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  Channel Information
Channel information for #Perkele on QuakeNet
Channel: #Perkele (Chat Now!)
Bot: |Bridge|
Joined: 2007-07-20 23:48
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: Not monitored

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise +autoop +autovoice -badwords
+bitch -commandchar -dynamicbans +enforcebans
-flood +greet +google +hidelogs
-image -infobot -massvoice -peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo -restrictlogs -restrictstats
-showbanby +stats -timedquotes +topic
+userbans -urltitle +vote -weather

Command character: Not activated
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Not activated
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes: +tn
Enforced topic: ][][][-The Profane Kult-][][][ ][][][-Primus et Callidae-][][][ ][][][-][][][

Privacy settings
Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

Statistics and logging
Statistics language: Not localized (English)
Logs: Not available - hidden through +hidelogs

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
LLSSNEN Owner 2018-05-27 01:26
CM-gor Friend 2015-06-06 20:48
Crescendo Friend 2017-01-01 00:03
Fryer Friend 2017-06-06 16:35
alexoner Friend 2018-01-06 22:28
Brito Friend 2017-09-05 18:50
1 owner, 0 masters, 0 ops, 0 voices and 5 friends added to the bot

 No greetings are added on this channel

ID Quote Added by
#1 (22:51:29) (@LLSSNEN) MAM TRZECH STARYCH Piwlas
#4 20:18… @LLSSNEN: Kocham Lesonen 20:18… @LLSSNEN: ale gej :] 20:19… +Hurro: no twoj ojciec Piwlas
#5 20:15… +Melo-: |BlackCellCr3w| 20:15… +|BlackCellCr3w|: do you need op on #<PrKl> or a ban in #<PrKl>, I can do both ya know! Piwlas
#6 [22:19:10] <Czarek> Kouleman blue team voting for ban [22:19:16] <Czarek> ban me* [22:19:16] * BunnehBot sets mode: +b *!*@ * Czarek was kicked by BunnehBot (Wish Granted for the 1st time [come back in 10min or so]) Piwlas
#8 <UCP`Achille> i don't care about guys...better for me..if they r gay there are more hot girls for me mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Piwlas
#9 [13:38:46] <@|Jobot|> Snipufin's Gay Meter ['''''''''''''''''''|] Piwlas
#10 [01:41:09] <@BunnehBot> Love Calculator results for "LLSSNEN" and "e^Pevik": 95% Piwlas
#11 [22:32:55] <+Piwlas> pl cum sucks Piwlas
#12 [14:45:56] <@|Jobot|> gay's Gay-O-Meter ['|''''''''''''''''''] Piwlas
#14 [00:54:14] <+e^Pevik> i want to fuck you [00:54:16] <+e^Pevik> <3 Piwlas
#15 [16:07:07] <+Piwlas> FUCKING VITTU ASS PEERKELE EI Piwlas
#16 [23:13:39] <+Piwlas> I AM THE DOCTOR OF LLSSNENOLOGY Piwlas
#17 [20:10:24] <+Crescendo> Melkee lensin ulkona ku käytettii peran koiraa :D Piwlas
#18 [00:56:29] [@Crestfa|len] im the doctor of pierdology Piwlas
#19 [12:51:18] <@|Jobot|> Piwlas and LLSSNEN is a PERFECT match (100%) Piwlas
#20 <@LLSSNEN> Didnt you really know Im from Finland? <@LLSSNEN> wtf <+UCP`Achille> lol i though u were from swe :P Piwlas
#23 [01:53:37] <aCedog> !add <aCedog> sry I´m trinking 8ight beeersrat <`CloudO> !del <deathless> !del <[SeXy]> !del Piwlas
#24 [22:29:46] <@Vv00t-SN> most Finnish sentences can be used as Microsoft product activation codes Piwlas
#25 [22:50:22] <bjarne> WC ANYONE? Piwlas
#28 [21:03:20] <ArcTheLad> ill just make sandwitches LLSSNEN
#29 [21:13:13] <Snipufin> Care if I add+? [21:13:26] <Snipufin> Good for anyone? LLSSNEN
#32 spierdalaj crescendo Beastmaster
#35 jebac crescenda bst--
#37 crescendo wypierdalaj na sliwki Beastmaster
#38 jebac crescenda Hurro
#40 <+`Rob> u've got 5 sec <+`Rob> to unban him <+`Rob> 5 <+`Rob> 4 <+`Rob> 3 <+`Rob> 2 * |Bridge| sets mode: +b *!rob` <+`Rob> 1 * `Rob was kicked by |Bridge| (Banned: You are not allowed to flood here, you have been warned!) LLSSNEN
#42 <LLSSNEN> On the other hand <LLSSNEN> I also think <LLSSNEN> I honestly believe <LLSSNEN> that <LLSSNEN> twoja matka ma potencje Carmelo`
#44 +Carmelo • Hurro makes me sick +Carmelo • hes gay right now @LLSSNEN • what is he up to @LLSSNEN • I thought he's been a pedal since forever +Carmelo • ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD @LLSSNEN • :D @LLSSNEN • I guess I was wrong then.. Carmelo
#46 <+|Painkiller> i want to be a lesbian LLSSNEN
#47 06.10.2008 19:54:24 <FaF|[email protected]> kicked you from #enclave.soldat (:: Killed by FaF group .-. 9426 :: ::) LLSSNEN
#48 [20:23] <+Piwlas> LLSSNEN ³eb ci chujem strace Piwlas
#50 [23:33:50] <+Piwlas> co tam? [23:33:57] * +Piwlas has quit IRC (Signed off) LLSSNEN
#51 <LLSSNEN> nie w dupe nie w oko<LLSSNEN> Painkiller
#52 <LLSSNEN> Jestem szczesliwa mezatka Painkiller
#53 <Ciups> Chaka what does it means ? dumbnut ? :D LLSSNEN
#54 <LLSSNEN> Have you ever thought what does Carmelo's father look like?<LLSSNEN> '-'<LLSSNEN> |Painkiller
#55 [17:26] <Harlequ1n`> Im 7/24 in soldat Painkiller
#56 * Painkiller gives LLSSNEN a hug and a 150 extra points for his extraordinarily skillful and challenging, yet successful blowjob. Painkiller
#57 <Wut> but we have a clan and we need you pls can i get ur friendship ? try it pls LLSSNEN
#58 [23:46] <+NieMamKolegow> LLSSNEN chuj ci w dupe chuju g³upi nie chcesz gadac to spierdalaj :D [23:47] <@LLSSNEN> SO TRUE OMG!!! SO FUCKING TRUE TAAAAAK!!!! NieMamKolegow
#59 <shabbynoob> I like you man :) <shabbynoob> you are very good <shabbynoob> :/ <shabbynoob> i need very youin my clan LLSSNEN
#61 <@duracell> "toppa smarttii ja filttereit" myyjä "onks sul papereit" sami "no voisin mä niitäki ottaa" LLSSNEN
#62 <`[email protected]> trunk said to me that i passt to you: "Hey, can you unban me ? Because KraK i don't know why ban me ;o and I can't join on my favorite channel." LLSSNEN
#63 [20:16:33] <@LLSSNEN> `Rob !! [20:16:37] <@LLSSNEN> WHATS GOING ON [20:16:41] <@LLSSNEN> DONT DC OMG [20:16:45] <@LLSSNEN> G-LINED???? [20:16:49] * +`Rob has quit IRC (G-lined) LLSSNEN
#64 Mitä saadaan, kun risteytetään neekeri ja mustekala? En minäkään tiedä, mutta hitosti se kerää puuvillaa. LLSSNEN
#65 Mustalaiselta oli puhjennut Hiacesta renkas. Siinä Leif alkoi sitten renkasta irrottamaan ja vaihtaan tilalle varapyärää. Paikalle sattu toinen mustalainen. -Hai sie, mitä sie teet?! -Mie irrotan renkasta, vastasi Leif. Toinen mustalainen otti kiven, löi ikkunasta sisään ja sano: -No mie irrotan ration! LLSSNEN
#67 <Errol> "Your mom" insults are pathetic.. <+viruss> your mum is pathetic LLSSNEN
#68 <+Beee> didnt play almost a month, i have broken my arm in Austria and soldat doesnt enjoy me like before LLSSNEN
#69 <+Klouber> The helicopter was invented after Chuck Norris was observed doing 8 roundhouse kicks a second. LLSSNEN
#70 <@LLSSNEN> AMERIKKALAINEN James Brewer, 58, päätti vakavan sydänkohtauksen saatuaan keventää sydäntään oklahomalaisessa sairaalassa, koska hän uskoi kuolevansa. Herra Brewer tunnusti tehneensä murhan 32 vuotta sitten, mutta sen jälkeen terveys alkoikin kummasti kohentua. Nyt häntä odottaa kuolemantuomio. LLSSNEN
#72 <@CardDealer> [« The length of LLSSNEN's penis is: 32,100 cm. - (10 seconds till next question) »] LLSSNEN
#73 <s4Li> Fuck me hard with your big cook :< LLSSNEN
#75 [05:54] <patt> my ex girl [05:54] <patt> told me [05:54] <patt> he can do pussyfarts LLSSNEN
#76 <Painkiller> girls here are easy <LLSSNEN> how hard are the guys? Painkiller
#77 <+Painkiller> its a time <+Painkiller> to make a changes LLSSNEN
#78 * Redfish has joined #<prkl> x5 Painkiller
#79 <@|Bridge|> The loudest one was fishbot, who yelled 68.6% of the time! Another old yeller was LesonenGAY, who shouted 17.4% of the time! LLSSNEN
#80 [22:59:29] <@Calp> uncomplicated - great - lesonen. LLSSNEN
#83 niaPeeh
#84 <Tsun4m1> !kane <@SoldatGather> KANE IS DEAD <Tsun4m1> !kanelist <@SoldatGather> KANE IS DEAD <Tsun4m1> !kaneadd LLSSNEN
#85 <LLSSNEN> ye rb is the only one hanging in there <LLSSNEN> and lod <Painkiller> HELLO <LLSSNEN> SORRY <LLSSNEN> LOL <LLSSNEN> :-D LLSSNEN
#86 * LLSSNEN sets mode: -b *!* Painkiller
#87 [19:27:00] <@LLSSNEN> oon hölmö homo :) Crescendo2
#88 Painkiller
#90 <@Redfish> Siin soi megaman taustal ja kunno asiatekstit maailman säälittävimmäst paskiais homosta IKINÄ LLSSNEN
#91 * beesox has joined #soldat.gather <beesox> !add <beesox> omg gather is shit * beesox has left #soldat.gather LLSSNEN
#92 <@LLSSNEN> all <PrKl> all LLSSNEN
#93 <@D4sh> know alot Crescendo <@D4sh> for a euro LLSSNEN
#94 <+Gigen> I AM THE BEST EVAH * +Gigen has quit IRC (Killed (* (You are violating network rules, ID: 25837278))) * @BunnehBot points and laughs HARD at Gigens mangled body! LLSSNEN
#95 <+Crescendo> yea I dont know how to get that letter <+Painkiller-> alt+z in my keyboard * +Crescendo has left #<prkl> LLSSNEN
#96 <@D4sh> lady gaga was a boy? <@D4sh> pics pls LLSSNEN
#97 <LLSSNEN> oh man <LLSSNEN> its crazy <LLSSNEN> my old neighbour <LLSSNEN> this hot chick <LLSSNEN> who used to live like 5meters from me <Timmeeh> ye <LLSSNEN> is interested in me now that she moved to another town <Timmeeh> lol <LLSSNEN> that just blows LLSSNEN
#99 <@D4sh> man <@D4sh> i had all you can eat ribs <@D4sh> for 10 bucks <@D4sh> i think i had like <@D4sh> 45 <@D4sh> think im gonna puke LLSSNEN
#100 <Palyer> töihin vaan pitäis jaksaa <Lettu^> :( <Lettu^> köyhät käy töissä <Nulleeet> Lettu^ käy ne rikkaatki töis =P <Lettu^> ne o köyhiä rikkaita :( LLSSNEN
#101 <D4sh> Topic is '~ Freedom Beyond ~ r0x,pokuan,maf,D4sh,Zapy ~ <D4sh> lemme know if you dislike anyone from this list <LLSSNEN> ~ Freedom Beyond ~ r0x,pokuan,maf,Zapy ~ LLSSNEN
#102 <+Sunny-> gotta go now.. I'M tired <+Piwlas> dont leave us :( <@LLSSNEN> we need you! <+Painkiller-> plz stay with us LLSSNEN
#103 <+DarkKamui-> vittu tuntuu oudolt nuoleskella miestö <+DarkKamui-> jarnoo <3 <+DarkKamui-> ei kyl kauheen ihmeelliseltä mut kumminkin : D <+DarkKamui-> vähän ku nainen mut karheemopi suu LLSSNEN
#104 <@LLSSNEN> homo <@LLSSNEN> vitu mä hihaan sua LLSSNEN
#105 <+Crescendo> MY POWER IS GREATER THAN THE SPIRIT OF SATAN. * +Krakeeh has quit IRC (Signed off) <+Crescendo> its so powerfull that I cause poles to disconnect LLSSNEN
#106 <+kimmelg> sit on se perus <+kimmelg> joku oli leikkiny ajavasa jollai autol <+kimmelg> ja menny avaa kapteenin kengännauhat ja tankannu sil kengännauhal sen auton <+kimmelg> "auton" tottakai <+kimmelg> ni pääs pois LLSSNEN
#108 <Ciups> barca is better than real imho <Ciups> real is not even a club imho <Ciups> they just have a lot of money <+LLSSNEN> your mom is better than either of em <RMCF|nAx`> ya its a supermarket <+LLSSNEN> indeed she is LLSSNEN
#109 <@LLSSNEN> tosin jokanen kuva jossa on tissit, jotka ei ole pääosassa kuvassa, on huono kuva <+Crescendo> Tits, always related. LLSSNEN
#110 <+Crescendo> sen näkee naamasta kun lakkaa <+Crescendo> saamasta <LLSSNEN> peiliskö ton sulle kerto? LLSSNEN
#112 <@D4sh> does finland have a restaurant <@D4sh> for wings <@D4sh> chicken wings? <@Crescendo> no <@D4sh> aw poor bastardss <@LLSSNEN> instead we have a boiling hot little wooden room for naked men where they slap each other with a birch <@LLSSNEN> aw poor na bastardss :( <@D4sh> LOL LLSSNEN
#113 <+Crescendo> pairki <+Crescendo> pariki <@LLSSNEN> apriki? <@LLSSNEN> pariki? LLSSNEN
#114 [16:18:26] <happy___> can I ask you a pleasure? LLSSNEN
