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  Channel Information
Channel information for #the-office on QuakeNet
Channel: #the-office (Chat Now!)
Bot: ^Legolas^
Joined: 2010-02-17 03:21
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 23

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Channel settings:
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+bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans -enforcebans
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+showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle +vote +weather

Command character: . (commands can be called as .kick, .deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Not activated
Protection settings
Anti flood: Triggered after 15 lines in 5 seconds
  Warn user on first violation, ban for 2 min. on second violation
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Warn user on first violation, kick on second violation
Enforced modes:
Enforced topic: Fuk u Danny

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Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
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Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
IronLung Owner 2019-01-11 02:29
Megadirt Master 2019-05-21 07:13
StuntWiz Master 2017-12-21 21:35
Danny- Master 2019-02-22 15:46
xFlood Master 2019-05-22 20:49
xWhiteWolfx Op 2016-03-10 16:36
StrngZ Op 2019-05-21 14:27
Jalek Voice 2010-04-03 21:05
Orloff Voice 2010-06-12 01:06
PhillMitchell Voice 2016-06-20 21:58
trivia Voice 2016-05-19 18:05
1 owner, 4 masters, 2 ops, 4 voices and 0 friends added to the bot

Auth/Handle Greeting
IronLung Look up in the sky.. It's a bird.. It's a plane.. Oh no it's.. Ironman!

ID Quote Added by
#24 Recieved: 07-30-2010 12:42pm From: Danny Hey my computer dun broked I'm on my iPhone I have no idea when my comp will be fixed just thought I'd let you know. I love you! ^Iron
#11 [23:48] * MastaG changes topic to 'Run for whenever: xTEG - twist, block, rpt | MastaG - everything else' ^Iron
#91 <@TehGookstuh> if we feed him the right stuff <@TehGookstuh> he'll be a grown man <@|MuffinMan-> Dicks are the right stuff again |Iron-
#121 <@|IronMind-> Top 5 scores for ryan dunn |Iron-
#125 <@|IronMind-> ^methy^ was born <@xSubZer0x> by me ^Methy^
#136 * @GoFuckYourself slaps |IronMind- around a bit with a large trout <@GoFuckYourself> whore <@|IronMind-> thats it, i'm not a whore |IronMind-
#143 * @NotxSubZer0x ([email protected]) has left #the-office (fucking |Snake always gotta fuck shit up damn chink! *whistles*) |Snake
#190 * @|Snake- takes the dragon helm <@|Snake-> yeah fuck all u, its mine <@|Iron-> have fun wearing a belt as a helm <@|Snake-> SHUT UP <@|Snake-> im still sleepy <@|Snake-> all i saw was a skull |Iron-
#194 * GoFuckYourself has joined #the-office * Q sets mode: +o GoFuckYourself <@GoFuckYourself> stfu |Snake * @GoFuckYourself has left #the-office |Work-
#112 * Topic is '1-6 @quiver | im gay and im loving it!' * Set by TokaBong on Wed Jan 25 07:05:01 xMac|
#146 * |Danny is now known as KingAshnar * @KingAshnar drops 105 points * @|Iron- casts 4 elementalidations and last stand's * @|Iron- CRITICAL! 1,250,000 * @KingAshnar disappears into the mist... |Iron-
