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  Channel Information
Channel information for #eu-hunter on QuakeNet
Channel: #eu-hunter (Chat Now!)
Bot: VuurWerk
Joined: Unknown
QuakeNet service: Q
Channel peak: 240

Channel settings
Channel settings:
-advertise +autoop +autovoice -badwords
-bitch +commandchar -dynamicbans -enforcebans
-flood +greet -google +hidelogs
-image -infobot -massvoice +peak
-quotes -restrictchaninfo -restrictlogs -restrictstats
-showbanby +stats -timedquotes -topic
+userbans -urltitle +vote -weather

Command character: ! (commands can be called as !kick, !deop)
Dynamic bans: Not activated
Massvoice pattern: Not activated
Timed quotes: Not activated
Timezone: GMT+1
Onjoin message: Not activated
Protection settings
Anti flood: Not activated
Anti advertise: Not activated
Bad words: Not activated
Enforced modes: +tn
Enforced topic: Hunter class is being removed, all hunters will become Warriors forced to be prot instead because of lack in tanks! || Video of new "huntior" =

Privacy settings
Logs page: Public access (access not restricted)
Stats page: Public access (access not restricted)
Channel information: Public (access not restricted)

Statistics and logging
Statistics language: Not localized (English)
Logs: Not available - hidden through +hidelogs

Auth/Handle Access level Last seen
Ignar Owner 2019-02-10 23:17
1 owner, 0 masters, 0 ops, 0 voices and 0 friends added to the bot

