate in my country Stefan_J
#611 <Stakerauo> I'm just sitting in the livingroom with my mum watching political debates with my dick in my hand Stefan_J
#612 <Hoorleekare> are everybody here gays? <Dark_Immortal> i'm a lesbian <Dark_Immortal> from lesbiating lesbos <Dark_Immortal> and Stefan_J is a tranny from transexual transylvania Stefan_J
#613 <KocMoHaBT> HALLO Stefan_J
#614 <Cynwise> the tumblr preview on my google homepage is a picture of a vagina Stefan_J
#615 <Stefan_J> OMG, Cynwise, do you recognise? <QuackySleeeeps> the vagina? <Stefan_J> Damn link. :D Stefan_J
#616 <Fishfake> I dont wank for this <Fishfake> Too regural <Fishfake> I want tails and ears to get excited Stefan_J
#617 <Stefan_J> It's a nice place full of my victims. :) <Stefan_J> my friends* <Downbeat> :) <Downbeat> And now i give you my credit card? <Stefan_J> No, don't be silly. :D <Stefan_J> You send me your nudes. :) <Downbeat> YEAH Stefan_J
#618 <maakari> wow. very finland. much finnish <QuackySleeeeps> such sauna <TheJuliusCaesar> so Koskenkorva Stefan_J
#619 <Stefan_J> He's weird. :D <catwiesel> Who's not. Especially in here. Stefan_J
#620 <KocMoHaBT> Stefan will rape you then :) <Rivve> Stefan_J is too large ;( Stefan_J
#621 <Fauster> so <Fauster> am I going to get raped now? <Fauster> because I am not a fighter <Fauster> I take it like a good little man I am Stefan_J
#622 <Fauster> If I ever end up there, rape me ;_; <Kayle> Fauster: It's not rape if you want it <Fauster> I want it to be rape <Fauster> oh well <Fauster> just beat the shit out of me and fuck my brains out Stefan_J
#623 <Stefan_J> I want Justin Bieber to moan in French as I rape him. <3 QuackySleeeps
#624 <DevilNith> Depends on how long Stefan_J. <Stefan_J> Nith, 10 min? <DevilNith> Stefan_J $5 <DevilNith> I work 50 cents per minute. <Stefan_J> Reasonable. Stefan_J
#625 <Stakerauo> When I get home from work later today I will get a penis-pump and scream "I wanna be like Stefan!!!" while pumping my dick huge Stefan_J
#626 <QuackySleeeps> i dont know when i realised a peepee wasnt just for peeing <QuackySleeeps> we didnt have internet back then so you had to figure this shit out on your own :D Stefan_J
#627 <soup> are you stalking my friends <Cynwise> yeah, how does he know their name :o <soup> he's not even in the pic <soup> pro stalking <Stefan_J> :D Stefan_J
#628 <Stefan_J hugs Cursarion. <Stefan_J> Wish you were my little girl. <3 <Stefan_J> Little hairy girl. <Cursarion> creepy. Cynwise
#629 <Cynwise> if stake was on tumblr he would be one of those whores with thousands of followers Stefan_J
#630 <MattiX> you'd want that wig for yourself, wouldn't you <Cynwise> MattiX, of course <Cynwise> But sadly I'm not a cancer-ridden brat, they really get all the breaks Stefan_J
#631 <osoba> you like my faggy high pitched voice QuackySleeeeps
#632 <Cynwise> I'd like to rape that guy in his scandinavian knitwear <Stefan_J> sinppa_, we all like the weirdness of IRC. :D Stefan_J
#633 <osoba> she kinda turns me straight <osoba> except my dick is still flacid Stefan_J
#634 <Stakerauo> Aren't you guys concidering my sexuality in this? :(( <Cynwise> No <DevilNith> Once doesn't make you gay, Stakerauo. <DevilNith> Besides, Cynwise asked. Can't say no to her. Stefan_J
#635 <Cynwise> If I was invited to one of these things, I wouldn't wear heels, and I wouldn't wear a stupid long dress with drapes of fabric to trip over <Cynwise> flat shoes + skirt above feet <QuackySleeeeps> i would totally wear heels Stefan_J
#636 <soep> shemales just have a normal penis <soep> and boobs <Cynwise> that's expensive :/ Stefan_J
#637 <Stefan_J> The only person here I'm sexually harassing is Dark_Immortal. QuackySleeeeps
#638 <Tukeva_toveri> sinppa_ it seems like it sucks dicks <Tukeva_toveri> bag of dicks <MattiX> I wouldn't mind someone sucking my dick Stefan_J
#639 <Cynwise> I mean yes, dark hair is sexually transmitted <Cynwise> that's why I have to find some ginger men Stefan_J
#640 <Cyn> I touched my delicate flower after chopping chillies :'( Stefan_J
#641 <DevilNith> All this penis talk is making me hungry. QuackySleeeeps
#642 <krazeh> A penis a day makes Stefan say hey Stefan_J
#643 <Cynwise> if you look at an asian clothing website they all have lots of cleavage <Cynwise> wow if a guy can get that, that explains it! <Cynwise> I'm going to buy 3 pairs of those and have porn star boobs! :D Stefan_J
#644 <Cynwise> Happy friendship-day? <Cynwise> that's what it is in Finnish? <MattiX> more like friend's day <Cynwise> Friends you want to fuck <MattiX> that doesn't even exclude anyone Stefan_J
#645 <Stefan_J> Cynwise, you don't like having a normal toilet? <Cynwise> Ireland does not have that technology yet Stefan_J
#646 * Stakerauo rapes Stefan_J with love. * Stefan_J rapes Stakerauo back rough but romantically. <Stakerauo> Rough and romanticly is the best way to rape someone, haha :D Stefan_J
#647 <Cynwise> so much raping and love :I <Stefan_J> It's Valentine's Day. Stefan_J
#648 <Nupa> fine <Nupa> ofcourse <Nupa> even though I hate fucking army <Cynwise> I like fucking armies Stefan_J
#649 <Cynwise> Maybe I can put my swollen hands up the Finnish lady doctor's vagina and her magical Finn juices can cure them Stefan_J
#650 <Juippis> Stefan_J: come see me ;) <Juippis> ... its usually safe to say this to people over the internet <Juippis> but you might actually come <Stefan_J> Oh, you'll be sorry one day for inviting me. >:D <Juippis> I immediately regret my decision Stefan_J
#651 <Hezzaa> Life is just like a rape, what we can do is to enjoy it. -.- Stefan_J
#652 <BlindSamurai> I used to get my ass whooped by my stepdad, I always hated it. Stefan_J
#653 <Cyn> Stefan_J, oh, boring <Cyn> I thought they were all gay and had circle jerks <Stefan_J> Cyn, Finns don't have to be gay to have circle jerks. <Stefan_J> All they need is Friday and booze. Stefan_J
#654 <Stefan_J> I already feel too old around on internet. <Cynwise> you're only as old as the teen you are raping <Cynwise> amirte? Stefan_J
#655 <QuackySleeeeps> i could make a pizza if all you wanted to top it with is peppers and anchovies, i dont have any cheese <QuackySleeeeps> but i could make the base and cover it in tomato puree <Cynwise> if I could do that, I would be making money in porn >:D Stefan_J
#656 <Cynwise> I was ejected for bad language <Stefan_J> Somehow I read "I just ejaculated for bad language." <Cynwise> if I could do that, I would be making money in porn >:D Stefan_J
#657 <QuackySleeeeps> how much do condoms cost even? <krazeh> I've never bought any <Stefan_J> This channel doesn't know those things. <Cynwise> :D <Lurvinator> I use snicker wrapers Stefan_J
#658 <Lurvinator> I am the usain Bolt of sex Stefan_J
#659 <Stefan_J> I think I'll keep Buubbeli as op. :3 <DevilNith> Why? <Buubbeli> DevilNith: i let him touch me, he makes me op <Buubbeli> it's a win-win Stefan_J
#660 <maakari> my momma told me life is like a URL <maakari> or like having sex with a trollop without a rubber Stefan_J
#661 <Fauster> The only thing that makes me feel comfy is diggoo <Fauster> I just want to diggoo <Stefan_J> Is diggoo some sextoy for your ass? <Fauster> It could be Stefan_J
#662 <Stefan_J> Fauster, those are cute gay lions. :D <Fauster> dont you think? :3 <Fauster> I'd let them rip me apart <Fauster> from both ways Stefan_J
#663 <Fauster> I only like animals <Fauster> and their soggy cunts Stefan_J
#664 <Stefan_J> Looks more like your ass, osoba. :D <osoba> shh dont tell everybody you saw my ass Stefan_J
#665 <Lurvinator> You'd love to taste my urine Stefan_J
#666 <Stakerauo> Gimmi quote #666 >:) Stefan_J
#667 <Lurvinator> I WANT THE #666 LINE Stefan_J
#668 <Lurvinator> Studying law is a bit like studying your penis. It's impressive, but it won't land you many opportunities. Stefan_J
#669 <Stakerauo> I'm kind of drunk, and I assume that is why I want to listen to techno, look at large boobs, and watch anime <Stakerauo> Does anyone know of an anime with techno and large boobs? Stefan_J
#670 <Fettis> I just eat minixmix with chocolate <Fettis> u know what I mean.. Stefan_J
#671 <Fauster> If Enkelis exist I've always thought their butthole must be pretty Stefan_J
#672 <osoba> its good as background music <osoba> during masturbation etc Stefan_J
#673 <Stakerauo> I slept with 251 men only to challenge society's belief that having sex with a lot of girls is a good thing <Stakerauo> Everybody's like "I boned 251 girls today! Manpower!!" <Stakerauo> and I'm just here like "Well, I took 251 cocks in my mouth and ass! STUD!!" Stefan_J
#674 <Stakerauo> Anyone's ever noticed how BBC spells out Big Black Cocks? <Stakerauo> Would be great to watch Cooking with Cum on Bick Black Cocks Lifestyle some day <Stakerauo> That is my ambition! Stefan_J
#675 <Fettis> hmm? who talks about cocks? <Stefan_J> Fettis, we all do. :) <Fettis> <3 Stefan_J
#676 <Stefan_J> osoba, whom would you do from GoT? <osoba> George R.R. Martin ;) ;) ;) Stefan_J
#677 <Juippis> daymn <Juippis> dat hurt <Lurvinator> More like.. led to an orgasm Stefan_J
#678 <Cursarion> prinssi: set your ident to nakki <prinssi> that wouldn't reflect that much on reality :( Stefan_J
#679 <Stefan_J> OK, abraka, tell me everything about prinssi, and give me his picture. Show me your culture. <Lasyltherni> and picture of his dick if he's 18+ <Stefan_J> He is, Lasyltherni. <Lasyltherni> I meant cm.. Stefan_J
#680 <narktoszcz> i have sometimes spooned with my friends <Kitsutypy> Awwww :3 <Kitsutypy> Then it turned to forking Stefan_J
#681 <Stefan_J> Wonder what's the gayest thing prinssi has ever done. :D <prinssi> joining this channel is pretty high <prinssi> on that list Stefan_J
#682 <Enkeli> Fauster then you have to fuck a horse and put vid of it to jewtube <Fauster> I havent filmed it before <Fauster> next time I will Stefan_J
#683 <Enkeli> She/he reminds me of my priest who molested me when I was small Stefan_J
#684 <Wojtak> I plan to study gays <Fauster> you can study me anytime you want Stefan_J
#685 <Enkeli> In fact, some kind of apocalypse would open great possibilities for my necrophilia hobby:3 Stefan_J
#686 <prinssi> there is an erotic novel about me and zzamu already Stefan_J
#687 <Fettis> i'm straight male from finland, but in internet it is sometimes fun to turn it all around :3 Stefan_J
#688 <BlindSamurai> abraka passed out and fell off the plank <zzamu> now i can go touch her boobs <zzamu> mwhaha Stefan_J
#689 <Chronicler> it doesn't matter to me <Chronicler> I even date transgender girls Stefan_J
#690 <MattiX> if you eat lego then you will shit a brick Stefan_J
#691 <Stefan_J> I see MattiX as modern day Confucius. <MattiX> did confucious steal shit from other people and paste it on irc too Stefan_J
#692 <Fauster> Coldplay is the kind of band I'd listen while sitting in shower, crying and masturbating Stefan_J
#693 <Fettis> I wanna get captured by minixmix Stefan_J
#694 <zzamu> prinssi <zzamu> fagot <prinssi> what <Stefan_J> zzamu's got a fish for you. <zzamu> yea <Stefan_J> I have a cam. <Fauster> ebin fishturbation Stefan_J
#695 * zzamu rapes prinssi Stefan_J
#696 <Tux[Qyou]> Fishfake <Tux[Qyou]> are you <Tux[Qyou]> real <Fishfake> No <Fishfake> Im a fake <Fishfake> BADUMPS Stefan_J
#697 <Stefan_J> Why is everyone ignoring the new girl? :( <Fauster> because I am a flaming homosexual Stefan_J
#698 <Stefan_J> Fauster, do you ever make adult drawings? :D <Fauster> No <Fauster> Tried tho but it ends up me throwing the picture in to the trasher and stroking the willy Stefan_J
#699 <abraka> seriously. don't die. it's so much better being an adult <abraka> my neighbor is playing "gimme gimme gimme" really loud Stefan_J
#700 <Stefan_J> Maybe Hitler wasn't that bad after all. Stefan_J
#701 <narktoszcz> you know i never thought i would've found a channel where it's ok to be gay and nazi Stefan_J
#702 <Stefan_J> Well, he's 16 in August. <DevilNith> Let's rape him before he gets 16 Stefan_J
#703 <MattiX> it's not porn, it's HBO Stefan_J
#704 <Fauster> nuts r delicious Stefan_J
#705 <prinssi> zzamu you're lying, nobody wants to be with me ;__; <zzamu> i-i want... Stefan_J
#706 <prinssi> let's say, triple penetration <prinssi> two in the pink, one in the stink <prinssi> or other way around <prinssi> I just realised that there are 14-year-old girls here, jesus christ Stefan_J
#707 <prinssi> there's nothing worse than being born a white straight man ;__; <Stefan_J> prinssi, can't do much about you being white or man, but maybe we can fix that straightness. xD <prinssi> I know, I'm working on that Stefan_J
#708 <prinssi> nothing worse than sweaty hairy balls, eww <prinssi> smooth skin <3_<3 Stefan_J
#709 <Enkeli> Stefan_J whats wrong with sucking my penis? <MattiX> yeah, why don't you want to suck his penis, you gay or something bro? Stefan_J
#710 <QuackySleeeeps> is that part of being in eu <QuackySleeeeps> must be able to hold pride without killing anyone Stefan_J
#711 <Fauster> but its still funny how I learned to like Jaime Lannister <Fauster> he seems nice <Fauster> he could incest me anytime Stefan_J
#712 <Stakerauo> My suggestions are in Norwegian, simply because google has decided that since I'm Norwegian myself I must be interested in only Norwegian things <Stakerauo> But I got stakemaskin <Stakerauo> Which means stake machine <Cyn> dick machine Stefan_J
#713 <Stakerauo> I wanted to reply "Would you cum on my slutty face, papi?", but it would make me feel sick if I was to do that without all this "I wanted to"-buiessnes Stefan_J
#714 <Cynwise> I think my ideal man would be unable to speak Stefan_J
#715 <Fauster> Fagexi Laiho used to live near me <Cynwise> did you ever see him <Stefan_J> Did you bang him? :D <Fauster> few times yes Stefan_J
#716 <QuackySleeeeps> there were games too, they stuck pictures of the group leaders on tennis balls as targets and you got points for knocking them off <QuackySleeeeps> i totally smashed my supervisor in teh fejs <QuackySleeeeps> direct hit <Nattzor> But didn't hit the picture <QuackySleeeeps> (with another tennis balls from like 5 metres) Stefan_J
#717 <Cynwise> I like how Stefan_J assigns moral values on people based on how willing or unwilling they are t take their clothes off :D Stefan_J
#718 <Stakerauo> All this talk about Cynwise <Stakerauo> It give me a boner Stefan_J
#719 <Stakerauo> Stefan_J: You're just going to look at me while I jack off to porn, aren't you? :/ <TheJuliusCaesar> pornception Stefan_J
#720 * Dark_Immortal cuts Stakerauo's cock off <Dark_Immortal> you're just rauo without your stake Stefan_J
#721 <Fauster> and when I wake up I am mostly like "holy fuck that was an awesome dream" and few hours later I only remember that it was an awesome dream but not why it was an awesome dream <Enkeli> Propably because it had penises in it? <DevilNith> :o <DevilNith> Penises dreams are awesome. <DevilNith> Especially when they are Enkeli's. Stefan_J
#722 <Kitsutypy> I AM BROKEN <sinppa_> Hi broken, I am high Stefan_J
#723 <Cynwise> Dirty mediavel people sexing, ew :( <Dark_Immortal> think of all the cheese under the foreskins QuackySleeeeps
#724 <Chronicler> prinssi: So you are saying you like hooking up with 90-year old ladies? <prinssi> you got me <prinssi> I like them cougars Stefan_J
#725 <Cynwise> damn those sexy children Lasyltherni
#726 <Cynwise> I don't really have a penis :( <That_Guy> did it drop off <That_Guy> thats what you get for smoking Stefan_J
#727 <That_Guy> i love this channel it has so many types of people Stefan_J
#728 <Stefan_J> Dark_Immortal, what's your friend's job? <Cynwise> Hooker <Dark_Immortal> close Cynwise <Dark_Immortal> Hacker Stefan_J
#729 [22:25] <+Cynwise> I'd like to ride Quorthon all the way to Asa Bay Dark_Immortal
#730 <Stefan_J> You can play gutar and keys, I will sing, Cynwise will dance on stage. <Stefan_J> That lesbian vet, what does she play? <QuackySleeeeps> tambourine Stefan_J
#731 <Dark_Immortal> Twincest is fine, it's just like wanking QuackySleeeeps
#732 <Cynwise> I want my cousin's job <Cynwise> I don't really know what she does but it seems to involve being drunk all the time and meeting C-ist celebrities Stefan_J
#733 <Dark_Immortal> i'm craving the taste of cum in my mouth Stefan_J
#734 <Dark_Immortal> who is pretty? <Enkeli> I am <Kitsutypy> Enkeli, yes you are <Kitsutypy> A pretty girl Stefan_J
#736 <Dark_Immortal> I bought 2 conditioners instead of shampoo <Dark_Immortal> so i had to use a shampoo that isn't great for my hair <Dark_Immortal> so it's going to be harder <Stefan_J> What shampoo do you use? <QuackySleeeeps> its conversations like this that really make me realise my heterosexuality... Stefan_J
#737 <Stefan_J> You can't be a godfather if you're not christenised. <Dark_Immortal> my boyfriend came on my forehead once <Dark_Immortal> well a few times <Dark_Immortal> does that count? Stefan_J
#738 <abraka> growing up is hard :D <Kitsutypy> it is <Kitsutypy> Just being 14 is as same as being 13 <Kitsutypy> I still have to brush my teeth, wake up at morning Stefan_J
#739 <Fauster> being a faggot rocks Stefan_J