#115 19.08.2009 [17:17:54] <+Crescendo> oo mies vittu LLSSNEN
#116 <@LLSSNEN> ootsä ollu nyt yhteydes <@LLSSNEN> aasiaan päin <@Ciesta> e mut oon ollu yhteydes mutsiis <@LLSSNEN> vitun jees et joku edes <@LLSSNEN> se on ollu niin allapäin sen jälg ku kuuli saanensa herpeksen <@LLSSNEN> :/ LLSSNEN
#118 [00:45:30] <+ikk[RB]> do I look like friendlefter? :D LLSSNEN
#119 <Piwlas> 19:33] <@LLSSNEN> THATS MORE THAN ZERO - cant say that about ur skil AHAHAHA LLSSNEN
#120 <@LLSSNEN> twoja stara to so kurwa that even the virgins have fucked her LLSSNEN
#121 <@LLSSNEN> AlphaBot, millainen on LLSSNEN? <@AlphaBot> LLSSNEN: Se on ihan ykkönen! Oon kyl vähän ihastunut.. LLSSNEN
#122 <LLSSNEN> her tits are smaller than your manboobs Painkiller-
#123 [00:05] <+Painkiller-> ryz kurczak kreatyna zrobi z ciebie skurwysyna Painkiller-
#124 <@Crescendo> ctrl+askelpalautin <@Crescendo> deletoi <@Ciesta> mut Crescendo meil se ei toimi <@LLSSNEN> Crescendo btw <@LLSSNEN> meil se ei toimi <@Crescendo> se on kätevää kumittaa sanoi kerrallaa <@LLSSNEN> ois mutsiski saanu kumittaa vuosia sitten <@Ciesta> hjahahahaha <@Ciesta> LLSSNEN :D;:D:D:DD: LLSSNEN
#125 <+Crescendo> kamui on vissii taas paikal muttei sano mitää +Crescendo> läski <@LLSSNEN> nosiis <@LLSSNEN> se vastaa vaan <@LLSSNEN> jos joku hetero kysyy <@LLSSNEN> darkkamui <+darkkamui> tä <+Crescendo> sä vai? <@LLSSNEN> katos <+Crescendo> LOL LLSSNEN
#126 [01:34:12] <@Redfish> Olin just lenkil kaavussa palvomas saatanaa pimeydes LLSSNEN
#127 <@LLSSNEN> huomaskohan se muija kun agressiivisesti hipelöin sen hiuksia jonossa LLSSNEN
#128 childish - faghat - Calp Crescendo
#129 <+Crescendo> pikku g on nykyään Gee <@LLSSNEN> o <@LLSSNEN> iso h on nykyään Homo <+Crescendo> :DDDDDDDD LLSSNEN
#130 <+Crescendo> sä et varmaan usko tätä <@LLSSNEN> joit taas kustas <@LLSSNEN> voi vittu Crescendo <+Crescendo> mut mulla on taas pullollinen <+Crescendo> lattialla <+Crescendo> :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LLSSNEN
#131 Crescendo
#132 <@D4sh> it was really laggy <@D4sh> was it the server? LLSSNEN
#135 <+Crescendo> jep eli haluutko tietää jtn <+Crescendo> elikkäshfg <+Crescendo> arvaa miks en oo tarvinnu vessapaperia <+Crescendo> keväästä asti <+Crescendo> koska mä oon käyttäny <@LLSSNEN> käsisuihku <+Crescendo> puhelinluetteloa <+Crescendo> :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD <@LLSSNEN> vittuku tietäs onks tää taas läppä <+Crescendo> ei oo <+Crescendo> oikeesti oon säästäny vitusti LLSSNEN
#136 [01:11:51] <@LLSSNEN> DarkKamui tunnetko semmosta jätkää joka kusee omassa huoneessaan tyhjiin limupulloihin ja pyyhkii perseensä puhelinluetteloon Crescendo
#137 <@LLSSNEN> whos homo'ing <+Crescendo> you <haU> you <+Piwlas> you Crescendo
#138 [22:35] <Hero> say to he [22:35] <Hero> from me Crescendo
#139 <+Dutchmaster> so why u all left ur other clans Kzya1 <+Dutchmaster> ? <@Kzya1> because it's a clan <@Kzya1> not at eam <@Kzya1> *team <+Calp> :P <+Dutchmaster> he? <+Dutchmaster> this is a clan? <+Dutchmaster> or a team? <+Calp> lol. <+Dutchmaster> lol :P <+Dutchmaster> im confused now LLSSNEN
#140 <@LLSSNEN> AlphaBot, millainen ihminen on C-papereilla intistä keplotellut? <@AlphaBot> LLSSNEN: Tavallinen sukankukuttaja. Tylsämielinen sohvallapiereskelijä. Mitäänsanomaton taustaesine. LLSSNEN
#141 [21:46] <+Piwlas> chuja do dupy szukasz?:D [21:46] <@LLSSNEN> Moze kurwa.. moze.. Piwlas
#142 <+D4sh> !add <@SoldatGather> | Type: CTF (2) | Playing: 3on3 | dasPhantoOm - pudii - DerClown - D4sh - x - x <dasPhantoOm> !del <DerClown> !del <pudii> !del <@SoldatGather> | Type: CTF (2) | Playing: 3on3 | D4sh - x - x - x - x - x LLSSNEN
#143 [02:44:52] <PeterPetrelli> I should have gone to some easier uni [02:44:53] <LLSSNEN> srsly I feel like Im too goodie for my school [02:45:14] <PeterPetrelli> ;DDD LLSSNEN
#144 <`scorpe`> !bunneh * BunnehBot sets mode: +b `scorpe`!*[email protected] * `scorpe` was kicked by Q (Banned.) <`overkill> pwnt <Francesco> lal <Realusion> Totally. <+LLSSNEN> epic LLSSNEN
#145 <Katiinaa> viimeaikoina en oo ottanu uusia hoitoja LLSSNEN
#146 <MdB[`]> my father died :( <MdB[`]> life is a shit. <MdB[`]> just that. <LLSSNEN> you know.. <LLSSNEN> my dad is dead too <MdB[`]> well <MdB[`]> i have both dead. <MdB[`]> ... <LLSSNEN> both dads? LLSSNEN
#147 <@Raged> And I swear you I will fuck all boys <@LLSSNEN> fuck all boys <@LLSSNEN> are you sure <@Raged> yes LLSSNEN <@Raged> man they are very easy:> LLSSNEN
#148 <+Sunniie> LLSSNEN what do you drive? <@LLSSNEN> twoja stara <@LLSSNEN> mostly <+Sunniie> wtf LLSSNEN
#149 Hau (4 paŸdziernika 2009, godzina 12:42:48) mam mature i chce se darowaæ jak narazie kompa itd Piwlas
#150 <+llabo> my czech Friends <+PeterPetrelli> JA <+PeterPetrelli> CZECHS * txuzera has joined #soldat.gather <txuzera> !add <+LLSSNEN> YOUR NATION IS A DISEASE <txuzera> why? <txuzera> where are u from? LLSSNEN
#151 <@D4sh> wtf <@D4sh> Sadist <@D4sh> help me out man <@D4sh> this flame is just too much <@Sadist> build a mirror D4sh everythign they say goes back to them <@LLSSNEN> Sadist, D4sh is kinda allergic to mirrors LLSSNEN
#152 <@Crescendo> but everyone has done that <@Crescendo> i once shat in a bag and threw it outta window <@Crescendo> coz of the flushing <@Crescendo> nocies <@Crescendo> i was like <@Crescendo> 15? <@Crescendo> 4 years ago <@Crescendo> ok i shouldnt have mentioned that <@Crescendo> regretmanmode LLSSNEN
#153 [23:02:04] <_FiRe_> !gaymater LLSSNEN
#154 <m3sna`> !status <@SoldatGather> | Type: CTF [CUSTOM] (7) | Playing: 3on3 | YasK - x - x - x - x - x <@SoldatGather> | Type: CTF [Gather+] (1) | Playing: 3on3 | D4sh - LLSSNEN - RealRook - JayTehKing - hice` - x <m3sna`> !add LLSSNEN
#156 <@pokuan> How come there isn't anyone who wants our pro reporter script named Lesonen? <@D4sh> wtf LLSSNEN you have a match reporter script? <@LLSSNEN> ? <@LLSSNEN> D4sh ?! <@D4sh> WHAT <@LLSSNEN> What made you think so <@D4sh> pokuan's comment <@D4sh> from DC match <@D4sh> idiot LLSSNEN
#157 <@BMamba|trainin`> D4sh <@D4sh> ye <@BMamba|trainin`> what costume did u use in halloween ? <@LLSSNEN> you really think hes not enough of a joke just being himself, BMamba|trainin`? <@pokuan> LLSSNEN don't be so harsh <@pokuan> you always own him :D <@D4sh> ....... <@D4sh> why do i stay in this stupid clan.. LLSSNEN
#158 <+Enik> remind me not to play gathers with xilef again <+XILeF> wtf <+XILeF> why not Enik <+Gigen> i bet it feels like someone is chewing your dick LLSSNEN
#159 <@LLSSNEN> <@LLSSNEN> you latinos.. <@r0xTEHMAN[`]> :] <@LLSSNEN> seems like you totally ignored the link.. <@LLSSNEN> lol <@r0xTEHMAN[`]> no <@r0xTEHMAN[`]> i just cant watch atm LLSSNEN
#160 <@LLSSNEN> Mitä Michael Jackson tekee bänditreeneissä? <@LLSSNEN> paukuttaa pikkutomia =)))) LLSSNEN
#161 <KillCrasher> sry but :D:D:D:D u are in mom to hard for us u are 1 place in sctfl :D LLSSNEN
#162 <@D4sh> bb LLSSNEN <@D4sh> i will think of you <@D4sh> while i go pwn in some rounds of beer pong <@LLSSNEN> bb D4sh <@LLSSNEN> i will think of you <@LLSSNEN> while i go beat the shit out of the punching bag LLSSNEN
#163 <kalmoo> tell me whats new on this version guys <Ymmees> -> manual <kalmoo> Ymmes, the fuck : ) hi! <Ymmees> hi <kalmoo> what you want from me? <Ymmees> what? <kalmoo> nothing. so please let me cry. ty <Ymmees> ?? <kalmoo> shut up. LLSSNEN
#164 <@SoldatGather> | Type: CTF (1) | Playing: 3on3 | Koka1n - prtY - LLSSNEN - x - x - x <prtY> koka add <prtY> bithc <prtY> bithc <Koka1n> Playing: 3on3 | Koka1n <Koka1n> I am add <Koka1n> ))) <prtY> ok add <prtY> bitch <Koka1n> I like girl of ass))) LLSSNEN
#166 <@D4sh> thats he's kinda sounds annoying... LLSSNEN
#167 <RoyalB> hävittiin tänään kans annoylle ku nuubiassa vihut teki 5 cappia ja 4 kertaa tapoin niien fc:n mut se ei kuollu .. kerran tapoin sen kolme kertaa mut se ei kuollu kertaakaan LLSSNEN
#168 HURRO NAJLEPSZY k1ngz0r
#169 <+Piwlas> LLSSNEN ;*~~~ ~~~*; Piwlas LLSSNEN
#170 [23:21:52] <gon_> 1.5.1 beta is rly fucking version LLSSNEN
#171 [01:26:34] <Flyngo> /q Chaka hi hitler [01:27:29] * Flyngo has quit IRC (Quit) LLSSNEN
#172 <+truup> Gt_master/virus/Quill/truup4/Alkaline <+truup> never agreed to that :D <@LLSSNEN> in soviet russia, the clan joins you! <+truup> :D LLSSNEN
#173 <@maf> ok who is up for cw <@maf> !hl <@LLSSNEN> yeau <@Sadist> lets play <@LLSSNEN> oh <@LLSSNEN> I mean no <@LLSSNEN> cant <@LLSSNEN> need to pick up <@LLSSNEN> my mom <@LLSSNEN> from hospital <@LLSSNEN> sory <@maf> D4sh <@maf> Eragon_ <@maf> gor LLSSNEN
#174 <@LLSSNEN> I see a future with you and finnish studying <@D4sh> orly <@D4sh> do you see some potential <@D4sh> in me <@LLSSNEN> No potential, just a future in studying LLSSNEN
#175 [21:12] <DSlayer> reminds me of camel a bit [21:17] <ramirez> ur mom is a camel LLSSNEN
#176 <@Geoffrey> i got hopelessly drunk and threw up in my sink, turned the hot tap on full to wash it out and then passed out <@Geoffrey> and the sink was blocked <@Geoffrey> so it flooded my room, the room below and the conference suite below that LLSSNEN
#177 <@D4sh> wtf is pokuan doing saturday afternoon <@fb\oxid[`]> D4sh retard <@fb\oxid[`]> he have family <@fb\oxid[`]> stupid dumb <@D4sh> momma's boy..oh yea LLSSNEN
#178 (+MattyPOl) I'm looking for Klan can i join to -Reloaded- (@LiGHTNiNG-) its seems u are not have good english skills LLSSNEN
#179 (+X-Master) well but eveybody knows (+X-Master) english is an easy to learn LLSSNEN
#180 <pr[off]ud> I dont give a fuck, my rat is trying to enter my pants LLSSNEN
#182 (@BloodShaman) I think it's ironic that Poop said he lost his virginity like a day after he said he thought it was funny that he put a hole through a lady's vagina in his anatomy book LLSSNEN
#184 <+Gigen> Ymmees <+Gigen> how do you fap <@Ymmees> wat <+Gigen> do you grab your cock with the whole hand <+Gigen> like holding a sword <+Gigen> ? LLSSNEN
#185 <rakkaway> fuck <rakkaway> do u have pizza in finland <rakkaway> :D LLSSNEN
#186 <@D4sh> Flaristmas srsly ' <@D4sh> stop being such a prkling paska <@D4sh> vitun Flaristmas LLSSNEN
#187 <+guerafk> fb|Ox`r0x <+guerafk> you should join to lfes <@fb|Ox`r0x> what ? <+guerafk> i mean fb <+guerafk> :d <@fb|Ox`r0x> ?? <@fb|Ox`r0x> WHAT ? <+guerafk> new leauge <@fb|Ox`r0x> where <@fb|Ox`r0x> where <@fb|Ox`r0x> where <@fb|Ox`r0x> URL <+guerafk> polish leauge but i can see that clans from countries are joining aswell <+guerafk> LLSSNEN
#188 <+Crayy> LLSSNEN come climb with me <+LLSSNEN> go climb ur mum <+Crayy> nigger LLSSNEN
#189 <+Carmelo> <@LLSSNEN> I wonder if theres cream coming out of the top of that cock cake <snailbot> it's so delicious and moist ^_^ <+Carmelo> :DDDDDDDD <+Carmelo> snailbot! LLSSNEN
#190 <SirDietz_weg> ey I've heard in praque is weed no legal <SirDietz_weg> is that true Slaydon <+Slaydon> is not <+Slaydon> is it's true <+Slaydon> but i dont care LLSSNEN
#191 <+LLSSNEN> hey <+LLSSNEN> jebac cheseka and buddies <+LLSSNEN> wanna esctfl=? Painkiller-
#193 (Lemonized-) I'll ask about rec to xfect ? (Enik) dunno, do you? LLSSNEN
#194 <@LLSSNEN> I look for you in my dreams, in the wet ones. Suddenly I notice you're in the same bed with Crescendo. And then e^Pevik, then, I start seeing dreams where a 5-headed-crocodile eats my balls and head off. Pev