 No greetings are added on this channel

ID Quote Added by
#20 (+Glamour|drakir) This is the channel for European Hunters who hunts stuffs on thier off-time. Night^_
#52 (@tAD-Night) QFT > Loatheb can suck my dick tAD-Night
#96 <Alissea> FFS | <Alissea> I got banned from my old realms channel now Dagon[H]
#101 * PinkehBunneh gets a wig and makeup | <PinkehBunneh> i can cosplay Dagon[H]
#91 < Naredhel> I have a question. I'm a virgin, but I might be getting laid soon. So I was just wondering, is it better to jerk off right before I have sex or to not jerk off for several days before I have sex? Thul
#169 <+touny> seriously, people who don't like jazz should die Ignar
#69 <@Dagon> i'm european, not braindead Dagon
#95 <Alissea> I got banned from my own realms channel ffs Dagon[H]
#67 <Bupu> I wouldn't even care if my penis exploded Dagon
#85 <Bupu> I'm just a lonely bastard Dagon[H]
#59 <Bupu> the pus tastes kinda sweetish Dagon[H]
#61 <Bupu> yea, but its more devastating if its "<@Dagon[H]> Yo! Waldoz! Die in a fucking car fire!!!" than if I say it..... Hell, if Dagon told ME to die in a car fire, I'd go running in search of a car fire, but I'd die before I'd find one of the massive shame of dissapointing Dagon.. Dagon[H]
#47 <Bupu> yes! its raiding outside again!!! Dagon[H]
#45 <drakir> anyone have a addon that plays for me ? im lazy >( Dagon[H]
#70 <infusion> dammit.. i cant old till january for a new "scrubs" episode! Dagon
#38 <Khadan> "Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same." - Oscar Wilde Dagon[H]
#75 <lar> I should have rolled troll Dagon
#130 <lar> is there any mod that gives you like some huge warning if i get marked for being afk in av? :p Borked|Fry
#72 <Lossss> omg ... i was watching a CT profile, i was seeing the same item than in my wish list and i was thinking 'this guy"s is right on his choices' | <Lossss> and ... it was mine Dagon
#34 <magnolia`> Hi I'm a fan on Dagon[H]. I would like to reroll on this realm and RP with him in goldshire ^_^ Dagon[H]
#64 <ND|Xemu> ah! my gf = shamie ^^ | <ND|Xemu> she give me totem ingame, i give her totem irl.. Dagon
#62 <PinkBunneh> "wanna go strat" sure...and i get invited to a full party and then they say " we need warrior" and i go...we are 5 ppl..its max 5 ppl who isnt going? and PEW "You have been removed from party" Dagon
#54 <PinkBunneh> then id turn on my lesbian phone and put the phone next to the speaker Dagon[H]
#90 <Urskin> "here kitty have some steroids" Dagon[H]
#78 <Zeran> As far as I understand it, speed has little to do with autoshot sizes since the standardization. It's the damage range you look at. That's why people need to stop saying "Slower weapons are better because they hit harder" because slower weapons don't always hit harder Dagon
#44 <Zeran^-^> oh heigan is a mob, I thaught ppl were shouting random nonsens Dagon[H]
#36 <[BC]snoob> i r teh legolas Dagon[H]
#108 <[EC]Ignar> for once I think #eu-paladin is acting more mature that we do at this moment :| Dagon[H]
#88 <[EC]Ignar> JESUS CHRIST! Hot dogs in Molten Core! Dagon[H]
#25 <[E]Ignar> Dagon[H]: You're the hunter community's hero! Dagon[H]
#22 <[E]Ignar> EMOOOOOOO! Dagon[H]
#105 ["it" = Aimed Shot] <ewol[o0]> I never use it, except when I pop rapid fire Dagon[H]
#176 "whats ur msn draupnir" [23:45] <+draupnir> 7msg Olison midnightoverlord PinkBunneh|
#115 (+leat) I almost pooped my pants when watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre earlier today drakir
#157 (03:01:13) <@Blam> i'm gay drakiren
#143 (12:38:21) (floom) Dont tell me you are watching PB because you think that-whatever-his-name-is dude is hot? || (12:38:35) (Thana|work) i do sort of ish :O drakir
#126 (16:38:51)(thunderbeard) i dont need other people to tell me that i suck || (16:38:52)(thunderbeard) i know drakir
#116 (eaze) These colors are almost as gay as PinkBunneh These colors are almost as gay as PinkBunneh These colors are almost as gay as PinkBunneh These colors are almost as gay as PinkBunneh These colors are almost as gay as PinkBunneh drakir
#134 (Lithi) porr bupu drakir
#103 (PinkBunneh) no gold from magma Thul
#150 00:51:23 ‹bezerk› wtf is jew? leat
#81 <+Thul> Snoob phails! Bupu
#80 <+[BC]Snoob> there wont be an epic ranged weapon Bupu
#93 <Zeran> <<-- noob Bupu
#112 < Alissea> HAHA I've used 300 bullets in 1 bwl Thul
#97 < Alissea> my mate ditched me so he could cyber with some girl over msn Thul
#94 < Alissea> Thul > me Thul
#117 < Amiga`> aint giving my dwarf that much time staring at him while...ehm.. mastrubating... i bet it would be diffrent with a nelf =) Thul
#124 < Fensur> I r nub Thul
#122 < kaaos> survival is like being a goth or something, people just wanna be different :I Thul
#111 < lar> some t2.5/3 mage sheeped me and did his stuff Thul
#106 < Pinkbunneh> i feel like im going on my first date now, waiting for a reply to my apply post xD Thul
#100 < PinkehBunneh> something happend in the irl Thul