#740 <Tux[Qyou]> i'm that type of person who can't harm a mosquito but would do a holocaust if given chance Stefan_J
#741 <DevilNith> I just want a skin <Stefan_J> What skin? <sinppa_> foreskin Stefan_J
#742 <Stefan_J> When do we play? <Tux[Qyou]> two minutes <pron> fap faster jeez <pron> i gan give u proper pron idk Stefan_J
#743 <tukeva_toveri> i'm gayest non gay gaymaster in gayfinland Stefan_J
#744 <Juippis> he was being a pussy <Juippis> in a homo channel <Juippis> thats unforgivable Stefan_J
#745 <Stefan_J> _9axel5, you're a crossdresser? :D <_9axel5> only when it's too hot to wear jeans Stefan_J
#746 <_9axel5> I lied a bit. I have 1,57TB of anime. Only 2,7GB of it is porn Stefan_J
#747 <tommi> Stefan_J: =) having sex at ts with jomppa <Tux[Qyou]> stefan, bringing people together Stefan_J
#748 <Enkeli> I am always sad <Enkeli> Because I am emogothfaggotteen Stefan_J
#749 <Enkeli> MattiX well fuck my ass and call me a bitch Stefan_J
#750 <Stefan_J> I would like to see Tux[Qyou] wrestling with Enkeli's penis. :3 <Tux[Qyou]> Stefan_J: me too... <Enkeli> Tux[Qyou]: me too... Stefan_J
#751 <Zetis> WEEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! <Zetis> for cleaning the entire flat <Fettis> MY FRIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEND <Fettis> AAAAAAAAND WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL KEEEEEP ON FIIIGHTIIIIIIIIIING <MattiX> til the end? <BlindSamurai> 'til 5 minutes later. lol Stefan_J
#752 <Enkeli> I used to have feminist girlfriend <Enkeli> She abused me sexually. <Enkeli> Now I dont even want to hear about feminism or my scars are opened. <Enkeli> She raped me worse than even Stefan_J ever could:( Stefan_J
#753 <Stefan_J> MattiX, yes, but the point is that Finns mix up S and Š. <MattiX> there's only one kind of S Stefan_J
#754 <zzamu> When you donate blood there is a chance that it will flow in someone else's boner <Stefan_J> Yes. <Tux[Qyou]> brb donating blood <Tux[Qyou]> i'll fuel someone's boner Stefan_J
#755 * Fettis rapes Enkeli <Fettis> xD Stefan_J
#756 <swag> it's difficult to hate different countries here up north <swag> we don't have albania or moldova close by Stefan_J
#757 <That_Guy> when i fap i think of Stefan_J Stefan_J
#758 <Enkeli> There is nothing gay about penises <QuackySleeeeps> there are when its up another duuds arse Stefan_J
#759 <Surum-burum> boobs are nice Stefan_J QuackySleeeeps
#760 <osoba> just listen to my lana del rey and masturbate to my whiny voice Stefan_J
#761 <Dark_Immortal> i like used condoms QuackySleeeeps
#762 <Dark_Immortal> my dick is bigger than the british empire - I'm the queen of vagina Stefan_J
#763 <Enkeli> Nazism is a healthy hobby for a young girl:3 QuackySleeeeps
#764 <Vultur_gryph> a deep-fried vibrator covered in butter Stefan_J
#765 <Stefan_J> What do you do for living, Vultur_gryph? <Vultur_gryph> Let's change of subject <QuackySleeeeps> hitman <Stefan_J> I think he trades with Colombians. <QuackySleeeeps> niche porn star <Vultur_gryph> yeah, you know too much now o.o Stefan_J
#766 <Vultur_gryph> but I must admit that my side career as a niche porn star is just for the sake of the art, can't make a living with that Stefan_J
#767 <QuackySleeeeps> so horsegirl made some biscuits for kitteh, dogs are meant to like them too <QuackySleeeeps> kitteh hates them <QuackySleeeeps> but then the other guy lives here came home and didnt know this, he texts horsegirl if he can have one <QuackySleeeeps> they clearly taste like shit so she tells him to go for it and then texts me to go watch Stefan_J
#768 <maakari> my penis is cold <Stefan_J> Rub it to warm up. Stefan_J
#769 <PolarBear> bite her pussy lips and go hanging from them with your mouth QuackySleeeeps
#770 <QuackySleeeeps> look at these two fucking octagons Stefan_J
#771 <QuackySleeeeps> Stefan_J do you think its just that we're too old and had to imagine things rather than them all being on computers? <Kartoffelsalat> >imagine <Kartoffelsalat> Why dont you just go outside and meet a girl <QuackySleeeeps> yep i can imagine that Stefan_J
#772 <Stefan_J> Wojtaq, you get op if you send me nudes. ;) <QuackySleeeeps> just for teh record <QuackySleeeeps> that is not how i got ops Stefan_J
#773 <Juippis> were all a little bit gay <Juippis> no denying it Stefan_J
#774 <Tux[Qyou]> tpb is dead <Tux[Qyou]> and i didn't even manage to download all my bdsm porn Stefan_J
#775 <Fauster> I love being sodomized Stefan_J
#776 <Enkeli> I always thought Stefan_J would meet his companion in some gay orgy of serbian scientist club at deserted church ruins Stefan_J
#777 <osoba> i got a job offer on... dun dun dun duuun... linkedin <osoba> from amazon <Wojtaq> Since when Amazon is looking for porn actors <osoba> actresses* Stefan_J
#778 <Enkeli> If I had some glitter and both of my balls in sack, I would decorate em and take a picture <Enkeli> Then Stefan could put that picture to his blog for christmass QuackySleeeeps
#779 <Plucka> when did people stop liking boobs :o <Surum-burum> when Stefan_J started propagating balls in glitter <Surum-burum> and turning all straight men gay Stefan_J
#780 <Fauster> Here we sit and hesitate but shouldn't we all just masturbate Stefan_J
#781 <Cynwise> i think Stefan_J is a timelord <Cynwise> hes probably been in 25 hour world already Stefan_J
#782 <Cynwise> moisturise me!!!!! <MattiX> I'll moisturize you, if you know what I mean Stefan_J
#783 <Surum-burum> my jericho rose is blooming <Surum-burum> and I'm fighting with 10 year old <Surum-burum> in the showers of rain <Surum-burum> trying to get them chocolate <Surum-burum> I'll go to heaven. Stefan_J
#784 <Surum-burum> this makes no sense, but I wanted to look like a poet. Stefan_J
#785 <Stakerauo> Oh, I'll give him a bone to put in his mouth <Stakerauo> Usually I don't sleep with dogs I just met, but he looks like a freak who is in to kinky sex Stefan_J
#786 <Stakerauo> I love boobs like a 13 year old <Fauster> You apparently can use the internet as a 13 old too Stefan_J
#787 <Cynwise> oh no, what if i have to pee <Cynwise> guess i'll use the cat litterbox Stefan_J
#788 <Cynwise> oh yeah Stefan_J, Sam Heughan is gay <Stefan_J> He is? :D <Cynwise> he never responded to my nudes Stefan_J
#789 <Cynwise> vvvvvagina no.1 <soup> wut <soup> is that a perfume Stefan_J
#790 <Fauster> Anal virginity is very unnecessary Stefan_J
#791 <Wojtaq> I heard that vampires don't have boners <Cynwise> they just havent met me! ;) Stefan_J
#792 <Cyn> My brother is so fucking useless <Cyn> He cant even be bothered to put a table cloth on the table or clear the junk off or set it properly <Cyn> My dad cooked the dinner, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, he just sits on his lazy dumb ass <Juippis> justboythings Stefan_J
#793 <Stefan_J> I'm so annoyed right now, there's a remix of The Rhythm Of The Night, and I can't find that remix, there's only bad audio version in a gay porn. :( <Stefan_J> I should ask Jacob, he likes Eurodance and gay porn. Stefan_J
#794 <Cyn> Ronald McDonald is the father of my baby Stefan_J
#795 <Kartoffelsalat> <- anal lover here <Wojtaq> how deep u like it <Kartoffelsalat> ~10 inches <Kartoffelsalat> or 9 maybe? <Kartoffelsalat> i cant get any deeper so far Stefan_J
#796 <Kartoffelsalat> i totally want a dragon dildo <Fauster> I just ordered a miniature horse dildo QuackySleeeps
#797 <Kartoffelsalat> dildo is my bf Stefan_J
#798 <Fauster> if you can grow a lifeform in your cunt, I think it is possible to cultivate something in your ass QuackySleeeps
#799 <Stefan_J> Wojtaq, taking care of his country so well, that economy is falling apart with ruble losing 40% of the value. <Wojtaq> they got huge reserves <Kartoffelsalat> My balls have huge reserves too Stefan_J
#800 <Buubbeli> i'm a finn <Buubbeli> we're born racists <Fauster> yeah <Fauster> finns are cunts by default Stefan_J
#801 <Cyn> I think Finnish men are easy <Cyn> thats why its so easy for Stefan_J to find Finnish penises Stefan_J
#802 <QuackySleeeps> fun fact, i was tickled by a schoolgirl Stefan_J
#803 <Fauster> Anal virginity reminds me of leftover pasta <Fauster> squishy and delicious but soon forgotten Stefan_J
#804 <Cyn> I'm a bit tipsy, guys now's your chance ;) ;) ;) Stefan_J
#805 <Surum-burum> if you live in serbia for a month, you become a saint Stefan_J
#806 <QuackySleeeeps> omg theres a program on the tv <QuackySleeeeps> about volcanoes in vanuatu <QuackySleeeeps> i think i just came Stefan_J
#807 <QuackySleeeeps> ALL the countries are important! Stefan_J
#808 <maakari> I am just the right amount of nice and naughty Stefan_J
#809 <QuackySleeeeps> i dont think osoba would like it <QuackySleeeeps> hes too gay, not up for eating pussy Stefan_J
#810 <Wojtaq> I'm here for blood * Favster cums blood <Wojtaq> Ewww <Wojtaq> Impossible <Favster> I DID IT FOR YOU YOU SILLY FAGGOT <Favster> LOVE ME Stefan_J
#811 <Stefan_J> Cyn, if I were filthy rich, I'd make a zoo where we could keep hot boys. :D <Stefan_J> But it would be a pet zoo, so we could play with them. <Cyn> lol nice :D <Cyn> how about when we are old, we buy a nursing home and only employ teenage boys? <Cyn> I cant wait to be an old lady creep <Stefan_J> >:D <Cyn> old ladies cant be be blamed for anything Stefan_J
#812 <Surum-burum> I don't think I want finland <Surum-burum> maybe it's good for gays <Surum-burum> but not for me Stefan_J
#813 <QuackySleeeeps> we have discussed fisting for ages <Cyn> all the horny scientists left to their BDSM orgie Stefan_J
#814 <Cyn> Little creep! hope the priests punish him <Stefan_J> Didn't know you supported priests punishing little boys. Stefan_J
#815 <MattiX> it's not gay if it's in a three-way QuackySleeeeps
#816 <Cyn> the fat is at the bittom of the bottom QuackySleeeeps
#817 <Stefan_J> Send Jedward, they're futuristic. <Cyn> haha <Cyn> wonder where they are now, probab;y making twin porn <QuackySleeeeps> tworn Stefan_J
#818 <QuackySleeeeps> i like both kitties and titties <QuackySleeeeps> there is a website for this Stefan_J
#819 <Cyn> Stefan_J, all women love Outlander for the romance <Cyn> But I just like it for the gay rape <Cyn> I'm a bad person Stefan_J
#820 <QuackySleeeeps> no one can rule all the balkans without shitting themself a bit Stefan_J
#821 <Stefan_J> OMG, imagine Thatcher GPS. <QuackySleeeeps> it would be terrible Stefan_J <QuackySleeeeps> it would be forever, turn right in 300 yards <QuackySleeeeps> never fucking left <Dozer> Always to the right. <Dozer> FAR right. <Stefan_J> Far right, all the way to Pinichet. <QuackySleeeeps> and besides she'd probably privatise the gps Stefan_J
#822 <Wojtaq> tons of porn <Stefan_J> Why would you download it? <Wojtaq> lol to masturbate <Stefan_J> But Pope says it's not good. <Wojtaq> pope got no balls <Wojtaq> or is a fcking liar :ooOOOoo <QuackySleeeeps> he doesnt need porn <QuackySleeeeps> hes surrounded by choir boys Stefan_J
#823 <Cyn> I wish I was male so I could marry Stephen Fry <3 QuackySleeeeps
#824 <Stefan_J> You can make boys and girls from two men, you can only make girls from two women. <QuackySleeeeps> indeed Stefan_J, and this is why we're all gonna die and the lesbians will take over Stefan_J
#825 <QuackySleeeeps> well you know, in the midst of our genocidal rage we did manage to mildly civilise the irish :D Stefan_J
#826 <Enkeli> I havent used my penis really in a year:/ QuackySleeeeps
#827 <Heigen> ASS FOR EVERYONE \:D/ Stefan_J
#828 <That_Guy> me and Stefan_J talk by swinging our dicks at each other <That_Guy> its how we became soviet spies <Heigen> regular KGB tradition Stefan_J
#829 <Cyn> I wish it was the 1950s so I could be a sham wife for a nice gay man <Cyn> perfect marriage Stefan_J
#830 <Cyn> I creep on underage boys, but also men of all ages so I'm not discrimatory Stefan_J
#831 <Cyn> yeah lots of nice black cock up my not-so-tight little hole ;) QuackySleeeeps
#832 <QuackySleeeeps> i should learn to dance like those duuds in heels, then profit Stefan_J
#833 <Stefan_J> Duck and heels. :) <QuackySleeeeps> :P <QuackySleeeeps> i got some new ones, much win <QuackySleeeeps> such a regular female Stefan_J
#834 <Hedonia> men with high heels.. grrrr :3 <QuackySleeeps> :) <Hedonia> they use em with more pride than i could ever do :D <QuackySleeeps> we do Stefan_J
#835 <Enkeli> Do you know what else fucks your head Fauster? <Enkeli> My penis <Stefan_J> It's so small it can enter your nose, Fauster. <Enkeli> I prefer ear <Fauster> then I can get a real "earworm" Stefan_J
#836 <elTankor> stop bullying Enkeli <elTankor> he is beautiful Stefan_J
#837 <Cyn> I should have gotten a sugar daddy for valentines day Stefan_J
#838 <Cyn> oh my god men in tartan skirts are so rapeable Stefan_J
#839 <Stefan_J> Imagine if Tuomas named the band Midnightcraving. <Dark_Immortal> unleash your beast <Dark_Immortal> for the midnight feast <Dark_Immortal> I will come cover you <Dark_Immortal> With warm sticky goo Stefan_J
#840 <Stefan_J> I always like long on everyone. :D QuackySleeeeps
#841 <Cyn> I got buttfucked for Valentine's Day <Cyn> was so romantic <Fauster> wish I did too QuackySleeeeps
#842 <Fauster> crush <Fauster> kill <Fauster> destroy <Fauster> swag <QuackySleeeeps> ... <QuackySleeeeps> profit <Stefan_J> Swag death metal. Stefan_J
#843 <Cyn> Ireland and Poland: where gays and tampons are banned Stefan_J
#844 <Cyn> was laughing at cunnilingus diagrams QuackySleeeeps
#845 <pron> so guys if u have a chanse to stab a guy who wors in building indyustry or building apartment repair stuff <pron> do that <Cynwise> this is like Latvian ''You know what really grinds my gears'' Stefan_J
#846 <Cynwise> I had yummy juicy kebabs in London <Cynwise> I still fantasize about it Stefan_J
#847 <Enkeli> I once weared a miniskirt <Enkeli> It led to bad things:( Stefan_J
#848 <PolarBear> i have a dungeon for my sex slaves Stefan_J
#849 <Enkeli> why would someone want to have sex with under 18 boy? <Stefan_J> Why wouldn't someone? Stefan_J
#850 <Kitsutypy> But only a year and a half.. <Kitsutypy> Then I can fuck whoever I want Stefan_J
#851 <Stefan_J> My penis is 10 on Mohs scale. <QuackySleeeeps> because diamonds are a girls best friend Stefan_J
#852 <Cyn> well? <Cyn> nudes plz <Stefan_J> We're waiting, elTankor. <QuackySleeeeps> youll get a quote for it and everything Stefan_J
#853 <Cyn> if he starves to death his body should look good <QuackySleeeeps> explain Cyn <Cyn> hell be skinny Stefan_J
#854 <Cyn> why do guys think their penis deserves worship <Cyn> worship my clit Stefan_J
#855 <Stefan_J> elTankor, if you're not gay, why not send Cyn nudes? :P QuackySleeeeps
#856 <elTankor> so I was just raped by Cyn QuackySleeeeps and Stefan_J at the same time Stefan_J
#857 <pron> il cut those organs off <pron> nowories <pron> i like to cut things QuackySleeeeps
#858 <Kayle> I swear that if straight guys have the hots for other dudes, it has to be Korean boys <Kayle> It's impossible not to be gay while looking at them QuackySleeeeps
#859 * QuackySleeeeps sexes swag Stefan_J
#860 <QuackySleeeps> 10/10 would ram my ship into her any day Stefan_J
#861 <Fauster> I'd make a good goat <Fauster> I'd spread the joy of Satan to little children around the globe Stefan_J
#862 <Kayle> Every time I'm on this channel, my urge to have sex rises Stefan_J
#863 <QuackySleeeeps> the facial bit is the bit that i hate in gay/bi porn :| <QuackySleeeeps> cause thats the too gay bit Stefan_J
#864 <QuackySleeeeps> well its true, cocks go in all sorts of holes but you see a duuds face slurpzing it then its just quite gay Stefan_J
#865 <Fauster> would be a bit random that someone just comes around the corner "hey, catch" and throws you with a baby <Fauster> I am a terrible catcher <Fauster> expect in the bed but thats a whole different story Stefan_J
#866 <Stefan_J> swag is like me. :) <swag> well i'm not a short slav wizard <swag> but otherwise maybe QuackySleeeeps
#867 <Enkeli> in finnfight both fighter are greased with vodka <Enkeli> then they go to pool that has 50cm layer of mämmi <Enkeli> and then they fight to death <Enkeli> with axes and penises QuackySleeeeps
#868 <Cyn> I want to go back in time and shove an arrow up his cock QuackySleeeeps
#869 <Enkeli> good luck trying to get past my sacred guardianpenis QuackySleeeeps
#870 <Kayle> And we learned about Minterms and Maxterms <Kayle> And I was like "Minterm, maxterm, now show me Kominterm" QuackySleeeeps
#871 <QuackySleeeeps> lick mah lollipop <auei> it's cola Stefan_J
#872 <zubrils> the old Latvian tradition of locking the bride in your basement till she says "yes" Stefan_J
#873 <Fauster> I'll show you mine if you show me yours Stefan_J
#874 <zubrils> once I saw Stefan_J's penis <zubrils> I wanted to suck it so badly <zubrils> it's a matter of beauty, not orientation Stefan_J
#875 <pron> i dont use heavy drugs so i cant understand eurovision Stefan_J
#876 <zubrils> I want your penis pron Stefan_J
#877 <pron> can u guys start to link some gayshit <pron> so shes not horny anymore <Zetis> wont help, pron <Zetis> gonna fuck you anyways Stefan_J
#878 <Cynwise> How can I murder someone and get away with it? <QuackySleeeeps> goto america, make sure your target is black Stefan_J