#195 [20:40] <+Pevik> i was laways recruting ppl to enclave ! im good in that Piwlas
#196 <@Huudi> btw guys. i watched this movie yesterday with my friend <@Huudi> the opening credits included someone by the name Mercedes McNab <@Huudi> just thought i'd share this with you. thank you for your attention LLSSNEN
#197 [21:19] * LLSSNEN LOOKING FOR A.. NO WAIT.. Kulas to jebany wiesniak z K£ODZKA Painkiller-
#198 <+Pevik> he said <+Pevik> tht <+Pevik> we will meet us <+Pevik> in espoo LLSSNEN
#199 <@Trivia> #7816: Art & Literature: Shakespeare: ________ is a man in love with Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream <@Trivia> Hint: L*s*n*e* <+Crestfa|len> lesonen <@Trivia> You're going to have to try harder! The answer was Lysander. Get ready for the next one... <Crestfa|len> :/ Pevik
#201 * @LLSSNEN np: The Veronicas - Untouched [OFFICIAL VIDEO] [03:43m/63kbps/22kHz] <+Carmelo> ha <+Carmelo> veronicas <+Carmelo> im so untouched LLSSNEN
#202 <Painkiller-> say " Prosze Painkiller addnij siê " <@LLSSNEN> Prosze Painkiller addnij siê Painkiller-
#203 <+Painkiller> LLSSNEN <+Painkiller> <+Carmelo> :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Painkiller
#204 <+Pevik> yea :> <+Pevik> cu 2morron <+Pevik> morrow* <+Pevik> lol LLSSNEN
#205 <@LLSSNEN> Better get down on your fucking knees right now, you greedy slut. Uncle Les has one more load to deliver. Painkiller[RB]
#206 <@LLSSNEN> fapuj sie <@LLSSNEN> its ok Painkiller[RB]
#207 Painkiller[RB]
#208 <+Painkiller[RB]> o huora lesonen <@LLSSNEN> jebac painka Painkiller[RB]
#209 <@LLSSNEN> I want to be white.. Painkiller[RB]
#210 01:32 @LLSSNEN • Na poczatku byla tylko matka i jej pies 01:32 @LLSSNEN • ale potem przyszedl i zmienil wszystko. Carmelo
#211 sklej lutke Painkiller[RB]
#212 <+Trolleh[RB]> POLAND = P - poles, O - ordinarily, L - lag, A - and, N - never, D - die. Pevik`pZ
#213 <@voltex> LLSSNEN <@voltex> u there <+LLSSNEN> y <@voltex> i alwas wonder how old are u man <@voltex> i was considering u as a <@voltex> old prick <@voltex> 30+ LLSSNEN
#214 23:40 +virus_• but 12mb in uk = 50 in pl Carmelo
#215 <+Carmelo> no trzeba skrocic pajaca <+Carmelo> jak za bardzo pyskuje <+Painkiller[RB]> :D <+Carmelo> co juz placze bo dostal? <@LLSSNEN> ale co mama ma do powiedzenia na ten temat? <+Carmelo> o_O Painkiller[RB]
#216 <+LLSSNEN> siemka lody <+LLSSNEN> jebany <+LLSSNEN> I think this klanu needs more Painkiller[RB]<+LLSSNEN> Bo jesli psy sa szalone koty kochac sie z toba Painkiller[RB]
#217 <@LLSSNEN> Jesli chcesz skontaktowac sie z moja mama, trzeba bedzie wyslac jej gej golab Painkiller[RB]
#218 [14:51:42] <@Kouleman> I am cute kitten ='.'= and I demand a cute group fun from sctfl <meow> Pevik`pZ
#219 <+Pevik`pZ> and i shoted to my mother today <+Pevik`pZ> and she goes to sleep <+Pevik`pZ> im feelin bad LLSSNEN
#220 [20:14:03] <+HURRO> pozniej cie zrucham [20:14:03] <snailbot> (=^;^=) pika pi Pevik`pZ
#222 19:43 +Carmelo • wheres darky? :D 19:44 @LLSSNEN • hes got irl problems 19:44 @LLSSNEN • comp crashed Carmelo
#223 [13:30:42] <+Eragon_> !quote add carmelo sux Pevik`pZ
#224 [19:31:17] * Pevik`pZ has joined rb.soldat [19:31:17] <@^Hercules^> REC OFF [19:31:20] * ^Hercules^ sets mode: +v Pevik`pZ LLSSNEN
#225 [22:12:29] <+Pevik`pZ> leszek ftw [22:12:40] <+Carmelo> arka gdynia kurwa swinia [22:12:47] <+Carmelo> spierdalaj [22:12:47] <+Pevik`pZ> spierdalaj Pevik`pZ
#226 fbnet|Ox`r0x: wypierdalaj portugalski smieciu sprzatac ulice Carmelo
#227 Pevik`pZ
#228 [22:18:42] * +LLSSNEN changes topic to ' [RB] - Ridiculous Biceps klanu ' LLSSNEN
#229 <+Carmelo> 22:45 <teh1234> pierdolniecie i seks! <+Carmelo> :D <@LLSSNEN> seks reminds me of sex <+Carmelo> same <@LLSSNEN> and lutka reminds me of pevik's stara <+Carmelo> well done LLSSNEN
#230 12:31 +Carmelo • LLSSNEN btw 12:31 +Carmelo • jebac sonica 12:32 @LLSSNEN • i jebac pevika 12:32 @LLSSNEN • ta 12:32 +Carmelo • tak! 12:32 +Popping • kurwyyy 12:32 @LLSSNEN • moze jebac cheska tez? 12:32 +Carmelo • ofc jego tez Carmelo
#231 <@LLSSNEN> I feel you, bro <+Carmelo> your mum has nice chuj <+Pevik`pZ> my hand is shining <+Carmelo> its the feeling <+Pevik`pZ> kinda weird <+Carmelo> kinda... <+Pevik`pZ> its time to make another great score in poony race <+Carmelo> this time use both hands LLSSNEN
#232 [00:45:19] <@LLSSNEN> its gettin' abit late n all Pevik`pZ
#233 <+Carmelo> LLSSNEN <+Carmelo> <+Carmelo> imba classic <@LLSSNEN> Ta piosenka jest tak samo dobra jak twoja matka w nocy Painkiller[RB]
#234 (14:33:53) @LLSSNEN: I played the hottest football match EVER +Carmelo: w sniegu chyba Pevik`pZ
#235 <+Piwlas> have u heard about legal marihuana in germany? <+dezerteuR> nope <+dezerteuR> not legal <+Piwlas> it`s called fun shop in irland <+dezerteuR> :d <+dezerteuR> wtf <@LLSSNEN> you know <@LLSSNEN> thats actually pretty funny <@LLSSNEN> because <@LLSSNEN> Pevik`afk's stara is also called a fun shop <@LLSSNEN> even a super market Carmelo
#236 <+Painkiller-> how ? <+Painkiller-> did he find u or sth ? <@LLSSNEN> yea hes a jebany sherlock Painkiller-
#237 <+Carmelo> LLSSNEN <+Carmelo> jak ja mialem neta to ty siedziales w worku u starego <+Carmelo> wiec sklej pizde Painkiller[RB]
#238 LLSSNEN: "This feeling... ...When a girl you admire starts a conversation with you. Don't worry, you won't experience it." Carmelo
#239 <@LLSSNEN> jestem more polska than ty dziekuje.. Painkiller[RB]
#240 (21:45:42) ••• +LLSSNEN` szukam klanu - pm pevik
#241 [20:06:43] <@LLSSNEN> masz nordic acc? [20:06:48] <+Carmelo> what [20:07:12] <@LLSSNEN> nie polski jestes? [20:07:14] <@LLSSNEN> ja pierdole.. [20:07:16] <+Carmelo> im not pevik
#242 [22:19:12] * @LLSSNEN LOOKING FOR A...... KURWA JASNE AKA JEBAC KULASA.. NO WAIT.. Kulas to jebany wiesniak z K£ODZKA LLSSNEN
#243 <+tarrega> wait wait wait <+tarrega> (00:33) (rakkawa) brb haha <+tarrega> whats up with the "haha" <+tarrega> evil laugh? <+LLSSNEN> brbing has proven to be hilarious <+LLSSNEN> cause its like, you go away, BUT THEN YOU COME BACK LLSSNEN
#244 <+tarrega> huge birth marks on the butt <+tarrega> are not hot at all <+LLSSNEN> the ugliest birth mark ive seen, though <+LLSSNEN> is your face <+tarrega> well considering youve never seen my face <+tarrega> i can easily say that this is a <+tarrega> SHITTTALLLKKKKKKKKKKK <SpecOps> tarrega <SpecOps> dont fuck with LLSSNEN LLSSNEN
#246 [23:22:51] <+Carmelo> add quote plsthx pevik
#247 [22:08:29] <@LLSSNEN> * [] LLSSNEN is now playing: Pevik - Im a Faggot (lesles Remix) LLSSNEN
#248 <@LLSSNEN> tylko z szopy gejów aktywnych seksualnie Painkiller[RB]
#249 [23:49:21] <@LLSSNEN> Dobrze dobrze, ze jest tak cholernie kurwa artystyczne.. Czy chcesz pierdolone trofeum? LLSSNEN
#250 <@LLSSNEN> twoja stara na moje secretaryna Painkiller
#252 <+pevik`afk`ffs> we dont celebrate birthdays in pl <+pevik`afk`ffs> sorry <+pevik`afk`ffs> tybb <+pevik`afk`ffs> :D <+pevik`afk`ffs> we celebrate death only <@LLSSNEN> that makes surprisingly alot of sense LLSSNEN
#253 <+pevik> stupid alergy ffs <@LLSSNEN> co allergy masz? <+pevik`afk`ffs> nie wiem <+pevik`afk`ffs> it looks like <+pevik`afk`ffs> allergy <@LLSSNEN> - <+pevik`afk`ffs> for dust proly... <+pevik`afk`ffs> its ok outside the house <@LLSSNEN> moze masz mold w dome <+pevik`afk`ffs> domu* <+pevik`afk`ffs> nie mam mold w domu <@LLSSNEN> wiesz? <+pevik`afk`ffs> wiem LLSSNEN
#254 <+pevik> spierdalaj z zalem <@LLSSNEN> wypierdalaj z chujem Painkiller[RB]
#255 <@LLSSNEN> Jola_Rutowicz <@LLSSNEN> whats this nick <@LLSSNEN> nie wiem! <+Jola_Rutowicz> in poland she is like justin bieber <@LLSSNEN> a chick who everyone thinks is a guy? <+haU> no <+haU> a chick who everyone thinks is a horse LLSSNEN
#256 <@LLSSNEN> !ion <@nordicgather> Playing(INF): 3on3 on Server(1) | LLSSNEN - x - x - x - x - x [20:36:57] * LLSSNEN is now known as LSNN <@nordicgather> Playing(INF): 3on3 on Server(1) | LSNN - x - x - x - x - x <@Eragon_> !del LSNN <@nordicgather> Gather on server(1) deleted <@Eragon_> so noob.. <+pevik> ta pevik
#257 <rkt> did i tell you the first time we had sex <rkt> was out in the wild :D <LLSSNEN> noo <LLSSNEN> in a park or smth? <rkt> it was in this place we call porno hill <rkt> its like this flat rock in the middle of a river :D' <LLSSNEN> holy fuckin s.. <rkt> yeah it was so hot hahaha <LLSSNEN> you could like make hardcore love to her and then just roll over to wash yourself <LLSSNEN> ready for round 2 <LLSSNEN> how awesome is that LLSSNEN
#258 <+pevik> no, i rly dont <+pevik> since its not they was how LLSSNEN act LLSSNEN
#259 <@LLSSNEN> NaughtyDog! <@LLSSNEN> cewe?? <@NaughtyDog> with * @LLSSNEN <--- <@LLSSNEN> an' *Hocus Pocus* * @LLSSNEN slaps Huudi around a bit with a large trout <@Huudi> i gtg to store and eat <@LLSSNEN> *Pocus Hocus* <@LLSSNEN> ?? LLSSNEN
#260 [01:09:39] <@DarkNoddy> so it's a shit where you have sex? oO LLSSNEN
#261 <+e^pevikone> u have erection before erection Painkiller[RB]
#263 <+Painkiller[RB]> hinen lesonen <+Painkiller[RB]> nicenen to meetenen you <+Painkiller[RB]> hownonen you dononen ? <@LLSSNEN> that would be - nicezcszcnen tocs meetecznen xcyou e^pevikone
#264 [18:28:38] <+e^pevikone> alone? [18:28:40] <+Sunniie> nah with my boyfriends and two other couples e^pevikone
#265 <+pevik`> she would be funny <LLSSNEN> dobranoc misiu * LLSSNEN is now known as LSNN <@NaughtyDog> is your name misiu <@NaughtyDog> or what pevik`
#266 <@magorko> tahts point of our clan <@magorko> if someone do bj other do gj <@magorko> we carry each other like champions LLSSNEN
#267 <@SoldatGather> Alpha Team: Zeager-SN - Flare - LLSSNEN <@Zeager-SN> ROAR <@Zeager-SN> HEY FRIEND LESBONEN <+LLSSNEN> Zeager-SN youre lame and pathetic <+LLSSNEN> shut your faggot mouth <@Zeager-SN> LLSSNEN youre my friend :-) <3 LLSSNEN
#268 (Chaka) whats your max downspeed? (D4sh) unlimited i think LLSSNEN
#269 LLSSNEN has joined mg.soldat LLSSNEN: nawias LLSSNEN: fiuta ci tam widac pevik
#270 [21:09:04] <+Pevik> szukaj szukaj [21:09:11] <@LLSSNEN> szukasz klanu Pevik? pevik
#271 <+LLSSNEM> szukam klanu i cw <@Chesek> :D <+LLSSNEM> all i want to say is <+LLSSNEM> axer mam na ciebie wyjebane <+LLSSNEM> :l <+shoQ> ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD <ph0> jestes moim bogiem! <ph0> ;d <+axer`> haha <+LLSSNEM> i ty jestes moim psem niepelnosprawnych <+axer`> kkthxbb <+axer`> :DDDDDDDDD <Soqu> :D:D <+shoQ> xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LLSSNEN
#272 <Amadeus-SN> nie mam ochoty <Amadeus-SN> gram w minigolfa <+axer`> ta <+axer`> ciebie <+LLSSNEM> eh <+LLSSNEM> minigolf jest dla dziewczyn z kutasami <+LLSSNEM> :| <@Chesek> :D:D: <+axer`> haha <Soqu> :D:D:D:D <Amadeus-SN> :( * Amadeus-SN ([email protected]) has left lod.soldat (Leaving) LLSSNEN
#273 <@Kulas> LLSSNEN <+LLSSNEM> ta <+LLSSNEM> co szukasz? <@Kulas> chuj... <@Kulas> chuja do dupy szukasz? <@Kulas> :D:D <+LLSSNEM> jebac pedala :| <@Kulas> : DDDDDDDDDDDD Painkiller[RB]
#274 <+Valeqto> gtfo and make a children <@LLSSNEN> "<+Valeqto> gtfo and make a children" <@LLSSNEN> you dont see any problem with that? <+Valeqto> with what <+pevik> Valeqto, there is no chance to make it better <+pevik> even if we start making childrens <+pevik> right now LLSSNEN
