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  Channel Information
Channel information for #kacka on QuakeNet
Channel: #kacka (Chat Now!)
Bot: ^Faramir^
Joined: 2008-07-23 23:30
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: Not monitored

Channel settings
Channel settings:
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-bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans -enforcebans
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+image +infobot -massvoice -peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo +restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle -vote -weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Not activated
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes:
Enforced topic: Not activated

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Logs page: Access restricted. Required level: Friend
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

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Statistics language: Not localized (English)
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Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
Aubustou Owner 2019-04-14 12:12
1 owner, 0 masters, 0 ops, 0 voices and 0 friends added to the bot

Auth/Handle Greeting
Aubustou connard

ID Quote Added by
#6 <@peff> i have funny Zardoz
#7 <@ropzu^> too suitable for yo Zardoz
#8 <@ropzu^> dont quote bad quotes Zardoz
#9 ( @maelvino ): fag my erectus ( @maelvino ): hombre ropzu^
#11 <@max_> crass ny bugga Zardoz
#12 (@quarren) time to shop for some essential "drugs" Zardoz
#15 <@Zardoz> that is, if they don't die from the shit fumes on the way to the granary Aubustou
#16 <Nats> one cock <Nats> and like about 5 litres worth of semen <Nats> but this is the only way to be successfull <Nats> and suck that goddamn huge cock quarren
#17 (@ropzu^) muro Ratbastard
#18 (@ropzu^) ARMOR ON —› quit: (ropzu^) ([email protected]) (Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 4.2 :: )) Ratbastard
#19 (@Zardoz) lol cock? (@Zardoz) i must admit (@Zardoz) i did like it ;-) Ratbastard
#20 * @ropzu^ off Zardoz
#21 <@ropzu> rock'n'roll baby <@ropzu> 8=======D Zardoz
#22 <@Ratbastard> i hate you all <@Ratbastard> eat shit and die <@Ratbastard> goodbye forever * Ratbastard ([email protected]) has left #kacka Zardoz
#25 !Quote 23 maelvino
#28 (@maelvino) i am level 69 gay faggot and i look like fish and suck cocks Ratbastard
#31 (@maelvino) i am level 69 gay faggot and i look like fish and suck cocks Ratbastard
#32 <@Aubustou> fucking good music Zardoz
#33 <@ropzu^> time to listen <@ropzu> to slipknot <@ropzu> Now playing: Slipknot - People=Shit <@ropzu> i hate you all :'((( Zardoz
#34 <@Zardoz> time to listen <@Zardoz> H.I.M <@Zardoz>I never thought I’d be this sad How did things get so bad? ropzu^
#35 <@Zardoz> god I hate everyone :(((((((((88 ropzu^
#36 <@Zardoz> my sadness cannot be described in words :( ropzu^
#37 <@ropzu> Now playing: My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade <@ropzu> this song perfectly represents my current emotional status <@ropzu> i hate myself :'(((((((( Zardoz
#38 <@Zardoz> Now playing: <@Zardoz> i'm not listening anything at the moment <@Zardoz> that's just how sad I am @Zardoz> I don't want to live :'(((((((((( ropzu^
#40 <@Ratbastard> fuck you guys :'((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Zardoz
#42 (@Zardoz) man, even that poor shoeless gypsy kid living in a box has a better life than i do :((((( i can't take this anymore Ratbastard
#43 <@Ratbastard> I TRIED SO HARD AND GOT SO FAR BUT IN THE END IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER :'((((((((((((((((((((( Zardoz
#44 <@Nats^> i am gonna get a dominix battleship <@Nats^> arm it with a heavy neutralizer <@Nats^> that cases target ships capacitor to go nuts and lose its power over time <@Nats> WHOOPS LOL WRONG CHANNEL Zardoz
#46 ( @Zardoz ): i hate you all :((((((( ropzu^
#49 <@Nats> WAR :) Zardoz
#50 <@Nats> i like wars <@Nats> lol Zardoz
#51 (@quarren) i like drugs (@quarren) lol Ratbastard
#53 <@Ratbastard> i like larps <@Ratbastard> lol Zardoz
#54 (@Zardoz) i like children (@Zardoz) lol Ratbastard
#55 (@ropzu^) i like turtles (@ropzu^) lol Ratbastard
#56 <@ropzu> i don't like anything <@ropzu> my life is meaningless :'(((((( Zardoz
#58 <@Nats> sup guys i stole a tank <@Nats> whoops the police is here brb Zardoz
#59 <@xantir> MURDERRRRRR :) maelvino
#60 <@peff> so that it is east channel? maelvino
#61 <@peff> my sorrow life peff imperium maelvino
#62 <@quarren> Aubustou <@quarren> I WANT TO SUCK YOUR DICK <@quarren> whoops caps ;D maelvino
#63 <@peff> i like cows <@peff> lol maelvino
#64 <@peff> i like cows <@peff> lol maelvino
#66 (@ropzu) Lukko Koni Kolahti Mummoon Ratbastard
#68 (@Nats^) i have been looking for sum gay action for a long time Ratbastard
#69 <@funnyPeff> wars is wars i dont think about it Zardoz
#70 <@Nats> it is tank <@Nats> inside <@Nats> lol Zardoz
#72 (@maelvino) im not visiiging TV downloading firends atm Ratbastard
#74 (@ropzu^) pömpelit nurkkaan, nyt ruvetaa rymsteeraamaa!!!!! Ratbastard
#75 (@Zardoz) in (@Zardoz) bolivian Ratbastard
#80 <peff-funny> what <peff-funny> are you an apple Zardoz
#81 »» [@Zardoz] goodbye forever »» [Quit] [x] Zardoz [[email protected]] [Quit] maelvino
#88 <@Aubustou> die <@Aubustou> die <@Aubustou> die <@Nats> hehe yes murder :) <@Aubustou> WAR :)) <@Nats> RAPE SLAUGHER HAHAHAH :DD <@Aubustou> HOLOCAUST :-) Zardoz
#89 <@Aubustou> there are chineses who want spanks Zardoz
#91 <@maelvino> Hi Mumps <@maelvino> Wanna fucl? <@Mumps> yes :) sdgdfhdf
#93 <@Nats^> all the best vids are in liveleak <@Nats^> war <@Nats^> accidents <@Nats^> catasthrophies Zardoz
#96 <@Zardoz> I LOVE TO SUCK MY SMALL DICK PLX! :) mitja
#97 <@max_> mexi.g geht doch ins mex digger.. mitja
#98 <eike> ich willn messer mitja
#99 <eike> fick dich schreib fuck you.. fuck you. schreib das.! mitja
#100 <eike> schreib FUCK YOU DAS VERSTEHN DIE mitja
#101 <@Ratbastard> ui am nogiuntg t shoe <@Ratbastard> it's me to know and yout to find out Zardoz
#113 <@Nats> huye <@Nats> nasdofj Zardoz
#114 <@Nats> sup guys i killed all my coworkers MAN that was hard work i sweated like a pig Ratbastard
#115 <quarren> i am now sharing my appartment with coke fiends <quarren> because i felt like getting high ;-) Zardoz
#116 (@Nats) BREN GUN = <3 (@Nats) i feel like shooting my enemies with it (@Nats) LoL Ratbastard
#117 (@Nats) the main thing to do in my life (@Nats) bren guns (@Nats) and killing people with it lol ;-) Ratbastard
#118 <@Nats> i will murder all people :) Zardoz
#119 (@quarren) Nats plz, that kind of violence isn't any good, love all, take drugs :) (@quarren) put down your weapons and grab the crackpipe of peace if offer to you ;-) Ratbastard
#120 (@quarren) take that goddamn crackpipe and murder all niggers etc. (@Nats) YES! MURDER :) CRACK :) Ratbastard
#121 <@Zardoz> Nats i think you agree with me when i say they should be flogged mercilessly and forced to swallow white man semen am i right? <@Nats> yes :) Zardoz
#122 (@Nats) instead we should enslave the nigger ;) Ratbastard
#123 (@Nats) and i must say i am quite damn happy that leave work after this week (@Nats) that fucking nigger sucks (@Nats) god damn i hate him Ratbastard
#124 <@Nats> and why is it that everything i say gets twisted into some idiot quote? :'< <@Nats> i hate you all :'((((((((((((((((((( Zardoz
#125 <@Nats> hi xantirc i now have a 21 customer streak in team cocksucking <@xantirc> woah <@xantirc> fuck you own <@Nats> lawl i just noob whore <@Nats> apply lube etc. <@Nats> my friend does the actual hard cocksucking Zardoz
#126 —› quit: (Zardoz) ([email protected]) (Read error: Connection reset by COCK INSERTION) Nats
#127 —› nick: (sdgdfhdf) is now known as (Zadoz) —› nick: (Zadoz) is now known as (Zardoz) Ratbastard
#128 (@Zadoz) godamn interents Ratbastard
#131 <@Ratbastard> Nats srsly stop raping people it's wrong <@quarren> shit yeah have some crack and relax <@Nats> SHUT UP, I'M GOING TO RAPE BOTH YOUR MOTHERS Zardoz
#132 <Nats> this morning i was fucking happy when i found out i would be working with 2 hot estonians blonds Zadoz
#133 (@Zardoz) lutsch meinen schwanz du dreckige fotze, klar??? :||| quarren