#879 <Cynwise> That sounds like a really shitty historical romance that I would love to read Stefan_J
#880 <QuackySleeeeps> indeed id rather do eduard than this srbwal Stefan_J
#881 <Cyn> the cat defecated in the spare room, and there is so much junk piled high that I couldnt find it <Cyn> so I just shoved the door closed QuackySleeeeps
#882 <Kayle> Random recall of the day: had a classmate in secondary school, who thought that homo erectus means a horny gay in latin QuackySleeeeps
#883 <Enkeli> If you would live in Finland, you would be thankfull for every hair on your ballsack QuackySleeeeps
#884 <elTankor> no I usually wank to my poster of james franco Stefan_J
#885 <Cyn> I have a theory that I would get lots of cock in Scandi land QuackySleeeeps
#886 <elTankor> have all of you guys seen each other's faces? <Juippis> elTankor: faces? No. Dicks? Yes. Stefan_J
#887 <Fauster> penises are interesting <Cyn> they're just dildos with unfortunate humans attached QuackySleeeeps
#888 <Kayle> Cyn: As someone who had both, a penis is definitely more interesting to have inside :D <Cyn> Kayle, you mean penis in ass versus putting penis in vagina? <Kayle> Cyn: No, penis vs dildo <Cyn> oh Stefan_J
#889 <Cyn> I will rent my womb out to a gay couple QuackySleeeeps
#890 <Enkeli> and there was coming endless amount of pee from my dick <Enkeli> with so big pressure that I couldnt keep aim on toilet seat <Enkeli> and pee was everywhere Plucka
#891 <Cynwise> I haven't had any black dicks in a long time <Stefan_J> How long time? <Cynwise> 2 weeks Stefan_J
#892 <Dark_Immortal> I want to give people their first blowjobs QuackySleeeeps
#893 <swag> our minister of culture passes out in a russian bar <Stefan_J> #FinnishCulture Stefan_J
#894 <Dark_Immortal> Richard Dawkins made me cry Stefan_J
#895 <Stefan_J> Oh, gone even gayer in the army? ;) <Stakerauo> Not so much gay, just really horny and crazy all the time Stefan_J
#896 <Stakerauo> I went, like, 40 days +/- at the start of my army life <Stakerauo> without cuming <Stakerauo> I had to jack off to save lives, because I was getting so aggressive Stefan_J
#897 <Stefan_J> I use swings anyway, I don't care. <Stefan_J> That's the way we bisexuals roll. QuackySleeeeps
#898 <Kayle> Was wondering what's the basis behind +Os :P <MattiX> Kayle is asking how do you earn ops <QuackySleeeeps> well in this channel we all offered sexual favours to Stefan_J Stefan_J
#899 <Stakerauo> What you said about me? :3 <Stefan_J> Made a plot to rape you, of course. :) <Stakerauo> Oh great! I haven't been raped in a long time Stefan_J
#900 <Stakerauo> You stuffed your ass with meat? <Stakerauo> Unmetaphorically? <Enkeli> yes QuackySleeeeps
#901 <Stakerauo> Oh yes. Fuck me from behind while I call you Based God Stefan_J
#902 <Fauster> how can anyone listen to shit like that <Stakerauo> Finnish language or Slim Shady? <Fauster> both Stefan_J
#903 <Cyn> Id charge €300! <Stakerauo> Who do you think you are? :D <Cyn> an expensive whore <Stakerauo> I'd maybe not pay that much to have sex with you maybe QuackySleeeps
#904 <QuackySleeeps> gotta say the finndicks never did it for me <QuackySleeeps> dunno if danedongs are any better Stefan_J
#905 <Stakerauo> I wouldn't marry 35 year old, but I could probably have sex with one QuackySleeeps
#906 <Stakerauo> I wish it was the 1950's so that I could beat women and still be viewed as a ladies man ;D QuackySleeeps
#907 <Cyn> 2 Enkeli links I took the risk of opening, and didn't vomit <Cyn> guess I win today QuackySleeeeps
#908 <QuackySleeeps> militant heterophobes roam this channel Stefan_J
#909 <cynn> my pussy juice if currently red <cynn> I want to smear it over some guy's face! <cynn> my ketchup brings all the boys to my yard <Hyperspace> Cynwise, you are having your period right now? Stefan_J
#910 <Enkeli> You cant vote one because you want to put your penis in him Stefan_J
#911 <usvi> i was sat at home eating smegma butter when pjotr ring QuackySleeeeps
#912 <Cyn> I don't get how people can pose nekkid with their pets like that <Cyn> Oh, gross, the tail is in her vagina crack QuackySleeeeps
#913 <Cyn> If your cock is being blocked, it was never getting anywhere anyway QuackySleeeps
#914 <Stefan_J> I know Cynwise likes some meat on it, though. <Cynwise> yup QuackySleeeps
#915 <QuackySleeeps> come on internets, how is one to acquire acceptable quantities of pornography like this Stefan_J
#916 * QuackySleeeps puts on a kilt and dyes hair ginger Stefan_J
#917 <Cyn> bestiality isn't my thing Cursarion QuackySleeeps
#918 <Cyn> penis can't fix everything QuackySleeeeps
#919 <Cyn> Stefan_J, not sure about that, I think teens should be protected from creeps like me QuackySleeeeps
#920 <Cynwise> all of my selfies look like drunk pre-surgery Lana del Rey <Cynwise> I want to look like drunk post -surgery Lana del Rey Stefan_J
#921 <Cynwise> only thing tumblr is good for is that penis site Stefan_J
#922 <Cyn> "old" in this channel is anything over 16 Stefan_J
#923 <Cyn> What's wrong with being racist towards English? Stefan_J
#924 <The_Seeker_> it feels thicker in the mouth <3 QuackySleeeeps
#925 <QuackySleeeeps> i can take long smelly baths and prance around the house naked Stefan_J
#926 <Cyn> never enough cock <Stefan_J> Exactly. QuackySleeeeps
#927 <Cyn> nobody speaks Finnish <QuackySleeeeps> agreed <QuackySleeeeps> i dont think its a real language <QuackySleeeeps> they just make up stuff <QuackySleeeeps> and pm english to each other Stefan_J
#928 <Stakerauo> I really, really like boobs <Stakerauo> That's my problem QuackySleeeeps
#929 <Cyn> I'm just being an Irish Catho pedo QuackySleeeeps
#930 <QuackySleeeeps> the worst thing with the quotes is when somone says a great line and you wait for a followup to perfect it <QuackySleeeeps> but it never comes Stefan_J
#931 <Cyn> when I was 15 I looked like potato <Stefan_J> Cyn, you're Irish, how else would you look like? QuackySleeeeps
#932 <Stakerauo> I think I'll masturbate this saturday, btw <Stakerauo> I've been thinking about it since last saturday QuackySleeeeps
#933 <Juippis> Ive only seen pics of your penises not faces QuackySleeeeps
#934 <Stefan_J> Cyn, the best part is it says Jacob's a girl. :D <QuackySleeeeps> thats why we would all vote for him for the cos hottest Stefan_J
#935 <Cyn> well, most of the worlds problems would be solved by castration QuackySleeeeps
#936 <Cyn> so what are you guys wearing today? <QuackySleeeeps> cocktail dress and heels <QuackySleeeeps> tiara Stefan_J
#937 <Cyn> yes, I'd watch guys sexing <Cyn> don't want to see women QuackySleeeps
#938 <Cyn> who the hell want to watch straight sex scenes? <PolarBear> me :( <Cyn> No-one, that's who Stefan_J
#939 <Cyn> MattiX looks like a retarded Pokemon QuackySleeeps
#940 <Cyn> yeah, that's not fun like duck rape :( QuackySleeeps
#941 <swagath> straight sex is boring <swagath> it doesn't have enough penis QuackySleeeeps
#942 <Cyn> I was too old for tellerubbies QuackySleeeps <Cyn> by the time it first aired <Cyn> I was watching porn movies instead QuackySleeeeps
#943 <Stefan_J> OMG, idiot NordicBots. <Stefan_J> They have destroyed stats. :( <Cyn> as long as they dont ever lose the quotes <Cyn> so people can remember us when we are dead Stefan_J
#944 <The_Seeker_> why not just lick your uncle's armpits and call it listerine :l QuackySleeeeps
#945 <The_Seeker_> yeah I was thinking of having a 1'000'000 babies so I could have a nation I can call my own :P QuackySleeeeps
#946 <Cyn> this channel can actually be divided between pedos and victims Stefan_J
#947 <Enkeli> My sex life is dry as mohammed's desert butthole and I masturbate like two times month when I have nothing better to do QuackySleeeeps
#948 <Cynwise> I love Passion of the Christ movie <Cynwise> it was nice seeing the hot naked man being whipped Stefan_J
#949 <Stefan_J> Snowtown wasn't disturbing at all. <Stefan_J> Wish rape scene was more graphic. QuackySleeeeps
#950 <swag> i think these vaginas are totally overrated and overhyped <swag> penises are nicer and more beautiful QuackySleeeeps
#951 <QuackySleeeeps> finally parents went to bed i can get naked Stefan_J
#952 <Dark_Immortal> I'm a £2.99 sparkling wine socialist Stefan_J
#953 <Wenwen> fuck yeah vaginas =(|)= <Vike91> 8==========D~ QuackySleeeeps
#954 <cynwise> David Milliband is a DILF Stefan_J
#955 <cynwise> I am also sexually attracted to David Cameron :( :( :((( Stefan_J
#956 <pron> politics + penises, short description of CoS Stefan_J
#957 <Dark_Immortal> my dick is going wild for Ed <Dark_Immortal> I don't know what's wrong with me <Stefan_J> Your inner commie is attracted to his innet commie. <QuackySleeeeps> you wanna put your hammer in his sickle Stefan_J
#958 <Dark_Immortal> Having a Milliwank <Dark_Immortal> for the millionth time <Dark_Immortal> I'm getting a red millihand Stefan_J
#959 <MattiX> can you really fit two penises in one anus <Kayle> Yes, it is possible <Kayle> And no, you don't have to be flexible or anything like that, the rectum is just that stretchable <MattiX> sounds pretty gay though QuackySleeeeps
#960 <Dark_Immortal> My Gran has disowned me for being part of the DISGUSTING RIOTS <Dark_Immortal> and all her messages are formatted and worded like daily mail headlines Stefan_J
#961 <Surum-burum> what's up Stefan_J <Stefan_J> Nothing new. <Surum-burum> why don't you add me on facebook <QuackySleeeeps> you dont have a finnpenis <Surum-burum> oh dang <Surum-burum> my penis worked for duck <Surum-burum> but not stefan Stefan_J
#962 <Enkeli> I havent changed my panties in weeks <Enkeli> fuck the police QuackySleeeeps
#963 <Surum-burum> how can all guy be white and the cock is red QuackySleeeeps
#964 <Stefan_J> Human genome is too damn long. :( QuackySleeeeps
#965 <DevilNith> They should raise the duck standards here. <QuackySleeeeps> everywhere needs high duck standards <Stefan_J> I'm sure Tories and UKIPians love duck hunting. <QuackySleeeeps> they probably prefer hunting eastern europeans Stefan_J
#966 <Kayle> QuackySleeeeps: I have a thing for some male Koreans <QuackySleeeeps> dont they have very small penises <Kayle> And no, I met two, they were hung :D QuackySleeeeps
#967 <QuackySleeeps> when youre asked for nuuds you gotta provide, CoS rule #96 Stefan_J
#968 <Cynwise> I like when Stefan_J gets murderous, so out of character Stefan_J
#969 <Fauster> Norway :3 <PolarBear> a country where small people live in the pocket of rocks and eat cod <Fauster> whats not to like Stefan_J
#970 <Kayle> QuackySleeeeps: You like your men classy and old-fashioned, it seems <QuackySleeeeps> i prefer them with boobs Stefan_J
#971 <Surum-burum> lithuania <Surum-burum> the land of hannibal lecter and other pagans QuackySleeeeps
#973 <Surum-burum> when I flew with Finns really, I though there were in some down conference QuackySleeeeps
#974 <cynwise> because blondes don't exist in Finland <cynwise> because Finns aren't white people <Surum-burum> they all look like they have down syndrome QuackySleeeeps
#975 <Cyn> seriously when the zombie apocalypse comes <Cyn> there are so many humans I will happily throw on my barbeque <Cyn> it will be great QuackySleeeps
#976 <cyn> God is a cunt <QuackySleeeps> i think thats evident from his autobiography Stefan_J
#977 <osoba> we can go to that art thing tomorrow at 6 <QuackySleeeeps> sounds sophisticato <QuackySleeeeps> better wear knickers Stefan_J
#978 <cyn> androgynous people are hot <Kayle> The best part is when you're never certain who they are until you get intimate <QuackySleeeeps> lets assume youd talk to them a bit before you ripped teh pants off Kayle Stefan_J
#979 <Fauster> I only suck one cock currently :( Stefan_J
#980 <PolarBear> my own dick points 90 degrees to left when i get an erection QuackySleeeeps
#981 <PolarBear> Im so gay and i dont even like boys Stefan_J
#982 <cyn> didn't see any horribly dead bodies lying around when I visited :( <cyn> it would have improved the atmosphere QuackySleeeeps
#983 <Stefan_J> Armenia. :| <QuackySleeeeps> its songs like this that makes people what to murder over a million people Stefan_J
#984 <swag> but i can tell you that i have this russian flag on my wall and gay things happened next to it :> QuackySleeeeps
#985 <osoba_> one day youre a wooden creature hopping on all 4 <osoba_> 200 million years later youre a giant blob swimming in the ocean Stefan_J
#986 <Fauster> cyborg with a horse head and penis QuackySleeeeps
#987 <Kitsu> cyn: you have three flavors; rainbows, unicorn poop and nice stuff! <QuackySleeeps> mmm unicorn poop <QuackySleeeps> exotique Stefan_J
#988 <QuackySleeeps> it was a masterstroke from j33bus <QuackySleeeps> to say that old testament shit didnt count <QuackySleeeps> and now its a culturally fine for me to eat anything <QuackySleeeps> well not endangered animals and babies <QuackySleeeps> but thats different Stefan_J
#989 <Dark_Immortal> Stefan_J my willy is tangled in wires <Kayle> That's a weird fetish QuackySleeeps
#990 <cyn> looks like good burning and smashing weather this weekend Stefan_J
#991 <Stefan_J> cyn, imagine if we were rich colonialists, and Enkeli was our slave gardener. :( <cyn> I'd make him work naked! <cyn> he could look like Jesus with all his cuts and sun burns Stefan_J
#992 <cyn> Step One in relationship: Build up the dirt blackmail folder Stefan_J
#993 <Hyperspace> If I want to be a lab rat, I will need to contact a chemical manufacturing lab in China and tell them to synthesize a chemical that I believe will have hallucinogenic effects, then import the chemical into my country and begin testing it on myself. Stefan_J
#994 <Cyn> if an auto correct tried to change my swearing I'd tell it to suck my sweaty balls <MattiX> I didn't know you had those <Cyn> MattiX: I do <Cyn> I like to swing them in men's faces when they annoy me Stefan_J
#995 <pron> zete calls my penis her penis now, and doesnt let me touch it :I Stefan_J
#996 <Fauster> I wish I was a cute little goat kid who would just have jumped around like no tomorrow Stefan_J
#997 <Stefan_J> Damn, I'm so bourgeois gay. QuackySleeeps
#998 <QuackySleeeeps> id rather be told to munch on some grass and spit at the pope than live under cameron <QuackySleeeeps> and that is what the llama party is offering Stefan_J
#999 <Dark_Immortal> i fancy the guy with one leg in orange is the new black <Dark_Immortal> he looks hotter when he's moving than in still photos, when I first looked at images I was disappointed <Dark_Immortal> and I also found out he had too many legs in real life QuackySleeeeps
#1000 <Cyn> I am so happy Rose Tyler is dead and I don't have to look at her fucking teeth anymore QuackySleeeeps
#1001 <Cyn> I have an Ardal O Hanlan dressed as a cat fetish Stefan_J
#1002 <Dark_Immortal> there is so much sex in my bum QuackySleeeps
#1003 <Stefan_J> Last night I had a dream that some guy didn't like building of Main Post Office in Belgrade. :( QuackySleeeeps
#1004 <Juippis> youd love my "big ben" inside my pants ;) <Stefan_J> If that's what you call big. <Stefan_J> Also, I don't find Victorian neo-gothic architecture the best choice for inside pants. QuackySleeeeps
#1005 <Enkeli> When I grow big, I will become penis archeologist Stefan_J
#1006 <Fauster> cyn: almost launched an anxiety attack on me <cyn> Fauster: great :D <cyn> I mean, sorry Stefan_J
#1007 <ninmi> first mosquito bite. summer is officially here. Stefan_J
#1008 <cyn> The Daleks are my spirit animals <cyn> I'm rooting for them to suceed in their extermination Stefan_J
#1009 <Cyn> I'm losing the will to live <Cyn> there's only so much smashing and burning a girl can do QuackySleeeeps
#1010 <Cyn> I'd rather have cake than nudes <Stefan_J> For me it depends on the mood. <Stefan_J> Cake is gone, nudes are forever. <Cyn> lol, true :D QuackySleeeeps
#1011 <Juippis> cyn I was JUST about to ask <Cynwise> if I will marry you? <Cynwise> the answer is no :( QuackySleeeeps
#1012 <Cynwise> The other day I was wearing makeup so thick that a fly flew into my face and got stuck there <QuackySleeeeps> did people think you might be a clown or a transvestite? <Cynwise> that was the look I was going for QuackySleeeeps
#1013 <Dark_Immortal> I'm falling in love with someone in this channel <Dark_Immortal> maybe it's Hyperspace Stefan_J
#1014 <Darksworth> I'm a reliable source on various wikipedia articles apparently <Darksworth> I've reached peak life Stefan_J
#1015 <cyn> If my hairdresser fails the needle test, I beat her and don't pay QuackySleeeps
#1016 <Darksworth> aussie shampoo is a rip off <Darksworth> frizz miracle was only miraculous because it made my hair frizzier QuackySleeeps
#1017 <Stefan_J> I failed drinking water. <Stefan_J> Now my nose burns. QuackySleeeps
#1018 <Stefan_J> "A nineteen-year-old man is currently roaming the streets of Norway, dressed as a giant penis and firing glitter at people." <Stefan_J> I guess we know where Stakerauo is and what he's doing. Stefan_J
#1019 <Cynwise> yay butt sex and black magic! <Cynwise> I'm in QuackySleeeeps