#202 -05:06:17- (@GoFuckYourself) thepiratebay is some shit from gloms you are egoistic because you Efinitix
#124 -16:28:24- (@xMac|) DEEPER MOTHERFUCKER! xSubZer0x
#110 -^Legolas^- There is currently a poll active in #the-office. The question is: Should homosexuals be allowed in RIP? See more status and help with !vote status <@^Legolas^> Vote has ended. No won with 5 votes against 3. |Snake
#42 9/28 [06:10:12 pm] <@GoFuckYourself> sounds homoXexual 9/28 [06:10:16 pm] <@GoFuckYourself> oh wrong spot |Jamie-
#26 <+BloodyGangsta> fixing typpo is the easiest thing ever for mr. typpo ^Iron
#192 <+Loki_> Anyway, i'm off for the night, see you all tomorrow <+Loki_> .op <+Loki_> .gofuckyourself <+Loki_> lol * Loki_ was kicked by ^Legolas^ (You are not allowed to say that here, you have been warned!) |Work-
#207 <+triviabot> Hint: p**t**n <@|Snake-> tampons <+triviabot> Correct |Snake-, the answer was postman. Your channel score is now 168, network score is 583. |Snake-
#75 <+Zach> i got 400 dollars for christmas <+Zach> im callin it a win <@xSubZer0x> that it? <@xSubZer0x> i got 650 <+Zach> sorry subz my family isnt fuckin rich! <+Zach> got a nice blowjob last night <+Zach> so make that 400 dollars and a good bj <+Zach> awwww thanks mom a BJ, just what a wanted |Sleep-
#185 <@DANKFIRE> that's y we need to get on that kappy train lol <@DANKFIRE> I msd him <@DANKFIRE> interested to see what he says <@DANKFIRE> I typed it out all proper in case his roboreader doesn't speak ebonics |Iron-
#195 <@dingirxul> u should do underground quest then that one is fun <@WaypY> underground investigation? <@dingirxul> ya <@|Iron-> cant <@|Iron-> hes only 72 <@dingirxul> what a fuckin sally <@dingirxul> i didnt even know ow had lvl 72 still in the game |Iron-
#133 <@GoFuckYourself> hey snipe <@GoFuckYourself> you know <@GoFuckYourself> i can change your name around <@GoFuckYourself> to spell penis |Snake
#138 <@GoFuckYourself> hung <@GoFuckYourself> danny <@Zachary> hi danny is VERY crappy Snipe|HW
#161 <@GoFuckYourself> Rearrange these letters: S N I P E <@GoFuckYourself> PENIS <@GoFuckYourself> !!!! |Iron-
#132 <@GoFuckYourself> ye im supposed to get 6 inches tomorrow <@GoFuckYourself> 3 more inches than what ive got already xDamien
#204 <@NotSoBright|> vault by him saying strippers love gloms is your gf says the <@Void|> someone call some paramedics i think this guy just had a stroke |Iron-
#177 <@ReaverBeaver> malt o meal cereals are dank as fuck <@ReaverBeaver> Its like "Were almost lucky charms but not quite" <@|Iron-> wtf u sayin boy? <@ReaverBeaver> but they taste as good <@ReaverBeaver> and you get big bags of it <@|Iron-> dicks? <@ReaverBeaver> its so amazing <@|Iron-> big bags of dicks |Iron-
#184 <@ReaverBeaver> My Grandfather once told me that Eating Pizza is like eating Pussy. Eat as much as you can. End of story. ReaverBeaver
#182 <@ReaverBeaver> You just make me wanna stop sleeping with a whole bunch of guys. |Iron-
#163 <@shawnr0> hey gangsta, trustee me shawnr0 <gangsta_> never <@shawnr0> pweeeese <gangsta_> k done now dont bug me with anything ow related |Iron-
#83 <@TokaBong> i thought he quit till other day <@TokaBong> gameover tried to insult him <@TokaBong> went down better than subz without porn |Iron