#134 <@Ratbastard> BLOOD, GUTS, AND ENTRAILS! :) Zardoz
#135 (max_) i sure am high on goddamn coke Ratbastard
#136 (@Zardoz) HARD COCK Ratbastard
#137 <@Nats> i dont ride american gay cocks <@Nats> european cocks are sexy <@Nats> i also want to ride cocks in european beautiful scenery in traffic Zardoz
#139 (@Zadoz) godamn Ratbastard
#140 <@xantirc> Now playing: Mayhem - Freezing Moon <@xantirc> i like satan <@xantirc> lol Zardoz
#141 <@xantirc> sup guys i'm back from the virgin sacrificial rituals Zardoz
#142 <@xantirc> hi i got an inverted cross tattoeed on my penis Zardoz
#143 (@Zardoz) PIIIIIISSSS (@Zardoz) COMING FROM MY ASSSSSSSSS Ratbastard
#144 <@xantirc> i am a big fan of jesus <@xantirc> if you catch my drift ;) Zardoz
#148 <@Nats> man i totally enjoy the thought of rape, pretty funny to me LoL :D <@Nats> also, i hate those goddamn armenians, i'm glad the turks wanted to get rid of them back then HEhE LOL xD quarren
#149 <@Nats> pull the vigor up your ass Zadoz
#150 <@maelvion> i like meth <@maelvino> lol Zardoz
#151 xantir finances his movies with nazi gold Zardoz
#152 (@Zardoz) HAOLEU SA IMI SUGI PULA FRAERE Ratbastard
#153 (@Zardoz) quarren get high in stronghold (@quarren) sir, yes sir Ratbastard
#154 (@quarren) fuzzy dick Ratbastard
#155 <@Nats> i fap to war, not awesome effects Zardoz
#156 (@Nats) Stuntman makes a fatal ejaculation Ratbastard
#157 <@Nats> armenian genocide =) Zardoz
#158 (@Zardoz) Lol. Ratbastard
#159 (@Nats^) those russian kids needling the other kid with heroin overdose was the most hilarious video i have ever seen Zardoz
#160 <@Nats^> do you know any online places <@Nats^> where i could order <@Nats^> a poster with this image? Zardoz
#161 <@xantir> praise the lord :) Zardoz
#162 <@xantir> jesus loves you, guys :) <3 Zardoz
#163 <@xantir> i will say a prayer for you, Nats^ ;) <@Nats^> WAAAARRRR SLAUGHTER GENOCIDE HAHAHAHAHA MURDERRRRR DIEEEE Zardoz
#165 <@xantir> two hands clasped in prayer can do more than a million working :) Zardoz
#166 <@Nats^> i like trucks <@Nats^> lol Zardoz
#167 (@Zardoz) Nats^ play my cock Ratbastard
#170 ( @Ratbastard ): Turkey rul ropzu
#176 <@maelvino> jesus is awesome <@maelvino> ans so is mr real quote Zadoz Zadoz
#177 (@Zadoz) mmmmh yeaaah 3d gay villa :O~~ Ratbastard
#178 (@Zadoz) hagy Ratbastard
#179 <@Ratbastard> u will seeking cock <@Ratbastard> of ass up Zardoz
#180 <@Nats^> pc games are too complicated <@Nats^> that's the only point why i would get consoles :< Zardoz
#182 (@Nats^) but in all seriouessness (@Nats^) im gonna plan out this my school stalking thing (@Nats^) MURDER :) (@Nats^) they will not realise what is going on until they are all dead :))) Ratbastard
#183 (@Zardoz) XBOX FICAT Ratbastard
#184 <@Ratbastard> Xbox SUORANA LÄHETYKSENÄ Hopea Jäsenmäärä :] Zardoz
#185 (@Nats^) war isnt about huge explosions and stuff (@Nats^) its about tactics and strategy (@Nats^) but also murder and killing ;-) Zardoz
#186 (@Mumps) Guys really, I don't like you to do fake quotes about god and Jesus. (@Mumps) I really love god and Jesus :) Ratbastard
#188 <@Nats^> LESBIAN ALIEN SEX :O~~~ Zardoz
#189 [@Zardoz] I am a criminal maelvino
#190 (@maelvino) i am weak junkie Ratbastard
#191 (@Aubustou) violence is always an option (@Nats^) NO FUCK YOU! (@Nats^) VIOLENCE IS ALWAYS AN SOLUTION!!!11 Ratbastard
#192 <@maelvino> WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR <@maelvino> Right Nats^ ? <@Nats^> yes :) Zardoz
#216 <@Aubustou> je t'emmerde Zardoz
#217 <@Aubustou> encule Zardoz
#218 <@Nats> first i get my website to work <@Nats> then i ask for pussy Zardoz
#219 ( @Ratbastard ): u thin man ropzu
#220 <@Nats> im not a mernacry Zardoz
#221 (@Nats) but i am mercenary, well one kind of a mercenary, a mercenary of a god's army (@Nats^) i fight for any god as long as there are wars to fight :) Ratbastard
#222 (@Zardoz) guise, you and your godamn wars and drugs (@Zardoz) i don't give a damn! (@Zardoz) as long as there are enough children to rape :) Ratbastard
#223 <@Ratbastard> Don't get me wrong guys, I'm perfectly fine with the idea of war and slaughtering people. But it's cock between tits etc. that really gets me going. Hell yeah! :D Zardoz
#224 (@quarren) i am not much into that war shit, well good bloody slaughter may be nice but i'd go for the drugs babe! Ratbastard
#225 <@ropzu> War? Never read about that in my mangas. Sure, I like to play with my toy katana, but i'd never slaughter people. I prefer turtles, lol. ^_^ Zardoz
#226 (@Nats) awesome man (@Nats) i killed several civilians, mostly women and children (@Nats) until ran out of ammo lol >:-)) Ratbastard
#227 <@Nats> awesome <@Nats> DEATH TOLL <@Nats> I PARTICIPATED IN MURDERING THEM :) Zadoz
#228 (@quarren) hi guys lets get high Ratbastard
#229 <@Ratbastard> hi guys let's play p&p RPGs :) Zardoz
#230 ) (@Nats) seriously (@Nats) for the love of the guns Ratbastard
#231 <@Nats> THERE IS A GOD Zardoz
#232 (@Nats) THERE IS GOD (@Nats) for me the god of WAR :) Ratbastard
#233 (@Zardoz) A man, that AK looks tight tell me all the things you put on it and where you got them from because I want my Ak to look like yours, black, sexy and mean looking those are the things that your gun and I have in common. Ratbastard
#234 (@Nats) now but it delorean with time macine Ratbastard
#235 <@maelvino> np: Slipknot - People=Shit [04:13] <@maelvino> I HATE YOU GUYS SO MUCH ;_; Zardoz
#236 <@Nats^> me faggot wut Zardoz
#239 (@Aubustou) ejaculate Ratbastard
#240 [@maelvino] CRUSTAL METH YEEH! maelvino
#241 (@Nats^) bren gun is love (@Nats^) fuck peace, war is love! Ratbastard
#242 (@Nats) my german vocabulary is very limited to WAR Ratbastard
#243 (@Nats) i will be bringing this to WAR TODAY Ratbastard
#244 <@Nats> i cant wait for the expansion that will include "ambulation" <@Nats> i will definitely hook up with my corp mates and lynch minorities etc. Zardoz
#245 <@Nats> but seriously Ratbastard <@Nats> play gears of war and you understand the idea of a "complex game" <@Nats> i mean, it requires two buttons AS WELL as the directional pad! Zardoz
#246 <@Nats> i must advertise <@Nats> that i finished My Pony Stables on easy mode <@Nats> try that motherfucker Zardoz
#247 <@Nats> i would personally like a game where you're actual objective is simply to cause holocaust and rape people Zardoz
#248 <cg_fov> lol your stupid gay Zardoz
#249 <@Ratbastard> LAUFENPENIS Zardoz
#250 <+Ratbastard> cocksucker sex majigz Zardoz
#251 <@Ratbastard> thank god i stopped the download <@Ratbastard> praise the lord :) Zardoz
#252 <@Ratbastard> wtf did ropzu^ do? <@ropzu^> I'M GONNA CUM IN YOUR ASS Zardoz
#253 [16:28] <@Zardoz> !quote [16:28] <@Ratbastard> !quote Aubustou
#254 (@Zardoz) pussy mangala Ratbastard
#255 (@Zardoz) PENE POLPOSO :P~~~ Ratbastard
#256 (@Nats) Hi I violated the gypsy women and children:) Ratbastard
#257 (@Nats) Oorlogsverkrachting en vermoord! Dood schiet en munitie dood! tankkanonnen en bloedvergieten ook genocide Ratbastard
#258 (@Aubustou) Zardoz vous salissez le gitan descen comme je vous commande, maintenant vous êtes sur le point de sucer mon coq pendant que maelvino regarde et masturbe ! Ratbastard
#259 (@maelvino) seriously, im dumb Ratbastard
#260 <@Nats> hi Ratbastard i have driven this with sirens on Zardoz
#261 <@Nats^> TACKLED!!! Zardoz
#267 <@Nats> LOOL <@Nats> Ratbastard watch <@Nats> <@Nats> hehe <@Nats> serves them right Zardoz
#268 <@Nats> Kiliç hakkinda Türkçe sohbet :-) Zardoz
#269 (20:14:19) (@^Faramir^) sup guys i am ^Faramir^ (20:14:50) —› quit: (^Faramir^) ([email protected]) (Killed (* (overruled by older nick))) (20:14:52) (@Ratbastard) lol i wonder Ratbastard
#270 (@Nats^) www server lol a.k.a world wide war ;-) Ratbastard
#271 <Nats> if you'd be fighting civilians with normal cars & stuff <Nats> fuck man <Nats> TOTAL DESTRUCTION Zadoz
#272 (Nats) 124 mil civilians killed (Nats) 20 mil more and this day is balanced :) Ratbastard
#273 <@Nats> i was reading magazine and just got up to move around, only to find out the fucking nigger got up at the same time <@Nats> *slice* *slice* <@Nats> dead Zardoz
#274 (@Zardoz) won't load :( (@Zardoz) cruel world :( (@Zardoz) goodbye forever —› quit: (Zardoz) ([email protected]) (Quit) Ratbastard