#1020 <elTankor> I'm confused <QuackySleeeeps> welcome <QuackySleeeeps> we're having a satanic orgy <Enkeli> it is not gay if it is happening for the glory of our saviour Stefan_J
#1021 <Dark_Immortal> I was at pride <Dark_Immortal> I wanted all the cocks <Dark_Immortal> and I'm proud of that QuackySleeeeps
#1022 [20:53] <+Cynwise> Dark_Immortal: every time I heard Rhythm is a Dancer I immediately think of you Dark_Immortal
#1023 <Enkeli> I am very eager to see sperm in zero gravity <Enkeli> I have often been thinking what could happen QuackySleeeeps
#1024 <Wojtaq> u saw that everyone on facebook got gay profile picture????? <QuackySleeeeps> well not everyone <QuackySleeeeps> but it is quite queer <QuackySleeeeps> its more like tumblr on a straight day now Stefan_J
#1025 <Cynwise> too many cunts not enough cocks QuackySleeeeps
#1026 <Cynwise> I am always conflicted when my 2 boyfriends play each other in a final <Cynwise> Federer and Nadal <Cynwise> I'd like to mix my cream with their chocolate QuackySleeeeps
#1027 <20:15:21> <Cynwise> someone please cure me of my laziness <20:18:28> <Cynwise> ok gotta go <20:18:29> <Cynwise> cyas <20:18:38> * Cynwise has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed) QuackySleeeeps
#1028 <PolarBear> "what is this? theres a penis in womans mouth" i wondered QuackySleeeps
#1029 <Dark_Immortal> I stuck my dick in ice cream just now and made my boyfriend suck it off. <Dark_Immortal> And he's vegan. <Dark_Immortal> The ice cream wasn't vegan, and neither is my dick. Stefan_J
#1030 * Dark_Immortal unzips QuackySleeeps <QuackySleeeps> :o <Dark_Immortal> I have no idea what just happened <QuackySleeeps> impersonating winrar again <Dark_Immortal> I wonder what the package will be like <QuackySleeeps> doesnt fit in one volume Stefan_J
#1031 <Kitsu> Do you know that feeling when your friend family's 4yo kid comes to you, touches your breasts and screams "TISSIT TISSIT TISSIT" <_9axel5> Kitsu yes <_9axel5> I've done that Stefan_J
#1032 <Enkeli> And it felt like wrong to put your dick to internet <Enkeli> but then I thought that if it makes someone happy:3 Stefan_J
#1033 <Stefan_J> Wow, that does looks awesome. :D <QuackySleeeps> its excellently proportioned <Stefan_J> Yes. <cyn> are you talking about the building or the dress, lol <QuackySleeeps> the building :P <cyn> I guess building <Stefan_J> Building. <cyn> architecture pornographers Stefan_J
#1034 <Juippis> im anime <Stefan_J> Quiet, Juippis, or _9axel5 will rape you. <Juippis> does _9axel5 hate anime <Stefan_J> He loves anime. <Stefan_J> A bit too much. <Juippis> oh <Juippis> ohhhh Stefan_J
#1035 <Cyn> if there's no sex involved, I don't like people touching me QuackySleeeeps
#1036 <cyn> Why do American bloggers have Jesus all over their bios <cyn> JESUS JESUS JESUS, I LOVE JESUS, HE IS MY BOYFRIEND, I SERVE HIM JESUS 4EVAH <3 <cyn> Jesus is a cunt who should be raped <Wojtaq> u can rape me cyn instead of him QuackySleeeps
#1037 <cyn> I've had a naked guy paused on my widescreen tv for the past 30 mins now QuackySleeeps
#1038 <QuackySleeeps> im forever sitting on the tube and inviting hot young trollop to sit upon my lap lest they stand for the journey <QuackySleeeps> but sometimes ofc <QuackySleeeps> shes over 30 and just jumps on <QuackySleeeps> what a slut Stefan_J
#1039 <Stefan_J> I want cyn to be my commie buddy. <cyn> red is the colour that looks best on me Stefan_J
#1040 <PolarBear> who wants to help me to lose my anal virginity? <PolarBear> because someone said to me that trying once doesnt make you gay Stefan_J
#1041 <Cynwise> Will you still love me when I'm no longer beautiful? <Cynwise> lol jk that will never happen Stefan_J
#1042 <Dark_Immortal> the thought of that many penises rubbing together arouses me <Dark_Immortal> Nigel Frottage QuackySleeeps
#1043 <Dark_Immortal> when I'm anxious I repeat the names of fruits or just say merry christmas Stefan_J
#1044 <cyn> I'm butch, I have a mangina QuackySleeeps
#1045 <soup> i think an extremely selective genocide would fix a lot <PolarBear> imo 9/10 of indians should die <PolarBear> and country would flourish <PolarBear> and less growing middle-class --> less pressure to western world ;D QuackySleeeps
#1046 <Stefan_J> Wouldn't it be fun if one SF MP would appear in parliament once, just to throw a grenade at Tories? :D QuackySleeeps
#1047 <Stefan_J> osoba_, do you buy sex toys from Amazon? <osoba_> i have a $12 amazon coupon <osoba_> i guess i could order one <QuackySleeeps> can you get a good buttplug for $12 Stefan_J
#1048 <Wojtaq> Cyn <Wojtaq> How long is ur penis? <cyn> 10 inches <cyn> why are you fantasising about my penis? QuackySleeeps
#1049 <Dark_Immortal> /join #Labour <Dark_Immortal> /me votes for Corbyn <Dark_Immortal> /me leaves #Labour Stefan_J
#1050 <Dark_Immortal> and he looked like he had a small cock <QuackySleeeps> who'd have thought Dark_Immortal was a size queen <Dark_Immortal> I'm not <Dark_Immortal> they just don't feel right in the mouth QuackySleeeps
#1051 <swag> how could someone not like sucking penises? QuackySleeeps
#1052 <Cyn> sorry soup that was just me queefing QuackySleeeps
#1053 <Fauster> Praise peruna <Cyn> praise peruna <Cyn> i will inform cathos of my new religion next time they harass me QuackySleeeps
#1054 <Enkeli> My penis commited suicide Stefan_J
#1055 <PolarBear> Cyn, whats happening in IIRILAND? <Cyn> rain <Cyn> potatoes Stefan_J
#1056 <Cyn> lol I cant believe how bitchy my face looks on video <Cyn> I had no idea I looked like that <Cyn> subscribe to my camwhore website <Cyn> and all will be revealed QuackySleeeeps
#1057 * Stefan_J np: 2 Unlimited - No Limit <QuackySleeeps> why have we mysteriously headed to the 90s <Stefan_J> Sometimes I get this Eurodance urge. <Stefan_J> Maybe it's due to my Eurocommunist tendencies. <QuackySleeeps> if symptoms persist you should see a doctor Stefan_J <Stefan_J> They tell me that at ##marxism, too. But they talk about Eurocommunism. Stefan_J
#1058 <Cyn> you have to be really wild to mess around with lighters and tea candles <Cyn> I live life on the edge, you wimps wouldn't understand Stefan_J
#1059 <Cyn> I'm admiring my selfies <Cyn> 10/10 would convert to lesbianism Stefan_J
#1060 <Cyn> "Finland is neither very fertile, comfortable nor happy" <Cyn> just like my vagina QuackySleeeps
#1061 <QuackySleeeps> that makes you Stefan_J level finnfan <QuackySleeeps> and hes an imperial wizard level bisexual too Stefan_J
#1062 <soup> ok then i have probably eaten cock QuackySleeeps
#1063 <Dark_Immortal> I post nude pictures on instagram to get more followers QuackySleeeeps
#1064 <QuackySleeeps> its about time people stopped eating them K40 yellow cake penises <QuackySleeeps> if you want dick food, try a courgette or a carrot Stefan_J
#1065 <Cyn> I want to wear more things that are floor length <QuackySleeeps> What if the floor is covered in mud shit cum dead animals and leperous foreigners <Stefan_J> What foor would that be, Duck?! <QuackySleeeps> The court of Ivan the terrible Stefan_J
#1066 <MattiX> MS also probes your anus while you sleep <Kitsutypy> sounds good <Kitsutypy> sign me in Stefan_J
#1067 <Cyn> There is fucking squirting milk from a tit in Outlander <Cyn> what the fuck ewwwwwwwwwww <Cyn> there isn't even any baby <Dark_Immortal_> I like to lick hot arab nipples QuackySleeeeps
#1068 <Kitsutypy> wanted: a bf <_9axel5> Kitsutypy right hand is the best bf. <Kitsutypy> Lol I use both hands dork :D Stefan_J
#1069 <Darksworth> I have more furniture than any 22 year old should have QuackySleeeps
#1070 <Stefan_J> Machu Picchu materinu! \o/ QuackySleeeps
#1071 <Enkeli> you called my penis cute:3 <Enkeli> it is usually what girls say when penis isnt big and sexy:( <Enkeli> "it is okay thats very cute penis" Stefan_J
#1072 <_9axel5> I'm going to crossdress to avoid getting spotted by dick-thirsty homosexuals Stefan_J
#1073 <Dark_Immortal> I want to lick a willy <Stefan_J> Dark_Immortal, can't you lick your own? QuackySleeeeps
#1074 <QuackySleeeeps> tories like to shoot things with less money than them Stefan_J
#1075 <Cyn> surely we can do some artificial insemnation <Cyn> if my vagina is THAT repulsive they can't do it once :( QuackySleeeps
#1076 <Cyn> I feel like fucking a nice Marxist-feminist guy Stefan_J
#1077 <PolarBear> when i run out of chewing gum i chew strawberry condoms Stefan_J
#1078 * _9axel5 inserts his thumb deep in Enkeli's anus Stefan_J
#1079 <Cyn> I'll have as many boyfriends my vagina will fit <Cyn> that's a lot Stefan_J
#1080 <_9axel5> I always put on a chastity belt before coming here Stefan_J
#1081 <bosco> im from USA <_9axel5> the freedom of the chamber just increased by 200% Stefan_J
#1082 <Kitsutypy> What happens after death? <QuackySleeeps> depends who killed you <QuackySleeeps> if its a rich guy with connections to the military of a dictatorship no one will ever hear anything about it <QuackySleeeps> or maybe if its a radical lutheran extremist suicide bomber and everyone will know Stefan_J
#1083 <Stefan_J> Imagine what happens to uteruses because of Earth's rotation. QuackySleeeps
#1084 <QuackySleeeps> what if everyone stands facing north, knob out, would it be enough to spin the men <QuackySleeeps> although i suppose bucksome women would feel a greater effect <Cyn> ok let's try it Stefan_J
#1085 <PolarBear> if i get rich i will buy Cyns heart <Cyn> no, money buys vagina <Cyn> not heart QuackySleeeps
#1086 <Stefan_J> "South Korea is trolling North Korea by using loudspeakers to blast K-pop over the border" <QuackySleeeps> tbh that does sound like grounds for war, its like irish fucking riverdancing the length of the border Stefan_J
#1087 <Cyn> typical middle ages <Cyn> you had to cut off everyone else's dick before they cut off yours QuackySleeeps
#1088 <Darksworth> Wood Green is shit <Darksworth> someone tried to egg me there once, and I experienced transphobic abuse from muslims even though I'm not trans QuackySleeeeps
#1089 <Cyn> So I think I founds what's been biting me at night <Cyn> A massive spider the size of my hand <QuackySleeeeps> when that fucking saint fucking fuck fucked the fucking snakes out of ireland what the fuck is he fucking doing letting fucking hand size cunting spider hang about Stefan_J
#1090 <Fauster> I wish I'd get a job already <Fauster> sitting at home masturbating to furry porn has gotten really boring lately <Fauster> propably because I have done it for a year now QuackySleeeeps
#1091 * Darksworth wanks QuackySleeeps off * QuackySleeeps cums all over Darksworth's carpet Stefan_J
#1092 <osoba> whatever, you guys are lame *flicks emo hair* Stefan_J
#1093 <Cyn> I can't wait to get a catheter so I dont have to go to the toilet 3000 times a day QuackySleeeeps
#1094 <Dark_Immortal> he had one leg and it turned me on, but in real life he actually had 2 Stefan_J
#1095 <Dark_Immortal> had a hard day <Stefan_J> Dark_Immortal, why was it hard? <Dark_Immortal> couldn't keep it down Stefan_J <Dark_Immortal> had about 20 wanks Stefan_J
#1096 <Stefan_J> Cyn would totally bang this Macedonian guy. QuackySleeeps
#1097 <QuackySleeeps> all sometimes i wish i had tits Stefan_J
#1098 <Wojtaq> im gay but i hide it even amongst gays Stefan_J
#1099 <PolarBear> Serbian presidents wife looks barely bangable <Stefan_J> She's an old hag, PolarBear. <Stefan_J> She's 60, why would you think about banging her, PolarBear? QuackySleeeeps
#1100 <Dark_Immortal> I want Owen Jones to put his cock in my mouth Stefan_J
#1101 <PolarBear> i think my body needs a new head <PolarBear> then when i have that new head i could replace my body Stefan_J
#1102 <swag> so i got like a nephew last night <swag> the same day my favourite mcdonalds restaurant opened after a month of renovation!! <swag> yesterday was truly a good day QuackySleeeeps
#1103 <Dark_Immortal> I like corbyn <Dark_Immortal> I've wanked a lot more and been more happy since saturday QuackySleeeeps
#1104 <Dark_Immortal> next door has a screaming kid so they can have some screaming black metal <Cyn> screaming kids should be decapitated QuackySleeeeps
#1105 <Cyn> but you were thinking if Stefan_J has kids he either has to get married to a woman or adopt <Cyn> like those are the only two options a gay man has <QuackySleeeeps> i heard bisexuals can reproduced by binary fission <QuackySleeeeps> so theres that option too Stefan_J
#1106 <QuackySleeeeps> Dark_Immortal is into property porn <Dark_Immortal> And man porn Stefan_J
#1107 <|Utopia|> Quote #60: <soup> i dont think my penis has voting rights <Wojtaq> i know when my penis votes for this girl or not Stefan_J
#1108 <Cyn> My ideal romantic proposal would be the guy beating and screaming at me to say yes while I say no Stefan_J
#1109 <Cyn> I would like to force the guy on the right into my vagina Stefan_J
#1110 <Juippis> mmm sweet vaginas Stefan_J
#1111 <Cynwise> I am disgusted and attracted to David Cameron Stefan_J
#1112 <Cynwise> why is your prime minister fucking a pig? <QuackySleeeeps> because its his species Stefan_J
#1113 <Stakerauo> *Roar* I am Stakerauo! I am here to fuck your asses, and rob your houses Stefan_J
#1114 <Stefan_J> Wonder if Stakerauo has put his penis in dead pig's head. <Stakerauo> Depends if you could call that fat chick who used to give me blowjobs a dead pig Stefan_J
#1115 <Stakerauo> Which reminds me. Sometimes when I get pumped for gym I google "Bear fuck" for that extra edge. You know, bear fuck sounds like something that would give bad ass search results <Stakerauo> But it doesn't <Stakerauo> All I get is fat and hairy men butt fucking eachother Stefan_J
#1116 ‹Dark_Immortal› jesus isn't real (22:38:06) ‹Dark_Immortal› and if he was he'd be in my bed Dark_Immortal
#1117 <Stakerauo> Stefan_J: LOL, for a moment I was unsure if I was going to be OK with that scene or if I was supposed to think about fucking his ass <Stakerauo> Then I smacked my self and said "Stupid, Stakerauo! Of course you're supposed to think about fucking that as!" Stefan_J
#1118 <Cyn> ahh found a perfect Halloween costume for Stakerao <Cyn> "Slutty Viking Princess" Stefan_J
#1119 <Stakerauo> We were very straight most of the time :D <Stefan_J> "Most of the time" is the key part of that sentence. Stefan_J
#1120 <Cyn> Stakerao's chest looks like an evil Homer Simpson face <Cyn> I can't unsee it now Stefan_J
#1121 <auei> I want a commie cake for my next birthday QuackySleeeps
#1122 <Dark_Immortal> I would like owen jones' hand in all my places Stefan_J
#1123 <Dark_Immortal> I want a threesome with QuackySleeeps and a black gangster Stefan_J
#1124 <Dark_Immortal> Fitting things in places sometimes requires lube and patience Stefan_J
#1125 <Cynwise> Gonna print this and stick it to my dildo [cut-out of Sam Heughan as Jamie] Stefan_J
#1126 <Wojtaq> cyn, im starting to think uve got a penis QuackySleeeeps
#1127 <auei> I think if I was ever to fool around with a girl, that girl would be Cynwise QuackySleeeeps
#1128 <pron> i r not nazi <pron> i am just capitalist pig Stefan_J
#1129 <Zetis> pron is watching porn too <Zetis> some kind of weird one <pron> no i am wathcing how people are being purified <pron> with fire <Zetis> as i said - weird porn Stefan_J
#1130 <Cyn> Ooh I'd love to have been a 1910s Parisian prostitute Stefan_J
#1131 <osoba_> gimme gimme gimme a pussy after midnight Stefan_J
#1132 <Cyn> When my Dad is drunk on holiday he likes to think he is William Wallace and gets into fights with Englishmen Stefan_J
#1133 <Cynwise> Lesbian Vampire Academy <Stefan_J> Did you signup, Cynwise? <Cynwise> I'm the head mistress! Stefan_J
#1134 <QuackySleeeeps> id like to apply to be a lesbian vampire <QuackySleeeeps> please Stefan_J
#1135 <Cyn> how did this convo go to penis? :| I am so confused Stefan_J
#1136 <Wojtaq> all roads go to penis Stefan_J
#1137 <Fishfake> _9axel5, what are ya doing <_9axel5> watching porn <Fishfake> wtf <Fishfake> I gonna tell this... to your mom <_9axel5> oh god I'm fucked <_9axel5> well, this doesn't really count as porn, just some panties and stuff in it Stefan_J
#1138 <Cyn> I like Enkeli 's mind, is that bad <Stakerauo> Not directly bad, but it's definately not good QuackySleeeeps
#1139 <Stakerauo> Yeah, and even though I've got a lot of cash right now, I better not be spending it on mashed potato trips to England before I have a steady income :D QuackySleeeeps
#1140 <Stefan_J> mtblty, would you have sex with a couple of twins? :D <Kayle> Who wouldn't? Stefan_J
#1141 <Stakerauo> Maximum risk. Naked in Damascus QuackySleeeeps
#1142 <Wojtaq> Hedonia, im gay Stefan_J
#1143 <PolarBear> pulla = bun <QuackySleeeeps> pula = peen <Cyn> Cyn = hot Stefan_J
#1144 <Cyn> osoba, you have no thigh gap <Cyn> 0/10 would not bang <osoba_> i have a gaping hole tho QuackySleeeeps
#1145 <Cynwise> pussy worth thousands <QuackySleeeeps> ive made a note of it <QuackySleeeeps> next time i wont be blowing a million dong on a pussy when i know the true price range Stefan_J
#1146 <Cynwise> I'll destroy your balls for you Stakerauo <QuackySleeeeps> they dont call her the nutcracker for nothing Stefan_J
#1147 <PolarBear> but now my bush is untrimmed QuackySleeeeps