#275 <@LLSSNEN> cw pm pm <+pevik> poor LLSSNEN <+pevik> cant find cw <@LLSSNEN> ta <@LLSSNEN> ;/ <@LLSSNEN> ja szukam i szukam.. i nic pevik
#276 <@LLSSNEN> LLSSNEN has aids pevik
#277 Painkiller had sex with Sunniie <3 Painkiller[RB]
#278 <PQ> did you ask permission to use this 2wai server <illuSion*-Bialy Wilk> yes <PQ> who did you ask? <illuSion*-Bialy Wilk> i don't remember. wai wai <PQ> who? <illuSion*-Bialy Wilk> i dont remember, I am polish.. <PQ> lol, nice reason LLSSNEN
#279 <@LLSSNEN> i remember all that i want to remember <@LLSSNEN> about the 80's <@LLSSNEN> leatherjackets and boobs <+truup> yes you were between them <@LLSSNEN> exactly. LLSSNEN
#280 [22:33:19] <Valeqto> im playing at [22:33:21] <Valeqto> 20 fps [22:33:21] <Valeqto> but [22:33:22] <Valeqto> still [22:33:23] <Valeqto> so pro [22:33:24] * ^Mordor^ sets mode: +b *!*[email protected] 22:33:25] * Valeqto was kicked by ^Mordor^ Pevik[RB]
#281 <Asti`> !sub 6 1 <@SoldatGather> | Type: SUB (6) | Players: 1 | x <fckyu> !sadd <@SoldatGather> | Type: SUB (6) | Playing: 1 | fckyu <Roos> !add <Roos> !sadd <Roos> !add <Roos> !del [15:20:11] * Roos has left #soldat.gather [15:20:23] * Roos has joined #soldat.gather <Roos> !add <Roos> !connecting pevik
#282 [21:19:20] <@Chesek> im ciota pevik
#283 <Gigen> LOLLL <Gigen> LLSSNEN <Gigen> I JUST NOTICED <Gigen> AD HOC HAS 11 losses <Gigen> and crescendo has played in all of them <Gigen> LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLSSNEN
#284 <+Crescendo> breeded isnt even a word <+Crescendo> you dumb pole cumstain <Gigen> that's what you said <Gigen> AHAHAHH <sarz> :DD <Gigen> YOU ARE CALLING YOURSELF A POLE NIGGATRON <+Crescendo> yes <sarz> poont'd <+Crescendo> it was a typo <Gigen> nice logic b rah <+Crescendo> dont know about that <+Crescendo> but <+Crescendo> at least our president is alive LLSSNEN
#285 <Ciesta> <Ciesta> 19.00 <Ciesta> eteenpäin <Ciesta> ainii ei noi tissit riitä sullle <LLSSNEN> jätkä <LLSSNEN> sä linkkasit sctfl <Ciesta> :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD <Ciesta> hahaha <Ciesta> fuck <Ciesta> "ei noi tissit riitä sulle" <Ciesta> vittu priv8 <Ciesta> repeen <LLSSNEN> heikosti menee ku pitää soldatfoorumeilta lähtee päivän tissit hakee <Ciesta> :D LLSSNEN
#286 <Ciesta> miks aina ne parhaat muistot on muka takana päin <LLSSNEN> koska kakkonen on ykkönen? LLSSNEN
#287 GG LLSSNEN pevikone
#288 [00:39:06] <+LLSSNEN> (a mój pies ma mózg wielkosci jader) pevikone
#289 <@Asti`> vittu <@Kulas> Aion laittaa suuhun kalu <@Chesek> ei <+LLSSNEM> Wszyscy jestescie zalosne, nawet mój pies jest lepszy w mówieniu w jezyku finskim.. <@Kulas> : DDDDDDDD <@Chesek> hahah <pevikone> D: <@Asti`> zalosni* <@Asti`> :D <+LLSSNEM> (a mój pies ma mózg wielkosci jader) <@Asti`> :D:D <@Kulas> : DDDDDDDD LLSSNEN
#290 [01:45:12] * Kulas is now known as CoolAss [01:45:27] * CoolAss is now known as ViileaPerse LLSSNEN
#291 <+Valeqto> never seen Kouleman <+Valeqto> for a long time <+Valeqto> wheres he LLSSNEN
#292 <+pevik> talk to me lick a duck talks to the man LLSSNEN
#293 [02:58:44] <@LLSSNEN> ja ta i ta.. i nic pevik
#295 So... the elephant says to the camel "Why do you have 2 boobs on your back?" The camel replies "That's a pretty stupid question coming from someone who has a dick on his face." pevik
#296 <@LLSSNEN> Paul the October <@LLSSNEN> Cause of death: chuj Painkiller-
#297 <@LLSSNEN> Kiedy spisz, zdasz sobie sprawe, twoje usta sa pelne jader. Painkiller-
#298 <+Carmelo> hahah <+Carmelo> :D <+pevik> co haha <@LLSSNEN> twoja face haha LLSSNEN
#299 TOP SECRET : Pupcia rubcia salcesonik helou belou w dupê s³onik ! Painkiller[RB]
#300 <+LLSSNEM> btw <+LLSSNEM> i just realized <+LLSSNEM> Asti`s nick is pretty awesome <+LLSSNEM> you know why? <+axer`> why <+axer`> asti <+axer`> nothing special <+LLSSNEM> you see <+LLSSNEM> we can type it completely using numbers only <+LLSSNEM> 4571 <+axer`> lol <+LLSSNEM> teraz ty wiesz dlaczego <+axer`> :D LLSSNEN
#301 <@Chesek> ma³o pytañ troche :D <Matrial> poza tym wiekszoœæ "denna" jak to okreslili :D <Matrial> czyli zanim poznali odpowiedz to oni juz wiedzieli jaka bedzie!! <Matrial> jasnowidze normalnie kurwa :D <@Chesek> :D <@Chesek> dobrze jest <+LLSSNEM> nie tak dobry jak twoja siostra choc <@Chesek> :D <Matrial> :DD LLSSNEN
#302 <+LLSSNEM> jebac painka moze organizowac orgie zwierzat Painkiller[RB]
#303 <+axer`> LLSSNEN any good movie?!?! <+LLSSNEN> ta <+LLSSNEN> There Will Be Blood <+LLSSNEN> watch that one <+LLSSNEN> kurwa <+LLSSNEM> its a movie where they double penetrate virgin teens, hence the name <+axer`> lol <+axer`> :D LLSSNEN
#304 <axer> ja tam online ogladam <Kulas> chujowa jakosc <Kulas> hihi <axer> chuj <axer> z tym <axer> dobra <axer> ide <Kulas> osttanio probowalem se ogladnac film <axer> ogladaac <Kulas> to jak zobaczylem <Kulas> napisy <Kulas> ktore ledwo widac <Kulas> na tym filmie <Kulas> to podizekowalem:D * axer Quit (Quit) <+LLSSNEN> ze nie usprawiedliwia gwalt swojego wlasnego psa <@Chesek> :D LLSSNEN
#305 <+LLSSNEM> <+LLSSNEM> umad? <@Chesek> :DDDD <@Asti`> LOL <+LLSSNEM> you never saw it? <@Asti`> i did <+LLSSNEM> i made it! <@Asti`> i don't even understand the message <@Asti`> you say my face is like an ass or <@Asti`> WHAT <@Chesek> LOL <+LLSSNEM> w t f <@Chesek> retarded pole LLSSNEN
#306 <LLSSNEN> gg vor <Vorie> i wasnt trying <LLSSNEN> same <LLSSNEN> thats why its so concerning <Vorie> and plus* <Vorie> i hate to def -.- <LLSSNEN> thats pretty common among your types Vorie <LLSSNEN> you hate to face enemies <LLSSNEN> because you fucking Suck <Vorie> anyways <Vorie> as i said <Vorie> wasnt trying <Vorie> and i didnt play my position <LLSSNEN> true <LLSSNEN> since your position is on the bench <Vorie> LOL LLSSNEN
#307 <+Carmelo> vitun upeeta <+Carmelo> really <+D-K> wut? <+D-K> Carmelo <+D-K> fin <+D-K> = <+D-K> ? LLSSNEN
#308 <@budzior`away> kurwa <@budzior`away> lesso powinien za mnie napisac mature z polskiego <@budzior`away> zajebiscie mu idzie LLSSNEN
#309 <+Sunnie`> LLSSNEN entertain me <+Sunnie`> :) <+Sunnie`> and tell me why I have to drive to school tomorrow, although it's damn snowy outside <+Gambler`> you can drive to Leso <@LLSSNEN> yeah you see <@LLSSNEN> i believe if you visit my place all the snow is turning back to water in a hundred miles radius <@LLSSNEN> thats how hot our love would be LLSSNEN
#310 <+Rakkety> LLSSNEN got more game than i could ever have <+Rakkety> gg <+Rakkety> wtf!! <+Rakkety> teach me LLSSNEN
#311 <LLSSNEN> i flirt with the guys even more <Gambler`> yea <Gambler`> hi <LLSSNEN> just not you because i can clearly see youre a player, GAMBLER <Gambler`> LOL LLSSNEN
#312 [01:59:33] <@Vorie> i talked to mm tdy [01:59:34] <@Vorie> btw [01:59:56] <@Vorie> on the new Gather system of <@Vorie> he was there <@Vorie> talked with him for about 5 min <@magorko> wtf i made new game <@magorko> Vorie get MM there <@Vorie> he doesnt like me magorko <@Vorie> no1 likes me LLSSNEN
#313 <@LLSSNEN> i noticed you were bit rusty magorko <@magorko> what is rusty?:D <@LLSSNEN> it means <@magorko> angry? <@NaughtyDog> :D <@LLSSNEN> you know if water goes on metal <@LLSSNEN> the metal gets rusty <@magorko> WTF?:D <@NaughtyDog> brown <@LLSSNEN> shit <@LLSSNEN> on iron <@magorko> i was brown?:D <@LLSSNEN> you know? <@LLSSNEN> LOL <@NaughtyDog> LOL <@LLSSNEN> wait <@magorko> you guys fucking bad teachers LLSSNEN
#314 <@magorko> iam here <@magorko> LLSSNEN <@magorko> iam everywhore LLSSNEN
#315 [19:27] <+pevikone> do i ever make sense? LLSSNEN
#316 <@NaughtyDog> does he hit them <@LLSSNEN> yeah <@LLSSNEN> with his friends <@NaughtyDog> i remember nitro saying "all czechs hate gipsies <@LLSSNEN> i see <@Vorie> i dont beat no1 <@LLSSNEN> well thats only cause youre not able to Vorie <@LLSSNEN> doesnt count <@Vorie> im able dude <@Vorie> i have muscle <@LLSSNEN> yeah <@LLSSNEN> a muscle <@LLSSNEN> your fucking tongue <@NaughtyDog> :D LLSSNEN
#317 sleepone is away: Curiosity can lead you to an amazing places LLSSNEN
#318 <Kenix> cant you guys <Kenix> not just get 3 <Kenix> where is the problem LLSSNEN
#319 (+evhO) !english #bolsoner (|Jobot|) sets mode +b *!* —› This (*!* ban affects: +evhO —› kick: evhO was kicked by (|Jobot|) Advertising is not allowed in #soldat.gather LLSSNEN
#320 <Skoda> vX][evhO <Skoda> one more ? <vX][evhO> no :) <Skoda> :< <vX][evhO> reading rules LLSSNEN
#321 <+LLSSNEN> i've invented a new zajebisty nickname for myself <stachuu> you are zajebisty <+LLSSNEN> ty tez stachuu <stachuu> xD <stachuu> lol <stachuu> ty umiec poslk <+LLSSNEN> oh i umiec fucking everything <stachuu> lool <+LLSSNEN> you name it <stachuu> my name <stachuu> stachu - stanley <+LLSSNEN> stachu cup <stachuu> WHAT? LLSSNEN
#322 <+Chesek> lol Kirvesmies to stolarz :D <+LLSSNEN> co? <stachuu> jajco <+LLSSNEN> to stolarz twoja siostra Chesek <stachuu> 1:0 <+Chesek> its carpenter <stachuu> haghaha <+Chesek> :D <+Painkiller[RB]> ahahahaha <+LLSSNEN> is your sister a carpenter? <+LLSSNEN> thats hardcore <+Chesek> xd <+LLSSNEN> i dont want my chuj anywhere near her <+Painkiller[RB]> lesonen jepetto :D:D:D: <+Chesek> xd LLSSNEN
#323 <+Sunnie`> LLSSNEN is the smartest guy I've ever met in the internet LLSSNEN
#324 [21:51] <LLSSNEN> Moge dac ci kosz czekolady? :/ Piwlas
#325 <crayy> you were scared <crayy> of LLSSNEN <DSlayer> an ass with a m79 <crayy> he goes 15-35 in cws and doesnt afraid of anyone LLSSNEN
#326 <@LLSSNEN> Chesek youre a fucking copycat <Chesek> tbh, you and axer were my inspiration <Chesek> :D <Chesek> i like your movements and boosts LLSSNEN
#327 <@LLSSNEN> Vorie <@LLSSNEN> cw <Vorie> just a sec <Vorie> 10 min LLSSNEN
#328 <+Gigen> Zeager-SN <+Gigen> my oncle say hello <+Gigen> but my uncle doesnt <+Gigen> even my onion say hello <+Gigen> :p <@Zeager-SN> well <@Zeager-SN> telly our uncle hes a dickhead LLSSNEN
#330 <+pevik> i ned a new bike <+pevik> :( <+pevik> go buy me a bike leso <+pevik> or sponsor me, its cheap for you <+pevik> just 400 euros <@LLSSNEN> why dont you do what i do <+pevik> cos rec is off in prkl <@LLSSNEN> do you know what it is i do <+pevik> no <@LLSSNEN> instead of riding a bike <@LLSSNEN> i ride twoja siostra <@LLSSNEN> ta Piwlas? <+Piwlas> :D <+Piwlas> TA LLSSNEN
#332 <@eragoni> voltex pokaz cyce pevik
#338 <+pevik> he dont even knows the word pevik
#339 <+pevik> he dont even knows the word pevik
#347 [00:42:49] <DutchFlame-> I WANT TO DO MYSELF :( LLSSNEN
#348 <+Gigen> :3333333333333 <+Gigen> Amadeus- <+Gigen> if you took enough testosterone <+Gigen> to look like a girl <+Gigen> id fuck you <+Gigen> ! LLSSNEN
#349 <D4sh> nvm pevik is awesome pevik
#350 <Gambler`> omg LLSSNEN <Gambler`> lets simulate an epic playoff game <Gambler`> where we pwn you <Gambler`> OK??? <LLSSNEN> what about <LLSSNEN> we postpone that <LLSSNEN> and instead <LLSSNEN> stimulate your sister <Gambler`> <3333 LLSSNEN
#351 <@dlafk> lemme change my clothes <@dlafk> gimme 2 mins <@LLSSNEN> sweatpants on <@dlafk> LLSSNEN <@dlafk> LOL <@dlafk> i prefer play soldat with boxer <@LLSSNEN> nice <@LLSSNEN> LLSSNEN
#352 <+Gigen> Sunnie` <+Gigen> my cock smells toothpaste LLSSNEN
#353 kocham lesonenka <3 Piwlas