#275 <@Nats> yeah, i was so fucking lame i even fucked up killing myself Zardoz
#277 <Nats> umm guys do you have any blasters? Zardoz
#278 (Nats) man i must say Pekka-Eric Auvinen and Matti Saari were quite persons, altough they killed quite a few (Nats) my goal is at least 15 dead ;-) Ratbastard
#279 (Nats) hi & fuck you :) (Nats) meanwhile (Nats) i must plan carefully my massacre attempt Ratbastard
#280 (@Zardoz) man, Kauhajoki massacre :'( (Nats) fuck you Zardoz, what's wrong with you? the massacre was awesome :) Ratbastard
#281 (Nats) you are both big fat homos :> (Nats) hopefully there will be lot of homo's when i start the killings :) Ratbastard
#282 (Nats) you two (Nats) are full of failure (Nats) the whole mankind is one big failure! Ratbastard
#283 <Nats> you two <Nats> are full of failure <Nats> i will rape your mothers first when the day comes Zardoz
#284 (Nats) bf2 -> (Nats) little virtual "practice" before the real thing ;-) Ratbastard
#285 <@Nats> You can never have enough war, lol. ;) Zardoz
#286 (@Nats^) pistol?! (@Nats^) those arent real guns (@Nats^) this is what i like (@Nats^) pistols are shit (@Nats^) assault guns kill better ;-) Ratbastard
#287 (Nats) i must make (Nats) document and powerpoint presentation (Nats) about bombs and guns of Nazi Germany ;-) (Nats) i so love 'em Ratbastard
#288 <Nats> its not an attraction to accidents, its an attraction to corpses and blood Zardoz
#289 <@Nats> i shoot mccain with 12.7 millimetre <@Ratbastard> and then u wud shoot everything else <@Nats> yes :) Zardoz
#350 (@ropzu) also i "ate" those dicks ;-) Ratbastard
#351 (Nats) im in this for REAL WAR (Nats) :) Ratbastard
#352 <@Nats> if i were there <@Nats> i would sure shoot him with some fucking 7.62x39 hollow-point rounds <@Nats> and put up a fight <@Nats> throw him a few grenades <@Nats> like the RGD-5 FRAGMENTATION GRENADE Zardoz
#353 (@Nats) a bullet, anykind of a bullet, does tremendous things to a civilians (@Nats) ;) Ratbastard
#354 <Nats> the 105mm CT-CV looks so sexy on that thing Zardoz
#355 <@Nats> hi guys i was a huge morrowind gamer, i played it for 500 hours while trying to kill every npc with the ak-47 mod LoL ^^ Zardoz
#358 (@Zardoz) fffhheh Ratbastard
#359 (Nats) gun is good, penis is evil Ratbastard
#360 <@Nats> nothing is better than tuning <@Nats> its fucking awesome <@Nats> and if you go that far as make all those fucking neon colors and lights to your car... man <@Nats> THAT IS FUCKING AMAZING Zardoz
#361 (@Nats) i am gun maniac Ratbastard
#362 <@Nats> i love those gun stores Zardoz
#363 (@Nats) i like those gun stores (@Nats) there should be more of them Ratbastard
#378 (Nats^) while i gather my "kill these people for being fucking idiots" list that i will use once the opportunity rises (Nats^) altough i can't propably have them at the same place same time so i just have to kill random people :) Ratbastard
#379 <@Nats> excellently sliced niggers, patotoes & boiled jew meat <@Nats> and rape <@Nats> and i plan to rape some more women later today Zardoz
#380 <@Nats> We've Sensed It. We've Seen The Signs. Now... It's Happening. Forced impregnation. :-) Zardoz
#381 <Nats^^> why do you hate me? :( Zardoz
#382 (@ropzu^) :o) Ratbastard
#383 (Nats) i would also like to announcement (Nats) that the events concerning the turkish embassy (Nats) IT WAS ME =P Ratbastard
#384 (@Nats) i was blowing up americans with Z-10 (@Nats) it was very satisfactive (@Nats) also dying children and civilians :) Ratbastard
#385 (@Nats) Aubustou said russians are not race, therefore i have to start hate slavs :) Ratbastard
#386 (@Naz^) For every nVidia card you buy, I kill 20. Ratbastard
#391 (@Zardoz) SUCCULENT AND CREAMY SHIT Ratbastard
#392 <Nats> i just killed 102 civilians Zardoz
#393 (Nats) i don't like virtual war as much as i do like real war :) Ratbastard
#394 <@Aubustou> jews are masters of the world! Zardoz
#395 (Nats) i hate russians, jews, niggers, germans, americans, swedes, eskimos, mongols, chinese and vanuatuans (Nats) i hate everybody :) Ratbastard
#396 (Nats) i hate black people (Nats) i have anything against swedes (Nats) germans are faggots (Nats) eskimos are teh shit (Nats) mongols can die (Nats) chinese government rulz, but the people suck (Nats) and i fucking hate the inhabitants of vanuatu Ratbastard
#397 (Nats) oh lol you are voicing my opinions through the quotes (Nats) i am member of perussuomalaiset (Nats) i idolize tony halme Ratbastard
#451 (Mumps) :'( life Ratbastard
#452 (@quarren) i do have "cokefriends" Ratbastard
#453 <@quarren> I FUCKING HATE YOU ;_; Zardoz
#454 (@quarren) crack is awesome ;) Ratbastard
#455 (u|Oroborus) hi natsi (@Nats) oh hi :) (@Nats) or should i say HEIL??? (u|Oroborus) lol xD Ratbastard
#456 (@Nats) cuz real combat is easier than insurgency's sluggish gameplay (@Nats) mmmmm, real combat, mmmmmmm war, mmmmmm guns, mmmmmmmm slaughter Ratbastard
#457 <@Nats> if there is a civilian 150 away <@Nats> i can make <@Nats> 100% sure fucking hit in his chest <@Nats> if he stands still i mean lol Zardoz
#458 (@Zardoz) kik Ratbastard
#459 (21:44:56) —› nick: (Nats^) is now known as (Nazi) Ratbastard
#460 (@Nats) im high Ratbastard
#461 (@Nats) that's no way to go to war (@Nats) you have to look cool Ratbastard
#475 (Nats) well war is not about art (Nats) altough well done massacre can be counted as art :) Ratbastard
#476 (@Nats) crappy americans & british versus awesome Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite (Waffen SS) (@Nats) SIEG HEIL! Ratbastard
#477 (@u|xantir) i prefer lord Jesus :) Ratbastard
#479 previous quote is correct maelvino
#480 <@Nats> i like guns <@Nats> lol Zardoz
#481 (@maelvino) I have too many male lovers Ratbastard
#482 » [@quarren] my sadness cannot be described in words :( maelvino
#483 <@Nats> a guy in my jägercompany sucked my cock under a bridge quarren
#484 <@Nats> the only problem was that the cock in question was over 4 meters in length and my asshole only had room for 3,9m lol quarren
#499 (@Nats^) israel is terrorist state (@Nats^) fucking jews why didn't u all die in the magnificent holocaust??? Ratbastard
#500 (@Nats^) holocaust <3 Ratbastard
#501 (@Nats^) the guy at the town gate was black (@Nats^) he told me not to cross the line (@Nats^) after which he stood up from his chair, sat back, stood up, sat back etc about 10 times (@Nats^) after which the game finally stopped bugging and he started shooting at me (@Nats^) only to get 5.56mm drilled to his forehead (@Nats^) god damn nigger Ratbastard
#541 (12:23:07) (@Zardoz) in feces of war Ratbastard
#542 ratbastard nibbles cock maelvino
#543 (@Nats) im a happy person shooting every stranger who shows up :) Ratbastard
#545 <@Ratbastard> lol Zardoz wtf u play? ropzu^
#546 (Nats^) i actually remember when i made youtube video of RCT as a prison camp lol (Nats^) you can simply place a cursor above visitor and pick them up and place elsewhere... such as BLOCKED AREAS hehe (Nats^) then they panic (Nats^) puke (Nats^) cry and puke (Nats^) puke on themselves (Nats^) cry themselves to sleep (Nats^) on their own puke (Nats^) gotta love it ;) Ratbastard
#547 (Nats) i won't fucking donate any money to charity, those nigger kids can die in hunger, it's their fault because they are fucking niggers! (Nats) bullets they need (Nats) oh i would love to see what happens when bullet hit on skinny nigger kid :) Ratbastard
#548 (@Nats) SIEG HEIL! Ratbastard
#549 (@Nats) yes (@Nats) SIEG HEIL! Ratbastard
#550 [14:32:56] * QsLv to the last drop. Zardoz
#551 (Nats) well M16A2 aint that bad when you think of it (Nats) it's quite usefull while dealing with unarmed civilians :) Ratbastard
#553 <maelvino> US Soldier Trips And Falls On A Cock At Night- Iraq (Files: 1) Zardoz`
#554 <Nats> what a boring video <Nats> no huge explosion that kills and dismembers thousands of civilians Zardoz`
#555 <@Ratbastard> no i must drink tea, suck cock and go to bed soon maelvino
#556 ) (Nats) and the main character was a whining pussy (Nats) and an complete idiot (Nats) and fucking nigger Ratbastard
#557 (Nats) it'd be funnier if it was NAPALM Ratbastard
#558 (maelvino) romania (maelvino) sucks (maelvino) norwegian girls (maelvino) handballed (maelvino) in football Ratbastard
