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  Channel Information
Channel information for #bots4 on QuakeNet
Channel: #bots4 (Chat Now!)
Bot: ^Ashley^
Joined: 2010-02-04 09:18
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 36

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise -autoop -autovoice -badwords
-bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans -enforcebans
-flood +greet +google -hidelogs
+image +infobot -massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo -restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle +vote -weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT-5
Onjoin message: Not activated
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes:
Enforced topic: - open beta has started!

Privacy settings
Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

Statistics and logging
Statistics language: Not localized (English)

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
Ender Owner 2018-12-14 08:27
Kaapo^ Op 2018-12-14 08:27
1 owner, 0 masters, 1 op, 0 voices and 0 friends added to the bot

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ID Quote Added by
#45 <nos|feratu> and oddly enoguh I probably do have homo porn <nos|feratu> I download it all Arkuden
#19 <lunchbox> I got an opinion <lunchbox> fuck you <Swifteh> Seems more like a statement <snyex> "it is my opinon that, fuck you" <Swifteh> I see Arkuden
#44 <Arkuden> buttsex <Ender> it's something i do, and it's done now Arkuden
#31 <Swifteh> It wil cum out b4 u quit want'n it 2 Arkuden
#46 <Alan_> I usually get a message or two a day from somebody asking about a build or asking me to build them a bot. I'm a popular guy on bots4. <Arkuden> LMFAO, WHAT A FRUITCAKE Arkuden
#47 <Alan_> I know in new orleans. the houses are build 100% different Arkuden
#50 <made2shred> holy fucking shit balls dumping is slow :| Arkuden
#1 (15:02:10) (@bahamutzero) hey Ender-X if someoen cheats in your new game (15:02:12) (@bahamutzero) what will you do (15:02:31) (Ender-Z) spank them (15:02:41) (dragonrose) oooh (15:02:45) • dragonrose cheats bahamutzero
#66 [16:58:04] [@^Jane^] [Barricade] begins running for the open door, focusing on a [kevlar fortress]. [1...that is literally the worst you could have rolled...EPICFAIL] Barricade
#62 [04:12:25] [Nosferatu] mmmm, nothing beats a mouthful of nuts to satisfy your hunger Barricade
#63 [11:27:17] [@^Jane^] [Barricade] begins running for the open door, focusing on a [Troll Shoe]. [3...HAHAHAHA] Barricade
#70 [20:45:46] [@^Jane^] [Barricade] begins running for the open door, focusing on a [Black Hades]. [1000...that is literally the best you could have rolled...WTFHAX] Barricade
#65 [00:46:17] [Default-User] i will suck more though haha Barricade
#57 [12:55] <Cosby> my toilet connects to facebook :) DarkNinjaMaster
#98 <Pothead> Nosferatu: you are the god of bots [04:21:22] <Pothead> and you know it [04:21:37] <Pothead> your knowledge is unreachable [04:21:51] <Pothead> your history is unthinkable [04:22:59] <Pothead> and i look up to you dragonrose
#29 <Sirens-Song> you wont be inside when your future lover kicks you out for inadequite head <MacRi_> Sirens-Song: not gonna happen <MacRi_> I am a guy i know how guys like it dragonrose
#35 < Vrexu> either way, by now I should go and study some c / linux services < Vrexu> I'm like a rock < Vrexu> I know nothing < Vrexu> so, bye bye Ender