#1148 <Stakerauo> It's about a couple who's finally grown their tree of fruitful lemony lemon, but then they forget to look at the lemon tree for 10 seconds, and a lemon stealing whore comes to steal their lemons. The couple decides to punish the lemon whore, and so the story unfolds <Stakerauo> It's really good actually Stefan_J
#1149 <Dark_Immortal> I've run out of drugs <Stefan_J> Which drugs? <QuackySleeeeps> the kind that makes people dream that i have a vagina a dicktits Stefan_J
#1150 <Tux[Qyou]> actually i'd rather go to narnia than stay in poorland <Tux[Qyou]> atleast there's gay sex in narnia QuackySleeeeps
#1151 <QuackySleeeps> i know, im hot as duck Stefan_J
#1152 <Enkeli> Stefan_J can homosexuals eat nuts? <Stefan_J> Which nuts? <Enkeli> salt nuts <Stakerauo> No, they bloat <Stakerauo> That's why I never eat snickers Stefan_J
#1153 <Darksworth> if you get a HP laptop it is more of a central heating system than a computer Stefan_J
#1154 <Stakerauo> Oh, right! I was in the military. The world's last male utopia <Stakerauo> Porn has grown on me to the point where it's not only in my heart, but it's everything around me Stefan_J
#1155 <_9axel5_> nothing wrong with fucking pigs if the pigs are not hurt Stefan_J
#1156 <QuackySleeeeps> if cocks bleed they need medical attention <darky> if vaginas bleed they get taxed Stefan_J
#1157 <darky> when is a penis not a penis <darky> when it penisn't Stefan_J
#1158 <QuackySleeep> sometimes we all wish we had massive tits, but sadly not true Stefan_J
#1159 <Stakerauo> What's up? <Cyn> [insert pervert answer copyright Stefan_J ] Stefan_J
#1160 <Cyn> I want a warrior cat to feed my enemies to QuackySleeep
#1161 <Cyn> baby killers :3 Cyn has quit IRC: EOF from client <Stakerauo> And that was her last words, folks <Stakerauo> I think she's gone now Stefan_J
#1162 <PolarBear> excluding Steak & BJ day <Cyn> more like McDonalds and Wank Into A Sock Day QuackySleeeeps
#1163 <Cyn> I don't think about homicide as much when I have a pet QuackySleeeeps
#1164 Egg Dark_Immortal
#1165 <Dark_Immortal> I only listen to gothic metal that was recorded between 1996 and 1999 now QuackySleeeeps
#1166 <Dark_Immortal> I want to shake my boobs in a promising manner QuackySleeeeps
#1167 <QuackySleeeeps> mmm children Dark_Immortal
#1168 <Dark_Immortal> I sometimes feel like pushing children on the tracks in train stations <Dark_Immortal> The little cunts QuackySleeeeps
#1169 <Cyn> ok Stakerauo get naked <Stakerauo> I already am <Stakerauo> I always am <Cyn> kay bend over Stefan_J
#1170 <Cyn> only thing I want to birth into the world is evil Stefan_J
#1171 <osoba> Cyn: i desire heterosexual intercourse with you <osoba> please lube your vagina mmmmm Stefan_J
#1172 <Darksworth> I have a vision for Edinburgh <Darksworth> I will make Edinburgh the goth capital of the world! <QuackySleeeeps> how will you do this <heatheradair> Eyeliner. Stefan_J
#1173 <Darky> DO you know the best way to give someone pleasure on the penis <QuackySleeeeps> no i dont <Darky> do you want me to show you QuackySleeeeps <QuackySleeeeps> nah its ok, i like the mystery <Darky> QuackySleeeeps, Gloryhole? Stefan_J
#1174 <stakerauo> My mom has a dick statue in her bedroom drawer. Wonder why Stefan_J
#1175 * QuackySleeeps blows the fagotto Stefan_J
#1176 <Strangerous> Why did I just get imagine in my head of scrooge mcduck pole dancing and getting hit with coins and loving it? QuackySleeeeps
#1177 <Dark_Immortal> and all my instagram whores are jealous because Itzli is the only woman in my life Stefan_J
#1178 <Stakerauo> I like watching møøse fuck Stefan_J
#1179 <Cyn> let me see Stakerauo <Cyn> I will diagnose your head QuackySleeeeps
#1180 <Tux[Qyou]> i've always dreamed about wiping my ass with my hair QuackySleeeeps
#1181 <QuackySleeeeps> i think we discussed that twinks > twinkies Stefan_J
#1182 <Cyn_> Stakerauo: will I ever see your nude body in person? Stakerauo [[email protected]] has quit IRC: Ping timeout <Cyn_> if he works in a stripper bar <Cyn_> lol pinged out <Cyn_> convenient Stefan_J
#1183 <QuackySleeeeps> i wonder if all the patriarchs get together for big beardy orgy <QuackySleeeeps> some proper orthodox stuff Stefan_J
#1184 <Stakerauo> I browse /b/ all day long <Stakerauo> I learned how to hack there, you probably browse 9fag al day long <Stakerauo> kek <QuackySleeeeps> come on Stakerauo, everyone knows i is a tumblrina Stefan_J
#1185 <Stakerauo> Like everytime I'm going in the shower <Stakerauo> I dance sensually untill I'm naked Stefan_J
#1186 <auei> I need a test drive first <auei> see if I can survive <QuackySleeeeps> survive in finland? <auei> yes <QuackySleeeeps> it is very dangerous there <auei> how <QuackySleeeeps> there are saunas exploding everywhere Stefan_J
#1187 <heatheradair> If this doggie doesn't have a microchip, I'm going to buy it a sweater. Darksworth
#1188 <Darksworth> I miss cumming prematurely Stefan_J
#1189 <Darksworth> this area is very hipster <Darksworth> the bike shop becomes a vegan restaurant at night QuackySleeeeps
#1190 <Cyn> someone knitted a cosy for a lamppost <Cyn> jesus christ <Cyn> jesus christ <QuackySleeeeps> yes its a "thing" cyn <Cyn> why don't they knit scarves for disadvantaged children <Cyn> stupid twats QuackySleeeeps
#1191 <Cyn> stop taking the name of pussy in vain <Cyn> you little cunt QuackySleeeps
#1192 <Itzli> Meow Darksworth
#1193 <Stakerauo> I've just been sitting and watching gay porn for ages <Stakerauo> without the sex scenes Stefan_J
#1194 <Stakerauo> Bro, don't discriminate! <Stakerauo> Just because I watch gay porn it doesn't mean I'm a faggot QuackySleeeeps
#1195 <Tuxedo[Qyou]> do you fantasize about bananas <auei> no just penises QuackySleeeeps
#1196 <Wojtaq> i guess it was a photo of a penis <Wojtaq> since everything i know on this channel is connected to penis <Wojtaq> :p <Stakerauo> Your ass <Stakerauo> Is connected to penis Stefan_J
#1197 <Cyn> Rape, a love story <Stakerauo> It always is Stefan_J
#1198 <Stakerauo> Rape makes me blush :$ <Cyn> how cute :3 Stefan_J
#1199 <Stakerauo> Duck, no D: <QuackySleeeps> saying no isnt gonna save you Stefan_J
#1200 <QuackySleeeps> you make me sound like a terrible person and not just a war criminal Stefan_J
#1201 <heatheradair> I celebrated my post-birthday by dissecting dead people's genitals for 5 hours QuackySleeeps
#1202 <Cyn> I want to sit on Norman Reedus's face Stefan_J
#1203 <Cyn> I don't remember what school was like <Cyn> but I was a goody 2 shoes <Cyn> now I am slutty Stefan_J
#1204 <Darksworth> we are all responsible for Stakerauo's hypersexualisation Stefan_J
#1205 <Stakerauo> I love quotes about me Stefan_J
#1206 <Devilnith> Are you still trying to be straight Stakerauo ? <Stakerauo> Yeah, it's working, but I don't know how long I can go before I suck a dick again Stefan_J
#1207 <Stakerauo> But I have sucked a lot of cocks though QuackySleeeeps
#1208 <Tux[Qyou]> i read erekt public <Stakerauo> That's me <Stakerauo> Always erect in public <Stakerauo> rubbing myself up against strange women on the buss Stefan_J
#1209 <Cyn> I'd suck their cock but I wouldnt share a tea cup <Surum-burum> haha, fair enough <Surum-burum> tea is a sacred thing QuackySleeeeps
#1210 <pron> what you dream about when you touch yourself? <Surum-burum> enormous cocks, of course Stefan_J
#1211 <auei> your boobs are oddly shaped QuackySleeeeps
#1212 <Stakerauo> There is nothing like a muscle stud who likes his ass played with <Stakerauo> I get rock hard thinking about the nasty things I can do when my two fuck buddies come over Stefan_J
#1213 <VelvetDarkness> I'm dating a schoolboy <_9axel5> I'm dating a 11y old <DevilNith> I'm dating a 10y/o so I win Stefan_J
#1214 <Dark_Immortal> you can have gaysex and fertilise women too duck Stefan_J
#1215 <Stefan_J> Time traveling makes English grammar really complex when it comes to proper tense use. <QuackySleeeps> thats reason enough not to persue it Stefan_J
#1216 <elTankor> Sometimes I like to stand in front of my mirror and rub butter all over my body :/ Stefan_J
#1217 * Stakerauo gives QuackySleeeeps a space rape. <Stakerauo> Use it wisely <QuackySleeeeps> ill use it on uranus Stefan_J
#1218 <Stakerauo> I feel like I should get bumfucked and then donate blood just to throw a kick at the system Stefan_J
#1219 <Stakerauo> What should I fap to? <Dark_Immortal> if I was you I'd use the mirror Stakerauo <Dark_Immortal> If I was me I would too Stefan_J
#1220 <Dark_Immortal> Stakerauo you're making my dick go wild all the time <Dark_Immortal> It's like a snake that can't be charmed Stefan_J
#1221 * Stakerauo sucks Dark_Immortal's one ball. <Stakerauo> Now that my secret is out I guess I can do that Stefan_J
#1222 <Tuxedo[Qyou]> buck angel is my waifu Stefan_J
#1223 * Stakerauo shows Stefan_J his clean shaved and diciplines protestant dick. Stefan_J
#1224 <Cyn> Enya should sue herself for making the same songs for 20 years QuackySleeeps
#1225 <Cynwise> I'd rather have a fairy godmother <Cynwise> humans are useless Stefan_J
#1226 <Dark_Immortal> I like young Stakerauo <DevilNith> Everyone likes young Stakerauo. <Stakerauo> I am young Stakerauo Stefan_J
#1227 <auei> I bit my cousin's boob when I was like 2 or 3 <auei> over a grape QuackySleeeeps
#1228 <Cynwise> I'm staying uo to watch the Golden Globes lol <Cynwise> I'm just watching to see the sexy Outlanders Stefan_J
#1229 <Stefan_J> Strange that monk didn't move the map a bit so the guy can point at his penis, Duck. QuackySleeeeps
#1230 <TuxQmob> yesterday i was dreaming about pissing in a cup and pouring it over my friend's head <TuxQmob> and he was naked <TuxQmob> bound to a chair QuackySleeeeps
#1231 <DevilNith> A human being with a penor? <QuackySleeeeps> theyre the worst kind of human Stefan_J
#1232 <Cyn> yeah, we like to quote ourselves because it gives us orgasms Stefan_J
#1233 <Cyn> I want to give him a vagina juice facial QuackySleeeeps
#1234 <Stefan_J> Be a fat white woman, Cyn. <Cyn> its my ambition Stefan_J <Cyn> feeed meeee Stefan_J
#1235 <QuackySleeeps> eat my pie <Cyn> what kind of pie? <Stefan_J> Creampie. Stefan_J
#1236 * Dark_Immortal_ is no longer a whore <Stefan_J> Dark_Immortal_, how come? <QuackySleeeeps> he stopped charging Stefan_J
#1237 <Dark_Immortal_> Stefan_J I'm a socialist tory <Dark_Immortal_> a bit like Tony Blair Stefan_J
#1238 <Dark_Immortal> my cock is a massive black planet QuackySleeeeps
#1239 <Stakerauo> I wanna rock your body, bro <Stakerauo> cmom and dance with me Basilisk dances: :D\-< * Basilisk dances: :D|-< * Basilisk dances: :D/-< * Basilisk dances: :D|-< <Stakerauo> Basilisk is way too crazy for me Stefan_J
#1240 <DevilNith> Stefan_J: have some sympathy for Scoppy. He wants to fuck not be fucked. <Stefan_J> You have some sympathy, Nith. <DevilNith> I always sympathise Stefan_J. Stefan_J
#1241 <Stakerauo> me and Scoppy are more than just mates <Scoppy> Friends with benefits. <Stakerauo> No homo, though <Scoppy> No homo Stefan_J
#1242 <auei> my throat hurts from laughing <Scoppy> my throat hurts from totally different reasons Stefan_J
#1243 <auei> I hate all quotes QuackySleeeeps
#1244 <Stefan_J> What do you want? <Scoppy> Not this <Stefan_J> No one wants this. <pron> what is "this"? <Stefan_J> This is me. Stefan_J
#1245 <Stefan_J> You're too old for me now, _9axel5. <Stefan_J> Scoppy is here to replace you. <Scoppy> I'm his new slut, bitch. Stefan_J
#1246 <Stakerauo> Can I rape you, _9axel5? <_9axel5> Stakerauo no <Stakerauo> Good >:) * Stakerauo rapes _9axel5. Stefan_J
#1247 <Cyn> I'm trying to take a selfie for a profile pic, but I look like a deceased troll in advanced stages of decomposition :( QuackySleeeps
#1248 <Scoppy> God damn it Stefan, I thought i'd see a boner in that link :( QuackySleeeps
#1249 <Stefan_J> I feel strangely heterosexual tonight. QuackySleeeps
#1250 <Strangerous> Shall we all party in Cyn's vagina? <Cyn> sure! you're all invited! QuackySleeeps
#1251 <Cyn> yes all the lesbian and vagina quota in this channel comes from me Stefan_J
#1252 <Cyn> I'm not violent :( <Cyn> penises are just easily breakable that's all Stefan_J
#1253 <Stefan_J> Imagine a date with Enwrath. When at midnight he just says "it's the next day" and walks away. :D <Enwrath> I wouldn't do that. :/ <Enwrath> Not always, at least. Stefan_J
#1254 <Cyn> its a shame we're all social retards on opposite sides of the world Stefan_J
#1255 <Dark_Immortal> and then there are giant cumbergs <Cyn> I like these late night chats <Dark_Immortal> cucmbergs <Dark_Immortal> cucumbergs Stefan_J
#1256 <Cyn> Rose squirts too long and Jack drowns Stefan_J
#1257 <Dark_Immortal> this house is so cold I shot an icicle up a lover's bum <Dark_Immortal> that's a good analogy for how cold it is here <Dark_Immortal> ANALogy Stefan_J
#1258 <Dark_Immortal> I know lots of women that would like me to impregnate them naturally <QuackySleeeeps> natural impregnation is dirty <Cyn> and unprofitable Stefan_J
#1259 <Strangerous> I use gimp QuackySleeeeps
#1260 <Strangerous> German sausage is nommy. Cursarion
#1261 <Enkeli> I think penises are awesome Stefan_J
#1262 <auei> Give vaginas a chance QuackySleeeeps
#1263 <Stefan_J> Foursome is hardly an orgy. <Stefan_J> It's annoying when you search for orgy, and all you find are three or four people. QuackySleeeeps
#1264 [Pompeii Bar/Brothel of Innulus and Papilio]: Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity! Stefan_J
#1265 <Cyn> I'm looking for opposite sex genitalia also QuackySleeeeps
#1266 <Cyn> Cursarion, Ranska sounds like 'rancid' <Cyn> which is a word I also associate with France QuackySleeeeps
#1267 <Cynwise> Dammit incest ruins everything QuackySleeeps
#1268 <QuackySleeeeps> nothing like a bit of crossdressing gay sex midget porn <QuackySleeeeps> with a little bit of baroque charm Stefan_J
#1269 <Stakerauo> Well, fuck me then <Stakerauo> Please, papi <Stakerauo> I need to get fucked Stefan_J
#1270 <PolarBear> auei, where is duck when you need him? <Dark_Immersion> in bed with me Stefan_J
#1271 <Cyn> if I had a penis I would windmill all the time Stefan_J
#1272 <Stefan_J> Also, I've been called a "Trotskyist cockroach" by a Blairite last night. QuackySleeeeps
#1273 <Surum-burum> I forced him to play chinese checkers and he would come to eat my baked pies <Surum-burum> but I ran away I guess :D QuackySleeeps
#1274 <auei> all this penis talk is making me thirsty QuackySleeeeps
#1275 <auei> I don't think blood smells like peonies or peanuts, maybe more like penis QuackySleeeeps
#1276 <Dark_Immortal> I love being alone <Dark_Immortal> with my hand and my penis Stefan_J
#1277 <_9axel5> It will kill some of your brain cells, though <Strangerous> What brain cells? <_9axel5> oh, you're immune then Stefan_J
#1278 <osoba> hungary guy can sit on my face Stefan_J
#1279 <Stakerauo> I'd definately shove my dick in you <Stakerauo> If you were a girl <Stakerauo> And you were hot <Stakerauo> and your name was Stefani <Enkeli> thats sexism you cunt <Enkeli> all humans are equal regardless of gender and stuff <Stakerauo> I think you're right :/ Stefan_J
#1280 <QuackySleeeeps> but my boyfriend owns a dildo <QuackySleeeeps> and the world needs to know Stefan_J
#1281 <Wojtaq> i would watch even im not gay <Wojtaq> how older malfoy fucks younger malfoy actor Stefan_J
#1282 <Stakerauo> I think I would fuck Draco Malfoy just so that I can tell people I fucked Draco Malfoy <Stakerauo> No homo Stefan_J
#1283 <Wojtaq> Wojtaq is the worst Stefan_J
#1284 <Stakerauo> Swear on Duck's life, and I'll believe you. He's worth a thousand CoS points <QuackySleeeps> its true, im irreplaceable <koda> beyonce doesn't agree <QuackySleeeps> [citation needed] <koda> Beyonce et al. (2006) Stefan_J
#1285 <PolarBear> Tux could be my BF Stefan_J
#1286 <PolarBear> please dont put things on quote that shows my latent gayness ;( Stefan_J
#1287 <PolarBear> imo life is good when you are bi and you dont crave for cock Stefan_J
#1288 <Stefan_J> Do you bounce a lot? ;) <Stakerauo> My booty hole? yes! Stefan_J
#1289 <Stefan_J> Someone challenged me on "Britney Spears: Best Of" playlist on SongPop, and I destroyed him. :D QuackySleeeps
#1290 <neg> my right hand hurts after whole day of gaming <neg> cant masturbate now <Stakerauo> Usually it's the other way around for me Stefan_J
#1291 <neg> is this channel the garbage bin of quakenet Stefan_J
#1292 <PolarBear> im allergic to my own semen <Stefan_J> How do you know? <PolarBear> because when i swallow it, it burns in my throath Stefan_J
#1293 <PolarBear> i am homoly homo Stefan_J
#1294 <PolarBear> kau, are you a guy? <kau> I am a princess <kau> A manly princess Stefan_J
#1295 <Stakerauo> As I said, my dick's massive. I can just roll it out and it'll probably land somewhere near Helsinki Stefan_J
#1296 <koda> all u peeps care bout is money and sex :| <mtblty> yeah gimme Stefan_J
#1297 <kau> It's ok to like the penis Stefan_J
#1298 <Stakerauo> I'm gonna have so much gay sex once I can afford to move out properly Stefan_J
#1299 <Stakerauo> Growing up is realizing I don't care about anything that isn't money or pussy Stefan_J