#957 <@Ratbastard> Nats try <@Ratbastard> as u can slaughter children in the game <Nats> i am interested in that Zardoz
#958 <@Ratbastard> Nats plz what do you have against niggers <Nats> A SHOTGUN LOL!! Zardoz
#972 (Nats) fak juu Ratbastard
#976 (@Ratbastard) Zardoz hi did u got stolen computer stuff for christmas? (@Zardoz) yes :) Ratbastard
#977 <@Nats> ::: I AM A FAG ::: <@Nats> hehe <@Nats> it works faggot
#986 (@Zardoz) Nats hi you should come to romania as you can get as little as 2 years in prison for killing babies (Nats) cool, gotta come there then ;) Ratbastard
#1010 <@Zardoz> <@Zardoz> Nats hi do you like this <Nats> yes :) Zardoz
#1012 [16:44:12] * quarren_ ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Verlassend) Zardoz
#1013 <Nats> i do also like some of the american gay stuff <Nats> like wesley pipes / evan stone shit <Nats> and Inseminated By a Gang of Black Men 5 was quite watchable <Nats> some of the best cumshots ever Zardoz
#1014 (@Nats) blutige Russen :||| quarren
#1015 <@quarren> shit i started eating "meat" again <@quarren> as it is goddamn delicious Zardoz
#1016 <Aubustou> why turkish cock gives paris hilton? quarren
#1017 (@quarren) why gypsy cock gives Zardoz? (@Zardoz) because (@quarren) i like your cock :-)) (@Zardoz) YES Ratbastard
#1018 (@faget) man i'm high on crack Ratbastard
#1019 (@faget) marmorstein und eisen bricht Ratbastard
#1020 (@faget) man fucking jews LOL Ratbastard
#1021 (@faggot) Salut eu voi mânca penisul dvs ºi sãrbãtoarea cu lui toatã noapte de mult eu sunt legãturã. Ratbastard
#1022 (@faggot) do you think nats is the sexual act of the insane warrior who loves blood and guts and massacre bleeding (Nats) yes :) Ratbastard
#1023 <maelvino> my main goal is to be constantly high as fuck faggot
#1024 (@faggot) i would be if nats' burning corpse wasn't providing adequate heat LoL ;) Ratbastard
#1025 (@faget) pluzzifuck Ratbastard
#1026 <Natsi> <Natsi> i love this vid :x faggot
#1027 <Natsi> in real life, i support the neo-nazi party and the aryan race <Natsi> how i do it is up to me faggot
#1392 (@quarren) little bug Ratbastard
#1393 (@maelvino) I AM RAPE (@Nats^) me too hehe ;-) Ratbastard
#1394 (@Zardoz`) sgut Ratbastard
#1395 <Nats> goddamn vanuatuans <Nats> i'd nuke their shithole island in a heartbeat faggot
#1396 all of you should die with your quotes Aubustou
#1397 (Nats) war is the only thing i do Ratbastard
#1398 (Nats) around 150 kills, mostly civilians and children Ratbastard
#1399 (Nats) WoW's upcoming expansion on test server Ratbastard
#1400 <@^Faramir^> To mark territory, hippos spin their tails while defecating to distribute their excrement over the greatest possible area. :P Zardoz`
#1401 (@quarren) kompressore Ratbastard
#1402 (@quarren_) gefährliches rollbrett Ratbastard
#1403 (@quarren_) banii si norocul Ratbastard
#1404 • @quarren_ suddenly leads Zardoz` to red mountain Ratbastard
#1405 (@quarren) haialarm auf mallorca Ratbastard
#1406 (@quarren) negro dick Ratbastard
#1407 <Nats> Ratbastard if there was something like that for war i would be greatly interested Zardoz
#1408 (@quarren) shit guys i'm so high Ratbastard
#1409 <Nats> hi lol Zardoz want to suck a cock 1on1? <Zardoz> well ok <Zardoz> let me just Zardoz> unplug <Zardoz> my buttplug <Nats> yes <Nats> my main account is "SirGaylord", come to the Helsinki channel on chat so i can put you on friends list and easily invite to a nice session of hot anal sex and cocksucking :-) quarren
#1410 (Nats) im stuck with joint (Nats) it gives me the courage in war and killings :)) Ratbastard
#1411 <Nats> lol i cant figure out any other command than simply poo rightaway <@Ratbastard> lool <@Ratbastard> try farting Zardoz
#1412 (@Zardoz) dbz might work now KAWAI ^^ Ratbastard
#1413 (@^Faramir^) I see you sympathize with Nats but he with his view is far from being the honest Ratbastard
#1414 <@Ratbastard> ropzu` has soften and entered here Zardoz
#1415 <Nats^> why dont you get a knife <Nats^> and slit your throat <@Ratbastard> WHY DONT YOU SAY THAT TO MY FACE ASSHOLE THEN SEE WHAT HAPPENS Zardoz
#1416 (mr_evil) Das Patentamt hat also einem Nats erstmal die Rechte am Namen Hardcore zugesprochen Ratbastard
#1417 (Nats) ICH BIN EIN NAZI SIEG HEIL!!! Ratbastard
#1418 (@quarren) Zardoz Actul sexual prostituata alãptarea dvs penisul meu eu sunt puternic german ºi eu vreau sã fumez spãrtura! Ratbastard
#1419 (@quarren) The fuck the harlot your suckling my peter I am strong German and I want to smoke the break! Ratbastard
#1420 (quarren) MNML HELGE SCHNEIDER Ratbastard
#1421 (Nats) i will destroy you (Nats) i will massacre you (Nats) i will fuck you up Ratbastard
#1422 (Nats) goodbye forever 8) i don't need you, i have my dad's money and my own apartment with sauna Ratbastard
#1423 <@Nats> lol, guys, i just noticed, if you change one letter in MARDER it becomes MURDER LOL :)) Zardoz
#1424 (@^Faramir^) The afferent limb of the anal cough and sniff reflexes could arise from ..... Ratbastard
#1425 <Nats> and there is this small part in me <Nats> that likes guns <Nats> and big vehicles <Nats> however i mostly enjoy murdering innocents <Nats> that always gives me a huge hardon Zardoz
#1426 <Nats> now i will go commit genocide -> * Nats ([email protected]) Quit (Quit) Zardoz
#1427 (maelvino) i am weak junkie Ratbastard
#1428 (maelvino) i am weak junkie Ratbastard
#1429 (maelvino) i am weak junkie Ratbastard
#1430 (Nats) yeah, ¨im not a big fan of blades (Nats) i prefer firearms (Nats) they kill quickly especially when shot to head :)) Ratbastard
#1431 <maelvino> i am telling you tho speed is fucking awesome <maelvino> that is drug that makes you badass Zardoz
#1432 (Nats) once again i have a warm fuzzy feeling inside me after i slaughtered a heretic in eve online (Nats) i pulled my pants down and fapped furiosly (Nats) that was my best gaming experience ever Ratbastard
#1433 <Nats> its the war that makes life awesome Ratbastard
#1434 <maelvino> oh man i am sooooo high right now :) Zardoz
#1435 <maelvino> holy shit this heroin is fucking awesome Zardoz
#1436 <maelvino> man i have syringes sticking out of every vein in my body Zardoz
#1437 <maelvino> lol hi guys i just used my mom's colon as a tourniquet when taking heroin Zardoz
#1438 <maelvino> i am high all the time <maelvino> and i suck cock to fill my syringe with heroin Zardoz
#1439 (@Zardoz) BOMBAATA!!!! Ratbastard
#1440 (@quarren) i accidently the whole stick up you all ass Ratbastard
#1441 [21:20:56] * SandraBullock ([email protected]) has joined #kacka [21:20:59] * SandraBullock is now known as Nats Zardoz
#1443 (quarren) wurstedits Ratbastard
#1444 (quarren) ich habe rippchen arsch Ratbastard
#1445 (quarren) ein bischen schöne klein mann für mich, bitte! :~D Ratbastard
#1446 (quarren) 3d gay villa IS THE GAME Ratbastard
#1447 (quarren) jar jar binks cock Ratbastard
#1448 (quarren) master blaster MEINEN ARSCH ACH SO JAWOHL!!!! Ratbastard
#1449 (quarren) and fuck yes i am goddamn high nigga Ratbastard
#1450 (quarren) schreib FUCK YOU DAS VERSTEHN DIE Ratbastard
#1451 (quarren) i am freiherr von fapping Ratbastard
#1453 (+quarren) and beautoiful pussy under that dress Ratbastard
#1454 (@Zardoz) lol if you live in romania (@Zardoz) your home will be burglarized (@Zardoz) almost once a year (@Zardoz) shit yeaaaaaaaaaah! Ratbastard
#1455 (@Zardoz) my brother has been raped Ratbastard
#1456 (@Zardoz) fuuuck (@Zardoz) my family (@Zardoz) kicked me out Ratbastard
#1457 <@Ratbastard> vai de pula mea Zardoz
#1458 (20:11:43) —› nick: (dfgdf) is now known as (Zarodz) (20:11:45) —› nick: (Zarodz) is now known as (Zardoz) Ratbastard
#1459 (@Zardoz) Baboon fuselage baboon fuselage baboon fuselage si troll Ratbastard
#1460 (max``) Pavian Flugzeugrumpf , Pavian Flugzeugrumpf , Pavian Flugzeugrumpf und trällern Ratbastard
#1461 (Nats) he'd fucking zyklon b'd himself lol Ratbastard
#1462 [21:13:39] <max``> i also get crack [21:13:41] <max``> very cheap Zardoz
#1463 <max``> i think i will "order" party from the "internet" Zardoz
#1464 (max``) ass i Ratbastard
#1465 (max``) i'm an ass man Ratbastard
#1466 <max``> oh lawd i sure got a hankering for some fine ebony booty :P~~~ Zardoz
#1467 (@Zardoz) hi i just got this aching red spot on my cock, I wonder what it is Ratbastard