#119 -!- Execute [[email protected]] has joined #bots4 < Execute> !jane <@^Jane^> The backroom is open right now! <@^Jane^> The delivery girl closes the door. < Execute> !take Raven claw < Execute> Oh fml lol Ender
#26 < Swifteh> I'll feel better raping people Ender
#16 17:55:04 < Phoenix_> Wat do u guys do when you're on idle on bots4 chat 17:55:15 -!- Phoenix_ [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Page closed] 17:55:24 < ]Minto[> quit abrubtly. 17:55:26 < Swifteh> I guess he didn't really want to know Ender
#23 < d3nby> so and suggestions on how to waste time while i wait for an invite to beta? < d3nby> ive already taken a long dump and had a pizza Ender
#25 < Asmodeus> I'm gay < Off-> I love to choke on penis til I pass out < Asmodeus> o rly? < Asmodeus> show me < Off-> Come over here big boy ;) Ender
#39 15:22:57 -!- Jans has joined #bots4 15:23:16 < Jans> who has two thumbs and is about to level? 15:23:27 <@Jane> Levelup: Jans [61] <Aflac Insurance Inc> gained 1 level. 15:23:35 < Jans> this guy! Ender
#34 < [Alan]> that sentence didn't have a verb or subject Swifteh < [Alan]> very bad. Ender
#20 Arkuden is now known as gaybot Ender
#21 <waaaaaaaaaaaaaa> where is my bots4 <waaaaaaaaaaaaaa> FUCK YOU OMG <waaaaaaaaaaaaaa> HOW I PALY BOATS 4 ???? <waaaaaaaaaaaaaa> OMG FACK I WANT PAYL BOATS <waaaaaaaaaaaaaa> CANT YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP AND MAKE ME SOME BOTS4 <waaaaaaaaaaaaaa> CUNTS <waaaaaaaaaaaaaa> JOKES ON THEM IN ONLY ACTING LIKE A RETARD *** Quits: waaaaaaaaaaaaaa ([email protected]) (Quit: Page closed) Ender
#80 17:09:07 -!- dragonrose [[email protected]] has joined #bots4 17:09:09 <@^Jane^> The delivery girl closes the door. 17:09:23 < dragonrose> fuck 17:09:31 < dragonrose> that's why i came in :| 17:09:49 * dragonrose kicks ^Jane^ in the shins Ender
#48 < Zionic> I like that you don't abuse the game or have any kind of bossy complex. -!- mode/#bots4 [+o Ender] by Q -!- Zionic was kicked from #bots4 by Ender [Ender] Ender
#49 < Zionic> I was kicked by Ender! < Zionic> \o/ < Zionic> AND quoted. * Ender shits on Zionic's face < Zionic> <3 < Zionic> LOL < Ender> ... Ender
#37 23:25:52 < Erio> i will be hiding 1 level behind yall 23:26:00 <@Jane> Levelup: erio [67] gained 1 level. Ender
#38 < zion_> ender can you make me a bot please? < zion_> ill suck your... < zion_> please? < zion_> ive been playing bots forever < zion_> i miss < zion_> it < zion_> i cant live without it aaarrrtghghg Ender
#41 < ForThePeople> hey raider < Raider> hey < ForThePeople> long time < Raider> yeah it sure has been awhile lol < ForThePeople> your real name is micheal right < Raider> yeah thats it < ForThePeople> if you send me one more fucking facebook game request i will punch you in the eye Ender
#42 < AlansGay> i just wanna line up a shit load of girls and all at once slap there asses nice perfect Ender
#40 14:52:21 < Jans> lunchbox 14:52:40 < lunchbox> Jans 14:52:45 < Fasader> fasader 14:53:06 < KOFI> what a loser he had to say his own name 14:53:07 < KOFI> loser Ender
#36 < Ender> basically if you click the fake link too much, the system knows that you're up to no good and so it can automatically flag your account as being suspicious and after some time it will become inactive and then IBeTrollin comes to your house and shoots you in the fucking face < IBeTrollin> /crosses arms :) < wolf4041> lol can i watch i like pain < wolf4041> :) Ender