#1300 <Stakerauo> I want to fuck Chelsea, but I'm kinda conflicted because she might likely be 16 or something <kau_> Can I be Chelsea Stefan_J
#1301 <Stefan_J> Do you know anything about CSS, Enkeli? :P <Enkeli> no, but it sounds gay <MattiX> it stands for cock sucking system Stefan_J
#1302 <Wojtaq> finish is too hard <Enkeli> my penis is harder <Enkeli> I could cut diamonds with it Stefan_J
#1303 <Dark_Immortal> did anyone die from a massive penis <QuackySleeeeps> probably <Dark_Immortal> do you want to die from mine Stefan_J
#1304 <QuackySleeeeps> im gonna start injecting heroin until i get a pet duck Stefan_J
#1305 <osoba> that kolo song turned me into a turbo folk femboi Stefan_J
#1306 <Darque> osoba my hair has gone red since moving to SCOTLAND <osoba> stop sucking so much scottish dick <osoba> its contagious Stefan_J
#1307 <Stefan_J> Will you become a drag queen, osoba? <osoba> bitch <osoba> i was born one Stefan_J
#1308 <PolarBear> were you fucked in the ass? <koda> yes it was beautiful Stefan_J
#1309 <Kenter> well the males are quite violent and rape the females <Kenter> I wouldn't want to be a female duck <QuackySleeeeps> #notallducks Stefan_J
#1310 <Kenter> the female duck has decoy passageways in her vagina <QuackySleeeeps> but who wouldnt want vaginal complexity Stefan_J
#1311 <QuackySleeeeps> well theres innumerable dong airing mountains and cities Stefan_J
#1312 <Cursarion> I sometimes expect the Spanish inquisition <Cursarion> but they've never showed up so far Stefan_J
#1313 <Cyn> you come home late <Stefan_J> He does his job at night. ;) <QuackySleeeeps> im a ninja Stefan_J
#1314 <TuxQmob> Stefan_J: will you sell it to me for a video of me masturbating with a zucchini QuackySleeeeps
#1315 <triviabot> Question 9: What is the longest thing an "abseiler" carries with him? <QuackySleeeeps> penis <Cyn> dick Stefan_J
#1316 <QuackySleeeeps> ive never been on a sexy holiday <QuackySleeeeps> and cant imagine itll occur at domestic carpet cleaning <Stefan_J> Where can you imaggine it occurring? <QuackySleeeeps> vatican Stefan_J
#1317 <mtblty> hmmm, what'S the name of that gay british actor with atypical ears? Stefan_J
#1318 <Cyn> it's a shame that Hitler ruined the whole eugenics thing QuackySleeeeps
#1319 <Stefan_J> There's thing pagan belief here. <Stefan_J> That a girl holding sparrow's heart in her purse. <Stefan_J> Will make the guy she likes fall in love with her. :D <Stefan_J> Or something like that. :D <Stefan_J> Would you do it for a guy, Cyn? <Cyn> no way! <Cyn> gross <Cyn> date rape drugs are more effective Stefan_J
#1320 <quackmoo> Wtf I'm the only mutha fucka in this bus <Cyn> rape bus <quackmoo> Some one got on:( <Stefan_J> The rapist? <quackmoo> I guess so Stefan_J
#1321 <Darque> I am a cum storm about to unleash over the nation <Stefan_J> Think of the children present, Darque! <Darque> that's what is making me cum Stefan_J
#1322 <Dark_Immortal> that was before I stopped going in the sun <Dark_Immortal> I stopped going in the sun when I was 15 QuackySleeeeps
#1323 <PolarBear> silicon boob <PolarBear> i have b-cup Stefan_J
#1324 <cyn> Season 3 of Vikings is just like what was happening in Britain with Brexit. There was Ragnar, who wanted to join the European Union, a.k.a the Christian Church, because he's a capitalist who wants to break down borders and exploit people everywhere, then there was Loki who was like no, Muslims bad, they will destroy us <cyn> Loki = Nigel Farrage, Charlegmagne = Angela Merkel Stefan_J
#1325 <Cyn> that girl's face is unfortunate QuackySleeeeps
#1326 <Cyn> wow had no idea Harvard was so old <Cyn> it must have been like a farmer's school back then Stefan_J
#1327 <Cyn> only thing that can make me interested in TWD is a Jesus sex scene Stefan_J
#1328 <cyn> entertain me * QuackySleeeeps strips <QuackySleeeeps> in an entertaining manner <QuackySleeeeps> like with fireworks and reindeer jumping about <cyn> :P <cyn> festive <QuackySleeeeps> exactly <QuackySleeeeps> its like family friendly saturday night tv entertainment Stefan_J
#1329 <QuackySleeeeps> why do i only have people wanting the d in this channel Stefan_J
#1330 <mtblty> i thing i killed GF Stefan_J <PolarBear> girlfriend? Stefan_J
#1331 <kauboy> I'll slay you with my udders, QuackySleeeeps <kauboy> rawr Stefan_J
#1332 <QuackySleeeeps> bitch i cant get enough of nudity and gore Stefan_J
#1333 <Darque_> owen jones <Darque_> I keep having sex dreams about :/ Stefan_J
#1334 <Enkeli> penises are awesome Stefan_J
#1335 <cyn> Wyoming must be a hell hole <cyn> oh that's where Brokeback Mountain was set <cyn> yep, hell hole Stefan_J
#1336 <Cyn> should put it on instagram maakari <maakari> do you follow me there?! <Cyn> I follow you everywhere Stefan_J
#1337 <PolarBear> its good to be a social democrat <Stefan_J> Even better to be a socialist. <Enkeli> bestest to be alcoholic Stefan_J
#1338 <kauboy> Vigilance: I think we have something in common <kauboy> :0 <Vigilance> Such as? <cyn> an erection Stefan_J
#1339 Stefan_J
#1340 <Stakerauo> Well, I did spend half an hour looking at hot girls afterward to assure people knew I'm a straight pussy fucker Stefan_J
#1341 <PolarBear> so you dont browse youporngay <QuackySleeeeps> i dont <PolarBear> duck, deep down in my heart i still love you <kauboy> I don't Stefan_J
#1342 <PolarBear> did you know that a few days ago man was found nakid in pig farms house where he was having receptive anal sex with a male pig <QuackySleeeeps> was it david cameron Stefan_J
#1343 <cyn> what's gone wrong in your life that you thought to join old chamber of secrets irc channel for first time in 3 years? <F0nzie> nostalgia? <F0nzie> after-fap-chatting? <wuintosh> bit of both, mostly nostalgia Stefan_J
#1344 * Stefan_J creams in Stakerauo's mouth. <Stakerauo> It tastes like chocolate and hazelnut Stefan_J
#1345 <PolarBear> Stakerauo, where is your bf? <Stakerauo> He's currently at his lover <Stakerauo> I'm waiting for him to come home so I can eat cum out his ass Stefan_J
#1346 <cyn> she should fuck all the secret service guys <QuackySleeps> they can keep secrets Stefan_J
#1347 <_9axel5> I'm trying to cure my throat with vodka but it only helps for so long before I have to drink more <_9axel5> :( Stefan_J
#1348 <Dark_Immortal> I want to see more goats and less trumps <Dark_Immortal> imagine if a goat ate his hair <Dark_Immortal> they eat anything <cyn> I'd like it to eat his face also Stefan_J
#1349 <Cyn> gay men get periods Stefan_J
#1350 <cyn> Florence sounded like a party town <cyn> until the cathos started burning everyone Stefan_J
#1351 <Velvet_Deviltry> I show my nipples to get more followers on instagram Stefan_J
#1352 <cyn> yay fornication Stefan_J
#1353 <cyn> our genitals are already perfect QuackySleeeeps
#1354 * spudzee hands cyn a flower <cyn> thanks <cyn> I'll put it in my buthole <spudzee> I've put flowers there before. Not very stimulating :/ Stefan_J
#1355 <Velvet_Deviltry> I'm a sexy tall dwarf <QuackySleeeeps> tall dwarf? <Velvet_Deviltry> yeah <Velvet_Deviltry> like nicola sturgeon on stilts Stefan_J
#1356 <@koda> QuackySleeeps: i swear u have gay, slovenia and implants on hl <@QuackySleeeeps> well its important for my career as slovenia's leading gay implant surgeon koda
#1357 <+PolarBear> i support ARSEnal <@QuackySleeeeps> youre an arse koda
#1358 <osoba> when you fap do you imagine topping guys or bottoming <osoba> simple <Stefan_J> What do you imagine, osoba? <osoba> u <osoba> ;) <osoba> jebi me ko kurvu stefane ;) ;) Stefan_J
#1359 <mtblty> did you kiss the holy floor osoba ? <osoba> no but i blew a guy in the holy bathroom Stefan_J
#1360 <Donald> is Stefan hot? <osoba> he is, hes got a 32pack Stefan_J
#1361 <Stefan_J> Orgasm is much more intense if you are being choked. <QuackySleeeps> the classic tory mp method Stefan_J
#1362 <osoba> i gotta jack up first <osoba> then show up there all ripped <osoba> and like <osoba> sup bruh <osoba> oh youre a dentist <osoba> i need something in my mouth ;) ;) Stefan_J
#1363 <koda> if i were a guy i would be horny 24/7 Stefan_J
#1364 <koda> its time i should come out of the closet <koda> and embrace my love for men! Stefan_J
#1365 <PolarBear> when did you last time had pussy? <koda> today <koda> its with me 24/7 Stefan_J
#1366 <koda> i have a public image to maintain <PolarBear> so do i, thats why i havent come out of closet yet <PolarBear> in reality i like grandpas drilling me Stefan_J
#1367 <koda> add my quotes when i'm saying something intelligent and meanningful :3 Stefan_J
#1368 <Enkeli> I do things that arent cool yet <Enkeli> I wear ripped underwear now QuackySleeeeps
#1369 <cyn> poor Hitler, victim of sexism QuackySleeeeps
#1370 <Velvet_Deviltry> our cats are really good in bed QuackySleeeeps
#1371 <koda> ass out for abdullah and hair covered up for Allah lol QuackySleeeeps
#1372 <+PolarBear> you like solid hard cock deep up in your bum <+Enkeli> no ur mom does harleyquin
#1373 <Stefan_J> I only bookmark porn. QuackySleeeeps
#1374 <cyn> yeah, Alice, I'm glad she turned evil QuackySleeeeps
#1375 <cyn> yeah I like big butts on men and women <cyn> round <cyn> I really am a gay man :/ QuackySleeeeps
#1376 <Girasol> Enkeli I can suck your penis if you pay for the trip to Finland. Stefan_J
#1377 <quackmoo> I'd test positive for cocaine right now Stefan_J
#1378 <@koda> why is stefan_j never here <@Dark_Immersion> busy wanking koda
#1379 <cyn> I want to live a pure minimalistic life <cyn> with no shelves just bare balls Stefan_J
#1380 <+Wojtaq> i dont like muslims bc they r animals of different religion that dont respect just demand they r threat to europe koda
#1381 <+PolarBear> muslims should be allowed to live in their stone age style living if they want to but they should stop spreading that shit koda
#1382 <+Cyn> the men on this channel are all desperate and weird :| koda
#1383 <QuackySleeeeps> brb quick sex Stefan_J
#1384 <Vigilance> It's so amazing to see such rampant heathenism :P Not even the atheism channel is like this koda
#1385 <Vigilance> Cyn, can you save us from the republicans? <Cyn> My only suggestion is mass murder Stefan_J
#1386 <QuackySleeeeps> i feel like my stomach has expanded and is currently fermenting in a manner unbecoming of a healthy gastrointestinal tract <koda> nooo one cares thoooo <Victory> Why wouldn't we? :P he can make beer in his stomach now :D koda
#1387 <koda> am the kim kardashian of CoS so wot Stefan_J
#1388 <Dark_Immortal> I'm French <Dark_Immortal> you can tell by the way I give blowjobs QuackySleeeeps
#1389 <cyn> I'd be a surrogate for a gay couple if they paid me enough koda
#1390 <koda> i met a guy from sweden on omegle who was in the initial stages of transitioning into a girl LOL <QuackySleeeeps> i just go into a telephone booth when i want to transition Stefan_J
#1391 <Wojtaq> i wish i could stand on my balls Stefan_J
#1392 <koda> CoS turning innocent statement into something perverted since 2010 Stefan_J
#1393 <QuackySleeeps> yeh i mean it is america after all, die in a normal cult mass suicide <QuackySleeeps> or a regular mass shooting at a public place bigkoda
#1394 <Dark_Immortal> I want to date virgins and drink their blood Stefan_J
#1395 <Dark_Immortal> I want to fuck a group of black popes Stefan_J
#1396 <Dark_Immortal> if choir boys could give birth I'd get them all pregnant Stefan_J
#1397 <osoba> would you fuck a dead guy? <mtblty> if you clone him and make sex slave versions of him Stefan_J
#1398 <Vigilance> bigkoda, I could post weirder stuff if you want <bigkoda> yes plis * bigkoda gets ready to wank Stefan_J
#1399 <cyn> there are plenty of gaping holes in the outdoors QuackySleeeeps
#1400 <bigkoda> Stefan_J: do u have naughty words on highlight haha lol :3 ? <Stefan_J> No, bigkoda. Only "penis". bigkoda
#1401 <bigkoda> ah the love for penis QuackySleeps
#1402 <bigkoda> i have the biggest peen Stefan_J
#1403 <Vigilance> Above average <Vigilance> I'm just a mere 7 inch QuackySleeeeps
#1404 <bigkoda> whats the longest u guys have gone without leaving the house <mtblty> dunno, 2 months? bigkoda
#1405 <QuackySleeeeps> welcome to cos, tonight we're talking about DEATH Stefan_J
#1406 <cyn> I've even resorted to putting sugar in my tea, which is normally disgusting QuackySleeeeps
#1407 <bigkoda> Stefan_J is a troll? <Stefan_J> Yes. bigkoda
#1408 <Wojtaq> pu$$ydestoyer666 <bigkoda> thats me Stefan_J
#1409 <Wojtaq> bigkoda u didnt went on this concert <bigkoda> i didn't get the suicide vest so no point going Stefan_J
#1410 <cyn> when I get my phone back I'll add you guys on Chaturbate bigkoda
#1411 <bigkoda> there should be a quote saying im super cute with a huge butt Stefan_J
#1412 <PolarBear> man shouldnt look like black <PolarBear> its a loss bigkoda
#1413 <PolarBear> duck, why do you ask gay man to show peen to yourself? <PolarBear> its your latent homosex that is coming to manifest itself bigkoda
#1414 <PolarBear> actually i pee'd myself during night a week ago for years <PolarBear> i needed to clean matress <PolarBear> and change bed sheets QuackySleeeeps
#1415 <osoba> my penis is shaped like a pretzel <osoba> tastes like one too ;) <mtblty> get it checked out osoba <osoba> come check it out mtblty Stefan_J
#1416 <bigkoda> Stefan_J: what is ur quirk <kauboy> He's a sexual deviant bigkoda
#1417 <Stefan_J> I have 2 heads, 3 legs, 5 hands, 7 eyes, and 10 ears. What Am I? <QuackySleeeeps> youre strong and stable Stefan_J
#1418 <Stefan_J> My sister just told me I was talking in my sleep this morning. From what she heard, I was talking about British local elections. bigkoda
#1419 <wojtaq> Perfect place for a rape date QuackySleeeeps
#1420 <cyn> Satan is always with you <cyn> sometimes jesus too for a rape tag team QuackySleeeeps
#1421 <osoba> im a popular slut Stefan_J
#1422 <Cyn> I can't stop checking out my ass in the mirror <Cyn> it is looking peachy Stefan_J
#1423 <Cyn> lots of stylish choices on google image, makes me wish I had a penis QuackySleeeeps
#1424 <Stefan_J> I just followed about five Tumblrs with naked Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean guys. QuackySleeeeps
#1425 <Cyn> I wish I was a high class hooker at Cannes QuackySleeeeps
#1426 <Valiant> Do women actually watch guy on guy porn? <Cyn> not really <Cyn> I have no interest in assholes QuackySleeeeps
#1427 <Cynwise> my interests include penis ping pongs Stefan_J
#1428 <Cynwise> seriously, screw money or status <Cynwise> get a good looking guy for genetically superior children QuackySleeeeps
#1429 <cyn> yeah if I was to suicide I would at least do something productive with it <cyn> kill some evil people, the pope QuackySleeeeps
#1430 <Cynwise> I love tearing people down Stefan_J
#1431 <PolarBear> im mortally fat, mentally ill and an addict biggerkoda
#1432 <Stefan_J> I was being nice trying to answer your question, and you just wanted to steal my duck! QuackySleeeeps
#1433 <Cyn> I look like a wonky fish QuackySleeeeps
#1434 <Cyn> whenever I can't sleep I hear 'insomnia' to the tune of Disturbia Stefan_J
#1435 <PolarBear> duck likes to take it it bum <QuackySleeeeps> everyone loves the bumfun biggerkoda
#1436 <PolarBear> dont go highlight me <PolarBear> black servant biggerkoda
#1437 <PolarBear> GAY is the 2nd most popular category in pornhub during past 10 years <biggerkoda> its the 1st most in CoS Stefan_J
#1438 <PolarBear> inferior because woman is better hunterer than me Stefan_J
#1439 <biggerkoda> i get super skinny after i poop Stefan_J
#1440 <Dark_Immortal> Tara makes babies and sells them for like £500 each Stefan_J
#1441 <Cyn> that brat needs a post natal abortion QuackySleeeeps
#1442 <Enkeli> if you dont want to waste time you can poop while showering <Enkeli> and also masturbate biggerkoda
#1443 <Cyn> there was one before xmas <Cursarion> oh, it spanned two christmases <Cyn> your face spans two xmases QuackySleeeeps
#1444 <Vigilance> if only I was gay QuackySleeeeps
#1445 <Vigilance> Cyn, what makes someone sound hot? <Cyn> I dunno <Cyn> anyone not Irish QuackySleeeeps
#1446 <osoba> ・゜゜・ ​ 。。・゜゜\_0​< FLAP​ FLAP! <Cyn> poor osoba, still trying :P osoba is now known as Dobbby <Dobbby> ・゜゜・ ​ 。。・゜゜\_0​< FLAP​ FLAP! <Cyn> .bef <Dobbby> HAH Dobbby is now known as osoba <Cyn> fuck off <osoba> :DDD Stefan_J
#1447 <Cyn> I wish it was normal in society to just be naked when it gets hot Stefan_J
#1448 <Stefan_J> What's that, osoba? <osoba> me stroking my pussy <Cyn> aw osoba that's about the same size as mine :3 Stefan_J
#1449 <Vigilance> It's quite amazing how effective Oatmeal is at stalling hunger Stefan_J
#1450 <Cyn> I like to poke fat people with my dick QuackySleeeeps
#1451 iCherry> 18cm is like 7 inches <iCherry> pretty big <Cyn> not for Cyn 's vagina QuackySleeeeps
#1452 <PolarBear> osoba, do you have effeminate charasteristics? <osoba> i have a uterus, boobs, and a vagina QuackySleeeeps
#1453 <iCherry> dropping hot sticky loads ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <Stefan_J> I'm sure Scoppy is good at that. <Scoppy> yes indeed Stefan_J
#1454 <Cyn> jm'[;[ <Cyn> ~ <osoba> hi Cyn's kitty <Cyn> Kitten says hi Stefan_J