#1469 * Nats ([email protected]) has joined #kacka <Nats> oh my, it sure is strange that you are all here <Nats> because i have raped all of your mothers LOL Zardoz
#1470 (@Zardoz) eu is monkey eu asemanator touch carlinga Ratbastard
#1471 (@Zardoz) i is monkey i similar touch cockpit Ratbastard
#1472 (@Zardoz) eu asemanator kill eu have shotgun gata eu hate jew si negru barbat Ratbastard
#1473 (Nats) rice cows mice too Ratbastard
#1474 (max``) it is official now Ratbastard
#1475 <@^Faramir^> Quote #162: <@xantir> jesus loves you, guys :) <3 <max``> and we love jesus :) <@Star-san> So true. :-) <ropzuk> amen JEW_HUNTER
#1476 <Nats> yo yo yo sup dawgs i just mounted some 22' rims on my camry <Nats> shit is SO cash Zardoz
#1477 (max``) suck ym cock Ratbastard
#1478 <@Ratbastard> CRAAAWWLING IN MY SKIIIN, THESE WOUNDS THEY WILL NOT HEAL :'((((((((((( Zardoz
#1479 (@max``) I would love some delicious meaty pizza *slurps* Ratbastard
#1480 (14:28:36) —› nick: (Zarodz) is now known as (Zarodoz) Ratbastard
#1481 (@max``) drusi Ratbastard
#1482 (ropzuk) YO MAMA FIGHT Ratbastard
#1483 <Nats^> War. War never changes. <Nats^> this is a good thing, however, as war is fucking awesome LOL :)) <Nats^> man i sure love war Zardoz
#1484 (ropzuk) butt spender, spend my butt Ratbastard
#1485 (Nats) wars is wars i love it Ratbastard
#1486 <Nats> i'm not a car douchebag, i dont have special interested in regular cars... i like TRUCKS and APCS and WAR Zardoz
#1487 <Nats> nothing would please me more than seeing all of armenia eradicated :) Zardoz
#1488 <Nats> Mustafa Kemal Atatürk benim, kahraman Türkiye için en iyi ülkenin. :-) Zardoz
#1489 (Nats) well i have to admit that i fucking love war and slaughter, not to forgot rape :) Ratbastard
#1490 <Ratbastard> your soul is dork, so you became animal max``
#1491 <@Ratbastard> i am going to be drunk until thursday Zardoz
#1492 (@max``) man all you souls is dork Ratbastard
#1493 (Nats) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAR Ratbastard
#1494 <Nats> you can never have enough ww2 fps games Zardoz
#1495 (max``) i have been hanging around on the streets (max``) doing crack Ratbastard
#1496 (maelvino) i am anal junkie Ratbastard
#1497 (@Zardoz) I had a wank when I was done Ratbastard
#1498 <@Ratbastard> lol i have language head Zardoz
#1499 (maelvino) my hash pipe brings all the boys to the park, and they're like, do you wanna sell drugs, and im like sorry can't rhyme Ratbastard
#1500 <maelvino> cocaine lines are open Zarodoz
#1501 (@Zardoz) yes i have seen before/after pics of me of that shit lol Ratbastard
#1502 <maelvino> what, no i never had a hallicunationin <maelvino> only those 100 times i ingested vast quantities of LSD LoL xD Zardoz
#1503 <maelvino> give me some heroin Zardoz
#1504 (@max``) i would love some delicious meaty cock *slurps* Zardoz
#1505 (maelvino) IM FAG :OOLOL Ratbastard
#1506 <Nats^> i love guns Zardoz
#1507 <Nats^> no the civilian pretty much died 100 times Zardoz
#1508 <Ratbastard> shiit maan <Ratbastard> irresponsible dad Zardoz
#1509 <quarren> sexuelle koteletten mann <quarren> no homo Ratbastard
#1510 (maelvino) i sexed male person (maelvino) it was great fun Ratbastard
#1512 <Nats> i fucking love tanks Zarodoz
#1513 <Nats> WAR :) Zarodoz
#1515 <quarren> aw hell yeah this was some fine crack i just smoked Zarodoz
#1516 <quarren> my house is a crack den <quarren> literally <quarren> LOL!!! Zarodoz
#1517 (@Zardoz) i'm in deep shit now (@Zardoz) all money gone because my drug addiction (@Zardoz) but there's one good thing in that, i can suck cocks again for money and drugs :-P Ratbastard
#1518 (@Zardoz) childporn (@Zardoz) i love it :))) Ratbastard
#1519 (quarren) ich habe keine prostataproblem (quarren) ups, ich habe ein kleine prostataproblem (quarren) nein grrrrrrrrrrr Ratbastard
#1520 <@maelvino> oh, lars, i have a raging boner <@maelvino> come to me <@maelvino> show me how to fuck you Zardoz
#1521 (@Zardoz) we chipped in some money (@Zardoz) for (@Zardoz) hash Ratbastard
#1523 (@Zardoz) coq Ratbastard
#1524 <@Nats> sut hakataan :D <@Nats> i love war lol!! xD Zardoz
#1525 <Nats> i always have something war-ish going on :) Zardoz
#1526 <@Nats> i like going out in the streets and shooting civilians <@Nats> best fucking way to "play war" Zardoz
#1531 <@Nats> try washing the cock shaft yourself Zardoz
#1533 <@quarren> i have muscular legs from riding cock Zardoz
#1534 (quarren) as it is (quarren) fucking addictive (quarren) just like crack lOL Ratbastard
#1535 (quarren) this pic is quite disturbing (@Zardoz) man, for me it gives a hell of a boner ;-))) Ratbastard
#1536 (@quarren) man took hueg nap just now (@quarren) fucking impressive nap Ratbastard
#1537 (@Zardoz) hi i have been harassed by cops again (@quarren) playing on the street? (@Zardoz) no, for entering the gypsy kid (@quarren) in to his box, LoL???!! (@Zardoz) no, in to him :))))) Ratbastard
#1538 (@ Zardoz) hallo ich habe von der Polizei schikaniert wurden wieder (@ Quarren) spielen auf der Straße? (@ Zardoz) Nein, für die Eingabe der Zigeuner-kid (@ Quarren) in seinem Kasten, LoL ???!! (@ Zardoz) Nein, in ihm :))))) Ratbastard
#1539 (@ Zardoz) hi i-au fost hartuiti de catre politia din nou (@ quarren) joaca pe strada? (@ Zardoz) nu, pentru a intra copil tigan (@ quarren) în caseta lui, lol ???!! (@ Zardoz) nu, la el :))))) Ratbastard
#1540 (@ Zardoz) Salut, j'ai été harcelé par des flics à nouveau (@ quarren) jouant dans la rue? (@ Zardoz) Non, pour entrer dans le petit gitan (@ quarren) dans sa loge, LoL ???!! (@ Zardoz) Non, pour lui :))))) Ratbastard
#1541 (@ Zardoz) hola yo han sido hostigados por la policía de nuevo (@ Quarren,) juegan en la calle? (@ Zardoz) no, para entrar en el niño gitano (@ Quarren,) en su caja, LoL ???!! (@ Zardoz) no, en él para :))))) Ratbastard
#1542 (Zardoz @) ciao io sono stati attaccati dai poliziotti di nuovo (@ Quarren) suonando per strada? (@ Zardoz), no, per l'inserimento del bambino zingaro (@ Quarren) nella sua scatola, LoL ???!! (@ Zardoz) no, in lui :))))) Ratbastard
#1543 (@ Zardoz) hej jag har blivit trakasserade av polisen igen (@ quarren) spelar på gatan? (@ Zardoz) nej, för inmatning av romska barn (@ quarren) i sin låda, LoL ???!! (@ Zardoz) nej, in till honom :))))) Ratbastard
#1544 (@ Zardoz) hi i on ahdisteltu poliisit uudelleen (@ quarren) leikkivät kadulla? (@ Zardoz) ei, tulevat mustalainen lapsi (@ quarren) ja hänen ruutuun LoL ???!! (@ Zardoz) Ei, häntä :))))) Ratbastard
#1545 (@ Zardoz) hi mij zijn lastiggevallen door agenten weer (@ Quarren) spelen op de straat? (@ Zardoz) Nee, voor het invoeren van de zigeuner Kid (@ Quarren) in zijn vak, lol ???!! (@ Zardoz) Nee, in om hem te :))))) Ratbastard
#1546 (@Zardoz) Ratbastard, I had sex with goats loL!! Ratbastard
#1547 (quarren) man the man got me disconnected Ratbastard
#1548 (@Zardoz) i fuck children Ratbastard
#1549 (@Zardoz) gobblecock Ratbastard
#1550 (Quarren) salut Zardoz, esti un tigan? (Zardoz) nu, dar eu sigur ca ei (Zardoz), în special la vârste tinere:))) (quarren) lol asta e destul de prost, în opinia mea: PP Ratbastard
#1551 (Zardoz) Quarren Hallo, magst du Deutsch porn? (Quarren) Nein, grrrrr. (Quarren) Ich mag hardcore porn Homosexuell rumänisch. (Zardoz) lol, wie kommt das? : PPP (Quarren) Nr. homo, Sie haben sexuelle Muskeln Zardoz Junge :)))) Ratbastard
#1552 (@Zardoz) i am fucking sick (@Zardoz) but i can't help loving dem kids ;-PPP Ratbastard
#1553 @Ratbastard • hehe @Ratbastard • i sad emo person @Ratbastard • i am quarren
#1554 <@Ratbastard> i hear voices <@Ratbastard> lol Zardoz
#1555 @Ratbastard • lol @Ratbastard • and then i surrendered to a passionate gay lovemaking with him i bwr quarren
#1556 @Ratbastard • lol, yes it's true i'm loosing my mind. but man i am goddamn lonely guys. :/ so sorry :( quarren
#1557 <@Ratbastard> it hurts when i think Zardoz
#1558 <@Ratbastard> man yeah you try not being angry when you can't even satisfy your boyfriend with a tiny penis like me :( quarren
#1559 <@Ratbastard> fucking dogs <@Ratbastard> they want to steal my essence Zardoz
#1560 <@Ratbastard> man i fucking love fridges <@Ratbastard> they are so polite <@Ratbastard> i know lol Zardoz
#1561 <@Ratbastard> well you guys, no wonder i turned to men. i would have died a virgin otherwise :( quarren