#33 Swifteh> MUWHAHAAHA completely restocked my food, no need to leave the house for like two weeks! Ender
#18 < Beaver_> I had a few dreams last night, I remember 1. < Beaver_> Ender gave me powers and I kicked you. < Beaver_> Best night ever. < Swifteh> Wow, that has to be the most pathetic dream I've ever heard Ender
#43 < coolman123> how do i get exp faster < coolman123> without int < sneakattack> alt f4 < coolman123> ok -!- coolman123 [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Page closed] < sneakattack> lol < sneakattack> LOL < sneakattack> epic -!- coolman123 [[email protected]] has joined #bots4 < coolman123> WHAT THE FUCK U DUN TO MY COMPUYER FAGOT Ender
#85 <@Ender> Leader2_ how many drinks have you had? < Leader2_> Til Manu < Leader2_> To. * < Leader2_> Manu * < Leader2_> Many* < Nosferatu> Too* Ender
#12 <Minto> I dont know cose I only find penis' attactive Ender-X
#6 <Ender-X> i like small ones <kofi> like mine XD <dragonrose> that's what she said ;) <Ender-X> i was deciding whether or not to start talking about penises so i could quote this Ender-X
#5 <erica> because I'm sexy as fuck <erica> and kyle wants me <kofi> i can't wait to pull erica's hair as i do him <kofi> her Ender-X
#11 * Malvious ([email protected]) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) <Swifteh> Hmm, that guy's name sounded familiar <Nales> harry potter <Swifteh> Ugh <Swifteh> I feel like a loser now <Nales> lol <Minto> lol Ender-X
#3 <kofi> so i can rape this dog <kofi> over and over? <kofi> sounds good to me Ender-X
#8 [21:31:52] * ex_ has joined #bots4 [21:31:57] <ex_> Hey. [21:32:06] <ex_> elo? [21:32:14] <ex_> Kay don't talk wtf. [21:32:16] <ex_> faggots [21:32:18] <ex_> go touch his dick [21:32:24] * ex_ Quit (Quit: Page closed) Ender-X
#7 <kofi> PyBot <PyBot> Yes master? <Ender-Z> oh wtf <kofi> CHYEA <PyBot> Error: name 'CHYEA' is not defined Ender-X
#10 <Wraithan> erica: I'm a developer, windows gets in my way so I remove it <erica> I'm a nazi, Jews get in my way so I remove them Ender-X
#13 <Ender-Z> nice, a fellow dinasaur user :) <Ender-Z> mine turns 5 in december <Ender-Z> dino* i guess <Swifteh> I wouldn't have noticed <Ender-Z> i blame dyna <Swifteh> Nos would have though <Ender-Z> where's nos been anyway? <Swifteh> Dyna makes you use a 5 year old computer? <Ender-Z> blamed him for the spelling <Swifteh> I dunno, but he msn'd me a few hours ago to correct a typo in my personal message : / <Ender-Z> lmao Ender-Z
#2 (20:52:39) (kofi) i'll wear a wig and paint my junk purple so you think its a strap on erica
#24 < dragonrose> no, i clearly didn't bang it in far enough. lunchbox
#96 (15:01:13) <dragonrose> ville showed me his noodles earlier, not very impressive Nosferatu
#67 (13:06:39) <@^Jane^> [Barricade] begins running for the open door, focusing on a [Raven Caw]. [995...HOLYSHITBALLS] Nosferatu
#103 (10:34:34) <Pothead> i enjoy sucking ass Nosferatu
#58 (21:26:34) <DNM> emma come first, den I come, then two asses, dey come together, den I come again, den two more asses come, den I, pee twice, den i come again (21:26:49) <Cosby_> the fuck is that? (21:27:19) <DNM> its a hillbilly spelling mississippi Nosferatu
#55 (22:27) <Cosby> !take your penis (22:27) <Nosferatu> in your mouth (22:27) <Cosby> good thing Jane snuck that in there for me Nosferatu