#144 <@triviabot> Question 1: Which champion will "outsource your face"? GoFuckYourself
#120 <@triviabot> Question 6 (animals): If you are reading this, then our species has unfortunately gone extinct. This is my last will and testament. Things used to be so nice on the island of Mauritius before you pesky humans came around. I may not have been able to fly but I was a nice bird! Who am I? |Snipe
#115 <@xDamien> im alpha as fuck <@^Meth^> positive xDamien
#96 <@xDamien> iron did like <@xDamien> 270 mill <@xDamien> can't argue with that :p <@|Snake> i did <@|Snake> and got a shield <@xDamien> ;/ |Snake
#101 <@xDamien> roses are red <@xDamien> violets are blue <@xDamien> i can't write poëms <@xDamien> now show me your tits <@^Meth^> HAHAHAHAH |RolanD|
#94 <@xDamien> you got yourself one weird dude :< <@^Meth^> yep xDamien
#129 <@xDoz> bet xMac eats the scrotum <@IRNuz> my cat likes it aswell <@xMac|afk> your cat likes your scrotum nuz? <@xMac|afk> eeew xMac|afk
#127 <@xDoz> lol <@xDoz> subby emo? xMac|
#122 <@xMac|afk> sex is a VERY good work out <@^Meth^> i used to be in AMAZING shape xDamien
#97 <@xMac|afk> xDamien heeft graag seks met homoseksuele mensen? <@|Panda-> true story <@|Panda-> :> xMac|afk
#95 <@xMac|afk> youre sub's gay lover. i knew it! <@xMac|afk> i knew something was fishy between you two <@|Snake> even if i was <@|Snake> at least we dont go public with it xMac|afk
#87 <@xMac|dog-> im not fucking gay you niggers xMac|dog-
#39 <@xRampage> my thump <@xRampage> hurts so bad <@^Iron> thump? <@^Iron> thumb? <@xRampage> idk how u call it <@xRampage> yeah' <@xRampage> that thing GoFuckYourself
#82 <@xSubZer0x> but ive ball tagged people in hs <@xSubZer0x> on purpose wicked777
#107 <@xSubZer0x> |TrouserSnake
#201 <@Yahweh> btw teg, i hope that wasnt ur real number <@Yahweh> if it is, ur gunna get a shitload of calls about a $250 ps4 ur selling on craigslist |Iron-
#142 <@Zachary> GoFuckYourself loves cock and a dick |Snake
#137 <@Zachary> omg im so true nigger without +v Snipe|HW
#51 <@^Iron> hes fucking adorable GoFuckYourself
#114 <@^Meth^> appearently i have a relationship with every guy on here <@|RolanD|> how come we dont have 1 then i feel left out <@^Meth^> we can have one |Panda-
#71 <@^Meth^> gook ull like this <@^Meth^> !qoute 78 <@^Meth^> !qoute 70 <@^Meth^> :( <@^Meth^> it wont work * @^Meth^ slaps |Flood| around a bit with a large trout TehGookstuh
#69 <@^Meth^> sex please! * @TehGookstuh puts on my Dan costume TehGookstuh
#113 <@^Meth^> whats ur major Sn1pe <@Sn1pe> Mech Eng <@Sn1pe> what about you? <@^Meth^> chemistry <@Sn1pe> no your major, not your feelings for me |Panda-
#58 <@^Meth^> who is charlie? <@|FoodSnake> MastaG <@^Meth^> idk if i no him <@|FoodSnake> hes not worth knowing tbh |FoodSnake
#102 <@^Meth^> wow <@|Snake> .b Slip perm <@^Meth^> he seems like a bitch <@|RolanD|> he is |Snake
#196 <@|CookiE|> ya but love like ours cant be kept secret <|Mind-> stoned watching cartoons with the secret word penis in |Iron-
#199 <@|Danny-> !quote find |Iron- is cool <@|Danny-> [00:05:16] -^Legolas^- I didn't find any quotes on #the-office matching |Iron- is cool. |Iron-