#354 <horn> going out in 15mins <horn> :E <LLSSNEN> WHERE <horn> football <horn> :o <LLSSNEN> im rili good at fussball <LLSSNEN> '-' <horn> :} <horn> on what position do you play <LLSSNEN> the position on twoja siostra <LLSSNEN> :] LLSSNEN
#355 [00:55] <@DarkNoddy> I'm gonna put together a small computer, and pay for super cheap internet, and I'll set up a fund to keep the bills paied [00:55] <@DarkNoddy> then, when I die, I'll have me online "DarkNoddy|Dead" LLSSNEN
#356 <JeNnA> work is for bitches <LLSSNEN> and workout is for? <JeNnA> fat bitches <LLSSNEN> aight <LLSSNEN> sounds legit <JeNnA> yep <JeNnA> i need to do that <Trolleh[RB]> do what? <JeNnA> work out <Trolleh[RB]> i dont know about the bitch part, but you're not that fat <LLSSNEN> not cool <JeNnA> lmao <JeNnA> that fat <JeNnA> i like that <Trolleh[RB]> thanks LLSSNEN
#357 <+Gigen> ymmees <+Gigen> did you ever <+Gigen> consider <+Gigen> fucking a girl <+Gigen> while you are shitting <+Gigen> ? <+Gigen> are you capable of such multitasking? LLSSNEN
#358 <@Deathless> if i learn chinnesse <@Deathless> can i talk with you ? <@Deathless> i know <@Deathless> its <@Deathless> bad <@Deathless> question <@Deathless> but just wondering <@mar]> no <@mar]> there are many types of chinese <@mar]> cantonese, mandarin, etc <@mar]> and i know korean not chinese LLSSNEN
#359 <+LLSSNEN> what do you think about silvio berlusconi Gigen <Gigen> i think your dad should beat the shit out of you <Gigen> , <+LLSSNEN> i think yours shouldve beaten it before he let go LLSSNEN
#362 <+Ali|Afk> eating snickers icecream :P <@Fryer> no wonder i look like a stick LLSSNEN
#364 <+LLSSNEN> i simply have no other <+LLSSNEN> image of turkey <+LLSSNEN> than the one <+LLSSNEN> the kurds here give me <+Legedema> show me :D <+Legedema> please :D <+LLSSNEN> well its in my head but we can try and kiss it out LLSSNEN
#366 (@D4sh) my gf and I played hide and seek in soldat once Piwlas
#368 <@sneakyg> guyzzzz <@sneakyg> does anyone remember the player 'video' <@sneakyg> hes back :o <@LLSSNEN> i remember the name yea <@sneakyg> hes like an american leso <@sneakyg> so funny <@vor1e\afk> i dont played with him <@vor1e\afk> but he was in EF LLSSNEN
#369 <@LLSSNEN> vor1e\afk why did you put Objects in that package <@LLSSNEN> arent they default <@vor1e\afk> did i? <@vor1e\afk> it was a mistake <@LLSSNEN> like you. <@vor1e\afk> u like me? LLSSNEN
#370 [19:32:35] <@Fryer> magorko has mad kill skill LLSSNEN
#371 <Lou`> LLSSNEN, near u i'm feeling like im near a Big Brother LLSSNEN
#372 <@LLSSNEN> is dicko ok <+Pero> yes hes ok <+Pero> hes making a game :p <+Pero> <+Pero> this is a screen :d <@LLSSNEN> oh he made it about the profane kult <@LLSSNEN> thats me and my boys naughtydog and magorko <+Pero> haha :D <+Pero> i didnt know this was a satanist clan <+Pero> sold your soul for sctfl glory LLSSNEN
#373 <LLSSNEN> you suck and not just cocks <winterous> i know you want my body naked LLSSNEN
#374 <winterous> so are you going to explain to me <winterous> that fucking thread <winterous> or what <LLSSNEN> .. <LLSSNEN> like which part dont you get <winterous> all? LLSSNEN
#375 <+Timmeeh> maybe ill come live in poland with you <+Timmeeh> how jealous could i be <Proud`> Poland* LLSSNEN
#376 <vorie> only beautiful people <vorie> join prkl <vorie> LLSSNEN is the expection <vorie> :) LLSSNEN
#377 <jal8eni> np: Perseraiskaus - Isin hardcorejyttöä (WetCunt Remix) (0:29/2:38) LLSSNEN
#378 <vorie> whats up LLSSNEN <LLSSNEN> vorie go fuck yourself <vorie> tell me <LLSSNEN> go fuck yourself and jump in the fucking traffic <LLSSNEN> you piece of shit <vorie> why <sneakyg> leso you sound like a crazy person <LLSSNEN> because it's rush hour vorie LLSSNEN
#379 <@DarkNoddy> in the 90's you wanted brothers so they could beat up any kids that picked on you, and so they could buy you beer when you were underage. Nowadays you want brothers so you have someone to pin the blame on when you get caught hacking in soldat -.-" LLSSNEN
#380 <Proud`> Gigen: <Gigen> ? <Gigen> THE FUCK YOU WANT <Proud`> i want to express myself <Proud`> after 4 hour of constant learning <Proud`> say something <Gigen> suck my dick LLSSNEN
#381 * +Raged ASDJASKDASLÞFASFASFLASFASJF <@LLSSNEN> translate Raged <@LLSSNEN> kurwa <+Raged> I cant <+Raged> my english doenst that enough LLSSNEN
#382 <+isis`> womans have an inside penis and a larger chest <+isis`> that makes them a man without them LLSSNEN
#383 <@Flare> i screw little things now <@Flare> big things need big screws LLSSNEN
#384 <TuxLux-SN> Hi my friend. Do you want to play a fcw vs us? <LLSSNEN> we have! <TuxLux-SN> Too bad <LLSSNEN> no its not that <LLSSNEN> they just asked first LLSSNEN
#385 <+porquilho> Timmeeh <+porquilho> you from poland ? <+porquilho> i need translation LLSSNEN
#386 <ymmees> oisit välillä vaikka vähä ei-vammanen <ymmees> ei sunki elämäs vois olla vähä helpompaa LLSSNEN
#387 <ymmees> eiku nii eihä vammaset voi voittaa sctfl 3 kertaa putkee <ymmees> eiku <LLSSNEN> älyköt hävii molemmat karttansa 6-0 ja 6-1 siinä ainoassa finaalissa jonka pelas LLSSNEN
#388 (@sneakygb) can arab girls swallow during ramadan? LLSSNEN
#389 ( ◜◡‾)✂╰⋃╯ LLSSNEN
#390 <+LLSSNEN> Zerout, my friend, whos behind the logic behind not only allowing Zeager-SN access but also voicing him <+LLSSNEN> he was actually born an angel but as no wings could hold him, the mass not only penetrated the surface of the earth and hell but went even a level deeper down where the national socialists stay <Spread> LLSSNEN everything is fine? ><" LLSSNEN
#391 [19:13:19] <ymmees> oisit välillä vaikka vähä ei-vammanen [19:13:27] <ymmees> ei sunki elämäs vois olla vähä helpompaa LLSSNEN
#392 <+Reebook> omfg <+Reebook> i jsut looked at minor <+Reebook> and i recognized that im fucking sexy LLSSNEN
#393 <+LLSSNEN> i simply have no other <+LLSSNEN> image of turkey <+LLSSNEN> than the one the kurds here give me <+Legedema> show me :D <+Legedema> please :D <+LLSSNEN> well its in my head but we can try and kiss it out LLSSNEN
#394 <@D4sh> i'm gonna be the guy in the skyline, top story offices, watching games from the skybox, while drinking champagne and chocolate <@LLSSNEN> youre absolutely right <@LLSSNEN> you'll be up there top floor <@LLSSNEN> watching games <@LLSSNEN> drinking champagne <@LLSSNEN> BEHIND THE WINDOW YOURE WASHING <@LLSSNEN> ALRIGHT <@maf> hahahahhaha <@maf> XDDD LLSSNEN
#395 <@D4sh> i really don't think <@D4sh> i need to play <@D4sh> vs LoD at all <@D4sh> we have players that can get it done <@LLSSNEN> .. <@D4sh> as we saw today vs C <@LLSSNEN> well Im glad you finally figured this out yourself <@LLSSNEN> weve been talking about this for awhile now <@LLSSNEN> waiting for the right moment <@LLSSNEN> to tell you <@Trolleh[RB]> LOL <@D4sh> hahaha LLSSNEN
#396 <Alysia> man i got so big of a finger [18:21] <Alysia> mb too much ready to finger some vagina idk [18:21] == Awiz [[email protected]] has left #Fryer LLSSNEN
#397 <@xurich> i spent $20 on myasiancams credits <@xurich> then I came <@xurich> and i was ashamed LLSSNEN
#398 <+tommyj`> lol i did some research on rape <+tommyj`> most girls like rape <@LLSSNEN> was this a field research <+tommyj`> yes LLSSNEN
#399 <Proud`> sctfl + irc = soldat <Proud`> or better <Proud`> A = soldat <Proud`> sctfl + irc = A LLSSNEN
#400 [14:54:50] <+perozzzzz> if some fat bitch attacks me i can get hard LLSSNEN
#401 [18:40:03] <+LLSSNEN> get the dick out of your ass Crescendo [18:40:10] <@Crescendo> no LLSSNEN
#402 [19:04] <+voltex> will you marry me? [19:04] <+Beluska^> no :D [19:04] <+voltex> ok LLSSNEN
#403 <Beluska^> me and gor have the most beautiful skins here! <LLSSNEN> WHAT? <LLSSNEN> WHAT ABOUT ME <Piwlas> Beluska^ <dezerteuR> and me??? <dezerteuR> wtf <Piwlas> wanna see my foreskin?:] LLSSNEN
#404 <Alysia> I have reached a satisfiying level in english <Alysia> I need to learn an other langauge LLSSNEN
#405 [00:38:09] <+LLSSNEN> oon gay Crescendo
#407 [19:23:46] <+Alysia> no i just come and offer my body to you Crescendo
#408 <+Reebook> sup Proud` <+Reebook> tell me some story <Proud`> soldat scene <Proud`> is not worth <Proud`> y <Proud`> of me telling stories <Proud`> which u think are fake anyway ;d <Proud`> still its pretty big compliement for me <Proud`> that they are impossible <Proud`> for most of you xd LLSSNEN
#409 <+pe^____^ro_o> i like the dog fucking idea a lot Crescendo
#410 <Proud`> i wont play anyway <Proud`> its a tragic conflict <Proud`> i will not play with noobs in team <Proud`> and i wont play in good clan <Proud`> because people dislike me <Proud`> its tragic conflict LLSSNEN
#411 <castafkk> u can hear ùme talk <castafkk> on end <castafkk> they flash me all <castafkk> on a long <castafkk> :D <Skipzor> fucking cat <Skipzor> xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LLSSNEN
#412 <+LLSSNEN> i think youd be left with more questions than answers if i started coaching you in finnish <Proud`> well that what coacing is about <Proud`> ;p <Proud`> u dont get answers from ur coach <Proud`> he just answer you questions LLSSNEN
#413 <+DutchFlame> getting raped by horse must be pretty sad <+DutchFlame> <@ymmeees> i would vouch for that <@LLSSNEN> idk man <@LLSSNEN> recently in soldat youve potentially been owned by a cow LLSSNEN
#414 <Proud`> hahahaha <Proud`> Madow <Proud`> tomorrow im going to boil 2 eggs <Proud`> take them to university <Proud`> and ask girls <Proud`> if they want to <Proud`> play with my eggs <Proud`> XD LLSSNEN
#415 <+alexoner> wow <+alexoner> gigen just showed me a video of some shemale <+alexoner> putting her balls <+alexoner> in <+alexoner> her ass <+alexoner> wat LLSSNEN
#416 <Proud`> beliving in statistics <Proud`> is pretty fucked up <Proud`> and naive <Proud`> thinking <Proud`> lul LLSSNEN
#417 <Gigen> i didnt grow hair till i was like <Gigen> 16 <Gigen> while my friends had a bush already <Gigen> i was like <Gigen> wtf <Gigen> , <Gigen> they always told me "SHOW ME YOUR BUSH" LLSSNEN
#418 <+alexoner> yeah <+alexoner> there is somthing about <+alexoner> slightly unattractive girls <+alexoner> which i find hot <+alexoner> idk LLSSNEN
#419 <@LLSSNEN> i noticed i sometimes stop in a game just to whine <@LLSSNEN> i hope my teammates find it cute LLSSNEN
#420 <Denacke> sometimes, when i can't find the backslash, i google backslash and copy paste it from the wikipedia article :( LLSSNEN
#421 <Ayrin> KeheMuru: <KeheMuru> ? <Ayrin> wanne cw <KeheMuru> nah <KeheMuru> im doing sodlat harlem shake :D LLSSNEN
#422 [18:44] <@LLSSNEN> are you celebratinkg mothers day in germany [18:45] <+dezerteuR> I fucked my mum, as a present LLSSNEN
#423 <+pero> LLSSNEN how do you feel about ruotsi winning the world championship <@LLSSNEN> if you mus tknow referees gave them the semifinal <+pero> i sense a bit of frustration there <@LLSSNEN> THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM <+pero> im just doing some independent research <@LLSSNEN> do you make a research independent the same way you make a living room in north-eastern italy independent LLSSNEN