#1562 <@Ratbastard> good morning guys :) <@Ratbastard> good morning Ratbastard :-D <@Ratbastard> how's it going? <@Ratbastard> great :D <@Ratbastard> ... <@Ratbastard> ;_; Zardoz
#1563 <@Ratbastard> and then the bartender said, get out, we don't serve food here LOL!! <@Ratbastard> hahahahaha haha aha ha <@Ratbastard> hahaha ahaha hhhaha <@Ratbastard> hah <@Ratbastard> guys? <@Ratbastard> :( <@Ratbastard> ;_; Zardoz
#1564 (@quarren) ich liebe jung mann Ratbastard
#1565 <@Fargoth> Stop asking me if I'm hung like an elf. We all know it and I make up for it with my Beast Tounge ability. quarren
#1566 <@Fargoth> Hittin' up Desele's House of Earthly Delights in Suran all night. quarren
#1567 <@Fargoth> Going out to get shitfaced with Arrille in Balmora. Gonna be at the Eight Plates, come if you want. quarren
#1568 <@Fargoth> Getting shitty with Arrille sippin' sujamma and ash yam smoothies quarren
#1569 (@Zardoz) i like children, lOl :PPPP Ratbastard
#1570 (quarren) man i must play some "portal" (Zardoz) portal to anus? (quarren) yes ::)))) (Zardoz) can i join? (quarren) yes :)))) Ratbastard
#1571 (quarren) man i am sure going to purchase a new, powerfull pc (Zardoz) man shit, then that means i have the shittiest pc of this channal :( (quarren) lol yes (Zardoz) man it saddens me a lot, my mind is dark (Zardoz) i think i am going to need some razor blades now :((( Ratbastard
#1572 <maelvino> hey man <maelvino> i get you rolex <maelvino> do you want one? <maelvino> 100% legit man :)) quarren
#1573 <Ratbastard> well, i am gay Zardoz
#1574 [16:39:04] * @quarren unboxed Zardoz Zardoz
#1575 <Ratbastard> sadness comes here as our past has been destroyed Zardoz
#1576 @Zardoz • i had 2 underage gfs does that count quarren
#1577 <@quarren> as i bet i am goddamn rich Zardoz
#1578 (@quarren) mein penis ist kalt Ratbastard
#1579 (quarren) axis of the armadildo Ratbastard
#1580 (@Zardoz) hmmm, my semen looks different (@Zardoz) making love to that pretty gypsy boy might have something to do with this :((( (@Zardoz) but damn it was worth it :))) Ratbastard
#1582 <quarren> hehe time to eat sum grilled "meats" Zardoz
#1583 <Ratbastard> gypsy dance song gypsy Zardoz
#1584 (@Zardoz) i'm proud 2 b gypsy Ratbastard
#1585 (@Zardoz) damn, i'm so poor (@Zardoz) today, i have nothing to eat (@Zardoz) i never thought i have to come to this, but i think i have to cut off my penis and eat it ://// Ratbastard
#1586 (Nats) Overkill is the use of excessive force or action that goes further than is necessary to achieve its goal. For example, killing an ant with a falcon punch... :)))) Ratbastard
#1587 <quarren> makes me goddamn angry <quarren> that people born in '91 are not young anymore Ratbastard
#1588 (quarren) proud 2 B hipster Ratbastard
#1589 <Ratbastard> cuz "old kacka" is not "anymore" Zardoz
#1590 (@Zardoz) i have gypsy ancestors (@Zardoz) bonded by gypsy blood :)) Ratbastard
#1591 (Nats) pwnd some russian corporation this eve (Nats) fucking killed them all Ratbastard
#1592 <@quarren> man "secret of the magic penises" sure seems like an awesome game Zardoz
#1593 <@Ratbastard> did ya got game? Zardoz
#1594 <@Ratbastard> i really got you <@Ratbastard> no i can't take it anymore <@Ratbastard> i'm off to end it all Zardoz
#1595 (@quarren) poo in mah pants (@quarren) ich liebe scheisse :))) (@quarren) i am poop gay and homosexuell und das heist erika in mein hose lawloooool xDDD Ratbastard
#1596 (@Zardoz) i like to forcefully enter gypsy kid's ass (@Zardoz) also to flute kid's ass :))) (@Zardoz) my bloody penis ist mein herr!!! xDDDDD Ratbastard
#1597 < Duckbastard> Aua! quarren
#1598 Duckbastard> Puh! quarren
#1599 (@Zardoz) SHIT (@Zardoz) i think the cops are here —› quit: (Zardoz) ([email protected]) (Connection reset by police) Ratbastard
#1600 <@quarren> oh man what a nice quate i have :))) Zardoz
#1601 <@RunningPenis> it is <@RunningPenis> friday <@RunningPenis> there will be <@RunningPenis> numerous people <@RunningPenis> in shadows quarren
#1602 <@quarren> follow the signs of cock RunningPenis
#1603 (@quarren) but once i week i get coke or mezzo mix Ratbastard
#1604 (ropzu`) hay guise! (ropzu`) have you seen my pokeball??? (@quarren) yea (ropzu`) really? where? (@quarren) up in your ass HAHAHA (ropzu`) :((( u r so cruel Ratbastard
#1605 (ropzu`) go fuck a mule Ratbastard
#1606 (ropzu`) also i have Amnesia Ratbastard
#1607 (@quarren) hehe tiem to go to Kiel ghetto Ratbastard
#1608 < Duckbastard> Fich deinem arsch laufen penis. Du bist ein dumkopf quarren
#1609 < Duckbastard> Schwein mann liebst dich arschloch quarren
#1610 (@quarren) i am black Ratbastard
#1611 (@Zardoz) i am a homosexual Ratbastard
#1612 (@quarren) hallo alles, ich bin Max!!! (@quarren) quarren hat euch liebt! :)) Ratbastard
#1613 (@quarren) man i even remember that day in 1998 for some reason (@quarren) LOL (@quarren) i was building treehouse Hahehe Ratbastard
#1614 <@Zardoz> cluj soon <@Zardoz> man <@Zardoz> TIME TO FUCKING HIT THE BONG ALL DAY ERRY DAY SHIT YEAH BRO :) quarren
#1615 (@quarren) LOVELY Ratbastard
#1616 <@Mama_Zardoz> Cancer didnt kill me, now you do with this. :-( quarren
#1617 <@quarren> man i have seen cow penis <@quarren> i mean bull penis <@quarren> gotta admit that i liked what i saw :) Ratbastard
#1618 <@Zardoz> wait i have to take out my router lol quarren
#1619 (@Zardoz) man, in Cluj i will surely try some new drugs (@Zardoz) some crystal meth, some crack and some LSD definatelly (@Zardoz) man, maybe even some heroin (@Zardoz) man can't wait to get to Cluj :PP Ratbastard
#1620 (@quarren) fuck (@quarren) yeds (@quarren) fuck Ratbastard
#1621 (@quarren) it is me (@quarren) lord kacka Ratbastard
#1622 (@quarren) Ich bin eine Art eine unglaubliche dick, die andere erschreckend. Ratbastard
#1623 (ropzu) maha möyrii närhii Ratbastard
#1624 (ropzu) Porn to be Wild Ratbastard
#1625 <@Zardoz> RO? <@Zardoz> RO? <@Ratbastard> No man, this is an english channel. <@Zardoz> giev banii ploz <@Ratbastard> Sorry man, I'm not gonna give you anything, dirty gypsy <@Zardoz> I REPORT YU <@Zardoz> HUEUHAUHEUHAUUEUEHAUEUHUHE quarren
#1626 <@Zardoz> 100% legit quates quarren
#1627 (@Zardoz) Grüße aus Cluj quarren! Die Drogen sind gut hier. (@Zardoz) ich lebe die Drogen! :PP Ratbastard
#1628 (@quarren) WO IST MEINE DROGEN????!!!!!! (@quarren) WIE HAST MEINE DROGEN?????!!!!! BITTEE!!!!!!!!!11 Ratbastard
#1629 (@quarren) Aufzug ist mein freund! Treppe ist nicht! Ich bin eine dicke deutscher volk Ratbastard
#1630 (@quarren) Sie molo Hölö Polo Älälälä OLOLOL ahaha muhahahaa Mist Ratbastard
#1631 (quarren) uh Ratbastard
#1632 (@quarren) gonna call up ma homeboys (@quarren) gonna get 1kg of coke (@quarren) gonna get a fucking table made of gold (@quarren) gonna fucking watch that midget porn with ma homeboys all night sniffin dat shit (@quarren) 6hrs straight (@quarren) we gon sniff dat shit from the goddamn golden table Ratbastard
#1633 (@quarren) man time to go gym Ratbastard
#1634 <@Aubustou> 'hey look i said sex!" quarren
#1635 (@quarren) stalk cock? Ratbastard
#1636 <@quarren> he shit Ratbastard
#1637 <@quarren> which pokemon are? faggot
#1638 (Nats^) best fucking war game ever (Nats^) really brings up the war maniac in me (Nats^) also :gunporn: Ratbastard
#1639 (@quarren) Satan ist, dass es jemand verdammt geheim sein? Ratbastard
#1640 <@Ratbastard> I SNIFF MY ROSE VERY GOOD Zardoz
#1641 <@Ratbastard> I SNIFF MY ROSE VERY GOOD Zardoz
#1642 <@Ratbastard> I SNIFF MY ROSE VERY GOOD Zardoz
#1643 (@Zardoz) i have discovered my true sexuality (@Zardoz) i sucked a huge cock at a club in Cluj and loved it :)) Ratbastard
#1644 <@Ratbastard> man that filthy gypsy shit went a bit too far quarren
#1645 (@Zardoz) i have discovered my true sexuality (@Zardoz) i sucked a huge wolf cock in the vast plains of romania and i loved it :)) quarren
#1646 <@Ratbastard> man if i'd be shooting heroin like i fucking drink i'd be fucking dead by now quarren
#1647 <Nats^> hi i like ice-hockey because it's so manly. those big sticks of the players give me a hardon ;))) Ratbastard
#1648 <@Aubustou> cocks shaped like a rugby ball are my favourite :P Ratbastard
#1649 @Ratbastard is searching for quarren + goatsex on yahoo. WEEE 666 Hits! Ratbastard