#178 <@|Danny-> i need 10 pts <@|Iron-> i can swing that <@|Danny-> 8.52 <@|Iron-> hm <@|Iron-> 8.52 <@|Iron-> well i promised dank that i would leave him 500 points <@|Iron-> Current Balance: 508.51 * @|Iron- pokerface |Iron-
#189 <@|Danny-> my logic has built in unoutlogicable logic |Iron-
#77 <@|Gook-SC2|> Bob the builder is the boss <@|MuffinMan-> apparently these guys figured out the boss |Gook-SC2|
#183 <@|Iron-> god damn fags <|Mind-> i think he deserved it damn straight |mind- <@|Iron-> you cant give yourself props <|Mind-> what i Go fuck yourself a bit |Iron-
#197 <@|Iron-> how long do condoms take to expire <+iiBad> shit <+iiBad> just use it for 1 time |Iron-
#117 <@|Iron-> i like my women how i like my coffee; previously creamed in by GoFuckYourself GoFuckYourself
#131 <@|Iron-> i mentioned that all of our troublemakers are now in insomnia <@|Iron-> and some dude was like "yeah well our dicks are bigger than theirs in insomnia" <@|Iron-> im like alright cool GoFuckYourself
#135 <@|Iron-> im so hungry i want to eat a dick <@|IronMind-> ooo damn I am a dick |Snake
#186 <@|Iron-> we could roast up some jews in this room its so fucking hot |Iron-
#126 <@|Iron-> wish i had a spotter <@|IronMind-> do that? become a spotter |Snake
#158 <@|IronMind-> then i guess Luckster sucks dick it is xMac|afk
#162 <@|Mind-> Lets speak grammatically correct lol yea haha alright |Iron-
#93 <@|MuffinMan-> haha i love penis so fuck yall xDamien
#79 <@|MuffinMan-> ur crew hates black person. GoFuckYourself
#104 <@|Panda-> !quote delete 104 <@|Panda-> :< <@|Panda-> !quote remove 104 <@|Panda-> :< <@|Snake> It's del dumbass' |Snake
#98 <@|Panda-> cuz you are le noob <@|Panda-> :> |Snake
#154 <@|Panda-> i wish i had a basement :/ i would order 20 chinese children online and have them raid <@|Panda-> thats where tho and charlie came in |Iron-
#149 <@|Sleep-> ok im going to get food <@|Sleep-> and then study <@|Sleep-> ill be on tho <@GoFuckYourself> on Tho? <@GoFuckYourself> gross <@|Snake> fag <@|Panda-> No u! :/ |Panda-
#28 <@|Sleep|> WTF?! <@|Sleep|> there was 2 straws on my caprisun ^Iron
#187 <@|Snake-> Silly Phone, you cant Computate. You're a phone, you don't even have Linux |Iron-
#106 <@|Snake> .chanlev ^Legolas^ op -^HitMan^- For obvious reasons you can't set levels for NordicBots bots. |Snake
#140 <@|Snake> Dan is Zacharys bitch <@Zachary> hes not a bitch slap him! |Snake
#173 <@|Snake> <@^Legolas^> YouTube: Asphyxia - My hatred (04:29), 737.591 views, 2.929 likes, 123 dislikes (by LycanBrothers) <@|Iron-> i love legolas <@|Iron-> i dont even have to open the links to know that i should ignore them <@|Snake> -.- <@|Snake> .chanset -youtube <@|Snake> <@|Snake> there |Iron-
#141 <@|Snake> I am controlling you <@|Snake> I am your master <@Zachary> Your brain is stupid man you play outwar player Snipe|HW
#111 <@|Snake> Im divorcing you and moving in with Dan! <@|Snake> gonna have sex with his sister instead! <@^Meth^> his sister is hot <@^Meth^> id do her |Snake
#70 <@|Snake> ^Meth^ <@TehGookstuh> how has she become our "mother" <@|Snake> cuz shes the only female presence <@TehGookstuh> I WANT MILK ^Meth^
#145 <@|Study-> dont piss on my leg and tell me its raining |Snake
#203 <Blaze__> if we dont get the weapon . . . <Blaze__> tomorow on the news <Blaze__> belgian guys shoots up whole town |Iron-