#91 (14:27:26) <Dynamitecop> I haven't been cool enough to get quoted yet Nosferatu
#105 (16:36:58) <pothead> damn i need a fag Nosferatu
#107 (16:38:39) <dragonrose> it is not that small nos :P Nosferatu
#92 (13:29:45) <Ville`> I've been studying you Nosferatu (13:29:48) <pothead> not as good as your mom Nosferatu
#53 (09:19) <DNM> I'm on top of boondock Nosferatu
#115 (21:26:15) <pothead> your mom is me Nosferatu
#95 <dragonrose> tit's already there :P Nosferatu
#102 (13:17:29) <dragonrose> nice retraction pothead (13:17:44) <dragonrose> i was just about to lay into you Nosferatu
#61 (21:30:38) <@Ender> i'm a dick \o/ Nosferatu
#59 (15:40:29) ••• (Shadowfax) changes nick to (Saliorfax) Nosferatu
#101 (12:32:51) ••• dragonrose worships pothead Nosferatu
#90 (12:23:22) <Leader> I understand i am a twat i will be first to admit Nosferatu
#108 (14:33:09) <Nosferatu> I like playing with Gpof Nosferatu
#88 (08:50:18) <pothead> i might make my main rap and get 2 platinum albums Nosferatu
#118 (13:48:43) <Gpof> Don't be salty like that Fish :( you won't live long in salt water Nosferatu
#111 <Gpof> !take gods pyjamas <^Jane^> [Gpof] begins running for the open door, focusing on a [Gods Pyjamas]. [15...ouch] * dragonrose points & giggles at cheesey <dragonrose> !take rusty spoon <^Jane^> [dragonrose] begins running for the open door, focusing on a [rusty spoon]. [5...HAHAHAHA] <dragonrose> FUCK! * Gpof points and giggles even harder at rose * dragonrose mutters Nosferatu
#110 (12:01:41) <Pothead> i can finally take Nosferatu's mom out Nosferatu
#109 (13:48:45) <Gpof> !take you to a gay bar Nosferatu
#56 (20:04) <@^Jane^> The delivery girl turns her back with the backroom left open! (!take <item> to take an item) (20:04) <shoyuken> !take Twitchthroe (20:04) <@^Jane^> [shoyuken] sneaks a [Twitchthroe] into the next showroom delivery. (20:04) <Gpof> anyone? (20:04) <Gpof> I'll do it (20:04) <Gpof> !take champion axe Nosferatu
#97 (13:29:12) <dragonrose> but it's so big Nosferatu ;) Nosferatu
#51 [09:30] <Nosferatu> I got enderfy before i even created my bot [09:30] <Cosby> oh snap [09:31] <@Ender> i am ender, boom Nosferatu
#100 (21:04:40) <Nosferatu> you both can suck my dick (21:04:57) <Ville`> whip your dick out (21:05:04) ••• Nosferatu whips out his dick (21:05:15) ••• Ville` sucks Nosferatu's entire dick (21:05:24) ••• delivery points and laughs Nosferatu
#72 (08:24:18) <Luthrin3> always start your sentences with a cap. Nosferatu
#93 (13:51:26) <dragonrose> sausages <3 Nosferatu
#71 (19:02:53) <@^Jane^> [Nosferatu] begins running for the open door, focusing on a [Manic Cranium]. [1...that is literally the worst you could have rolled...EPICFAIL] Nosferatu
#69 (00:30:03) <@^Jane^> [DNM] begins running for the open door, focusing on a [cap]. [69...ouch] Nosferatu
#68 (23:48:28) <DNM> !quote 68 (23:48:48) <DNM> sweet, still time to think of a good 69 quote Nosferatu
#114 (12:13:23) ••• Gpof slaps rose around with his flopadilla Nosferatu
#104 (15:15:49) <pothead> i am stupid Nosferatu
#99 (12:26:08) <delivery> i keep getting no reason boners :\ (12:28:14) <dragonrose> but i can assist you wit that :D Nosferatu
#113 (12:13:57) <dragonrose> you make me smile cheesey :) Nosferatu
#94 <pothead> mine still look tiny compared to villes Nosferatu
#54 (12:49) <DNM> sweet, I'm on top of ville again! Nosferatu
#106 (14:00:00) ••• pothead cuddles his penias Nosferatu