#1455 <biggerkoda> osoba: y u care about my name when u never even showed ur fucking face <osoba> ive shown my dick to Vigilance tho QuackySleeeeps
#1456 <Stefan_J> Also, osoba_ has a crush on the female singer. :D <Cyn> she does look manly QuackySleeeeps
#1457 <Cynwise> Would you rather be the beautiful or ugly one in a relationship <QuackySleeeeps> you dont have to look at yourself <QuackySleeeeps> but in reality <QuackySleeeeps> im always gonna be the hot one Stefan_J
#1458 <Cynwise> Kenkeli posted that <Cynwise> he was sad he couldn't see all the penises <Kenkeli> ;/ <QuackySleeeeps> that is the feeling we all share Stefan_J
#1459 <Stefan_J> This story hits both my pervert side and OCD very well. Cynwise
#1460 <QuackySleeeeps> wtf maakari ive seen this guy fuck a different type of melon just a week ago Stefan_J
#1461 <Cynwise> most men are slutty <Cynwise> if they can't find a vagina they'll suck a friend's cock Stefan_J
#1462 <QuackySleeeeps> thats the problem with short skirts, too short and your penis shows <iCherry> you seem to speak from experience <QuackySleeeeps> indeed Stefan_J
#1463 <osoba> mine can take a 9 incher all the way up his ass <osoba> can yours? huh? i didnt think so <Stefan_J> Mine can give you 9 incher all the way up your ass. :P Stefan_J
#1464 <PolarBear> i would like to spoon myself to sleep Cynwise
#1465 <Cynwise> This witch I follow on instagram has a dick shrine QuackySleeeeps
#1466 <iCherry> Cynwise, how can i make Scoppy fall in love with me? <Scoppy> No way <Scoppy> I already am in love with you Stefan_J
#1467 <^Queen^> QuackySleeeeps, you have 100% a chance of having sex with yourself, you sick fuck. - (5 seconds till next question) Cynwise
#1468 <Cynwise> I would have sex with everyone except Polar Bear <Scoppy> same QuackySleeeeps
#1469 <Dark_Immortal> I met a guy wearing a type o negative t-shirt in a cemetery in edinburgh adn I was wearing my sisters of mercy t-shirt and we thought each other had cool shirts <Stefan_J> You should have had sex on the spot. Stefan_J
#1470 * QuackySleeeeps blows Dark_Immortal * Dark_Immortal cums all over QuackySleeeeps face Stefan_J
#1471 <Cynwise> I keep thinking about those sausages I ate <Cynwise> I'm usually not a sausage fan QuackySleeeeps
#1472 <Cynwise> if I'm going to join a gym, there better be dick QuackySleeeeps
#1473 <Dark_Immortal> If I wasn't completely drunk and disorderly it wouldn't have worked QuackySleeeeps
#1474 <Cynwise> Dark_Immortal and QuackySleeeeps are like one of those Carry On films Dark_Immortal
#1475 <QuackySleeeeps> :( <QuackySleeeeps> you took my duck <Dark_Immortal> forget about it and let me suck Stefan_J
#1476 <Dark_Immortal> i like to crawl into peoples burqas and do naughty things Dark_Immortal
#1477 <Stefan_J> Sometimes I wish I were gay so I'd have gaydar. QuackySleeeeps
#1478 <QuackySleeeeps> everyone wants dark inside Stefan_J
#1479 <Dark_Immortal> if you have sex at slimelight the cum comes out green QuackySleeeeps
#1480 <Cynwise> wish I had some apple tart <Cynwise> I feel so Irish right now <Stefan_J> Careful, next you'll go bomb Brits. <Cynwise> been there done that Stefan_J
#1481 <Kitsu> I wanna plan everything <Kitsu> and then throw the plans to bin and just lay in hotel <Kitsu> Eating chips and farting Stefan_J
#1482 <Cynwise> stupid australian prison colony <Cynwise> australia and Florida <Cynwise> should not exist <Cynwise> they belong to the swamp creatures and other scary animals QuackySleeeeps
#1483 <Queen> Stefan_J, you have 94% a chance of having sex with osoba, mtblty. - (5 seconds till next question) <Stefan_J> OK, guys, when? ;) Cynwise
#1484 <Stefan_J> My external HDD has two partitions, and I named them Clinton and Stacy. :D <Stefan_J> Clinton and Stacy were the co-hosts of American WNTW. Cynwise
#1485 <dronna> i politically identify as a cyberbully Stefan_J
#1486 <Bubble> fuck your riddles, you gigantic mystic arsehole! <Vigilance> This bot has been learning from PolarBear too much Stefan_J
#1487 <Stefan_J> There were films, TV shows and TV ads filmed in my neighbourhood, too. <Dark_Immortal> There were many heroin overdoses in mine Stefan_J
#1488 <osoba> i mean <osoba> why not make him your sex slave <osoba> why kill such a handsome man Stefan_J
#1489 <QuackySleeeeps> penis :| <Xanther> Vagina :| <Valiant> Onions :| <Xanther> Oh bro Stefan_J
#1490 <Dobby> bubble, I wish you were a Pony Carousel outside Walmart, so I could ride you all day long for a quarter. <Bubble> Eek, not walmart. Stefan_J
#1491 <Cynwise> osoba you should watch Black Sails if you love Dickon <osoba> ill add it to my "to fap" list <osoba> i mean "to watch"* Stefan_J
#1492 <osoba> sry for slow typing theres a giant watermelon in between me and the keyboard QuackySleeeeps
#1493 <Stefan_J> We need more whores here. <Stefan_J> I mean, there's osoba, but he's kinda boring. Cynwise
#1494 <Cynwise> paganism should be having sex around a fire, not racism QuackySleeeeps
#1495 <Vigilance> QuackySleeeeps, would you walk up to a pretty naked girl? <QuackySleeeeps> no id be scared <QuackySleeeeps> they are terrifying creatures <Valiant> Girls are? <Cynwise> if they are naked they are probably crazy <Cynwise> might stab you Stefan_J
#1496 <^Queen^> QuackySleeeeps, you have 100% a chance of having sex with Dark_Immortal. - (5 seconds till next question) QuackySleeeeps
#1497 <Dark_Immortal> i wasn't normal when i started drinking but now I'm drunk enough to think I might be normal Stefan_J
#1498 <Cynwise> damn noodles <Cynwise> not filling <Cynwise> I need some meat <QuackySleeeeps> you ate 10kg of chicken woman! <Cynwise> and an egg Stefan_J
#1499 <Cynwise> you have a nice melon! <QuackySleeeeps> thankyou cyn <Cynwise> but you only have one melon <Cynwise> freak Stefan_J
#1500 <soup> my friend booked a trip for him and his gf but they broke up so im the new girl <QuackySleeeeps> and are you getting dressed up <soup> of course, i've already packed my slutty maiden armour suit Stefan_J
#1501 <mtblty> Once the intense, guilty pleasure of masturbation had been discovered, nothing, despite my greatest efforts, could stop me from doing it for very long. Prayer didn’t help. Memorizing and reciting bible verses didn’t help. Stefan_J
#1502 <Stefan_J> The guy looks very Russian, but now I know why - he just said he was addicted to meth. QuackySleeeeps
#1503 <Cynwise> i wouldnt mind some meth cheekbones Stefan_J
#1504 <Cynwise> I have decided <Cynwise> I am only going to wear Lycra from now on <Cynwise> keep one pair of jeans for fancy occasions QuackySleeeeps
#1505 <linearain> i think its common for humans to lick each others asses and then go to hell Stefan_J
#1506 <Dark_Immortal> i need some deepthroat action <Dark_Immortal> because I've got a sore throat <Dark_Immortal> need some cock in there to soothe it <QuackySleeeeps> smooth cum Stefan_J
#1507 <osoba> i wish somebody fucked my face Stefan_J
#1508 <QuackySleeeeps> i should be a female cybergoth <QuackySleeeeps> i just have to pick a colour of the day <QuackySleeeeps> and then wear clothes and makeup of that colour or black mixed together <QuackySleeeeps> and look really hot every day <QuackySleeeeps> easy Stefan_J
#1509 <mtblty> nothing can save new belgrade QuackySleeeeps
#1510 <osoba> it doesnt take a high iq to slap my face with his dick Stefan_J
#1511 <Cynwise> I am trying to read an article on a gay porn site, but too many penii in my face QuackySleeeeps
#1512 <Dark_Immortal> My phone is a bit of a wank <QuackySleeeeps> ill give you a bit of a wank Stefan_J
#1513 <Cynwise> I stupidly fed her the last of the cat food :( <Cynwise> then Tom wanted answers for why I gave his dinner to his whore QuackySleeeeps
#1514 <Dobby> POW! BANG! BOOM! 50sec lag wins over Vigilance with a fierce uppercut. Stefan_J
#1515 <QuackySleeeeps> tito in the streets, rasputin in the sheets <QuackySleeeeps> im gonna sing it naked as a protest against the kgb <QuackySleeeeps> they already know everything Stefan_J
#1516 <Cynwise> I thought of calling her Bran because she's always falling from my window Stefan_J
#1517 <Stakerauo> Well, for the right price and do anything with anyone :D <Stakerauo> And like it, cause I just got a lot of cash :D :D Stefan_J
#1518 <Cynwise> nah I am one guy woman <Victory> Same Stefan_J
#1519 <osoba> when i first got internet the 1st thing i did was look at porn QuackySleeeeps
#1520 <Scoppy> THIS ISNT TENNIS!!! <Scoppy> THIS IS ANAL SEX!!!!!!! Stefan_J
#1521 <Cynwise> I'd prefer it if Stakerauo got fat so he wouldn't send nudes to girls Stefan_J
#1522 <Cynwise> I've got a weird craving for warm whiskey with honey or something Stefan_J
#1523 <^Queen^> Cynwise, you have 100% a chance of having sex with Stakerauo. - (5 seconds till next question) Stefan_J
#1524 <Cynwise> there's probably not much else to do in Bodø other than Stakerauo's dick QuackySleeeeps
#1525 <Stefan_J> I'm sure he, neighbours, Winter... are all the clowns. :D <Stefan_J> Not sure if Evan or the psychiatrist are the leader. <Cynwise> I think Hilary Clinton is the leader Stefan_J
#1526 <Cynwise> I drink alcohol every time Stakerauo joins the channel Stefan_J
#1527 <Cynwise> Vigilance! Play and I'll give you a blow job! Stefan_J
#1528 <osoba> maybe it was a bukake <Cynwise> Your face is bukake Stefan_J
#1529 <Zwiebelringe> i do fap with my feets Stefan_J
#1530 <mtblty> don't eat it iCherry <mtblty> it shortens your snake <iCherry> shit QuackySleeeeps
#1531 <Vigilance> I've tried autofellatio, I can do it.. but.. it's not really desirable QuackySleeeeps
#1532 <PolarBear> Bubble is worse for my mental health than you Cynwise
#1533 <osoba> tell him there are many gay serbians there <osoba> and theyre cool, not like weird gay serbians Cynwise
#1534 <@koda> ・゜゜ ​ ・。。・゜゜\​_ó< FAP FAP! <+Zwiebelringe> .bef <+Zwiebelringe> wut <+Zwiebelringe> fuck koda
#1535 <Vigilance> in the US, with 70+ of the population overweight or obese... I'm a hot commodity QuackySleeeeps
#1536 <QuackySleeeeps> i dont have eyes <Xanther> That's bad, QuackySleeeeps <Xanther> Perhaps you could just stick something on your face with eye colour then Cynwise
#1537 <QuackySleeeeps> PolarBear can you stop typing for a while and sit in the corner reading back what youve written <QuackySleeeeps> and think about how fucking mad it is Cynwise
#1538 <PolarBear> you should understand people who are both asperger and savant Cynwise
#1539 <osoba> u wanna c my undies QuackySleeeeps? ;) <QuackySleeeeps> no i want to smell them Stefan_J
#1540 <Vigilance> I get naughty thoughts when I'm around other people who's names start with V Stefan_J
#1541 <Vigilance> koda, I've been asked before to be the voice of "God" in many church plays QuackySleeeeps
#1542 <Stefan_J> There's a young Tory activist whose nickname is Toff. <Cynwise> I hope he gets beaten up <QuackySleeeeps> he probably doesnt mingle with the lower classes <Cynwise> then how does he activate <QuackySleeeeps> energises the base at polo matches Cynwise
#1543 <Nattzor> I can legit say that the way koda writes is a turn-off QuackySleeeeps
#1544 <Valiant> I don't think about the people close to me <Valiant> They're resources QuackySleeeeps
#1545 == Valiant was kicked from #chamber_of_secrets by Valiant [valiant] <@koda> tf is dis <@QuackySleeeeps> give an american a gun, he'll shoot himself koda
#1546 <+Nattzor> My bod is disgusting. Severe burns on all of it and I weigh 185 kg <+Valiant> How did you manage to survive your accident? <@QuackySleeeeps> he threw the women and children in the way of the explosion so that he only took minor damage koda
#1547 <@QuackySleeeeps> koda, one girl who was doing phd with me broke her ankle putting skinny jeans on koda
#1548 <Vigilance> yoga pants have been a godsend to ass men <Vigilance> I would know <Vigilance> I'm about to head to the gym in an hour and see this blessing QuackySleeeeps
#1549 <+PolarBear> koda, bubble is like me <+PolarBear> fucking annoying AND creep koda
#1550 <Stefan_J> So much gay drama has been cut out of The Walking Dead show compared to the comics. :O <QuackySleeeeps> your face is gay drama Cynwise
#1551 <PolarBear> i wasnt really stealing i tried to ask permission in a shady way QuackySleeeeps
#1552 <Cynwise> what does irn bru taste like <Dark_Immortal> it tastes like nothing else <Dark_Immortal> it's beautiful <Dark_Immortal> it's like sweet milk from a ginger nipple Stefan_J
#1553 <QuackySleeeeps> work harder fucker <Dark_Immortal> fuck harder worker Stefan_J
#1554 <Dobby> Dark_Immortal, You look like a woman who appreciates the finer things in life. Come over here and feel my velour bedspread. Cynwise
#1555 <Stefan_J> Is anyone in your family religious, osoba? <osoba> not overly <osoba> my mother is kinda dumb tho Stefan_J
#1556 <Vigilance> I shall return short people <Nattzor> Guess I'll add a leg lengthening surgery <koda> i will wear giant heels then kick him in the face when he bullies bout height <QuackySleeeeps> thats my plan koda
#1557 <osoba> bitch did u just call lady gaga a generic dance song <osoba> ur ded 2 me mtblty QuackySleeeeps
#1558 <Cynwise> dictatorship is the way to go QuackySleeeeps
#1559 <QuackySleeeeps> but whats the point of having your own house Stefan_J if you dont have privacy cause theres all these poor people hoovering Cynwise
#1560 <QuackySleeeeps> everyone watches hardcore porn <Cynwise> I don't <Cynwise> I just look in the mirror :D Stefan_J
#1561 <osoba> i have a procedure <osoba> except i do it with my mouth on the penis <osoba> and it helps with ur muscles bruh Stefan_J
#1562 <Stefan_J> Let me see how long it is, Piisamininja. QuackySleeeeps
#1563 <Zwiebelringe_> PolarBear? <Zwiebelringe_> happy bday =) <Valiant> He's old now ;( <Valiant> Don't tell Cyn koda
#1564 <Zwiebelringe> Stefan_J slap me pls * Stefan_J slaps Zwiebelringe. <Stefan_J> Is that what turns you on, Zwiebelringe? ;) <Zwiebelringe> yes Stefan_J
#1565 <Dark_Immortal> what QuackySleeeeps <QuackySleeeps> i meant to say bear <QuackySleeeps> but i was thinkign about your cheese Cynwise
#1566 <Piisamininja> no thanks stef. i prefer it to stay as the exit route not as an i/o port :D Stefan_J
#1567 <Xanther> There’s nothing more handsome than a kilt <Xanther> Yes I have a kilt fetish <Xanther> Wear a kilt and I will fall for you QuackySleeeps
#1568 <osoba> maybe ill get these and wear them when i fuck norte Stefan_J
#1569 <Dobby> cynwise, I want you like JFK wanted a car with a roof. Cynwise
#1570 <PolarBear> why would you care about soft, warm and curvy sweetness when you can have rock solid dick? Stefan_J
#1571 <QuackySleeeeps> dont want no short dick man <Stefan_J> Then Dark_Immortal's your man. Stefan_J
#1572 <Dark_Immortal> teletubbies sucked my willy once QuackySleeeps
#1573 <mtblty> serbs like it oral Stefan_J
#1574 <Demonette> because this is the internet Stefan_J <Demonette> behind every female nick there is a 9 inch... Stefan_J
#1575 <QuackySleeeps> im going to dream about turtles building a new kind of aviation technology Stefan_J
#1576 <Stefan_J> Reminds me of set of Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom. <QuackySleeeeps> your face is sodom <Stefan_J> And Gomorrah. ;) Cyn
#1577 <kauboy> I want a baby social support duck <koda> u wan da deek Stefan_J
#1578 <Dark_Immortal> I'm a gin addict omg help me I drink it all the time I used to hate it but now its life omg Cyn
#1579 <QuackySleeeeps> i need to be unemployed more <Stefan_J> You can't beat my unemployment! Stefan_J
#1580 <osoba> is like a slimy lesbian double dildo being smacked around QuackySleeeeps
#1581 <osoba> he was referring to my groundbreaking political theories that i worked on for the entire 5 mins just now childish Stefan_J
#1582 <osoba> he has such a huge veiny thicc vagina Stefan_J
#1583 <koda> im on my man period and my testes r exploding Stefan_J
#1584 <Dark_Immortal> I want Jeremy Corbyn to cum on me Stefan_J
#1585 <Dark_Immortal> I'll never be straight edge, the sperm that I came from was high when it met the egg koda
#1586 <Dark_Immortal> but that was my size when I was like 17 lol <Dark_Immortal> Stefan_J has the figure somewhere <Dark_Immortal> I measured it for him <Dark_Immortal> when I was 17 Stefan_J
#1587 <osoba_> mmm i can smell my pie Cynwise
#1588 <Vigilance> try it :o <Demonette> try what? <Demonette> having sex with u? <Vigilance> I mean, someone will have to take my innocence sometime Stefan_J
#1589 <Dark_Immortal> Hogwarts is basically edinburgh without any junkies hanging out of the turrets Stefan_J
#1590 <Dark_Immortal> I'll open my own school <Dark_Immortal> Called The School of Goth <Dark_Immortal> Andrew Eldritch will be the chancellor <Dark_Immortal> I'll employ snape also <Dark_Immortal> Voldemort will be banned unless he grows his nose back Stefan_J
#1591 <Dark_Immortal> I wanna fuck bald politicians without condoms <QuackySleeeeps> ids? <Dark_Immortal> EWWW <Dark_Immortal> EWWW Stefan_J
#1592 <Dark_Immortal> have you considered taking that morbidity a step further and actually dying Cyn
#1593 <QuackySleeeeps> if you can afford to eat pheasant time to eat some peasant Stefan_J