#188 <dingirxul> my wife is like if u wanna get laid u have to mow the lawn so i do i achieved it <dingirxul> and by wife i mean dad |Iron-
#208 <longandstrong> applesauce is NOT a good lubricant |Work-
#116 <Methy> I miss you iron! <Snipe|studying> I miss you more iron! <@|Panda-> i miss iron the most! <@|Panda-> since i am a panda |Iron-
#10 <Tai|essay> blue screen of death? <Tai|essay> seriously i have no idea what youre talking about <Tai|essay> like the blue screen with the white font? ^IronLung
#119 <triviabot> Correct GoFuckYourself, the answer was Marc Antony. * triviabot was kicked by ^Legolas^ (You are not allowed to say that here, you have been warned!) |Iron-
#118 <triviabot> Question 2: An animal is a fish if it has _________? <@|Panda-> kieuwen <@|Sleep-> gills <triviabot> Correct |Sleep-, the answer was gills. Your channel score is now 113, network score is 117. <@|Panda-> yeah <@|Panda-> :< <@|Panda-> i said dutch word |Iron-
#8 <triviabot> Question 3 (chemistry): What is the symbol for iron in chemistry? <@^Iron> fe <triviabot> Correct ^Iron, the answer was Fe. Your channel score is now 3, network score is 222. ^Iron
#100 <xDamien> i did :P <xMac|afk> ok <xMac|afk> your score is now reset to 0 <xMac|afk> lol <xDamien> fuck you <xDamien> -.- xMac|afk
#205 <|Iron> let the record show that i loved Pitch Perfect Yahweh
#74 <|Snake> goes to the guy who cant even find his own penis GoFuckYourself
#164 Daniel Murray: Just got the cops called on me, I tried to get him to sign a petition postcard but no luck :< |Snake
#191 mIRC registration key: Joseph Smith 10038-988528 |Work
#103 New fries at Burger King, remember to go get Burger King Later |Snake
#85 QUOTING GAME, it's like russian roulet but instead of dieing, you are the gayest person that has ever lived! basicly everyone says !quote one after the other, if you land on this quote, you sir are the gayest person that has ever walked this planet, yes that's right, you'd be xSubZer0x! |Panda-
#52 Sailors = 5168 | Jose = 5197 | Lakebane = 5188 | Marsh = 5222 | Soilcharge = 5241 | Davey = 5440 | Angerdash = 5446 | Steven = 5477 | Kobars Vault = 5495 | Kobar = 5489 | Lost Sailors = 5291 | Snake Jones = 5400 | Zapmuck = 5369 | Twistkill = 5387 | Terrorcog = 5354 | Hatesnare = 5524 | Bloodstorm = 5634 | [o_0]
#123 xMac| on #the_anal_office xDamien
#130 xSubZer0x left crew 02/08/2012 GoFuckYourself
#179 YOLO is Carpe Diem for stupid people |Iron-
#20 [00:18:27] <@^Iron> hes the bassist [00:18:32] <@Taiyed> you are [00:18:32] <@^Iron> no YOU!! [00:18:36] <@Taiyed> fuck i forgot about that ^Iron
#17 [00:42:21] <@YoungMoney> Nigga we are [00:42:22] <@xTEG|bacaba> so ugly YoungMoney
#1 [00:53] <@MehZiaH> ? ^Iron
#37 [00:55:53] <@^Study> whatchu gettin into for the rest of the night [00:56:01] <@Tai|RAGE> your mother's bed [00:56:02] <@Tai|RAGE> DUH ^Study
#18 [01:18] <^IronLung> form this [01:19] <^IronLung> or give me permission to form em [01:19] <@Aaaaples> yea form it [01:19] <^IronLung> i cant :| ^IronLung
#170 [01:22:50] <@|Iron-> !brain [01:22:50] * @|Mind- knows 1337 lines of text (37.35KB) |Iron-
#198 [01:31:54] <@|Danny-> i just lold at shoutbox [01:32:04] <@|Danny-> ive had at least 10 beers too [01:32:12] <@|Danny-> and i just peed myself a little |Iron-