#1650 (@Ratbastard ): yummy :P~~ Aubustou
#1651 (@Aubustou) that's the reason i love rugby ;P Ratbastard
#1652 @Ratbastard is searching for quarren + goatsex on yahoo. WEEE 999 Hits! Ratbastard
#1653 <Nats> that quote cant be right <Nats> i shoot hollow-point rounds <Nats> i use full metal jacket <Nats> and especially love ARMOR PIERCING ROUNDS in general <Nats> *i dont shoot hollow point Ratbastard
#1654 <quarren> nio Ratbastard
#1655 <Nats^> unlike previous city helsinki, stabbing people to death in kotka is a lot of fun Ratbastard
#1656 <quarren> hi i am porn and war fanatic Ratbastard
#1657 <Nats> man fuck <Nats> killed many people <Nats> good fight Ratbastard
#1658 (@quarren) moshi moshi law Ratbastard
#1659 (quarren) In alten Zeiten, weit weg in Zeit und Raum jenseits der Schwanz war Max, der Kust injiziert Ratbastard
#1660 (quarren) Fucking Zigeuner, Stoß deinen Arsch ins Gesicht. Gypsy Zardoz Scheiße Schwanz Ratbastard
#1661 (@Zardoz`) Salut, sunt gay si îmi place de tigan groase, suculente, a penisului. Ratbastard
#1662 (quarren) Hallo, ich bin Homosexuell und ich liebe die Zigeuner dicken, saftigen Penis. Ratbastard
#1663 <homosexual> bautura bautura si manele Ratbastard
#1664 (Zardoz) smashing some goddamn gypsy face while rolling with my bros is great Ratbastard
#1665 <Sandy^^> an average finn gets 3 - 3,7 mm from hardon Zardoz`
#1666 <@Ratbastard> SHUT UP WATER HAHAHAHAHHAHAA Zardoz`
#1667 (@Zardoz`) hi i my kafee provider on Ratbastard
#1668 (Sandy) i like magnum ammo Ratbastard
#1669 (quarren) shit dies fucking quickly Ratbastard
#1670 <Sandy^> imagine cum coming out around the same time i get the first cock up my ass Zardoz
#1671 (quarren) man, i sure am bored (quarren) at worm Ratbastard
#1672 <Sandy> and I slaughtered fucking 14 people with M21 while my squad leader spotted targets for me Ratbastard
#1673 <@Zardoz> plz i quit heroin Ratbastard
#1674 <@Ratbastard> i bet i was sniffing some ass etc. Zardoz
#1675 (@Zardoz) man i sure love sleeping pills mixed with strong alcohol :) Ratbastard
#1676 <@quarren> i love cooking women and children but i hate punctuating my sentences :-) Zardoz
#1677 <@Ratbastard> i'll suck your dick ;) <quarren> NO LEAVE ME ALONE :'( Zardoz
#1678 <@quarren> i almost never punctuate my sentences but when i do i do it, wrong Zardoz
#1679 (@Zardoz) faggots, gotta love em, well I do love em as I am one too :)) Ratbastard
#1680 <quarren> tiem to eat "a" banana RRRatbastard
#1681 <quarren> no heheh not regularly <quarren> only if i can get my hands on penises <quarren> so i can go for free Zardoz
#1682 <quarren> it was drowned in its own greasy Zardodoz
#1683 <@Ratbastard> fuck men of your asses today together all over Zardoz
#1684 <@Ratbastard> fuck you shitface <@Ratbastard> i murdered and pillaged <@Ratbastard> man, grow up kids Zardoz
#1685 <Sandy^> some beggar asked me for money today <Sandy^> i switched to knife and cut his throat lol Zardoz
#1686 <@quarren> FUCK YOU ALL Zardoz
#1687 <+quarren> quarrens of metal fuck you all Ratbastard
#1688 (@Zardoz) this is not right (@Zardoz) my pc can't run Skyrim :( (@Zardoz) all i have is this old 386 from 90's and 14" crt screen (@Zardoz) which is goddamn yellow from cigarette smoke in my filthy apartment Ratbastard
#1689 <@Aubustou> they asked me a french a modder for beta testing Zardoz
#1690 (@Zardoz) hhehe i like pantera LOL Ratbastard
#1691 (quarren) mantrains <3 Ratbastard
#1692 (quarren) tight bottom :-) Ratbastard
#1693 (quarren) unemployment :-) Ratbastard
#1694 (quarren) cock worker Ratbastard
#1695 (quarren) i guess hitler did a pretty good job, LOL :-)) Ratbastard
#1696 (quarren) i have pure aryan blood :-) Ratbastard
#1697 (quarren) Ich bin ein Sturmtruppen in Erstarrung ja ich bin. Ich bin ein Nazi-Schätze du weißt Kampf für Vaterland. Ratbastard
#1698 (quarren) ficken bereits in der Zeit gelebt Ratbastard
#1699 (quarren) Paviane wichsen, wichsen Paviane, wichs Paviane aus und singen Ratbastard
#1700 (Zardoz_) Babuinii laba, laba babuinilor, babuinilor laba si cânta Ratbastard
#1701 (quarren) oawl Ratbastard
#1702 (quarren) eieeieiei Ratbastard
#1703 <quarren> old fashioned <quarren> rrffff Ratbastard
#1704 (quarren) sexy playboy Ratbastard
#1705 (quarren) aibuya ytopa lopez Ratbastard
#1706 (Sandy) nothing better than killing a human being and looting them for an awesome main weapon, ammo, and shitloads of apparel, utilities, food etc Ratbastard
#1707 (Sandy) hehe i killed some dude again Ratbastard
#1708 • @Ratbastard is searching for quarren + goatsex on yahoo. WEEE 1000 Hits! Ratbastard
#1709 (quarren) quarrens 78s bvirthday Ratbastard
#1710 (quarren) Ich liebe Heidrun Dolde :-)) Ratbastard
#1711 (quarren) yes hetchat i have too Ratbastard
#1712 <@Ratbastard> we live for alcohol aubustou
#1713 (quarren) Kalles Spielhalle, eines bestes server für dayz :-P Ratbastard
#1714 <quarren> hehehe raging shit cheeck when mixed with pee Ratbastard
#1715 <quarren> YOU ARE DOING VALUABLE RESEARCH, THANK YOU :-) Ratbastard
#1716 <quarren> Ich bin ein Drecksack, und Ich mag harten Schwanz lutschen, wenn ich dafür bezahlt habe, auch ein paar Euro. Ratbastard
#1717 <quarren> zwerg porno Ratbastard
#1718 <quarren> Ich mag Pferde zu beobachten, Geschwindigkeitsübertretungen. Ich habe oft aufs Land gehen, nur um laufende Pferde beobachten und manchmal habe ich einfach meine Hand in meine Hose und masturbieren sanft, während Sie diese herrlichen Pferde vorbei in großer Geschwindigkeit :). Ratbastard
#1719 <Zardoz_> Îmi plac caii. Sunt ţigani de sânge şi care mă face să iubesc caii magnifice. De fiecare data cand vezi un cal accelerarea am inceput sa excitat, am o nevoie urgentă de a pune mâna mea în pantaloni şi începe să se masturbeze violent până la penisul meu devine gât şi am epuizat. Dar asta e viaţa ţiganilor şi-l iubesc :) Ratbastard
#1720 <quarren> arsch hai Ratbastard
#1721 <quarren> speeding Ratbastard
#1722 <quarren> Kampfpanzer Schützenpanzer Aufklärungs- und Gefechtsfahrzeuge Panzerhaubitzen Mörser-Aufklärungs- und Wirkverbund Ratbastard
#1723 <@aubustou> Salut, je préfère les prostituées bulgares sur eux les prostituées chinoises. Bien que les chinois sont plus indemne de la maladie, mais je ne baise attention :) Ratbastard
#1724 <quarren> Hallo, ich habe einen großen Abszess in meinem Arsch :). Wollen Sie Punktion es mit einem scharfen Stock Zardoz_? Ratbastard
#1725 <quarren> i'm stuttering <quarren> so i got fucking fix <quarren> <quarren> but i can fucking hang for days without the fucking stuttering Ratbastard
#1726 <Beardcastle> CIP-CIRIP MANCA-MI-AI PULA Ratbastard
#1727 <quarren> Ratbastard gillar du svnesk kuk==00 Ratbastard
#1728 <quarren> hi adolf hitler spielt bei deutschland im sturm Ratbastard
#1729 (quarren) maybe in gladiator-style fight to the death Ratbastard
#1730 (quarren) i regularly insert tampons soaked in vodka Ratbastard
#1731 (quarren) faq about contact whith women Ratbastard
#1732 (Beardcastle) i DID fall asleep while sucking Tau's cock lol :) Ratbastard
#1733 (Quarren) Hi Zardoz, you're a gypsy? (Zardoz) no, but I'm sure they (Zardoz), especially at a young age :))) (quarren) lol that's pretty stupid, in my opinion: PP Ratbastard
#1734 (quarren) hi alawler Ratbastard
#1735 (Beardcastle) MAGNIFICENT BEARDCASTLE Ratbastard
#1736 (quarren) man i fucking hate flying, i don't know how can i fucking survive, many hours to new-zealand, man why i ever volunteered to go there with some silly bitch :-( Ratbastard
#1737 (Sandy) i had a roommate like that last year (Sandy) he was a greenpeace member (Sandy) had to murder him :) Ratbastard
#1738 (Sandy) i was in a chemical tank today once again (Sandy) after about 5 minutes (Sandy) and the fireguard started yelling GET THE FUCK OUT GET THE FUCK OUT (Sandy) i climbed out, and after that we noticed that the duct tape used to seal my protective suit had melted into the suit, the gloves and my boots (Sandy) i bet that's how the jews felt in the gas chambers :) Ratbastard
#1739 (quarren) Einmal Zeit gab war Max, der Seemann, der nur ein Auge und einen Arm hatte. Er mochte die salzigen Meeren und den Geruch des Fisches. Er genoss es auch, den Samen des jungen Seeleute, die zu seinem Schiff kam. Max hatte ein Segelschiff namens der alte faule Schwanz. Er hatte sich durch die sieben Weltmeere mit seinem verdammten Segelboot gesegelt und in diesen Jahren hatte er viele junge Seeleute Schwanz gelutscht. Ratbastard
