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  Channel Information
Channel information for #bubble on QuakeNet
Channel: #bubble (Chat Now!)
Bot: ^Blub^
Joined: 2014-11-27 20:18
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 56

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise +autoop +autovoice -badwords
-bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans +enforcebans
-flood -greet -google -hidelogs
-image +infobot +massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo -restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle -vote -weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: *!*@*
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT+2
Onjoin message: Not activated
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes:
Enforced topic: ITS RAINING TACOS

Privacy settings
Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

Statistics and logging
Statistics language: Not localized (English)

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
Revengeance Owner 2019-01-22 04:10
scarface Owner 2017-03-23 21:25
LastNinja Owner 2018-08-03 20:48
ignoredd Master 2019-06-14 15:44
blazed Master 2019-06-15 04:54
3 owners, 2 masters, 0 ops, 0 voices and 0 friends added to the bot

 No greetings are added on this channel

ID Quote Added by
#33 [00:33] (+R33N) she is not you sex slave [00:33] (+R33N) yet [00:36] (CherryLie) well my future sex slave be prepared! [00:36] (iCherry) I'm ready xD CherryLie
#16 [21:42] (+stell) Cadaver to brainwash someone you need to select one that has a brain in the first place :) LastNinja
#15 My wife told me I should be more affectionate, so I got two girlfriends. LastNinja
#30 [21:52] (@lecom) I wish he was legit because it would seem legit LastNinja
#13 [22:22] ([N-S]CTF) <jimis710> girlfriends are like medkits LastNinja
#10 [13:13] (@killswitch) i've many nick coz i have many girlfriend LastNinja
#7 [23:23] (Raykay101) Is an egg being dropped literally? If so, that egg could be a chicken one day. LastNinja
#32 [23:40] (Stradivarius) why there're bots on every channel i join LastNinja
#8 [23:25] (Dare-) who was that JustARandom guy? [23:25] (LastNinja) ^me [23:26] (Dare-) nice strategy [23:26] (Dare-) spawncamping in 4teams [23:26] (Dare-) a new level LastNinja
#9 (+mizuryu_gen) i was happy of finding 4gb pendrive (+mizuryu_gen) now i lost it Scop
#6 (@StackOverflow) eh, I'm too concerned about the ethics of my hamburger Scop
#11 (@Morphman) so my antivirus was telling me it detected that my pc is running way too slow, turns out that one tool of it was causing it Scop
#5 (+JesseGh0stman) mizuryu_gen pls reply (+JesseGh0stman) or ill hack ur club penguin account Scop
#4 If they can send a woman to the moon, why can't they send all of 'em? Scop
#29 <Potato> *sneezes* Sorry. I'm allergic to bullshit Scoppy
#18 Go donate blood, all of it. Scoppy
#25 (@QuackySleeeeps) who the fuck is this Scoppy and why do you have penisenvy for it Scoppy
#24 (@Stefan_J) A bit over a month left until I can start bothering Scoppy for nudes. D: Scoppy
#23 <Stakerauo> me and Scoppy are more than just mates <Scoppy> Friends with benefits. <Stakerauo> No homo, though <Scoppy> No homo Scoppy
#21 (+Morphman) i alwayd wanted to suck a negro Scoppy
#26 (Alexander) nowadays you just shit on a plate, put some sticks in it and there you go: it's art Scoppy
#19 [17:09] (@{Supreme}) , /admin <type ur pass here> [17:09] ([N-S]Build) (TO ADMINS) <Rozer> <type ur pass here> [17:09] (@{Supreme}) ,/ADMIN THE PASS [17:10] ([N-S]Build) (TO ADMINS) <Rozer> THE PASS [17:10] (@{Supreme}) ,lol [17:10] (@{Supreme}) ,I QUIT Scoppy
#14 (@creasy) So i couldn't tell what it was and it smelled really bad but i ate it anyway (@creasy) then i just licked my balls until they hurt. Scoppy
#12 (+mizuryu_gen) you cant just put words in someones mouth (+mizuryu_gen) like i do with my cock Scoppy
#20 Birdie birdie in the sky pooped in my eye, me no care me no cry me just happy cows can't fly Scoppy
#28 (@Chikn) chicken nuggets are the porn stars of the future Scoppy
#17 War doesn't determine who is right, only who is left. Scoppy
#27 (ByteBit) Ace of Spades Episode IV - A new hope (imurcook) theres no hope in an orphan with its head crushed in by a truck (ByteBit) Ace of Spades Episode V - imurcook strikes back Scoppy
#22 (+Stakerauo) I just got invited to "Blazed4Bieber's event Norwegian championship in wanking" (+Stakerauo) I don't think I wanna go Scoppy
#1 <@nuclearpotato> gen how are you <+gen> because my mom had sex with my dad scops
#2 (@Masque) , whenever i see like some teenager die froma car crash im always like "they died without the feeling of sex!" scops
#3 <+scprs> NEVER send your password to ANYONE except [email protected] <+scprs> oop <@nuclearpotato> my password is sonic2000 scprs
#31 <@lecom> you're a member of society, not just some nigger Spoppy

 No bans are added on this channel

Trigger Type Min. Level Response
!forum Public -

Bad words
 No badwords are added on this channel
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