#6 [01:31] <@MehZiaH> imma do [01:31] <@MehZiaH> biology [01:31] <@MehZiaH> flash cards and reading for bio [01:31] <@^Iron> got 5 hours? [01:31] <@^Iron> oh [01:31] <+PsychoWhiteBoy> u need DC skills [01:31] <@^Iron> i thought you meant biology of the boss [01:31] <@^Iron> god im a nerd ^Iron
#59 [02:02] <@^Legolas^> ERROR has been spotted! [02:02] <@^Legolas^> Gorganus of the Wood has been killed |Snake
#34 [02:13:07] <@^Iron> the plot thickens [02:13:13] <@|Jamie-> thickens ^Iron
#165 [02:21:46] <gangsta> ill b more girly and shit [02:21:48] <@|Snake> god dammit gangsta some of us are trying to read about people who fucked there moms [02:21:50] <@|Snake> way to ruin it |Iron-
#4 [03:10] <@^Iron> hey guy [3:10] <@^Iron> get neudeus yet? [03:11] <MastaG> nudes ^Iron
#166 [03:11:24] <@|Iron-> fishbot [03:11:24] <fishbot> Yes? [03:11:27] <@|Mind-> .k fishbot fuckoff [03:11:27] * fishbot was kicked by ^Legolas^ (fuckoff) |Iron-
#53 [03:12:56] <BrutalV> why do people say to get your pets spayed or neutered, then say that there is too many of them as the reason for this. but then dont tell chinamen to cut off their balls as well? ^Iron
#76 [04:02:01] <@|Iron-> im being realistic [04:02:02] <@MuffinMan> it just cost us being negative [04:02:09] <@MuffinMan> straight to hl for being realistic |Iron-
#157 [04:02:37] <@xMac|afk> ah ok. nvm me lol [04:02:58] <@|Iron-> i had planned to<@xMac|afk> planned what? [01:01] <@|Iron-> i had planned to never mind you xMac|afk
#167 [05:03:19] <@|Danny-> |Mind- you're a crazy mofo [05:03:25] <@|Mind-> |mind-: is bein a crazy mofo |Class-
#23 [06:04:30] <@BrutalV> i woke up and by the time i figured out what was going on you had 5 in ^Iron
#200 [06:55:30] <@|Danny-> drinking some fireball right now |Iron-
#38 [07:17:26] <@Taiyed> alright well farewell [07:17:31] * Taiyed is now known as Tai|class [07:17:42] <@xRampage> and she dissapears again [07:17:51] <@xRampage> she's like Howldroid ^Iron
#99 [10:39:32] * @|Panda- slaps xSubZer0x around a bit with a large trout [10:39:35] <@|Panda-> bend over [10:39:38] <@|Panda-> nao! [10:39:39] * @xSubZer0x bends [10:39:47] * @|Panda- unzips [10:39:53] * @xSubZer0x runs away [10:39:55] * @xSubZer0x lets some gass out [10:39:57] <@|Panda-> :( |Panda-
#193 [10:54:58] <+dingirxul> i saw two black guys in my town yesterday [10:55:05] <+dingirxul> i amost had a heart attack |Work-
#67 [12:18:35] <@Noivilbo> is it racist when a prostitute turns down a bbc because its too big [12:18:58] <+|Snake> well shes gotta look at the long term [12:19:00] <+|Snake> or he [12:19:13] <+|Snake> it could cause irreversible damage [12:19:19] <+|Snake> then they'd be out of a job |Snake
#13 [12:42] <@Taiyed> maybe im just not LOL enough to be quoted ^Iron
#14 [12:47] * +YoungMoney slaps YoungMoney around a bit with a large trout [12:47] * +YoungMoney slaps Taiyed around a bit with a large trout [12:47] <+YoungMoney> Well FU! [12:47] * +YoungMoney ([email protected]) has left #the-office [12:47] <@Tai|around> woah [12:47] <@Tai|around> Sensitive Samuel ^Iron
#15 [12:48] <@Tai|around> im off to go do something with my life [12:48] <@Tai|around> (LOL not really) ^Iron