#89 (13:21:49) <dragonrose> you like my fluffy bummy? Nosferatu
#73 (20:42:42) <Gpof> random boy band or something, I feel 10% more gay right now Nosferatu
#52 (13:57) <@^Jane^> [^Jans^] sneaks a [cap] into the next showroom delivery. Nosferatu
#112 (16:09:13) <Fishwick> nothing can eat into my cock time Nosferatu
#82 (14:31:00) ••• pothead is stuffed (14:31:12) <Nosferatu> in the butt? (14:31:16) <Nosferatu> with a penis (14:31:21) <pothead> no in the mouth (16:12:31) <pothead> i love stuffing myself with spotted dick Nosferatu
#83 (20:00:55) <@Ender> i'm an idiot Nosferatu
#84 (21:58:02) <Luth_> my dick is small but cute Nosferatu
#86 (18:21:50) <@^Jane^> The delivery girl turns her back with the backroom left open! (!take <item> to take an item, 120 seconds remaining) (18:21:58) <pothead> !take snipe (18:21:59) <@^Jane^> YOU DUMB FUCK IT WAS JUST OPEN! Nosferatu
#87 <@^Jane^> The delivery girl turns her back with the backroom left open...but then she turns back around! <TheCause> !take obliterator <TheCause> !take obliterator <TheCause> wtf? <@^Jane^> The delivery girl stares blankly at TheCause. <TheCause> rofl <TheCause> you fucking around ender haha <TheCause> really why does this dont work ••• @Ender coughs Nosferatu
#14 [12:36] <Swifteh> When I correct people now, I don't even think of it as "correcting" them, I call it "nos'ing" someone nos|feratu
#116 [10:04] <Gpof> quite a few of us Escapism fellows on! samulii
#117 17:04 < Fishwick> awesome gay porn! samulii
#15 15:17:57 | dragonrose: i never swallowed tho! :D Swifteh
#22 <Ender> sorry to have to nerf it :p <Ender> never good to have to take something away, even if it's the right thing to do <AquaRegia> we've only experienced the fast leveling for a day <dragonrose> pfft that's the idea of this wiggin <AquaRegia> don't worry about it :P <dragonrose> toughen up man! <Nales> need my shoulder to cry on? Swifteh
#17 17:52:33 •Join: FABZS ([email protected]) 17:52:57 FABZS: so when this awesome game is gonna start :) 17:52:59 PyBot: FABZS: 17:53:36 FABZS: soz ain't got facebookie 17:53:45 •Quit: FABZS ([email protected]) (Quit: Page closed) Swifteh
#30 <dragonrose> what can i say, I'm not a screamer :P Swifteh
#28 <AquaRegia>: if a runner in a marathon has short legs he doesn't get a head start Swifteh
#32 <Dyna> I rip my ass when they're big :( Swifteh
#27 [16:02] <Arkuden> more buttsex [16:03] <Ender> yeah it's gotten much larger Swifteh
#81 (19:31:02) <pothead> luthrin we used to be faggy untill you fucked me ziaodix
#78 (12:35:50) ••• @^Jane^ points and laughs at Leader- |Barricade|
#75 12:33:08 [@^Jane^] [Leader2_] begins running for the open door, focusing on a [Satans Claw]. [666] |Barricade|
#76 01:28:02 [@^Jane^] The delivery girl turns her back with the backroom left open...but then she turns back around! (!take <item> to take an item, 0 seconds remaining) 01:28:13 [Matvei] !take cap |Barricade|
#74 <|Barricade|> where you off to then <Default-User> meeting my mum <|Barricade|> NOOOOOO! |Barricade|
#77 [23:09:12] [@^Jane^] The delivery girl turns her back with the backroom left open...but then she turns back around! [23:09:18] [Tryhard] !take iron pelt [23:09:28] [|Barricade|] LOL [23:09:30] [Tryhard] wtf [23:09:33] [Slammer] Lmao [23:09:33] [|Barricade|] ender strikes again [23:09:35] [Tryhard] I just got fucking served |Barricade|

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