#1740 (quarren) braungebrannte matrosen mit waschbrettbauch :-))9 Ratbastard
#1741 (quarren) crucchi di merda Ratbastard
#1742 (Quarren) Boche von Scheiße Ratbastard
#1743 (quarren) SO MEATY Ratbastard
#1744 <quarren> FUhfuhf Ratbastard
#1745 <+quarren> hhh i head vegetarian burger Ratbastard
#1746 <+quarren> king quarren is sitting in his throne in front of his magnificent battlestation administring network equipment Ratbastard
#1747 <Sandy^> i go to nightshift <Sandy^> loviisa went into meltdown yesterday <Sandy^> gotta go to clean and hide the accident from officials Ratbastard
#1748 <Sandy^> 105mm CT-CV 8==D Ratbastard
#1749 (Quarren) Hallo Zardoz, du bist ein Zigeuner? (Zardoz) Nein, aber ich bin mir sicher, dass sie (Zardoz), vor allem in jungen Jahren :))) (Quarren) lol das ist ziemlich dumm, meiner Meinung nach: PP Ratbastard
#1750 <@Aubustou> la bagarre, pour vivre la lutte contre le monde! Ratbastard
#1752 <Zardoz_> ME-TII in her pussy asshole GETTING ME TO CROSS THE CAC AND YOUR FAMILY mouth full of mom-TA Slobozia Ratbastard
#1753 <Zardoz_> Bine ai venit voi, oameni buni gay homosexuale. Am avea o barba mare si vechi castel, unde am mers pe jos şi cu mâna penisul meu. Ratbastard
#1754 <quarren> as i fell on my ass :-) Ratbastard
#1755 <+quarren> hunting weapons like ak-47 :-) <+quarren> huntings hzmens Ratbastard
#1756 <+quarren> weapons :) Ratbastard
#1757 <+quarren> i will not present to you some of my favourite pictures of weapons... Ratbastard
#1758 <@^Faramir^> quarren is a cold and thick German Ratbastard
#1759 <+quarren> SAMBA SI, ARBEIT NO Ratbastard
#1760 <+quarren> hehe in fact, i havent been able to poop for years :-) Ratbastard
#1761 <Sandy> M72 LAW, especially ehehehe Ratbastard
#1762 <+quarren> dörti kock Ratbastard
#1763 <+quarren> man all you souls is dork Ratbastard
#1764 <+quarren> man i sure would like to purchase weapons from black market Ratbastard
#1765 <Sandy> man world of tanks is rated for kids <Sandy> so i've been killing kids all the time <Sandy> awesome :) Ratbastard
#1766 <+quarren> Von Finnland bis zum Schwarzen Meer Ratbastard
#1767 <+quarren> Mit Conis Hupen ist Humor garantiert, denn Show und Spaß imprtant für uns. Ratbastard
#1768 <+quarren> Und Conis Hupen, die jedes Kind weiß, das klingt immer da, wo Freunde sind. Ratbastard
#1769 <@Aubustou> One thing is for sure: I hate to be a day in which the books are chosen my shelf Wallow ... Ratbastard
#1770 <quarren> as i dont even remember him <quarren> only his dick Ratbastard
#1771 <+ropzu> lol haha my humor is so random <+ropzu> ROBOCOP AMIRITE <+ropzu> i sure like anime :OO quarren
#1773 <@Zardoz> hahahaha man, do you guys also like to DRINK and SMOKE like the fucking gentleman sire that i am?? <@Zardoz> I LIKE DRINKING AND SMOKING, YOU COULD SAY MY MISERABLE LIFE CONSISTS ONLY OF DRINKING AND SMOKING ALSO I DEFINE MY PERSONALITY BASED ON DRINKING AND SMOKING quarren
#1774 <@Zardoz> I AM COOL AND EDGY :>> quarren
#1775 <Sandy> <Sandy> look what my mum knitted to me! <3 Ratbastard
#1776 <@quarren> i think i will become fat soon Ratbastard
#1777 <@quarren> but what is he does? :) quarren
#1778 <@quarren> hello my little cocks Ratbastard
#1779 <Zardoz> quarren: !! <Zardoz> YOU TALKING SHIT HUH <@quarren> YES <Zardoz> ok plz don't hurt me! Ratbastard
#1780 < Zardoz> lol < Zardoz> i just < Zardoz> "discovered" it < Zardoz> fuck you masturbation is awesome quarren
#1781 <@quarren> especially my penis <@quarren> red rocket Ratbastard
#1782 <@quarren> i suck a dick <@quarren> very long <@quarren> dick Ratbastard
#1783 <Sandy> man Ratbastard i was the one to put Zardoz's dick-dog trick into wide practice Ratbastard
#1784 (@quarren) eu asemator negru barbat. Sint i pula! Ratbastard
#1785 (@quarren) Ich vergleiche schwarzen Mannes. Ich bin dick. Ratbastard
#1786 16:09 -!- ^Faramir^ [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout] quarren
#1787 (Sandy) Azi am nenorocit ucise ?i distruse din cauza razboiului, ?i razboiul este ceea ce iubesc :) Ratbastard
#1788 (@quarren) cock :))) Ratbastard
#1789 < Zardoz_> look at me, le forever alone FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU quarren
#1790 < Zardoz_> i want to be < Zardoz_> a gay bear < Zardoz_> fucking sexy men for extended periods of time and shit < Zardoz_> catch fucking delicious aids quarren
#1791 (@quarren) ich bin brüdleder Ratbastard
#1792 (@quarren) you can call me The Mantrain Max :) Ratbastard
#1793 (barbaquarren) Gonna miss it suck to the phone sucks sucks sucks Ratbastard
#1794 (barbaquarren) Fap time Ratbastard
#1795 (@quarren) probably getting quite high Ratbastard
#1796 < Zardoz_BUSY> hHEH fuck i had goddamn small worms a while ago lol quarren
#1797 (@Ratbastard) Baboons jack off, baboons jack off, jerk off baboons and sing! quarren
#1798 (@quarren) as mojave mueller will have long strength due to drug abuse Ratbastard
#1799 (Zardoz) hEfgsdg Ratbastard
#1800 (Sandy) tbh i dont understand all those people crying about the police evicting gypsies from their camps (Sandy) i wish i'd be a cop evicting them, few accidental gun shots, couple of dead gypsies, i bet no-one would care :) Ratbastard
#1801 (@quarren) the penus is a very powerful organ Ratbastard
#1802 <@Ratbastard> drug business is good quarren
#1803 <Sandy> also new hitman next month :) <Sandy> which will surely be an awesome murder simulator <Sandy> murder :) Ratbastard
#1804 (@quarren) weekend lawle (@quarren) so looking forward to get drunk and stoned :)) Ratbastard
#1805 (@quarren) marble stone and iron breaks Ratbastard
#1806 (@quarren) schrumpfkopf Ratbastard
#1807 (+quarren) i on the other hand, the ancient greek gentleman philisopher that i am hunger for some boys ass :-OO Ratbastard
#1808 (@quarren) man i sure am frozen pee fetishist Ratbastard
#1809 <Sandy^^> thought you can see the red mountain spitting ass in the horizon Ratbastard
#1810 <quarren> hulajhula <quarren> opinel Ratbastard
#1811 <quarren> though i had my fair share of alcoholic beaverages <quarren> then pissed and shitted my pants..... :)))))999 Ratbastard
#1812 <Sandy^^> with swastika and a pirate flag lol Ratbastard
#1813 <quarren> Sex Zardozi my cock prostitute your lactation German I am strong and I want to smoke leaks! Ratbastard
#1814 <Sandy^> yes but an IFV with an autocannon is more effective towards civilians <Sandy^> *against Ratbastard
#1815 <quarren> König Quarren in seinem Thron sitzt vor seinem großartigen Battlestation regierten Netzwerk-Equipment Ratbastard
#1816 <Sandy^> hi i'm currently praying british merchants on the eastern approaches while listening to grossdeutscher rundfunk <Sandy^> *preying <Sandy^> i <3 wehrmacht, sieg heil! Ratbastard
#1817 <quarren> i am umberto <quarren> the satanist Ratbastard
#1818 (@Aubustou) Einar, syphillis-maddened Norse tribal lawman Ratbastard
#1819 (@Aubustou) death to our enemies (@Aubustou) DEATH TO THE TERRORISTS! Ratbastard
#1820 (quarren) black soldier's face :))))) (Sandy^) hee yes those silly nigger faces Ratbastard
#1821 (Sandy^) i must say i dont remember very well anymore how we imagined the war setting (Sandy^) though i clearly remember me playing an officer once and giving the orders to gas some jews and gypsies and other lowlifes :) Ratbastard
#1822 < homosexual> hheeeh < homosexual> i am < homosexual> downloading dragonporn LOL quarren
#1823 (@quarren) hullasadsf Ratbastard
#1824 (quarren) sunt tare Ratbastard
#1825 (+quarren) the jelly to my peanuts Ratbastard
#1826 pouet Aubustou
#1827 [20:24] <@Ratbastard> !quote add [20:24] <@Ratbastard> !quote add [20:24] <@Ratbastard> !quote add [20:24] <@Ratbastard> !quote add [20:24] <@Ratbastard> !quote add Aubustou
#1828 (Sandy^^) fuck man (Sandy^^) anal outage (Sandy^^) no escape (Sandy^^) 2 months of shit (Sandy^^) and 1500 hundred sweaty stinking people Ratbastard

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mating rituals. Most Quarren had orange skin,[1] although some Quar
ren had gray-green skin, this trait, however was extremely rare.
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