#16 [12:49] <@Tai|around> wow, im just getting SO quoted now ^Iron
#25 [13:04:21] <@xRampage> ^Iron watch out for foundries! ;p [13:04:28] <@^Iron> always am [13:04:32] <@BotMan|> Nessam has been spotted! ^Iron
#155 [13:13:22] <@TehGookstuh> so I need to Practice BJ [13:14:14] <@|Study-> do i play a 50 point hand to get it back? [13:14:22] <@|Study-> or do i swallow my loss and walk away |Panda-
#152 [13:38:01] <@|Panda-> germophobia[13:38:01] <@xDamien> germophobia[13:38:02] <@|Panda-> :< [13:38:03] <@xDamien> :< [13:38:04] <@|Panda-> lol [13:38:04] <@xDamien> LOL xDamien
#174 [13:59:43] <@trust|> saying it was they're account WorkinTheSnake
#210 [14:03:16] <+PhilMitchell> yeah [14:03:18] <+PhilMitchell> 2nd hit [14:03:27] <+PhilMitchell> well 3rd if u include the other xDamien
#180 [14:13:10] <@DANKFIRE> there homos i even was trying to help them out [14:13:14] <@|Iron-> theyre [14:13:17] <@DANKFIRE> they're [14:13:22] <+MastaG> They're |Iron-
#181 [14:13:10] <@|Iron-> I grew up with six brothers. That's how I learned to dance DANKFIRE
#90 [14:45:59] <@xDamien> haha i love penis so much i could swallow one |Snake
#169 [14:47:09] <@xSubZerOx> tihs fo eceip nmad dog uoy lleh ni nrub |Danny-
#29 [15:04:46] <@Taiyed> BRBLAUNDRYRUN HOLYSHIT GOTTA SKILL UP [15:06:20] <@Taiyed> ok im back [15:06:23] <@Taiyed> close call ^Iron
#60 [15:20:40] <@|Snake> |Snake
#49 [15:44:45] <@Taiyed> heres a thought [15:44:48] <@Taiyed> Dear Outwar [15:44:55] <@Taiyed> "New News" is completely retarded [15:44:58] <@Taiyed> <3 Taiyed ^Iron
#175 [15:45:28] <gangsta> u got black ops on ps3? [15:45:38] <@AcunaMaToka> xbox [15:45:59] <gangsta> u fuckin suck xcock |Danny-
#35 [16:19:38] <@|COOKIE|> LORD OF THE RINGS [16:19:44] <@|COOKIE|> MARATHON [16:19:46] <@|COOKIE|> FTW [16:20:04] <@Murders> its fucking sunday [16:20:08] <@Murders> watch football ^Iron
#21 [16:58:09] <Cookie1211> is taiyed a guy or a girl? [16:58:39] <Cookie1211> it seems like a girl to me lol ^Iron
#48 [17:00:18] <@Away|> xRampage [17:00:20] <@Away|> find me outwar plus [17:00:35] <@^Iron> say please! [17:00:39] <@xRampage> yeah [17:00:43] <@xRampage> be nicer against me [17:00:45] <@xRampage> or ill rape you ^Iron
#176 [17:05:01] * Q ([email protected]) has joined #the-office [17:05:01] * * sets mode: +o Q [17:05:50] * Q sets mode: +l 4 [17:10:02] * @Q ([email protected]) has left #the-office (Empty Channel) |Snake
#46 [17:27:34] <@^WtfMate> why cant beef just be something delicious? [17:27:44] <@^WtfMate> damn you, hip hop artists ^Iron
#45 [17:37:24] * xRampage changes topic to 'Camping - Fuckdroid(Coes, B0-Taiyed B1-Taiyed B2-Taiyed) TEG Chasing Hacker(Coes, B0-Taiyed B1-Taiyed B2-Taiyed) ^Smoke
#128 [17:41] <@xMac|> subby thats guy's emo xDoz
#40 [17:44:13] <@^Iron> Taiyed would put a bandaid on cancer [17:44:15] <@^Iron> and ffs, call it an adhesive strip [17:44:26] <@^Iron> youre advertising right now [17:44:44] <@Taiyed> thats why they pay me the big bucks [17:44:58] <@^Iron> it all makes cents now... ^Iron
#41 [17:52:28] <@^Iron> i go to the University of Pittsburgh school of Witchcraft and Wizardry [17:52:40] <@^Iron> and ninjary [17:52:47] <@Taiyed> what's your major? defense against the dark arts? [17:52:56] <@GoFuckYourself> quidditch [17:53:16] <@Taiyed> i have a feeling dan's would be herbology :o [17:53:25] <@Taiyed> ahhh this many harry potter jokes earns me one cigarette. ^Iron