#424 <+Alysia> really I need to check out poland and iceland for that <@LLSSNEN> youre a white french middle class male scared of rape studying a way to move in poland <@LLSSNEN> that is so fucked up <+Alysia> why? <+Alysia> iceland also LLSSNEN
#425 <@LLSSNEN> dude when did i ever not take criticism well <+pero> ... <@LLSSNEN> the way you give criticism is by saying "you suck" <@LLSSNEN> and i respond ok <+pero> :D LLSSNEN
#426 <@LLSSNEN> you know <@LLSSNEN> estonian girls are so <@LLSSNEN> petité <@LLSSNEN> i love it <+pero> :3 <+pero> btw thats not where you put the accent <+pero> the accent is on the i <@LLSSNEN> petíte <+pero> no just petite <+pero> :D <@LLSSNEN> FUCK YOU <@LLSSNEN> YOU SUCK <+pero> ok LLSSNEN
#427 <+pero> you think dezerteuR is afk? i want to get back to the cock talk <@LLSSNEN> pero just because something looks ridiculously delicious doesn't mean i'm going to shovel it down my throat like nutella covered baguettes man LLSSNEN
#428 <Fosey> hellsik lesonen majoman eleroks <Fosey> did u watch fast and furios 6? LLSSNEN
#429 <Proud`> scandinavian countries <Proud`> are weird for me in topic <Proud`> of rising kids <Proud`> u cant hit ur kid with belt <@LLSSNEN> ..? <Proud`> because she can call police <Proud`> lol <Proud`> no stress rising up LLSSNEN
#430 * +alexoner slaps LLSSNEN around a bit with a large trout <+alexoner> so did you meet your girl again? <@LLSSNEN> no dude as i said <@LLSSNEN> she has a bf <@LLSSNEN> but she asked for my contacts anyway <@LLSSNEN> balls on her court pretty much <@LLSSNEN> balls in her cunt pretty please <@LLSSNEN> what. LLSSNEN
#431 <@magorko> we cool :D <@magorko> heros <@magorko> heroes <@magorko> sorry :D <@magorko> my first english mistake today <@magorko> about 0.0000000009% to see mitake in my engilsh <@NaughtyDog> mitake? :D <@magorko> wtf <@LLSSNEN> engilsh ??? <@magorko> ok <@magorko> i know you going to make it quote <@magorko> fucking lesonen LLSSNEN
#432 <+Flare> i want for cake <@LLSSNEN> i want for cake??? <@LLSSNEN> WHATS HAPPENING <+Flare> foor <@LLSSNEN> PERO IS CONTAGIOUS <+Flare> damnit pero <@LLSSNEN> soon you'll be feeling dizzy and start to think declaring your balcony independent from finland is a good idea <+Pero> LOL <+Pero> in times like these i wish russia kicked your ass LLSSNEN
#433 <LLSSNEN> GARFIELD`pZ dont mind him :P <LLSSNEN> hes just mad for losing <GARFIELD`pZ> ;) <GARFIELD`pZ> I am take over for old it LLSSNEN
#434 <+Timmeeh> im waiting for the day xurich changes his nick <@LLSSNEN> Timmeeh <@LLSSNEN> to what <@LLSSNEN> btw he already changed his hostmask <@LLSSNEN> to something very concerning <+Timmeeh> ;DD <+Timmeeh> true <@LLSSNEN> xurich is [email protected] * ability is nothing without opportunity <+pero> the ability to get it hard is nothing without the underage girl to stick it LLSSNEN
#435 <Kzya^afk> LLSSNEN <Kzya^afk> do you know any english words <Kzya^afk> start with un <Kzya^afk> like untouchable LLSSNEN
#436 <+Pero> fucking mosquitos <@LLSSNEN> Pero i dont have a single mosquito in my apartment <@LLSSNEN> hows that <+Pero> they will come LLSSNEN <+Pero> they always find a way <@LLSSNEN> your mom will come Pero <@LLSSNEN> i always find a way LLSSNEN
#437 <@LLSSNEN> yo mago :) <@LLSSNEN> hows poker going this month? <@magorko> not good <@magorko> but up 10k LLSSNEN
#438 <+Alysia> man <+Alysia> last time i met girl I said she was a slut <+Alysia> and it ended in violence <+Alysia> and it was not a special case <+pero> jajajajajaja <+Alysia> fucking bitches <+Alysia> all girls are fucking bitches <@LLSSNEN> what you mean by violence <@LLSSNEN> you hit her? <+Alysia> yae LLSSNEN
#439 <+pero> why so frustrated man <+Alysia> the only pelasure I, have with girls is in doing them mischiefs LLSSNEN
#440 <gonxtaa> dude my friend fuck someone girl on party <gonxtaa> and next day <gonxtaa> he got something wrong <gonxtaa> on his dick <gonxtaa> :D <@LLSSNEN> what was it? <gonxtaa> idk it was like a beans <gonxtaa> its nasty <gonxtaa> dude <gonxtaa> .. LLSSNEN
#441 <tommyj``> LLSSNEN <tommyj``> what's the age of consent in finland <@LLSSNEN> 18 <tommyj``> OK <tommyj``> i thought it was like czech and china <@LLSSNEN> whats theirs <tommyj``> 15 <tommyj``> and china 13 <tommyj``> so Kzya lives in china <tommyj``> and finally fucked at the age of 20+ <tommyj``> #sad <tommyj``> #pathetic LLSSNEN
#442 <@LLSSNEN> <aly> I am so annoyed <aly> so many nigga <aly> in one finnish video clips <aly> fuck helsinki must be bad <@LLSSNEN> its a fucking music video <@LLSSNEN> not a documentary <aly> ye but still he managed <aly> to assemble a big ass amount of black <aly> and they are dissing finnish people <aly> they deserve their anus to be kicked LLSSNEN
#443 <tommyj`> why am i banned in s.g <@Zeager-SN> i can always go one more step you know? <tommyj`> all i said was <@Zeager-SN> take a good hard look at what youre doing <tommyj`> you had a nice cucumber <tommyj`> why are you being so harsh <@Zeager-SN> how much clearer can I be? <@Zeager-SN> piss <@Zeager-SN> off <tommyj`> is that what sn said when you tried to play in playoffs LLSSNEN
#444 <+Awiz> <+eeneku> thats mean :( <@LLSSNEN> your sister is mean <+pero> your sister criticized my performance last year <+pero> she was very mean <+pero> last night <+pero> * <+pero> LOL <+pero> FUCK LLSSNEN
#445 <@LLSSNEN> how familiar are you with the male anatomy <+krissee> well, I have some hands-on experience.. :D <@LLSSNEN> have you ever had to, you know, bomb the porcelain so hard that your sprinkler tanks started to hurt <@LLSSNEN> so to speak <+alexoner> aids <+krissee> what a subtle piece of poetry :D <+alexoner> game over bro LLSSNEN
#446 <rakkety> i thought pizza came from america LLSSNEN
#447 <Proud`> why people <Proud`> never asks me to play <Proud`> its a question for me LLSSNEN
#448 <magorko> she said she like to cook <magorko> and i told her <magorko> if she dont clean we die in mess <magorko> because i wont clean for sure LLSSNEN
#449 <+Awiz> voi äiti. <+Awiz> ihmettelee mite voin olla läppäril vaik on kaikki sähköt pois <+Awiz> ;EEEEeeee LLSSNEN
#450 <@Crescendo> you should be a narrator for natgeo ricr <@Crescendo> seriously <@ricr> when they start a documentary series on trash cans i will be sure to apply <@Crescendo> rofl <+LLSSNEN> or just Crescendo's episode on the cribs <@Crescendo> i dont know what that is but sounds gay enough LLSSNEN
#451 <+LLSSNEN> nice vidya ricr <+LLSSNEN> after i finished listening to it my dicko came Aimlessly and my vision got all Foggy` <+Foggy`> LLSSNEN ?! <+LLSSNEN> howd i get all this Coconutmilk on my keyboard today <+LLSSNEN> fuck * Joins: Spread ([email protected]) <+LLSSNEN> i mean its just Spread all over the place LLSSNEN
#452 <vorie_> what do u work on hellsik <Hellsik> Director of Development of the medicine medicaments <vorie_> wow dude <vorie_> how did u get that without university <Hellsik> well tbh <@LLSSNEN> its russia <Hellsik> all u need to know <Hellsik> its just what medicament for what <Hellsik> etc <Hellsik> cant explain LLSSNEN
#453 <Thomasss> parhaat pillut jää nussimatta jos naamaa kattoo LLSSNEN
#454 <+Sting-> that one is for my gf though <+Sting-> i have a horse mask <+Sting-> got unicorn for her <@LLSSNEN> thats a confusing logic <@LLSSNEN> given unicorn is the cockier one <+Sting-> shes more magical <+Sting-> ./awwww LLSSNEN
#455 <Thomasss> fetissipenkki <Thomasss> hienot pikkujoulut <Thomasss> heräsin kaverin faijan vierest <Thomasss> :DDD <fetissipenkki> Thomasss mitä :DDD <fetissipenkki> miten toi tapahtus :D <Thomasss> Poltin paukut muut lähti baarii ja ku fredni asuu porukoillaa <Thomasss> ei sen faija ollu halunnu herättää :3 <Thomasss> oli tullu vaa vieree LLSSNEN
#456 <+Foggy`> Sting- there is no snow in Poland <+Foggy`> im still able to piss thru balcony <+Foggy`> ujelly?! <evorx-> you could piss through balcony even with snow tho <Gov> why would you even do that <Gov> you feral animal <+Foggy`> its closer than going to toilet LLSSNEN
#457 <Gtn> siis hyti vittu <Gtn> suussa maistuu ihan paska <Gtn> ja pierut haisee ihan vitun pahaalle :d <Tiwaz> perus LLSSNEN
#458 <Beluska^> i love <Beluska^> prodigy <Beluska^> and pendulum <Beluska^> :D <Beluska^> i love music sooo owhen i fiiind boy who like same music I wanna fuck him <Beluska^> :DDDDDDDD <Beluska^> its crazy <Beluska^> :D LLSSNEN
#459 <+Piwlas> KURWAAAAA KURWA KURWA KRUWA KURWA KURWA <+krisee> the introduction to out national anthem <+krisee> :D <+krisee> Piwlas has just sung us LLSSNEN
#460 <masa> sit lähettiin kävelee taksille sieltä äijjänä <masa> näin sitte, että semmonen läski muija itki siellä <masa> kuuntelin vähäse, että pekka oli lähtenyt <masa> menin sinne sen viereen ja huusin sen suuhu "pekka mä tuun pelastaa sut" tjsp <masa> vittu suuttu <masa> oikeesti <fifi> :DDDDDDDDDDDDD LLSSNEN
#461 <Hellsik> leso i can't play on sunday <Hellsik> u better reschedule it for friday or saturday <LLSSNEN> what <Hellsik> yea my fail lol <Hellsik> always thought sunday <Hellsik> its day after friday <Hellsik> then rakkety told me.. <Hellsik> and i was like WTF <LLSSNEN> WHAT <Hellsik> im sorrying LLSSNEN
#462 <+verbeia> dude <+verbeia> hard to find <+verbeia> beutiful <+verbeia> if you find beautiful <+verbeia> she wont sex <+verbeia> if you find ugly she will sex <+verbeia> lol LLSSNEN_
#463 <+Nijo> you are the only person i am loosing with the most <+LLSSNEN> that sentence doesn't even make sense <+LLSSNEN> how can i take it seriously <+Nijo> look at my play vs you <+Nijo> Leso <+Nijo> ... <+Nijo> you have no chance to stand me up <+LLSSNEN> literally none of these sentences made any english sense <+Nijo> I dont care what makes you sense or not LLSSNEN
#464 <+LLSSNEN> GO <+D4sh> im watching a cw <+LLSSNEN> you know D4sh women watch games, men play them <+LLSSNEN> do you know what that makes you <+D4sh> LLSSNEN if you ever had just 10% of my machoness you'd be so much more less of a <+D4sh> FGT <+LLSSNEN> D4sh keep in mind you're talking to the guy who majored in machology in the mighty university of hungsinki <+D4sh> LOL LLSSNEN
#465 <@rakkaway> u should broil your pizza <@rakkaway> its basically like toasting it right <+D4sh> nah <+D4sh> you put it in the toaster oven <+D4sh> most of the time i dont tho <+D4sh> too hungry to wait for it <+D4sh> just eat it cold <@rakkaway> LOL LLSSNEN
#466 <+Hoorleekare> Thomasss taas huudellu yöllä? <Thomasss> joo tv5 tuli leffa <Thomasss> mis matlock oli vanhainkodin gigolo <Thomasss> viagrapäissään <Thomasss> olin shocked <+Hoorleekare> aa okei :D en tiiä kuka on matlock <Thomasss> ..... <Thomasss> nyt vittu LLSSNEN
#467 <+Timmeeh> but you guys FUCKED it up <+Timmeeh> umad? <+Timmeeh> yes u are <+Timmeeh> I know you are <+Timmeeh> finland doesnt do good at the olympics <+Timmeeh> face ittttt <@LLSSNEN> LLSSNEN
#468 <Proud`> PING <@vivat_elizabeth> PONG <Proud`> PING <@vivat_elizabeth> PONG <Proud`> PONG <Proud`> gg <+LLSSNEN> this marks the first internet relay chat conversational overtake for Proud` LLSSNEN
#469 <_KaszpiR_> fuck me <_KaszpiR_> after 40 min on the pphone my uncle finally amanged to send me a photo over email <_KaszpiR_> it is in some ultra gay format .el6 -_____- <@Longbow> never heard of el6 <_KaszpiR_> canon easy print shit <_KaszpiR_> can't do anything with the image because there is no suitable canon printer installed LLSSNEN