#1594 <osoba> serbs are like the second tallest people in the world <koda> Why Stefan_J is tiny then <QuackySleeeeps> hes odd <QuackySleeeeps> in many ways koda
#1595 <Dark_Immortal> don't tell cyn that I'm not really that white, she asked me if I whiten my photos and I said no... however, that was a lie! Stefan_J
#1596 <Cyn> you go to a gym? <osoba> i go to a pokemon gym Stefan_J
#1597 <osoba> also i had to walk 40 miles to get to my factory job as a kid <osoba> in blizzard Stefan_J
#1598 <Xanther> I wish we had houses cut in half QuackySleeeeps
#1599 <osoba> i use facewash <Nattzor> What about dickwash? <osoba> i use your mouth for that QuackySleeeeps
#1600 <osoba_> i want a chubby quoran indian with a huge iq to domtopfuck me QuackySleeeeps
#1601 <soup> i need to pee WHERE IS MY PENIS QuackySleeeeps
#1602 <Dark_Immortal> I wanna put my dick in lots of men soon because I'm feeling hypersexual Stefan_J
#1603 * Valiant winks at Dark_Immortal * Dark_Immortal wanks at Valiant <Dark_Immortal> rapid response wink for wank service <Dark_Immortal> the only one in the country QuackySleeeeps
#1604 <osoba> everything is a clusterfuck in the balkans QuackySleeeeps
#1605 <^Queen^> Vigilance, you have 0% a chance of having sex with Vigilance. - (5 seconds till next question) QuackySleeeps
#1606 <Xanther> Belgium accents make me so angry from the inside <Xanther> It’s just terrible QuackySleeeeps
#1607 <Dark_Immortal> All serbians are backwards <Dark_Immortal> their feet are the wrong way around Stefan_J
#1608 <mtblty> you can <mtblty> it's just a bit harder <Nattzor> Guess you're better at sucking than I am QuackySleeeeps
#1609 <soup> penis statue is gone though :( Cynwise
#1610 <PolarBear> osoba, what will you eat now? <osoba> ass Stefan_J
#1611 <Dark_Immortal> I don't believe we've met but I am a space age magical being <Dark_Immortal> and one of the more normal people in the channel <Sakke-58> theres normal people on this channel? <Sakke-58> thats certainly new Stefan_J
#1612 <osoba> why you gotta make things weird <osoba> cant i just artistically appreciate the deep pink color of strawberry and rhubarb sorbet QuackySleeeps
#1613 <mtblty_> bosnia is retarded <mtblty_> is all possible ways QuackySleeeeps
#1614 <mtblty_> this croat is qt <mtblty_> he's like tracksuit slav + isis warrior Stefan_J
#1615 <soup> children are horrid, be glad someone else is doing it QuackySleeeeps
#1617 <Dark_Immortal> this channel is becoming a drug den koda
#1618 <koda> PolarBear: i will write a cringey book on mah love life n give u a copy xxx <PolarBear> i would appreciate it <3 Stefan_J
#1619 <Stefan_J> I'm a professional stalker. QuackySleeeeps
#1620 <Dark_Immortal> if it's no wank february we can just suck each other off QuackySleeeeps
#1621 <osoba> i lost my virginity to arachnophobia Stefan_J
#1622 <osoba> do you think a peasant selfie should be called a serfie <PolarBear> no <PolarBear> because im peasant and that would insult me <PolarBear> im not even a peasant <PolarBear> they are hard working Stefan_J
#1623 <osoba> mtblty played with barbies, not legos <mtblty> TIL Stefan_J
#1624 <PolarBear> QuackySleeeeps would like to suck viking dick lilkoda
#1625 <Cynwise> being a good cock sucker is a compliment QuackySleeeeps
#1626 <Dark_Immortal> i wanna train my ass to take more QuackySleeeeps Stefan_J
#1627 Quote #1616: <Cursarion> >tfw when parents don't let you drink <Cursarion> >drink anti-freeze <Cursarion> >free booze at the hospital <Cursarion> >win Stefan_J
#1628 <mtblty> those twins look migranty af <Dark_Immortal> I want to migrate into their asses with my dick Stefan_J
#1629 <QuackySleeeeps> id pay osoba_ 1 pair of underwear to make a website Cynwise
#1630 <osoba> gross, penis Stefan_J
#1631 <Dark_Immortal> you can have sexual relations with vegetables <Dark_Immortal> I like giving bananas blowjobs in public <Dark_Immortal> it creeps people out and some people get horny <Dark_Immortal> you get mixed reactions QuackySleeeeps
#1632 <Dark_Immortal> someone elses foreskin could go over your bell end <soup> that sounds awful <Dark_Immortal> give it a go Stefan_J
#1633 <soup> do you think those places that cure gay can do the reverse too? <Dark_Immortal> why <Dark_Immortal> do you wanna be gay <soup> it seems fun <soup> im familiar with the equipment Stefan_J
#1634 <Dark_Immortal> I can make people gay <soup> you can? <Dark_Immortal> yeah <Dark_Immortal> I've turned QuackySleeeeps gay Stefan_J
#1635 <Dark_Immortal> I got asked for ID in lidl <Dark_Immortal> i've shaved for the first time in ages <Dark_Immortal> clean shave <Dark_Immortal> i've just been trimming <Dark_Immortal> and keeping stubble <Dark_Immortal> but now I look like a 12 year old lesbian QuackySleeeeps
#1636 <soup> what cute penises QuackySleeeeps
#1637 <osoba> hummus? in MY anus? (it's more likely than you think) Stefan_J
#1638 <Dark_Immortal> i put my willy in a tub of hummus, rubbed hummus all over my body and wanked Stefan_J
#1639 <Dark_Immortal> I look like I've had botox but I've just been sucking a lot of dick Stefan_J
#1640 <Dark_Immortal> I'm only eating dick and cum Stefan_J
#1641 <Dark_Immortal> what kind of jobs are out there for a mentally unstable retard <QuackySleeeeps> us presidency <Dark_Immortal> true Stefan_J
#1642 <Dark_Immortal> well my dick isn't the same colour as my body <Dark_Immortal> it's darker <Xanther> Is it also more immortal Cynwise
#1643 <Dark_Immortal> osoba let me see your hair <osoba> ill mail you some of my pubes via post Stefan_J
#1644 <Stefan_J> I hate this universe. <Xanther> Who doesn’t <QuackySleeeeps> miss universe Stefan_J
#1645 <Dark_Immortal> if you've ever got a boner you can't get rid of <Dark_Immortal> stick your dong in a tub of fabric conditioner <Dark_Immortal> it will make it nice and soft again Stefan_J
#1646 <QuackySleeeeps> like you can just put a bit on your thing and then lay a hot/warm thing on it <QuackySleeeeps> and it goes all :) Cynwise
#1647 <QuackySleeeeps> and ffs cyn, that was totally 100% innocent quote about camembert Cynwise
#1648 <wojtaq> Those germans want to poison us <wojtaq> :( Cynwise
#1649 <Dark_Immortal> the depth of the snow still isn't deep enough to fully cover my penis <Stefan_J> Have you tried? :O <QuackySleeeeps> who doesnt measure snow with their personal dipstick Stefan_J
#1650 <Dark_Immortal> osoba do you have a beast in your pants? <osoba> gerbils are beasts too Stefan_J
#1651 <Dark_Immortal> I got my dick out in the snow to take some pics of it <Dark_Immortal> and everyone was staring at me for some reason <Dark_Immortal> can't a guy even get his dick out in public these days QuackySleeeeps
#1652 <Cynwise> Tom pisses on me I don't compain QuackySleeeeps
#1653 <Dark_Immortal> Edgar is my large grey cat, he is very soft and the best friend ever Stefan_J
#1654 <Dark_Immortal> imagine if I was obsessed with vagina, that would just be weird <Dark_Immortal> it doesn't suit me does it <Dark_Immortal> cock suits me better QuackySleeeeps
#1655 <Cynwise> Dark_Immortal: I went to the Sisters of Mercy convent school <Dark_Immortal> Did you ever get to meet Andrew? <Cynwise> no <Cynwise> I met bitch nuns Stefan_J
#1656 <Enwrath> If you don't want to end up in quotes, don't speak. It works pretty well. Stefan_J
#1657 <osoba> Stefan_J is gonna add this to quotes cause hes 5 QuackySleeeeps
#1658 <Dark_Immortal> everyone tells me I give amazing jowblobs Stefan_J
#1659 <QuackySleeeeps> i was born to be a dancer <QuackySleeeeps> but they said i could be anything <QuackySleeeeps> so i chose duck Stefan_J
#1660 <Stefan_J> Who is Ilkka Hautala, and why did no one tell me that he was naked on Finnish nations TV live two years ago? Cynwise
#1661 <QuackySleeeeps> i dont watch eastenders <QuackySleeeeps> i live it Stefan_J
#1662 <Cynwise> drugs don't kill you, why should salmonella QuackySleeeeps
#1663 <mtblty_> i'm not gay anymore <osoba> come over ill fix that for you ;) <mtblty_> :P Stefan_J
#1664 <Dark_Immortal> there's just a void in my life <Dark_Immortal> I've tried drugs, I've tried junk food <Dark_Immortal> so now it's time for witchcraft QuackySleeeeps
#1665 <Cynwise> I would make a good baby mother if I pretended the baby was a cat Stefan_J
#1666 <osoba_> mtblty broke up with me the other day cause i shaved my pubes QuackySleeeeps
#1667 <Dark_Immortal> i made out <Dark_Immortal> with a girl but I was too gay to have sex Cynwise
#1668 <QuackySleeeeps> osoba: yo nice plant bro <QuackySleeeeps> dude: heh thanks :) <QuackySleeeeps> osoba: fuck me daddy Stefan_J
#1669 <dark_immortal> I'd rather lick a vagina than a tapered cock QuackySleeeeps
#1670 <iCherry> 16 is when you become legal <Xanther> But 17 is when you become the dancing queen :( QuackySleeeeps
#1671 <Xsploit> i have no quotes :( Stefan_J
#1672 <Valiant> I'm rarely naked, I tried sleeping naked once.. Not for me. No underwear to hold back my morning wood QuackySleeeeps
#1673 <Xanther> I think she tastes like fish and fur. But I never asked her, neither did I try to lick her myself QuackySleeeeps
#1674 <Dark_Immortal> I'm the vicky pollard of the goth world Stefan_J
#1675 <QuackySleeeeps> i dont like the term hand job, i prefer 3rd party wank Stefan_J
#1676 <osoba_> also how does that weird looking asian kid transform into such a beautiful woman QuackySleeeeps
#1677 <Dark_Immortal> someone needs to slap me in the face with some cock Stefan_J
#1678 <Xanther> I would send you aaaalll the willy videos, but it’s Dutch QuackySleeeeps
#1679 <osoba_> they were playing britney in the supermarket just now <osoba_> i almost busted out all my gayest moves in front a huge group of people QuackySleeeeps
#1680 <Dark_Immortal> I thought I got my ex boyfriend pregnant <Dark_Immortal> but he was just fat QuackySleeeeps
#1681 <osoba> i can knit in a corner while you have the sex QuackySleeeeps
#1682 <Dark_Immortal> I went to work on LSD once because i took it at 6pm the night before and I was still hallucinating at work <Dark_Immortal> i knocked a mannequin over and I thought I was a murderer <Dark_Immortal> I freaked out and my manager called an ambulance <Dark_Immortal> I thought it was for the mannequin <Dark_Immortal> who I had killed <Dark_Immortal> QuackySleeeeps
#1683 <osoba> why do all conservative british politicians look like they have a dead bleeched rat on their heads QuackySleeeps
#1684 <lekoda> but seriously 5 minutes in and i was wet <lekoda> i loved it should have tried it sooner QuackySleeeeps
#1685 <QuackySleeeps> i cant believer weve got to the point where you guys just simuwatching naked attraction Stefan_J
#1686 <Xanther> I do love willy QuackySleeeeps
#1687 * soup lathers himself with greek yoghurt and apricots QuackySleeeeps
#1688 <mtblty_> has everyone on this channel traded dickpix with each other Stefan_J
#1689 <Xanther> Let me pinch your wang quacky :3 Stefan_J
#1690 <osoba> lel this looks like that underwear <osoba> omg mtblty_ if i stand on one side of that room <osoba> and you suck my dick on your knees on the other <osoba> will my dick look enormous Stefan_J
#1691 <mtblty_> now i have a startup idea <mtblty_> open a gay club <mtblty_> and call it museum of cock <mtblty_> that way you can go there and feel all cultural and shit Stefan_J
#1692 <Dark_Immortal> I'm like the rapey spongebob of the channel Stefan_J
#1693 <QuackySleeeps> i want to blow Dark_Immortal Stefan_J
#1694 <QuackySleeeeps> the problem with lesbian porn though, theres no penises Stefan_J
#1695 <Vigilance> no such thing, I started looking at porn when I was 5 Stefan_J
#1696 <Valiant> I can feel myself rotting, my knee feels shot... My foot keeps popping and shifting.. <QuackySleeeeps> old age takes us unrelentlessly QuackySleeeeps
#1697 <Stefan_J> I was very disappointed 5 minutes ago. :( <Stefan_J> It was due to a naked guy being Estonian and not Finnish. QuackySleeeeps
#1698 <osoba> do you think anderson cooper has gray pubes Stefan_J
#1699 <QuackySleeeps> i always do makeup before making a sex tape Stefan_J
#1700 <Stefan_J> In Palestine, they have Stars & Bucks Café. <QuackySleeeps> they also have off brand hummus <QuackySleeeps> called hamas QuackySleeeps
#1701 <iCherry> i fucked my hand somehow :( <Xanther> That’s called masturbation . It’s quite normal. Don’t feel ashamed QuackySleeeeps
#1702 <mtblty> man these idiots chewing gum should be sent to gulag QuackySleeeeps
#1703 <Stefan_J> What happened? <osoba> nothing i just spread my legs <osoba> and they ripped in the crotch area QuackySleeeps
#1704 <Zwiebelringe> FUCK MY ASS Stefan_J
#1705 <osoba_> wat? <mtblty> nuthin <osoba_> ull be nuttin all over <osoba_> when we meet Stefan_J
#1706 <QuackySleeeeps> dont you need shoulder pads to be a power couple <Victory> Idk if she's into bdsm Cyn_
#1707 <iCherry> nothing wrong with a lil bit of friendly licking Stefan_J
#1708 <Cyn> You are 47% Fascist, which makes you a Fascist Fellow-Traveler. <Cyn> :/ <Cyn> I suppose it's cos I like the idea of genocide Stefan_J
#1709 <osoba_> clearly im the dominana alpha male here Stefan_J
#1710 <Stefan_J> When did iCherry become so annoying? :( <iCherry> i always was Stefan_J
#1711 <QuackySleeeeps> cause like broz before hoez <osoba> tito before clito QuackySleeeeps
#1712 <Scoppy> The capitalists will sell us the rope we will hang them with Stefan_J
#1713 <QuackySleeeeps> you know the only good thing right now Stefan_J <QuackySleeeeps> as the country decends into anarchy <QuackySleeeeps> trump still provides laughs <QuackySleeeeps> it really is the highest level of special Stefan_J
#1714 <Stefan_J> I hate Wilhelm Reich, he stole my idea 85 years ago. :( QuackySleeeps
#1715 <Stefan_J> My folder with naked Finns alone takes over 31 GB, BTW. QuackySleeeeps
#1716 QuackySleeeeps · everything is better with orchestral elements Dark_Immortal · i can play your cock like a flute if you want QuackySleeeeps Dark_Immortal · bring some orchestral elements into the bedroom Dark_Immortal
#1717 <osoba_> a few days ago <osoba_> i styled my pubic hair as a sillhouette of elon musk <osoba_> for mtblty's arousal <osoba_> here comes the submarine >:-O QuackySleeeeps
#1718 <iCherry> GIMMME SUM DICKS Stefan_J
#1719 <Dark_Immortal> someone was playing the chuckle vision theme for hours and hours <Dark_Immortal> now it's stuck in my head <Dark_Immortal> and then I started saying to me to you during threesomes QuackySleeeeps
#1720 <Xanther> But it’s my passion to be a noob QuackySleeeeps
#1721 <mtblty> it's not cum paintings, it's poop paintings Stefan_J
#1722 <osoba> lets send QuackySleeeeps one of those 1 second dissapearing instagram pics of my dick in your mouth mtblty <osoba> brighten his day QuackySleeeeps
#1723 <osoba> :O i have 0% big dick energy :OOO <iCherry> you gotta get some big dick <iCherry> Stefan_J, you are required Stefan_J
#1724 <Xsploit> anyone watching big brother? <Nattzor> No, but big brother is watching you Stefan_J
#1725 <mtblty> i managed to steal some wifies Stefan_J
#1726 <osoba> theres a tiny dog shaped tail dildo peeking out of my asshole as we speak QuackySleeeeps
#1727 <osoba> they didnt have to kill the cute gay guy <osoba> id suck the radiation out of him Stefan_J
#1728 <osoba> i dont know im straight <mtblty> lol Stefan_J
#1729 <mtblty_> grinder won't allow me to change my gender to "trouble" >:( QuackySleeeeps
#1730 <Dark_Immortal> it's so windy here <Dark_Immortal> my cock almost blew off when I wanked at the window QuackySleeeeps
#1731 <osoba> but what if she insists to get them off QuackySleeeeps
#1732 <mtblty> it's a nice dicc tbh <osoba> yeah but his body and face ruins it <mtblty> put him in a gloryhole then Stefan_J
#1733 <soep> ewww girl sex Stefan_J
#1734 <QuackySleeeeps> but yeh they have fucking massive canines <QuackySleeeeps> and could rip you a new one <QuackySleeeeps> :D <Stefan_J> Monkeys are fun. :D Stefan_J
#1735 <mtblty> is love actually that good Stefan_J
#1736 <soep> i finger A minor Stefan_J
#1737 <Dark_Immortal> goths would only ever have sex in historic cemeteries QuackySleeeeps
#1738 <Dark_Immortal> i just wanna suck his dick so he forgets about brexit Stefan_J
#1739 <soep> you have a sex toy collection? <QuackySleeeeps> doesnt everyone soep Stefan_J
#1740 <maakari> gayness is in the eyelashes QuackySleeeeps
#1741 <mtblty> how is it better than MBTI shit <osoba> cause it clearly shows i'm an ubermensch and u should bow down and submissively take my enourmous dick into your mouth QuackySleeeeps
#1742 <mtblty> i like how they implemented chad's bulge QuackySleeeeps
#1743 <soep> duuuude im craving a dildo right nao QuackySleeeps
#1744 <soep> wouldn't it be easier to just post our cocks QuackySleeeeps
#1745 <Stefan_J> What a better way to become a wizard than watching the person you're in love with perform a pole dance? :D QuackySleeeeps
#1746 <osoba_> i need that protein to fuel my strong erections QuackySleeeeps
#1747 <osoba> i really wanted to work out all winter <osoba> and wake up in the spring all jacked and sexy <osoba> but i didnt :( QuackySleeeeps

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