#119 < Shemy> fuck you and your I win BM lolzor one button spec @ PinkBunneh Thul
#109 < Siipo> im not even gonna say how "emo" i am | 45% Thul
#114 <+Alissea> Parents out for the night + Bear = fun! Thul
#49 <+Bupu> !image goatse | <+Bupu> I can get HIM to spam goatse links FOR me! Bupu
#104 <+Dark_Injection> ewww female :E Thul
#160 <+draupnir> love the feeling of her sloppy labias around my cock Ignar
#113 <+leat> im gonna register my betakey so I can jerk off while watching dancing BE Thul
#138 <+PinkBunneh|> This is what im talking about, you fail so hard. In that tiny enclosed mind of yours think that your even remotly offensive by using a shitty img+macro, just proves that your mentally behind. Bupu
#175 <+raek|u> my first 4-5 pubes are now kinda visible, should i shave them now or wait for more? Ignar
#168 <+touny> he looks like he's been devoured and defecated by a solarium draupnir
#161 <@Blam> :-P draupnir
#177 <@Blam> awww scat is cute Ignar
#118 <@drakir> he's hot too ;> Thul
#146 <@drakir> love > AoC tbh Borked|Fryz
#140 <@Fylla> legendary bow is an item i would ninja | <@Fylla> 100% Bupu
#172 <@Ignar> I did nazi that coming draupnir
#145 <@lar> stick a banana up your ass and then tell me sneezing is the best feeling ever. Borked|Fry
#167 <@nih> god domnot Ignar
#154 <Adnade> I like hot dickings PinkBunneh|
#155 <Adnade> You guys just cant belive what happend, I just stole a whole pack of MENTOS! And the guy at the cashregister didnt notice anything! It made my day. PinkBunneh|
#92 <Alissea> They Killed him and got loot | <Alissea> and the US went CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY and the EU went LOLOLOLOLOL [EC]Ignar
#15 <ANNABOT> lrn2spell kelthuzard Night_
#83 <Ansi> "Heartless Pet Throw" - Throws your pet so hard at your enemy it will inflict +1500% damage with a +100% Critical Chance. Also destroys your pet and permanently removes it." Dagon[H]
#46 <bihtori> I was called a nub for using pet in duel :< Dagon[H]
#128 <Bloddy> bm needs the slowest weap possible Bupu
#86 <Bupu> and I'm crying for attention Dagon[H]
#58 <Bupu> But dude, I tried on black mageweave again... ffs, HAWT!!! Dagon[H]
#68 <Bupu> Dagon, you are completely gay, and I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now Dagon
#43 <Bupu> ffs, I'd rather fuck a sheep or similar than... undertake experiments of goatse nature Dagon[H]
#42 <Bupu> my nelf is so friggin sexy it scares me (I am usually *NOT* turned on by pc game's avatars... but... wtf, try some Black Mageweave on... ffs :o) Dagon[H]
#71 <Bupu> why was the first thing that popped into my mind @ Chulyes question: bondage? Dagon
#12 <Dagon[H]> if i tell you that "its a good size" and "its perfectly normal" will you be happy? [E]Ignar
#17 <Dagon[H]> lmao, quote this! [E]Ignar
#3 <dagon[h]> My hunter is so imba, that dragons kite him to Goldshire to frighten n00bs. [E]Ignar
#107 <Dark_Injection> im retarded Dagon[H]
#77 <DC|Wingclip> where is my speshul-sign dagon? Dagon
#14 <devion> prettyannoyingthaticantputspacesinmymessagesorihavetoputthechannelnameasthefirstword [E]Ignar
#147 <draupnir> i should probably be more social Borked|Fryz
#129 <draupnir> you guys are so much better than eu-warrioor Bupu
#41 <Dynamite-> Dont throw me plx. Dagon[H]
#120 <ex-libbi> i think i was the only hunter who could nearly reach 1000agi fullpimped... drakir
#123 <ExiztenceFL> U wrote /dance and deside that if u to get pally to 70 that wont work drakir
#179 <fenner> igve me a forcefield and i win an enggagement give me mtuleiple and iw in a game - tsunz tuzu Ignar
#178 <fenner> im Gay Ignar
#133 <floom> "lar's faithful follower and lifepartner, floom," ^Bunneh
#142 <floom> Bupu, i just brushed my teeth for the first time in a year Bupu
#141 <floom> i smell like poo Bupu
#137 <floom> we already knew that you didnt give a fuck about god | <floom> i mean, you're gay Bupu
#136 <floom> wow, god i hate faggots and vegetarians and people like tounie. Bupu
#4 <Frygah> You know, no one has ever cybered with me... I wonder what I am doing wrong. [E]Ignar
#23 <Glamour|drakir> the day a BM hunter outdps me in Naxx il stop playing a hunter => Dagon[H]
#50 <Hereford> !quote add <Bupu> Zeran, you most definately suck ass :'( | <Hereford> damn Bupu
#13 <Hereford> lol [E]Ignar
#29 <Hereford> makes sense that u can find him with track beasts if hes using aspect of the beast o_O? Dagon[H]
#6 <Kolbrunar> if i werent heterosexual i'd rather take a man [E]Ignar
#127 <Lar> I love the cock! PinkBunneh|
#37 <lar> I mate with my pet alot Dagon[H]
#151 <lar> waa waa waa I'm a lootwhore PinkBunneh|
#5 <Melisande> everyone knows real girls use emoticons as punctuation [E]Ignar
#170 <Morelia> the problem is quotes mostly suck Ignar
#152 <noidburglar>i sucked yms dick PinkBunneh|
#60 <PinkBunneh> "whohoo my dick just slipped up my ass, was a accident" Dagon[H]
#7 <PinkBunneh> a lot of ppl call me gay ;P [E]Ignar
#99 <PinkBunneh> i am watching yuo peee Dagon[H]