#44 [18:11:29] <@Taiyed> well, we made around $4,500 in candle sales today [18:11:33] <@Taiyed> wrap your mind around that ^Study
#168 [18:15:38] <@|Mind-> .b megadirt perm [18:15:39] * ^Legolas^ sets mode: +b *!*[email protected] [18:15:39] * Megadirt was kicked by Q (Banned.) |Iron-
#50 [18:50:30] <@BotMan|> Samatha has entered its spawn window. [18:50:44] <@Taiyed> SAMATHA GTFO OF MY FACE ^Iron
#63 [1:19:33] <@|Snake> are you stupid? [1:19:33] <@|NotSmoking-> yeah |Snake
#30 [20:12:29] <@^Cookie|> selling 3yr old child for 700pts ^Iron
#147 [20:24:51] <@GiveItToUsRaaaw> why are you guys all butthurt that sub wont come back [20:24:54] <@GiveItToUsRaaaw> you sub lovers [20:25:02] <@|Snake> were not [20:25:06] <@GiveItToUsRaaaw> you are! GoFuckYourself
#9 [20:55] <@triviabot> Question 8: Unscramble the letters of the words "no stamp" into a single english word? [20:55] <@xWhiteWolfx> tampons <@triviabot> Correct xWhiteWolfx, the answer was postman. ^Iron
#72 [20:56:09] <@GoFuckYourself> the game |Snake
#65 [21:03:08] <@GoFuckYourself> you miss 100% of the shots you don't take |Snake
#2 [21:27] <+xWhiteWolfx> I was like [21:27] <+xWhiteWolfx> . ^Iron
#3 [21:28] <+xWhiteWolfx> and I was like [21:28] <+xWhiteWolfx> . ^Iron
#151 [21:54:53] <@GoFuckYourself> |Snake- [21:54:56] <@GoFuckYourself> ill miss you [21:54:58] <@GoFuckYourself> <3 |Snake-
#47 [21:59:04] <@Taiyed> everytime you guys do stuff like !WORDHERE [21:59:09] <@Taiyed> im always so surprised [21:59:12] <@Taiyed> to see stuff happen afterwards [21:59:19] <@^Iron> dude botman is the shit [21:59:27] <@Taiyed> !marijuana ^Iron
#73 [22:00:27] <@|Sleep-> [22:01:15] <@|Sleep-> you never saw this? [22:01:30] <@^Meth^> no [22:01:39] <@^Meth^> is it porn |Sleep-
#61 [22:00:49] * GoFuckYourself has joined #the-office [22:00:58] <@TehGookstuh> great [22:00:59] <@TehGookstuh> this guy [22:01:00] * @TehGookstuh Quit (Quit) [22:01:04] <@GoFuckYourself> good [22:01:14] <@GoFuckYourself> he was probably talking about school anyways [22:01:15] <@GoFuckYourself> nerd |Sleep-
#108 [22:14:15] <@|TrouserSnake> Standard response message: 100 pts per person, 500 pts per crew, Please direct all inquiries towards these matters to SnakeRomanov or xTheEaterGuy [22:14:33] <@|TrouserSnake> or xSubZer0x but you'll have even less luck there than talking to a chair |Panda-
#57 [22:33:33] <@Kakarot|> luckys back [22:33:34] * luck|shower ([email protected]) has joined #the-office ^Iron
#43 [22:34:09] <@Taiyed> cause if youre a dick to them, they're more likely to be a dick to you in the future [22:34:38] <@Taiyed> though it definitely wouldve been such a total trout in the face ^Study
#33 [22:42:58] * @Botman| Quit (Ping timeout) [22:43:09] <@|COOKIE|> scared ^Iron
#66 [23:59:10] <@|Snake-> asshole [23:59:11] <@mgfx> yes? |Study-
#209 [71 15:25:08] * m15 prays to the narzhul for prize [71 15:26:22] <@Vengenz> m15, You have won the War of Zhul Giveaway. Please PM me your Outwar Name and Server to claim your prize! You have 2 minutes to reply or it will be rerolled. |Iron-

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