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  Channel Information
Channel information for #[scw] on QuakeNet
Channel: #[scw] (Chat Now!)
Bot: ^iRcBoT^
Joined: 2007-05-07 20:27
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 31

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise -autoop +autovoice -badwords
-bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans +enforcebans
+flood +greet +google +hidelogs
+image +infobot +massvoice +peak
+quotes -restrictchaninfo -restrictlogs -restrictstats
+showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle +vote -weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: *!*@*
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Welcome to our channel nick.
Protection settings
Anti flood: Triggered after 10 lines in 3 seconds
  Warn user on first violation, kick on second violation
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes: +tn
Enforced topic:

Privacy settings
Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

Statistics and logging
Statistics language: Array German (English also available)
Logs: Not available - hidden through +hidelogs

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
kalamabashi2000 Owner 2018-08-05 14:18
1 owner, 0 masters, 0 ops, 0 voices and 0 friends added to the bot

 No greetings are added on this channel

ID Quote Added by
#1 17:42 [@[SCW]Battlefrea] ok i have to cock something....or i will die [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#2 [18:53] <[SCW]Genocide> i ment sunday instead of sutturday ^^ nYko|afk
#3 [14:10] <[SCW]Patriot> so ich werd dann ma mein waegelchen rausholen und ne runde "wandern" ^^ [SCW]nYko
#4 20:01 [+[aZe]Yoda] belgium beer pwns Trigger|away
#5 [22:57] <[SCW]Hr_Trigger> the shrub-fun clan held the osp wl n1 off for 10min+ ffs [SCW]nYko
#6 [22:29] <[aZe]Yoda> scw rox at teamplay btw [SCW]nYko
#7 22:58 [@[SCW]nYko] i talk too much [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#8 20:27 [+[MAD]Sturm] drunk all the time in my underwear woohoo [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#9 [20:36] <Genocide|rtcw> rub rub [SCW]nYko
#10 [14:41] <[SCW]Ernest85> ?? baden in der schwangerschaft hebt den meeresspiegel ^^ [SCW]nYko
#11 20:26 [@okin0ki] omg ppl i LOVE whine [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#12 [22:12] <[SCW]Hr_Trigger> DON'T CALL RTCW A STUPID GAME! :p nYko|rtcw
#13 18:45 [@[SCW]luna-morte] my dad tried to scan money ... ^^^ [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#14 [14:06] <[SCW]luna-morte> haarhar die schwarze seele des channels n^ko
#15 [15:12] <[SCW]luna-morte> so nur noch imprgnioeren ... [SCW]nYko
#16 -18:27:55- (@[SCW]luna-morte) scheiße ... deo is leer, hätt mir grade beinahe haarfestiger unter die arme gesprüht [SCW]Genocide
#17 [18:48] <[SCW]Hr_Trigger> i just drove a quad in the fields :) nYko
#18 15:10 [@[SCW]nYko] how was the pippelkus? ^^ [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#19 00:13 [+feldor] Why you "always" ask that :) Of course I have had a few beers, but I seem different? ok, hjsjhdf whatdssdf yodsfsdf talkgfidsng ? [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#20 18:25 [+wick|hehe] I only used cheat 3 times on non pb servers [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#22 [21:23] <[aZe]neo> maybe not on scw server but complaining with other aze player i suck! xD n^ko
#23 [18:03] <[SCW]Alpha> manitu war weiße als er rauchzeichen setze! n^ko
#24 [18:07] <[SCW]Alpha> gott wenn das einer liest der denkt wir sind legasteniker oder wie man das schreibt n^ko
#25 20:35 [@[SCW]nYko] germans are so dumb ^^ [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#26 01:30 [+[MAD]Sturm] my first plot as a kid was ot assassinate jason donovan [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#27 00:43 [+wl|BaZ] (dFw|Silentdeath) but i couldnt afford to kick him cause hes good <------------> oh my lol [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#28 18:05 [+sturm] up all night hugging my horn :o [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#29 [19:51] <[SCW]Cypress> !oing [SCW]nYko
#30 21:24 [+[aZe]xeio] only shrub players are so... Trigger|rtcw
#31 [00:48] <Mad_Sturm> i dont read books, think i have add [SCW]nYko
#32 20:37 [@[SCW]ChanBot] n^bnc, your ping is 13.969 secs. [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#33 21:30 [@[SCW]n3bth00n] let me thonk about it... :-D [SCW]Hr_Trigger
#34 [21:31:28] [@[SCW]nYko] shooting blanks then :< [SCW]Hr_Trigger

 No bans are added on this channel

Trigger Type Min. Level Response
!forum Public -
!scw Public -
!fsl Public -
!ip Public - RtCW Public | ET Public | 85.93
.15.17:28935 COD4 Public | CS 1.6 Public | 85.93.
15.19:27975 RTCW Trainingsserver | FSL Server 1 | FSL Server 2 | Teamspeak
!vodka Public - Here you go m8, cheers!
!rtcwstats Public -
!pong Public - You Fool!
!slap Public - Leave me alone! Get a slap-script ffs! :p
!wl Public -

Bad words
 No badwords are added on this channel
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