#66 <PinkehBunneh> !qoute Dagon
#56 <PinkehBunneh> bihtori : eminem is the rappers michael jackson Dagon[H]
#63 <PinkehBunneh> ill get better computer soon and then ill fraps all ninja raidwipe pulls and put into youtube Dagon
#53 <PinkehBunneh> ok a hunter does not need AP they dont melee so wats the point i would rather give this wep to a rouge then a hunter if i ever saw a hunter useing this wep i would cuss him out for being NOOOB Dagon[H]
#28 <Tessah> hm... I just ran out of chairs... gotta sit on my bed for the time being :S Dagon[H]
#26 <Tessah> I want to sleep with Dagon instead... he sounds zexy <3 Dagon[H]
#30 <Tessah> If you dont stop quoting me, I will get the angry villagers, lots of woden steaks and your home address Dagon[H]
#27 <Tessah> Nooo! FUUCK, my chair just broke... again Dagon[H]
#24 <Thul> My beard is so soft, won't you stroke it? ..please? Dagon[H]
#9 <Thul> You couldn't, he is so cute :> [E]Ignar
#121 <thunderbeard> /timerc 0 0 /color background $rand(0,15) - woaaah drakir
#162 <tIEGO> Im a gay-niggerloving socialist PinkBunneh|
#21 <Tjejen^Cardan> but ei stiel heave 3 eies yu nedd to 3xemed ;;_; Dagon[H]
#125 <Twelve-> paladins BoS my pet! :D Borked|Fry
#55 <Uncanny> night elfs are gay.. [EC]Ignar
#35 <Waldoz> Do I get the pee-url or not? :( Dagon[H]
#74 <Waldoz> I have masturbated to troll female dancing tho :D Bupu
#33 <Waldoz> Ooooh it's a bot!!!1 Dagon[H]
#73 <Waldoz> Pierre agrees with me! Look everybody! he agrees with ME! Dagon
#84 <Waldoz> Think of that warrior Charging that rogues anal :DD Bupu
#40 <Wingclip> i enjoyed tanking onyxia | <Wingclip> i just ditched 2 60 warriors because i didnt like tanking Dagon[H]
#31 <Zeran> "in Agility we trust" Dagon[H]
#65 <Zeran> eg the sun orbits the earth Dagon
#51 <Zeran> its good theres none of me saying somthing stupid Dagon[H]
#32 <Zungate> mental note; type the right thing next time so you don't make yourself look like a noob Dagon[H]
#19 <[BC]snoob> ah man im in nothing but a boxershort im so hot [E]Ignar
#79 <[BC]snoob> ffs got removed from raid because my brother is making me lag :( Dagon[H]
#110 <[BC]snoob> sure i am a noob [EC]Ignar
#102 <[BC]snoob> we kill everything ingame without resistance items Dagon[H]
#11 <[BC]snoob> we only didnt kill it because of not working mods :D [F]Night
#16 <[Dysfunction]> but they probaly hax me for being a java nub [E]Ignar
#76 <[EC]Ignar> I don't think loving involves anally penetrating me Dagon
#8 <[E]Ignar> If my lawn was EMO, it would cut itself [E]Ignar
#18 <[Inc]Carm`en> who needs smelly orcs when you can be a boobelf? [E]Ignar
#57 <[SAP]Wili> wtf, lar your build is totally penis Bupu
#39 <[UB]Monkofdoom> lol in mc apparently a paladin is 3rd on the dps meter Dagon[H]
#144 <|Kimpan> this is teh internet, grammas has no meaning Borked|Fry
#153 > [18:50] <@crohnoes> I AM GAY!!!!!!!!!1 PunkBunneh|
#183 @Blam> i gotta get a mammoth tush Olison
#174 @lar> i wish i had more apple prducts Olison
#139 Bupu
#185 I'm already your very best friend Morelia
#181 Juopunoumies> Olison, you are making me horny Olison
#2 Night > all [F]Night
#173 [00:01] <Banthum> PinkBunneh| you're my new favorite person PinkBunneh|
#98 [00:56] <Thul> There _is_ a spoon. It is just hidden in a strange place. Thul
#180 [01:30] <@lar> PinkBunneh| you're right PinkBunneh|
#166 [02:19:39] <@blam> I AM GAY GAY GAY GAY Ignar
#165 [05:28] <Muhkoo> oh and my aunt is a retarded PinkBunneh|
#148 [13:58:34] <+tIEGO> :( Ignar
#164 [17:07] <Muhkoo> we could easily put all the foreigners in "camps" [17:07] <Muhkoo> where they can learn to "concentrate" PinkBunneh|
#163 [17:25] <Muhkoo> fucking kanye west PinkBunneh|
#171 [17:48] <+draupnir> its fucking pouring rain [17:51] <+draupnir> its like my sisters vagina whenever she sees me in the nude PinkBunneh|
#156 [19:19] <Juopunumies> but cheese is a fruit PinkBunneh|
#131 [19:22] <Lithi> texas hold emo/ ExiztenceFL
#158 [23:08] <draupnir> oh fuck [23:08] <draupnir> i tought the front guy was a girl PinkBunneh|
#135 [23:21:08] <leat> the eternal virgin has spoken! PinkBunneh|
#82 [speaking about speccing into imp hunters mark] <Slayzor> heh noone in my guild have talnts in that useles talent-tree Dagon[H]

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Trigger Type Min. Level Response
!>:( Public -
!chaika Public -
!dpsmacro Public - /cast Kill Command/castsequence reset=3 Steady Shot, !Auto Shot;/sc
ript UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
!gay Public -
!help Public - !pet !huntercraft !pink !peak stats? !DPSMacro
!huntercraft Public -
!hunterloot Public -
!kittie Public -
!macro Public -
!mumble Public - Mumble server:
!nathan Public -
!pet Public -
!pink Public - (old)
!pinky Public -
!pulu Public -
!samsung Public -
!shockingtruth Public -
!wolfheart Public - thats Wolf
.bitches Public -
.lewd Public -
.weed Public - (☝゚∀゚)-~~~ SMOKE WEED EVERY

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