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  Channel Information
Channel information for #UnforGiven on QuakeNet
Channel: #UnforGiven (Chat Now!)
Bot: ^MySQL^
Joined: 2006-11-09 11:33
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 79

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise -autoop -autovoice -badwords
+bitch -commandchar -dynamicbans -enforcebans
-flood +greet -google +hidelogs
-image -infobot -massvoice +peak
-quotes -restrictchaninfo -restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle -vote -weather

Command character: Not activated
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: [#UnforGiven] Awards: Bronze Second League Medal of Honor New Vision OpenCup Fall 2009 | Bronze Third League Medal of Honor Objective OpenCup Spring 2006 | Winner Fourth League Call of Duty 2 Search & Destroy OpenCup Fall 2012 | Bronze Fourth League Call of Duty 2 Search & Destroy OpenCup Fall 2012
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes:
Enforced topic: ""

Privacy settings
Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

Statistics and logging
Statistics language: Not localized (English)
Logs: Not available - hidden through +hidelogs

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
rpnetz Owner 2018-11-19 00:03
rbn Owner 2018-11-19 00:03
radioroom Owner 2018-11-18 23:33
texas Master 2018-11-19 03:19
bambakz Op 2018-05-02 17:05
3 owners, 1 master, 1 op, 0 voices and 0 friends added to the bot

 No greetings are added on this channel

 No quotes are added on this channel

 No bans are added on this channel

Trigger Type Min. Level Response
!bts Public - Backup TS Server:
!chanlev Public -
!jongerm Public - jongerm + wt + bypass.dll = snelle basis :(
!juelz Public -
!karel Public - KAREL
!log Public -
!muse Public - muse - shadows = nevje :(
!nevje Public - nevje + shadows = muse
!pers0wnages Public - kk noobs that will be deleted by UG Detectives asap
!rbn Public - Eens de meest gerespecteerde UG krullebol die uit de polder kwam, t
egenwoordig beperkt deze jongeman zich helaas tot het illegaal vols
pammen van onze stats
!snelle Public - 0643201760
!sopis Public - Fixer van het goud voor UG, momenten van grote respect en professio
nele whine wisselen zich af met momenten van abuse en teleurstellin
!stats Public -
!statsweek Public -
!stil Public - stilte
!texas Public -
!tmserver Public - Checking to see if the virtual machine is online... you won't recei
ve a reply if it's offline!
!tr1m Public - tr1m + snelle = homies4life @ friesland
!trudie Public - nieuwkomertje in de elektronische wereld
!ts Public - TS Server:

Bad words
 No badwords are added on this channel
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