#470 <@LLSSNEN> and my alarm didn't go off <@LLSSNEN> now she's mad at me <@LLSSNEN> idk watdo its my bad but its not my bad <+winterous> buy some chocolates/flowers and apologizes <+winterous> maybe you'll hook up again in one month <@LLSSNEN> where can i buy apologizes <+winterous> you can't <+winterous> and apologize* <+winterous> fuck you LLSSNEN
#471 [20:09:11] <@LLSSNEN> runkkasin mun siskon kuvalle Crescendo
#472 <Chap-> Cult no shit I made a video of me shitting on Dash's Plate Face! HAH and i didnt get it at all! I was so pist <Cult> LOOOOOOOOOOL <Chap-> I was like wow i just shit on this fucking plate LLSSNEN
#473 <@LLSSNEN> are you excited for summer? <JMajor> no <JMajor> why? <JMajor> I will spend it in my fuckign room <JMajor> and cant play soldat witht hat sun <JMajor> soon its raising <JMajor> rising LLSSNEN
#474 <@rakkaway> i like your lifestyle <@rakkaway> Maria <@rakkaway> i wanna have a job <@rakkaway> and drugs LLSSNEN
#475 [00:52:41] <tommyj> everyone talks about the female pornstars and never the guys LLSSNEN
#476 <@rakkaway> dude <@rakkaway> if u shave ur dick <@rakkaway> it smells so good <+alexoner> glhf <@rakkaway> i fuckin love this alexoner <@rakkaway> what a HUNK! <@rakkaway> :D <+alexoner> LOL <@rakkaway> alexoner: <@rakkaway> your dick is <@rakkaway> quite nice for a white guy LLSSNEN
#477 [19:50:23] <+Piwlas> olet paras ystäväni koskaan, en ole edes tavannut niin miellyttävä kaveri kuin sinä. Jos vain olisit tyttö haluaisin naida sinua im ass, hunajaa: * LLSSNEN
#478 <+LLSSNEN> Matching Quote #167 <+WietrieL|> RoyalBastard: haha :D <+WietrieL|> RoyalBastard: joo mä näin ton joskus jossai kans :D <+LLSSNEN> mitäs se nyt pelailee/duunailee <+WietrieL|> dota 2 ja csgo <+WietrieL|> muistaakseni se oli kihloissa vuosia sit <+LLSSNEN> aijaa :D <+WietrieL|> en tiiä onko enää tolla pelaamismääräl LLSSNEN
#479 <@GoTkkety> #wouldbang sansa <+D4sh> really? <@GoTkkety> YES?? WTF? <@GoTkkety> shes SEXY <+D4sh> id bang arya <+D4sh> shes so cute <+D4sh> with her needle <@GoTkkety> the girl with the needle sword? <+D4sh> shes the little girl <+D4sh> yea LLSSNEN
#480 <+gonxtafk> foggy calm down YOU TRY MY SWEET COCK <+gonxtafk> I FECKED BELU TO HER PUSSY AND YOU LICK HER :D <+gonxtafk> GON TASTE GOOD <+gonxtafk> LIFE SO GREAT <+gonxtafk> :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD <+Foggy`> Justin bieber #2 <+Foggy`> gay4life <+gonxtafk> <+gonxtafk> enjoy it foggysek LLSSNEN
#481 <+Jonpu> joskus oli hyvä ku yks dude ei kerinny palauttaan asettaan ja työnsi vaan lakanan väliin tyynyn alle <+Jonpu> ku lähti lomille <+Jonpu> :D <+Jonpu> semi huudot tuli siit <+Jonpu> vittu kui tyhmä voi olla LLSSNEN
#482 <@LLSSNEN> i last saw her on sunday, cant take this much longer <@LLSSNEN> there's this pressure building up.. call it bb syndrome or what have you <+Piwlas> is she back home? <@LLSSNEN> just out of town <+Piwlas> that is due to lack of serotonin which you release each time you see her <@LLSSNEN> it's not. it's due to lack of lack of semen which i release each time i see her LLSSNEN
#483 <Mido> it's not cheese burgers? i think i need a few more polish lessons :( <Piwlas> which word exactly?: <Piwlas> yes, you need a few polish lesonens... Piwlas
#484 <+LLSSNEN> what are you working on in lilehammer though <+LLSSNEN> i hear men in lillehammer have lile hammers <+LLSSNEN> hehe <+Gov> hooker <+voltex> ill be working in screw factory <+voltex> :D <+LLSSNEN> so Gov was right LLSSNEN
#485 <@|Bridge|> Matching Quote #93: <@D4sh> know alot Crescendo <@D4sh> for a euro <+Crescendo> i wish i remembered the context <@LLSSNEN> so.. much.. irony <+Crescendo> i probably told him about the capital of his own country LLSSNEN
#486 <+winterous> stfu LLSSNEN <@LLSSNEN> .. <@LLSSNEN> always so rude <@LLSSNEN> what have i ever done to deserve that <+winterous> you born LLSSNEN
#487 <@GatherEU> » Gather (CTF+): 3on3 on Server (3) | JakeTyler - NInjatstylee - Rakkety` - x - x - x <+JakeTyler> LLSSNEN what the hell you waiting for ?! <+JakeTyler> add now brah! <+LLSSNEN> im waiting for me to get rusty so there'd be a challenge LLSSNEN
#488 <+LLSSNEN> Rakkety` is dash still maddy at you <+LLSSNEN> people react to stress and rejection in different ways but i dont think he could possibly eat more <+LLSSNEN> im just afraid what he might do <+Rakkety`> LOL LLSSNEN
#489 <+Flare> if you toss a coin 8 times and want at least 4 heads <+Flare> is there an easy way to calculate the outcomes where there are at least 4 heads <@LLSSNEN> i remember studying it <@LLSSNEN> but i dont remember it <+Flare> XURICH <+Flare> is that his away nick <@LLSSNEN> yes <@LLSSNEN> why would you think <@LLSSNEN> hes good at maths <+Flare> i would ask him to call poop LLSSNEN
#490 <tommyjafk> D4sh you must have the life; being able to play soldat all the time and still have a wife <+D4sh> its complicated <+D4sh> you wouldnt understand <tommyjafk> and go to BBQs every thurday <+D4sh> lol i wish <+LLSSNEN> I think D4sh is cool and he makes a great husband and he is a good player and thinks wisely and is considerate of others <+D4sh> stfu <+Timmaehebyeg> XD LLSSNEN
#491 <TTNNK> D4sh you also havent said anything for the last 10 minutes <TTNNK> until LLSSNEN highlighted you <TTNNK> how do yu think that makes us feel <+D4sh> i get smth to eat after gathers <+D4sh> traditionally LLSSNEN
#492 <+D-K> LLSSNEN <+D-K> i wont get kicked if i spam a long msg <+D-K> in to this channel? <@LLSSNEN> nope <+D-K> [20:31] <D-K> reason why i never train abs cuz i come mirc i laugh insta six pack * Quits: +D-K ([email protected]) (Excess Flood) LLSSNEN
#493 <@LLSSNEN> i like male asses and penises can't stop thinkina i enjoy stuffing my stomach more than tightening it alexoner
#494 <Proud`> amsterdam <Proud`> is my aim <Proud`> to get some cash for 2 little chairs <Proud`> so I can massage hands <Proud`> then I will move to balkans <Proud`> or portugal LLSSNEN
#495 <+Piwlas> football is my passion too! <+Piwlas> yesturday i took part in a bitch-soccer cup LLSSNEN
#496 <Bambooocha> <Bambooocha> that guy is fucking clever <Bambooocha> he is one of my friend <Bambooocha> the goverment stole his factory and he promised that he will deconspiracy the whole system <+LLSSNEN> they stole his factory? <+LLSSNEN> how does that even happen <Bambooocha> goverment can cunt up any factory LLSSNEN
#497 <Piwlasu> there is onle one problem i have currently <Piwlasu> i'll have moved out from dormitory by 28th <@Mido> so what's the problem? <Piwlasu> im gonna end up under the bridge <@LLSSNEN> someone could argue living under a bridge in germany is better than living in poland <@LLSSNEN> but that's not me talking.. <@Mido> lol * Quits: Piwlasu ([email protected]) LLSSNEN
#498 <@LLSSNEN> geez where you at timothy <+Timmeeh> barcelona <+Timmeeh> mad? <+Timmeeh> cu sundayp <@LLSSNEN> shii- whadya doing there <@LLSSNEN> tell iniesta lesonen says hi <+Timmeeh> Mom married 10y <@LLSSNEN> hope she doesn't mind your sister and i couldnt make it <@LLSSNEN> something came up, repeatedly. LLSSNEN
#499 <sneakytv> yo WietrieL TRaw <WietrieL> yo <WietrieL> finland amazing game vs cuba atm <WietrieL> volleyball world cup <WietrieL> 10-17 <WietrieL> to 25-23 xd <WietrieL> soon last round <WietrieL> im so retarded i was watching this from polish stream :D and i just found out it comes from finnish tv gg <sneakytv> finns like weird sports <WietrieL> :DD LLSSNEN
#500 <@LLSSNEN> oli kyllä vitun kallis tällä kertaa <@LLSSNEN> kotipizzasta kun tilaa <@LLSSNEN> niil tulee aina kuljetuksesta ekstraa <@LLSSNEN> ihme homot <+Awiz> ai hintaan <@LLSSNEN> eiku juustoon <@LLSSNEN> kyllä hintaan <+eeneku> juustoon reps <+eeneku> repesin oikeesti LLSSNEN
#501 <@LLSSNEN> Terrafk, meet alexoner <@LLSSNEN> idk if you two have met <+Terrafk> well hello there <+alexoner> sup <+alexoner> i think we might have seen each other before ;0 <+Terrafk> our paths may have crossed, indeed <@LLSSNEN> more like your swords may have crossed <@LLSSNEN> considering it's alex <+eeneku> boner to boner LLSSNEN
#502 <@LLSSNEN> i think they crave for the d that i have installed for them <@LLSSNEN> but too many of them have boyfriends <+Terrorist> so what <@LLSSNEN> i shouldn't let that become an obstacle, should I <+Terrorist> no <+Terrorist> goals have goalkeepers <+Terrorist> they still get scored LLSSNEN
#503 <sneakytv> i found it funny with hellsik arguing at control about sucking <sneakytv> and controls won more sctfl than him :D LLSSNEN
#504 <+Exorzischt> Sting- is LLSSNEN's boyfriend <+rakk> wtf <+LLSSNEN> shush Exorzischt <+Hellsik> Lesonen has no boyfriend <+LLSSNEN> thanks for having my back Hellsik <+Hellsik> no problemo <+LLSSNEN> everybody knows i only have a harem of women <+Hellsik> harem of men who looks like a women you mean? LLSSNEN
#505 <LinkcL> !cmds !commands <LinkcL> hello <+LLSSNEN> hello LinkcL how may i help you <+LLSSNEN> if you want to gather your best choice would be right now <+LLSSNEN> make sure to auth first! takes 10secs of your time <tommyjafk> LLSSNEN i wish i had some1 like u when i first joined <+LLSSNEN> don't worry you'll still have me for when you lay pipe for the first time LLSSNEN
#506 <nnia> Mitä mä johdan <@LLSSNEN> oon häviöllä 6-9 meiän romantiikkapainissa <nnia> Romantiikkapaini :D <nnia> Onks se samantapasta ku ampumapaini <@LLSSNEN> nii no sillä tavalla et mä oon ampunu kuus kertaa tähän mennessä <nnia> Jaha :D <nnia> No nyt ymmärsin ton kategorian <@LLSSNEN> hyvä koska en ois enää osannu k-16 tavalla selittää sitä <nnia> :D LLSSNEN
#507 <@WietrieL> fuck im hungry but my sister got birthday <@WietrieL> and they are <@WietrieL> fukin <@WietrieL> next to my door <@WietrieL> in the kitchen LLSSNEN
#508 <Hellsik> sometimes i think <Hellsik> i could be a nice gay <Hellsik> i understand boys <Hellsik> 100% LLSSNEN
#509 <@LLSSNEN> penises are very nice alexoner
#510 <@LLSSNEN> that's a good looking cock alexoner
#512 <Fryer> i think i'm on irc too much, it's infecting my dreams <Fryer> in my dream, someone was trying to kill me, climbed through my window and changed his nick so i'd be fooled <Fryer> but i saw the irc logs LLSSNEN
#513 <+Hellsik> !seen lesonen <OXiD> LESONEN was last seen changing name to SCTFL25_WINNER 5 weeks 5 days 18 hours 14 minutes 53 seconds ago. alexoner
#514 <+D4sh> learn englih <+D4sh> english <+D4sh> look at poliwirl pretending he has a life <+D4sh> when he hacks on a dieing game <+D4sh> with this pretend gf <+LLSSNEN> the correct form is dying <+D4sh> dieing <+D4sh> look it up <+rakk> lol LLSSNEN trying to school Americans on English! LLSSNEN
#515 <@LLSSNEN> ricr are you aware that alexoner is crazy about shemales <+alexoner> I'm not confused <@LLSSNEN> just his way of hiding his hardon for guys really <+alexoner> I don't like guys <+alexoner> just their dicks <+alexoner> simple LLSSNEN
#516 <@shitbreak> tää menee paremmin ku oletin <@shitbreak> olin lauantaina taas vähän treffailemassa ja ilmesesti akka lämpes, sovittiin näkemisestä perjantaina ja lauantaina :E <@masadeus> lyö sitä <@tukeva_toveri> kuse sen päälle <@LLSSNEN> naita se somalille <@Filtteri> Ryöstä se LLSSNEN
#517 <+HLLSSIK> i wanna kfc <+HLLSSIK> so hard <+HLLSSIK> does it racism if after i call kfc pengu1ns called rakk? <+ricr> wtf? <+pengu1ns> sec <+pengu1ns> analysing sentence <+ricr> seriously <+D4sh> LOL LLSSNEN
#518 [16:10] <ShadyEclairs> also he has an advantage over you because his internet wires are made from the vines his nigger family swings from in africa LLSSNEN
#519 <@mandra> perustetaa panhuiluyhtye, ja mennää soittamaa kaduille. siit saa 200 dollaria iltapäivässä !! <@LLSSNEN> perustetaan huiluyhtye <@LLSSNEN> jossa hellokitty soittaa meitä <hellokitty> how about no <hellokitty> :D <@mandra> se ois varmasti parempi, kun niitä jättiläismarsuja ei oo vielä näkyny LLSSNEN
#520 <+D4sh> i remember when toxic used to try to convince us <+D4sh> he was the best aussie <+D4sh> he was a pilot wasnt he <sumich-> no <sumich-> he was a compulsiuve liar <sumich-> he lives with his sister in a houser there rich dad bought for them <sumich-> he used to show pics of his sister <sumich-> and said it was his gf <sumich-> ROF <sumich-> she was hot as fuck LLSSNEN
#521 <@LLSSNEN> Awiz <@LLSSNEN> are you saying <@LLSSNEN> Timmeeh is a LIAR <+alexoner> can we trust a belgian <+alexoner> belgium is just full of chocolate and peadophiles <+alexoner> and they only invented the chocolate so they could get to the kids LLSSNEN
#522 <+LLSSNEN> i'm lutheran <+D4sh> have you been a believer all your life? <+LLSSNEN> well ever since he was discovered on youtube and brought from, not just entertaining canadians, but the whole world <+LLSSNEN> and its global stage <+D4sh> so you started believing after watching yuotube? <+LLSSNEN> .. <Chap-> LOL seriously <Chap-> D4sh <Chap-> and you say im a fucking retard! LLSSNEN
#523 <@Jonpu> lulz <@Jonpu> tos joku pikkukersa meni hissiin ja se liukuovi osu siihen niin et se mukula lensi sinne hissin seinää, ni heitin ääneen "jäkistaklaus ysiviis" siinä ja joku äijä repes ihan vitusti <@Jonpu> :D LLSSNEN
#524 <masa> vittuku huora pölli mun tuomaripaidan <masa> sen piti ommella nimi sinne taakse.. vein sen viime su <masa> eile 22:00 lähetin viestin "jos tuun hakee sen, ku tarvii huomen" <masa> vastas "nukun" <masa> pistin takasi "no menee minuutti oon iha kohta siinä" <masa> "koneests kstked neuls ky aloun ompeleee nib se ei oo kii. nukuuuun" <masa> sit blockkas whatsapp ja fb LLSSNEN
#525 <@Jonpu> olis tampereella twerkkauksen mm-kisat <@Jonpu> vois mennä runkkaan sinne LLSSNEN
#526 <@LLSSNEN> so then i just put it in my wet mouth and sucked it dry alexoner
#527 <+alexoner> I'm 100% gay now <@LLSSNEN> forreal? <+alexoner> yeah <+alexoner> ask your dad <+alexoner> gg <+alexoner> ^_______^ alexoner
#528 <+Rakk> im 2x WORLD SCTFC title holder <+Rakk> only american in history to accomplish such a feat <+Rakk> TNL North America and TNL-B champion <+Rakk> SRL winner <+Rakk> i'm a hall of fame caliber talent <+Rakk> 2x soldat.gather cup WINNER <+LLSSNEN> Fame's boyfriend refers to his ass as the hall of fame <+Rakk> but my work is not yet done <+Rakk> LOL LLSSNEN
#529 <+alexoner> Awiz why is LLSSNEN a piece of shit? <+Awiz> i saw you asking that earlier <+Awiz> and he wasn't happy! <+alexoner> is he ever happy? <+Awiz> when he wins <+Awiz> in soldat <+alexoner> so that explains why he is never happy <+alexoner> ;O <+Awiz> =EEEEEEEE alexoner
#530 <Kauhukomedia> Filu :3 <@Filtteri> Kauhis <3 <Kauhukomedia> <3 <Kauhukomedia> Miltä tuntuu, kolmekymppii lähestyy? <@Filtteri> No paskahätä meinaa olla :s LLSSNEN
#531 [@Jonpu] mul on paskat persees [@LLSSNEN] mä kusin laatassa uiviin housuihini [@mandra] womit swimming panties [@mandra] Best Saturday ever LLSSNEN
#532 <+Ussocom> Hello, my name is Usso <+LLSSNEN> the destroyer of all pusso <+LLSSNEN> would you say that's accurate <+Ussocom> LLSSNEN: you should write a book <+LLSSNEN> i've started already <+LLSSNEN> my working title is i've got 99 problems and the record amount of sctfl world titles ain't one <+Ussocom> LOLLLLLLLLL <+Ussocom> #1 best seller im sure LLSSNEN
#533 <+Awiz> SYDÄNKOJTAUS <+Awiz> melkei kaaduin rappusis <+Flare> sä tarviit kissoja rappuste alle nii pehmentää laskeutumista LLSSNEN
#534 <+Meows> Uno! LLSSNEN has one card left! <+Meows> eeneku draws 4 cards and is skipped! <+eeneku> lool <+eeneku> reverse <+Flare> !play r r <+Meows> Top Card: [R] Flare Reversed it! eeneku's turn. <@LLSSNEN> LOL <+eeneku> !play r d2 <+Meows> Top Card: [D2] LLSSNEN Draws Two and is Skipped! nnia's turn. <@LLSSNEN> FUCKING RIGGED AF LLSSNEN
#535 [22:47:06] <+nnia> anna mun kaikki kestää, joku myy fabokirpparilla 60e lahjakorttia.... 60e hintaan LLSSNEN
#536 <@masatius> löysähuppari <@masatius> pitäis apteekissa käydä <@masatius> prkl <@LLSSNEN> mitäs vittua <@LLSSNEN> miten nää' liittyy <@LLSSNEN> toisiinsa <@masatius> mitkä <@LLSSNEN> saaks apteekista jotain mikä kangistaa kankaankin <@masatius> jooo <@masatius> b vitamiinia LLSSNEN
#537 <Sarev> Usso: loose 1v1 10:1 <Sarev> and left server <Sarev> hehe <Sarev> american chicken <+LLSSNEN> im not going to say thats accurate but it would make sense <+LLSSNEN> american chickens playing handegg LLSSNEN
#538 <@LLSSNEN> muista heti kertoo jos teen missään muodossa jotain tyhmää nniaa <@LLSSNEN> oon yksinkertanen putkiaivomies <@LLSSNEN> and i dont know better <+nnia> no hilightasit just mun bnc:tä <+Awiz> :-DD LLSSNEN
#539 <+Piwlas> well <+Piwlas> noone smiles in poland LLSSNEN
#540 [23:20:26] <@LLSSNEN> lol i actually accidentally imagined flare-cat meowing at my feet Crescendo
#541 <+LLSSNEN> Rt <+Rt> Soooon <+Rt> I need 10 mins <+LLSSNEN> for what <+LLSSNEN> does it start with k <+LLSSNEN> and end with c <+LLSSNEN> maybe have an f in the middle <+Rt> Neee to drive back home <+Rt> I went to my parents house and ate all of their food LLSSNEN
#542 [03:21:37] <+Pevik> im bite you LLSSNEN
#543 <ouchyy> well <ouchyy> the weirdest swede <ouchyy> i know <ouchyy> is skoskav <ouchyy> he was normal until he changed LLSSNEN
#544 <@Jonpu> näin unta et istuin jossai auton nahkapenkeillä ja runkkasin <@Jonpu> sit tippu katolta geishakuulat niinku lentokonees tulee ne happinaamarit <@Jonpu> "tsädäm!" <@Jonpu> ja työnsin ne perseeseen LLSSNEN
#545 (Lisa) just cause i said he looks quite cute doesnt mean hed get my pussy (Lisa) thats not how this works Hellsik (Lisa) if youd talk to women more often youd know that LLSSNEN
#546 <@Jonpu> <@Jonpu> ei kyllä ees jaksa sykkiä enää <@Jonpu> runkannu 5 kertaa tänää <@LLSSNEN> mtv <@LLSSNEN> mitä varten sulla nainen on <@Jonpu> oon yksin kotona :D <@fetissipenkki> muija lähti ku ei jaksanu kattoo jonpun runkkaamista LLSSNEN
#547 [04:11:58] <+Hellsik> actly after playing with LLSSNEN in 1 clan i released he is the smartest soldat player LLSSNEN
#548 <Universal`> did he say hentai <Kubu> never enough hentai <Universal`> those black snakes filling every hole <Kubu> tentacles LLSSNEN
#549 <@LLSSNEN> "Neljä vauvaa puukotettiin kuoliaaksi Yhdysvalloissa - äiti pidätetty" <@LLSSNEN> who the fuck stabs four babies <@LLSSNEN> or 3 <@LLSSNEN> or 1 <@LLSSNEN> wtf <@LLSSNEN> not that stabbing 2 babies is ok either <@LLSSNEN> that's not where you should draw the line <+Larsse> almost an ace <+Larsse> with knife only LLSSNEN
#550 <+Snip> !add+ <@Soldat> [-] Gather is full for CTF+Server3 Gather 5717 starting! [-] <+LLSSNEN> DUDE <+LLSSNEN> THE FUCK <+LLSSNEN> I CLEARLY SAID BRB <+RBK> :DDDDDDDD <+RBK> CLASSIC LESO <+Rakkety> LOL <+Snip> GJ LLSSNEN <+RBK> classic fin <alexoner> LLSSNEN is nothing like his sister <alexoner> she always cums on time <alexoner> ;) <+Snip> :DDD LLSSNEN
#551 <+Sting-> it's not africa <+verbeia> theres worse than africa <+verbeia> i can see that in your soldat level <+verbeia> your citizens are poor as fuck LLSSNEN
#552 <sneakyg> i think i'll just play something else lol <+qb> like what sneakyg? <+qb> there are no good games <sneakyg> if i found a nice game your the last person i'd tell qb, its like introducing a good friend to aids <+RBK> xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd <+qb> lol <+qb> salty shit LLSSNEN
#553 <CheeSeman`> am I in, TamTam ? <TamTam> yeah, ur stats are pretty good and you give good head <+LLSSNEN> more like he gives good ched LLSSNEN
#554 [19:37:57] <+Flare> no cats deserve respect LLSSNEN
#555 * Joins: Nicoss^^ ([email protected]) <Nicoss^^> !add <Nicoss^^> fuck i miss much fucking the game :D LLSSNEN
#556 <@LLSSNEN> vlare likes boys confirmed <@LLSSNEN> '-' <+Flare> if they have food Fryer
#557 <Proud`> i am 25 <Proud`> twenty five <Proud`> like Lisa` <Proud`> (coincidence, huh?) <Proud`> :D <Lisa`> maybe were twins <Lisa`> incest not allowed though <Proud`> aint no gonna touch a sister <Proud`> step sister, fine <Proud`> can actually twins could be step? LLSSNEN
#558 <Crescendo> happy new year <@HAL_9000> , <@HAL_9000> im atheist <@HAL_9000> u feg <Crescendo> LOL??????????????????????! <Crescendo> !!!??????????? <Crescendo> ????? Crescendo
#559 <+Piwlas> we were thinking about opening a pre-school with english as the first language <@LLSSNEN> interesting <@LLSSNEN> you would definitely not qualify for a teacher <@LLSSNEN> hehe <+Piwlas> my english got really good lately <+Piwlas> so i can be a teacher <@LLSSNEN> <+Piwlas> WITH IS NOT TURE <@LLSSNEN> clearly <+Piwlas> LOL LLSSNEN
#560 <+Piwlas> hehehe <+Piwlas> and least you can improve your vocabulary LLSSNEN
#561 <+Ox`pedBro> flare <+Ox`pedBro> gimme ruger lesson <+Ox`pedBro> for free plz <+Flare> i'm and shoot LLSSNEN
#562 <@LLSSNEN> eeneku you're quite the yes man today <@LLSSNEN> is everything okay <@LLSSNEN> my friend <+eeneku> yes <@LLSSNEN> are you gay? <+eeneku> yes <@LLSSNEN> that's sweet <+eeneku> yes <@LLSSNEN> i'll break the news to alex <@LLSSNEN> immediately <@LLSSNEN> so you really enjoy other guys' cocks, eeneku? <+eeneku> yes LLSSNEN
#563 <+alexoner> man, have you ever met someone that turns you on so much, it makes you wanna do disgusting things <+alexoner> I told a girl I'd cum on her tits just to lick it up <+alexoner> wat <@LLSSNEN> that's fucked <+alexoner> I know <@LLSSNEN> are you into the taste of your own cum <+alexoner> precum tastes nice tbh <+alexoner> actual cum not so much LLSSNEN
#564 <+Flare> the more i hear the more i'm convinced alex is actually a member of some weird african tribe <+alexoner> the collecting skulls and eating precum tribe LLSSNEN
#565 <Akuma> MB fucked, today I turned on pc after 50 tries <Akuma> I could play now <Akuma> But I dont have sound <Akuma> sound card fucked <Akuma> soldat without sound is like lick vagina through glass LLSSNEN
#566 <porquilho> hey Timisyourking i kissed a girl 2 weeks ago, how does that make you feel? <+Timisyourking> XD <+Timisyourking> annual visit from your mom? <+Timisyourking> when she visits me its anal visits <+LLSSNEN> that just sounded like she visits your anal <porquilho> yeah LLSSNEN
#567 <+Awiz> voi herranen aika että on iso muna <+Awiz> o; <+Awiz> intredasting <+Awiz> meil oli suulline osuus kans LLSSNEN
#568 <eski> +1 <Proud`> oh man <Proud`> i wish i had soldat on pc <Proud`> its notebook of girl <Proud`> that i live in <eski> k LLSSNEN

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